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Striker Delta
Played By: Crazy Tom

Striker Delta by Crazy Tom

TEAM: Solo Hero

SECTOR: Lowtown

KIT CLASS: Everyman

Solo Hero Team Sergeant

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 9 wins!

Brutal - 1 fatalaties!

Fight Record
League Wins: 8
League Losses: 2
Out Of League Wins: 1
Out of League Losses: 9
Total Wins: 9
Total Losses: 11
Starflyer - Win 0-0
Sandalphon - Win 0-0
The Apostles - Win 0-0
Queen Victoria's Head - Win 0-0
BigglesThTitanicBandicoot - Win 0-0
SoM: Smitin' Time... - Win 0-0
Gabriel Brand - Win 0-0
Jembres Nahmsu - Win 0-0
20/20 Swordsman - Loss 0-0
Blitzkrieg - Loss 0-0
Whisper - Win 13-9
Arick Huebris - Loss 8-11
Clara Ands - Loss 9-11
Lovecraft - Loss 5-13
Atom-A-Ton - Loss 3-9
Wick & Ed - Loss 4-9
Seryph Gibbons - Loss 3-12
Armageddon Arms Dealer - Loss 2-10
The Memoirs of Daniel Van Sant - Loss 3-10
Who killed Landon Morisato? - Loss 3-9

I used to be an assassin. That was a long time ago. I can't even remember my real name. I can't even remember if I HAVE a real name. Everything before the incident is a blur. My entire life, I was a pawn, brainwashed and conditioned for use as government property. The only thing I know about my past is that I've killed, I was good at it, and I did it because I was told. Then, they took me...they kept me for weeks...experimented on me...and when they erased my memories of the experience, they also erased any traces of the conditioning. A whole new world was opened to me. Suddenly, I could feel pain, hurt, joy, but the greatest sensation of all was LOVE. And for the first time in my life, I spoke. But with all these new feelings clouding my mind, I forgot almost everything I knew, about stealth, about the martial arts, about weapons, about everything they had taught me. And because of that, I wasn't able to protect her. The bomb they placed in our house was meant for me, to protect their secrets. I was walking the dog when they killed her. So that was it. I lost my skills, I lost my wife, I lost everything worth living for. I had to find something new worth living for.


Personality: I have nothing to live for. I've cheated death many times. I want to find something worth living for - but I'm not opposed to dying on the way.




Standard Normal human strength.Agility:


Standard Normal human agility.


Standard Normal human endurance. Mind:


Superior Highly educated and ingenious.
A smart cookie.

Tactical Body Armor

  • Power: Body Armor
  • Level:Superior
  • Reinforced Defenses Defense blocks Armor Piercing attacks.
Not exactly a standard issue body armor...these are only distributed to the most elite assassins in the United States government. The kind of assassins that go on missions, where, say, the enemy may use rapid-fire rocket launchers to lay down suppression fire. The kinds of missions where death is certain for anyone not wearing this kind of armor...


M-16A2 Assault Rifle

  • Power: Assault Rifle
  • Level:Superior
  • Double Damage Causes Double the damage to Cyberware class characters.
  • Ranged Attack Attack usable at a distance (only).
  • Armor Piercing This attack ignores normal defenses which are not Reinforced.
  • Multi Attack Attack can hit multiple times during one strike.
This assault rifle holds a 30 round magazine, which I have quite a few of. 30 rounds of armor-piercing, explosive-tip caseless, that is. And when fired into a machine, they have a nasty little habit of shredding wires and such...

Marksman Training

  • Power: Marksman
  • Level:Ultimate
  • Melee Attack Attack usable only hand to hand.
Ah, yes...it has all come back to me now...all the training, the myriad of small movements that can make or break a shot...the skills. They have finally returned to me. I will pull the trigger, and my aim will be true, always.


  • Power: Sword
  • Level:Standard
  • Melee Attack Attack usable only hand to hand.
  • Weakness: Power in Item -Easy to Loseitem
  • Weakness: Not usable in terrain Desert
Ah, the trusty bayonette...A sword attached to my trusty rifle. Not attached very well...It stays in place, but can be knocked aside fairly easily...It's pretty useless out in the open, like in the desert...because I don't intend on letting my enemy get close enough for me to use it.

Bayonette Training

  • Power: Sword Master
  • Level:Standard
  • Melee Attack Attack usable only hand to hand.
They told us in basic training, "We're only going to train you on the bayonette for a day, because if you're ever in a situation where you need to use it, you're dead anyway." In assassin training, it was a whole different story. We trained intensely for months, mastering the bayonette. The things you can do with a knife on a gun when you need to are unbelievable.

Hand-To-Hand Combat Training

  • Power: Martial Arts
  • Level:Standard
  • Melee Attack Attack usable only hand to hand.
You guessed it. Did you think they would have elite assassins running around if they didn't know how to kill their targets without weapons if they need to? I've forgotten most of what they taught me...but I still remember my black belt training in Ninjitsu.

Infrared Signature Detection

  • Power: Thermal Vision
  • Level:Standard
  • Weakness: Power in Item -Hard to Loseitem
  • Weakness: Not usable in terrain Lava Cliffs
Assassins work best at night. To give us an added advantage at night, we were equipped with night-vision goggles that detect heat signatures. Like any other piece of equipment, it can be lost...and in the lava cliffs, where the temperatures are extreme, they can be overloaded...


  • Power: Healing
  • Level:Superior
  • Weakness: Power in Item -Hard to Loseitem
Accidents happen, injuries occur, they can not be avoided. So I carry a medikit into battle, to heal myself of minor injuries. The armor doesn't catch EVERYTHING.

Optical De-Perception Cloak

  • Power: Blending
  • Level:Standard
  • Weakness: Power in Item -Easy to Loseitem
  • Weakness: Limited Uses -Multi-Use
I found this little piece of equipment at an arms dealer in Low Town...it's like a poncho, and changes color, making me blend in. It's pretty fragile though, and can get torn off with ease...and on top of that, the transistors wear out quick, making is useful only a dozen times or so per battle before it needs to be recharged.

Assassin Reflexes

  • Power: Super Speed
  • Level:Standard
  • Weakness: Not usable in terrain Low Gravity
In the training, they told us, "Hesitation is another word for death." How could we win if we didn't pull the trigger first? Then they trained us to move faster than most men...they built up our muscles, but also added a psychological ingredient through brainwashing...at the slightest sense of danger, adrenaline will shoot through my system and I will pull the trigger. In low gravity, movement is somewhat dampened and slowed down...and I lose that extra edge.