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Jembres Nahmsu
Played By: Bryn

Jembres Nahmsu by Bryn

TEAM: Solo Hero

SECTOR: Uptown

KIT CLASS: Everyman

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 wins!

Brutal - 1 fatalaties!

Fight Record
League Wins: 8
League Losses: 3
Out Of League Wins: 0
Out of League Losses: 0
Total Wins: 8
Total Losses: 3
Peter Jacobson - Win 0-0
Cleo Qualnx - Win 0-0
A.B.A.D.O.N. - Win 0-0
Murphy & Glitch - Win 0-0
Gabriel Brand - Loss 0-0
The Tool - Win 0-0
Zander Jacobin - Loss 0-0
Sdaehri - Win 0-0
Striker Delta - Loss 0-0
Sigmund - Win 10-6
The Ingredient Girls - Win 15-9

"When I was a 4 years, 45 days, 10 hours, 23 minutes and 19 seconds old I met her. When I was 13 years, 22 days, 19 hours, 15 minutes and 25 seconds old I took up smoking. Those were the two most important moments in my life until I was 23 years old, 103 days, 14 minutes and 51 seconds old I met the two other "hers" in my life. So let's start at the beginning. When I was 4 years old I met a woman going by the name of Destiny. Young and impressionable I believed everything she said to me, and then using it as a way to give me purpose in my life I followed what she said as if it was truth. Knowing that you are going to die, so that some girl can die, to fulfill some sort of destiny isn't always the easiest thing, but you learn to live with it. I never made many friends, when I wasn't in school I was practicing. Training myself for the destiny that I both hated and loved at the same time. Throughout my teen years I got into the idea that I could change my destiny, but that only made me train with furious dedication...had to be ready when it came. My parents and the few people who took the time to talk to me thought I was crazy, but they stopped telling me when they realized I was probably the best shot around. Alright then, now backtracking a little, I think I have to tell you about the smoking. I'm not quite sure why I started...maybe to calm my nerves. I remember vividly that first moment when the sweet smoke filled my lungs, warming my chest...of course I did then go into a fit of coughing, but since then those damn cancer sticks have never left my mouth. Of course when you're destined to die any ways it doesn't really matter now does it? This brings me to Annalise and the only person I've ever loved, Gretta. Annalise is the girl I must die for, quite frankly I've hated her since I was a small child and I still do today. Then...there's Gretta. She's my first, last and only true friend...I wish she was my only love, but she seems to be set on Sacriel. Heh, and Sacriel...he scares me. I know he has feelings towards me, but that's not it, there's something about him, his eyes maybe. What a little love triangle we have going eh? Such tortured souls and all that crap. Well, it'll all be over soon won't it, then I can be finally rid of this life..."


Personality: "It's 3:30 am. I don't know why I'm still up. No...of course I do. I'm thinking about Gretta again. I'm thinking about Destiny. I'm thinking about those little voices that have plagued me ever since I was a child. We own you...you're a means to an end. Do the right thing. Don't let anyone in. You are going to die and no one is going to care. I wish they'd just shut up sometimes. I'm never going to have a normal life, I'm never going to have a full life...I'm never going to have fulfilled love. So let's just keep up the jaded front. Yeah...we're going to get through this...damn it, all out of scotch."




Standard Normal human strength.Agility:


Standard Normal human agility.


Standard Normal human endurance. Mind:


Superior Highly educated and ingenious.
A smart cookie.

Destiny's Gift

  • Power: Marksman
  • Level:Ultimate
  • Melee Attack Attack usable only hand to hand.
"I remember the first time I picked up a gun. It was just after Destiny came to me...lifted it off my father. I was a natural. Of course my father wasn't to pleased to find that I had been shooting down birds in the backyard, and especially not that I had been using his gun. Yeah, I got quite a beating for that one. I've always practiced though...another reason I didn't have many friends. Either they were too scared of me, or I didn't have the time for them, had to shoot all day...practice. I always come back to the same thought, 'you never had a life'. It's true, but why have one when you're destined to die young. Still I guess I should be proud of myself, last week I shot a dime out of the air...while I was drunk. Good party trick."



  • Power: Pistol
  • Level:Superior
  • Ranged Attack Attack usable at a distance (only).
"Bleak Destiny. My only friend, my long barreled, six shooting, silver harbinger of the end. Always dependable, always there for you, always getting you out of tough situations. If only people were this loving."

Nature's Curse

  • Power: Telekinesis
  • Level:Supreme
  • Melee Attack Attack usable only hand to hand.
"I wonder if this is why she came to me. I didn't know until in my late teens so I haven't had time to perfect it but...I can move things. With my mind that is. I've tried to get them to test me, see what's wrong with me, but no one seems to care. Just another face among the crowd here, and really I guess it does pale in comparison to the powers of some. Still, it's useful when shooting, bullets are so small, I can usually make one turn a corner, spin around a few times and then still land between some one's eyes. It's good for choking too, but it doesn't give you the same satisfaction you get from actually doing the deed yourself. Although I find it most useful for practical stuff, you know like getting the TV controller when you're too drunk and depressed to move. Of course, it's not like that ever happens, I mean look how much I have to live for. Yeah a girl who keeps rejecting me and a kid who I have to die for. Damn, I'm even getting sick of my whining."

Going Out With Style

  • Power: Concussive
  • Level:Supreme
  • Area Effect This attack causes damage in a large area.
  • Ranged and Melee Attack! Attack is equally effective at range and up close.
  • Multi Attack Attack can hit multiple times during one strike.
"You know, when I think about it, I'm damn good at what I do. There's a certain art to harming people, certain places that do far more damage than others. I know exactly where to throw my punches, and exactly where to land my bullets. Punch right below the rib cage and then curve up a little, rupture the liver with the broken rib. Shoot right at the shoulder joint and watch the arm go flying off. It hurts me every time though, deep down below those killers eyes of mine, there's something warm. I just have trouble finding it most of the time. Oh, and who needs therapy when you can punch a dent into a brick wall. I'm telling you, that's anger management right there."