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Played By: Gigs

Atom-A-Ton by Gigs

TEAM: Sentinels


KIT CLASS: Energy Conduit

Sentinels Team Captain

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 64 wins!

Brutal - 1 fatalaties!

HexxJo's Cool Character Award!

Fight Record
League Wins: 10
League Losses: 3
Out Of League Wins: 54
Out of League Losses: 5
Total Wins: 64
Total Losses: 8
Llatva Svenson - Win 17-8
Complexity of Thought and Reason - Win 18-6
Kadjerak - Win 14-9
Lancelot Yashanak: Relentless! - Win 16-11
Nami - Win 20-7
Eye of the Storm - Win 18-10
Reglios Autaruun - Win 12-8
glass man - Win 17-10
Jack Spanky - Win 19-7
Uberman - Win 23-12
Elwin D'Larthi - Win 18-11
The Grim Repair - Loss 11-13
Crossbow Cupid - Loss 13-14
The Marriage-Ruining Robot - Win 15-13
Lorn Adams - Win 17-8
Crossbow Cupid - Loss 12-17
Toc Darkone - Win 12-9
Mr. Hero - Win 10-5
Robot-Killer Aria - Win 14-7
Devyn Soyokaze - Win 14-9
Rywin - Win 14-5
Captain Coma - Win 9-5
Dr. Heliy - Win 11-4
CB1K: Kitten in a Blender - Win 10-9
Robot-Killer Aria - Win 11-4
Rywin - Win 10-6
Saint of Pizza Delivery - Loss 8-10
Nurse Helia - Win 11-4
Mean Cuisine - Win 10-3
Robot-Killer Aria - Win 7-1
Mean Cuisine - Win 24-7
Chakos - Loss 15-17
Baron of Ether - Win 13-6
Celeste Ivory - Win 12-8
The Entirely-Plausible Penguin - Loss 8-14
The Semi-Rational Penguin - Loss 10-13
Wired // un-death - Win 15-7
Crash and Burn - Win 12-4
Striker Delta - Win 9-3
Inju: Romantic Tentacle - Win 11-3
Felicity - Win 7-6
Bunny - Win 8-5
Silent Samurai - Win 12-6
The Challenger - Win 8-7
Wicked Riser - Win 9-7
Clara Ands - Win 9-5
Solarwind - Win 11-5
Fastest Pussycat - Win 11-3
Averse - Win 10-2
Lord Canelaser, Eater of Widows - Win 8-3
The Victorian - Win 10-5
Young Adel - Win 10-4
Billy Hardcore - Win 9-2
Hell's Bookie - Win 6-3
The Athiest - Win 11-3
Whisper - Win 10-8
Armageddon Arms Dealer - Win 13-6
Glaucon - Win 11-4
Chrysponia - Win 9-2
The Ancient Beast - Win 7-6
Lincoln Matthews - Win 10-4
Death-In-A-Box - Win 9-6
Dodge Murphy - Loss 8-10
Forte - Win 5-4
Jim the Vagrant - Win 8-2
Miss Doe - Win 13-2
Jane With Cinnamon - Win 8-4
Wick & Ed - Win 7-3
Quietus - Win 8-2

This is a simple story. It's about a very wealthy, very influential old man, waking up one day and suddenly realising what a cynical world we live in these days. Whether it was from the news or from his grandson's comic books that the boy read to pass the time over the last family get together, it seemed to the old man that the world was darker than it oughto be, the world was not the place that it should be. He remembered, for no real reason, when his old headmaster said during one Monday morning assembly that they, the students of the Academy, were the future. That they were going to be the leaders, the doctors, the parents... the heroes of the future. And then the old man thought listlessly, yet with a very unfamiliar excitement, "look at it". And by 'it' he meant, look at the world as we're leaving it. We're rich, and we still run the world, but the world we're running isn't the world we were supposed to be running. Not like this. Not worse off than when we got it. We weren't promised just a world, we were promised a better world... But before the old man could think any further than that, the excitement in his chest became almost too much to bear, he flung out his arm, gripped the edge of the lamp table, and let out a bark of laughter before he caught and controlled himself. It hit him. He had it. There was no more point thinking about how the world was anymore. If he did, he could jump back and forth on the merits and demerits of it for hours and still go away from it having wasted his time. No, there was no point thinking about it, not anymore, because he got it, he got 'it'. And so... it's seven years later now. The old man is still alive, only seven years older and a thousand years younger than he was that day, because here before him, was 'it'. Standing many many stories high, weighing many many tons heavy and promising a much much brighter future for the world than the world has been expecting, 'it' stood tall and proud, and ready for action. 'It', is the Atom-A-Ton.


Personality: This is me speaking. Not for the old man, not for anybody else but myself, me. A few days after the old man had his 'moment' and came and told me about it, I remember turning on the news and seeing two men, I didn't know who in the world they were, but they were analysing the situation in some country halfway around the world, and somehow linked the situation there with those bombings we had a few years back. So then I changed the channel because really, what does any of that have to do with myself personally? And the channel I switched to, just so happened to talk about that disaster in some third world country awhile back. Honestly, the only thing interesting about that is seeing the numbers go up, "What's the current death toll?" is just about the only thing anybody really cared about with this story here. And in a flash, it hit me, just like it hit the old man. I thought about those bombings, I thought about this natural disaster, and finally, I thought about this headline I read, "Where are our superheroes!?" Where was the man from space who could move so fast that he would have found and disabled those bombs before they went off? Where was the woman of mystery who could uncover the secret plot of the villain and stopped him before he caused that 'natural' disaster? Where was... where was... nobody. There was nobody like that around. Not like the old days. We never believed in them back then either... no, that's not right, there has to be... somebody, hadn't there? It's not as if it's not possible, right? That which is not impossible, however improbable, has to be the... truth? The... answer? The answer... was 'it'. The old man had got it, and he got it right. ...wow.




Standard Normal human strength.Agility:


Standard Normal human agility.


Ultimate Godlike endurance.
Shrugs off damage which would destroy cities.


Weak BELOW normal human mental power.
Not the sharpest tack in the drawer.

Terrain Familiarity: Urban

Before anything else. Before we talk about all those super powers for doing neat stuff, all those super weapons for fighting monsters and bad guys, and before we talk about making the world a better place, what we talk about before all that, are the people. Fight to protect, protect whom from what? Fight to make the world a safer place, safer for whom from what? We already know from what. The evil aliens and the fanatical rabble-rousers who go too far. It's for whom that's what's really important. The people, the kids especially, but basically all are equal. First and foremost, 'it', the dream, the Atom-A-Ton, is not a weapon. It can never, it MUST never be a weapon. It'll die before that's allowed to happen. It's a protector, a guardian, a sentinel against everything that threatens the people from without and from within. That's the way it has to be, and that's the way it WILL be. The Atom-A-Ton is not just a hero, it's a superhero! And heroes need people to be heroes to, moreso for superheroes.

Resistances: Sorcerer

You might not believe it right away, but the technology to create the Atom-A-Ton's been around for a long time. What was missing before, was simply the will to do it. If you're talking about simply blowing something up, a bomb or a missile is more efficient. If you're talking about construction, a crane or a bulldozer was cheaper. It just never made sense to make something that could keep a ship from sinking in the rough seas if you already had lifeboats that'd get swept under the waters anyway. It never made sense to make something that could put withstand the heat and put out forest fires when you could just let it all burn. It never made sense to make something that could rescue people from falling buildings because... well, how often does that happen? Once in a lifetime, and you couldn't possibly lose more than a few hundred lives when it does. So, the technology's always been there. But technology and will alone wasn't enough, not quite. There was something missing from the equation. Something was missing. The magic just wasn't there... literally. The process is complicated, and not really important. The truth is, when you step back and take a look at the big picture, it's all very simple. So, no, let's not talk about the complicated details for now. It's the simple big picture that's truly important. The seven long years weren't spent building the Atom-A-Ton, not solely. They were spent looking for the magic, the thing that'll make our Tin-Man tic, so we can get along with the toc. Tic-Toc-Tic-Toc. Time was slipping, but we finally found it. Some call it prophecy, some call it destiny, others call it blasphemy. We call it, Tin-Man's Heart. A heart of gold? No. A heart of iron? Close. A heart of stone? Something like that. The Philosopher's Stone? Mythril? Excalibur? All so close, yet all so far. Well then, what is it? What's Tin-Man's heart? Now that... is of course, a secret. But we'll tell you this. There are a lot of wondrous things in our world, flip that wonder over and you've got something monstrous. Whatever monsters lurk in and out the heart of man however, the Atom-A-Ton has nothing to fear, not even fear itself.


  • Power: Flight
  • Level:Standard
This is a dream we're talking about here. This is something that's not from this world, but from our imagination. This is the ideal we were told, not the ideal we were shown. Heroes, fly. Plain and simple. If they didn't fly, they had to at least swing or be able to run really fast. But when you get right down to it, nothing beats flying. It's not as simple and impractical as a whim of course. There are many applications that could be applied to the power of flight. It's certainly less stressful to the pavement than a multi-ton giant robot, and it cuts down on the risk of accidently stepping on things that shouldn't be stepped on. But when you get right down to it, superheroes need to fly. The Atom-A-Ton's a superhero, ergo, the Atom-A-Ton needs to fly. End of story.

Force Field

  • Power: Force Field
  • Level:Supreme
  • Kit Power Link: Energy Conduit
  • Reinforced Defenses Defense blocks Armor Piercing attacks.
So by now you're probably thinking; "Enough already. I get it. The Atom-A-Ton's a giant robot of the old school. A reality straight out of our boyhood dreams and imaginations." Ah, but my dear boy, it's more than that, much more. But you're right, it's probably time to stop gushing. We already talked about the people the Atom-A-Ton's supposed to protect. Now it's time to talk about all those neat super powers that our superhero has. And then maybe, if you're good, we'll get around to those super weapons for fighting giant monsters and space invaders. A-heh. So, where shall we begin? It all boils down to one thing really. Atomic manipulation. The Atom-A-Ton, contrary to what you might think from it's name, isn't a walking fission bomb. Just the opposite in fact. It uses cold fusion, very clean, very safe. Even if our hero should somehow fall, he won't take anyone with him. But that's just a small part of what atomic manipulation means, it's a very important part, but still just a small part. What atomic manipulation means, is that our Tin-Man here, is able to generate force fields. He manipulates atoms, densifying it, spreading it out, shaping it any what way. There's a constant field of loose atoms around the Atom-A-Ton that he can control at will. Extending it to shield the people against danger such as falling debris or artillery fire, encasing it around his body, his fists, to protect himself against impact, using it to give him that little extra range, little extra strength to save those people trapped in a building crumbling in on itself. He's the ultimate protector, because he IS protection incarnate. Because, if anybody or anything wants to hurt you or anybody else, they'll have to do it over the Atom-A-Ton's cold dead body.

Atomic Buster

  • Power: Eldrich Blast
  • Level:Supreme
  • Kit Power Link: Energy Conduit
  • Area Effect This attack causes damage in a large area.
  • Ranged and Melee Attack! Attack is equally effective at range and up close.
Now then, have we been good little boys and girls? Anyone? Everyone? Alright then, we've had our appetizer, and we've had our main course, so now's the time for some desert. What self-respecting super giant robot doesn't shoot giant laser beams eh? What kind of saviour of the world and friend of humanity would dare to show its face if it can't at least do that yes? Well, I'm afraid that's the Atom-A-Ton for you. No, I tell a lie, the Atom-A-Ton CAN fire a super death ray. Of course, it's not EXACTLY a death ray. But it IS a giant laser. Ha-ha, very well then, let's get down to details then. Basically, the Atom-A-Ton's, shall we say, 'finisher', is really just an extension of his force field abilities. A super condensed, err, let's say, vacuum of atomic... ah, who cares right? It's a big effing laser, as the young generation would say. It's not very explosive to tell the truth, nor does it cut through things very well. But it does push things away quite well, asteroids and falling satellites for instance. Missiles explode upon contact with its super dense surface, only for the explosive burst to be absorbed, and harmlessly blown away. Trust me, as a weapon, it's more effective than it sounds, but what's more important than its effectiveness as a weapon is the fact that it is NOT a weapon. And that's 'it'. That's the Atom-A-Ton in a nutshell. If you've stayed with me, you've seen the dream. You know what the Atom-A-Ton's all about. The world doesn't have to be cynical you know. A cynic isn't what an idealist calls a realist. A cynic is simply someone who doesn't believe ideals are realistic. But we know better, don't we? Atomic... BUSTER!