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Played By: Landon

Lovecraft by Landon

TEAM: The Fallen


KIT CLASS: Empathy

The Fallen Team Lieutenant

Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 44 wins!

Brutal - 1 fatalaties!

Fight Record
League Wins: 12
League Losses: 3
Out Of League Wins: 32
Out of League Losses: 6
Total Wins: 44
Total Losses: 9
Formerly Sir Exal - Win 18-8
Doshan Gel - Win 13-11
Checkered Knight - Win 14-11
Defunctoid - Win 17-4
Daybreak - Win 13-6
The Watchman - Win 15-7
The Gambler - Win 15-8
Lorn Adams - Win 13-7
Hassae Hero - Loss 11-15
Zalrafel - Win 13-8
Armitage - Win 16-9
Devyn Soyokaze - Win 13-9
Seryph Gibbons - Loss 9-14
Wired // un-death - Win 11-9
Seryph Gibbons - Win 20-18
Adrian - Win 14-12
Johnny Tuppence Divine - Loss 10-11
Bunny - Win 20-18
Forte - Win 22-17
Dr. Timothy - Loss 17-23
Xerathis: Halo for Hire - Loss 12-16
Arick Huebris - Win 18-9
Chakos - Loss 7-13
Billy Hardcore - Win 15-6
The Challenger - Loss 21-25
Mr. Graves - Win 16-15
Crash and Burn - Win 21-11
Creathers - Win 18-15
Preston Blair - Win 19-12
Wick & Ed - Win 14-9
The Victorian - Loss 12-14
Silent Samurai - Win 15-7
The Archivist - Win 13-11
Clara Ands - Win 11-5
Baron of Ether - Win 15-9
Toc Darkone - Win 11-9
Simon.5 - Win 13-5
Celeste Ivory - Win 13-8
Chrysponia - Win 18-3
Striker Delta - Win 13-5
Nurse Helia - Win 16-4
Robot-Killer Aria - Win 13-7
Saint of Pizza Delivery - Win 11-7
Ravenna Alighieri - Win 8-7
Mr. Hero - Win 12-2
CB1K: Kitten in a Blender - Win 12-3
Lincoln Matthews - Win 9-4
Glaucon - Win 9-4
Ryuketsu Hane - Win 26-14
Rock Sugar Baby - Win 19-11
Aleister Michaels - Win 14-13
Toc Darkone - Loss 14-16

You must forgive my peers. Their love of pomp and drama never really appealed to me either. They seem to enjoy flaunting their duties far more than they should. Not that I can blame them for wanting to enjoy these last few days of existence. I remember the first time I waged war on the Universe. I reveled in my role of destructor, making with the proverbial raping and pillaging of this existence and playing the role of the maniacal, larger-than-life villain. But waging a war that lasts for more than twenty years will make even someone such as I weary of what is an unattainable goal. Like my current followers, I too wish to see this reality cease to be. For over fifty years I have longed to see everything cast into the Void. Unlike my peers, though, my quest is no longer the impassioned, glorious quest that it was when I began my crusade. Even the vengeful feelings that I used to hold towards Seryph Gibbons and those he cares for has dimmed into what can only be called habit. The Apathy War has truly lived up to its name. I almost think I should give up this hapless quest and allow some other foolish being such as Quietus to do my job for me. But where is the fun in that? I may be weary after so many years, but I can still enjoy myself from time to time. Seeing these youngsters fight with the zeal I once possessed brings a malevolent joy to my cold heart. If I were to quit now, I would sink back into the mediocrity I so wish to vanquish from reality. No... there's still some action left in this old soul, and I intend to see my desires through, whether it leads to my success or to my demise. Either way, I will make my mark on this pathetic thing we call reality. Unlike my bretheren, I feel no need to let the universe know it is by my hand. All that matters is the final�, not the crecendo.


Personality: I lied. Perhaps I'm not as weary as I claimed to be. I still fight with passion. I still have a burning desire within my heart. That last vestige of human emotion, though, is not directed at my initial quest. No... the destruction of the Universe and ultimate victory for the Void is not my passion anymore, it is merely my job. Like that whelp Seryph, I too lost someone durng the Apathy War, and if it weren't for the fact that I share a similar desire as that wretch that used to call himself the Avatar of the Universe I would find no shame in the truth. The founder of the Covenant of Mystra, from whom the cult takes its very name, stood at my side just as that philosopher girl stood at Seryph's. I knew that her doctrine of inbuning the desire for love within her followers was nothing but propaganda to fuel the passion and will to fight amongst those among out cause, but I too found a sort of perverse comfort in her words and fell in love with the master deceiver herself. To this day, I still seek out a way to bring her back. I have found my passion in this dismal world and my passion to continue my cause has returned. With her at my side, the War will begin anew.




Weak BELOW normal human strength -
can bench press 50 pounds (maybe).


Standard Normal human agility.


Standard Normal human endurance. Mind:


Standard Normal human mental resources.


I stand by the philosophy that I offer nothing that we as sentient beings do not already desire. Eternal rest. There is no comfort in the innumerable afterlives that exist beyond this life. We are bound by new rules in a new reality, be it Heaven or Hell or Nirvana or Reincarnation. Each perpeptuates the same tired existence that we seek to escape through our actions-- through our art and entertainment and other worldly endeavors. Our lives are nothing but an attempt to escape life as we know it. The only logical escape is to cease to exist. Succum to that nonexistence that we have personified as the Void. I may sound evangelistic, and for that I must appologize, but often I find that such methods appeal to the mundane masses. Often a few pretty words can convince the dullest of folk to believe a clever lie or a hidden truth.


  • Power: Emotion Control
  • Level:Superior
  • Kit Power Link: Empathy
  • Auto-Hit This mental attack hits the target automatically, but may or may not effect them.
I never force anyone to abide by my rules. Indeed, I rarely strike back at those that disagree with my philosophy. My days of conversion by the sword are long past. None of my protig�s have fallen to my feet by barbaric force or manipulation. Such servants are at my side by choice. They are my equals in my quest to bring an end to this universe. I believe in egalitarian rule, for why should our final days be spent bickering over who gains glory and power when such matters will cease to be?


  • Power: Healing
  • Level:Superior
  • Kit Power Link: Empathy
By accepting the lie you are welcomed to the flock. Forever will you be under the wings of your kin. We do everything in our power to ensure we will prevail. Competition is something for the lower folk to dwell upon. They will bicker amongst themselves while we blaze a trail across this tired landscape and carve a path for the Void. Someone will always be there to aid you in your moment of need. I will always be there to make sure you do not fail. We will only succeed if we are united.


  • Power: Decay
  • Level:Supreme
  • Area Effect This attack causes damage in a large area.
  • Multi Attack Attack can hit multiple times during one strike.
Or I could crush you. I could rip your very soul from your decrepid body and mutilate it to the point that even you could not recognize it. I could destroy all that you hold dear with slow, calculating ease and watch you fret about and bemoan your pathetic life. Existence can become far more excruciating with nary a thought. But do I want to do that? Do I truly want to destroy that which can be a valued friend and ally? You have a choice. You can avoid such an end. You can choose. What will it be?