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Ravenna Alighieri
Played By: Landon

Ravenna Alighieri by Landon

TEAM: The Fallen



The Fallen Team Sergeant

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 16 wins!

Fight Record
League Wins: 10
League Losses: 3
Out Of League Wins: 6
Out of League Losses: 2
Total Wins: 16
Total Losses: 5
Maskmaker - Win 12-6
Dalton Freeman - Win 10-9
I-Date-You-Now - Win 12-5
Ellen Grey - Win 10-6
Invincible Cactus - Win 8-7
Henchman's Union Local 263 - Win 10-6
Hunger of the Circle God - Win 15-7
Bloodclaw - Win 13-7
Dangerman: Jack of All Rescues - Loss 8-11
The Unsubtle: New Ownership - Loss 6-7
The Archivist - Win 9-8
Lovecraft - Loss 7-8
Mister Clatue - Win 8-7
Wired // un-death - Win 7-6
Jamison, of the ERS - Win 7-6
The End - Loss 7-12
Jim the Vagrant - Loss 6-7
Celeste Ivory - Win 9-6
CB1K: Kitten in a Blender - Win 8-5
Bunny - Win 8-6
Forte - Win 6-5

"Were we not a noble race, my fellow Zeroan? We who once proclaimed ourselves the rightful children of Pharaoh-- acting in his stead when his grasp could not reach-- herding the humans and Abominations to appease our Race's whims. We were so enamored by our genetic and spiritual superiority-- wielding our dynamic DNA like badges of authority-- molding reality to suit our Race's desires. This world of ours is filled with wondrous beauty and spectacle-- a beauty at its apex.

"Our now dead sovereign, Pharaoh, crafted our Race with the same precision and whimsy that we believed we crafted this universe. It was his hand behind every brush stroke-- his eye behind every masterpiece-- his will behind every cultural creation. We Zeroan are nothing more than cosmic puppets, and our master is now dead. Many herald his death as a dawning of a new era-- a new generation of freedom and creation-- a new world bound not by one soul's desire, but all soul's shared desire.

"No. We are still puppets-- puppets pulled by undying hands. We continue to paint Pharaoh's masterpiece as he intended. His body may cease to be, but his plan continues unabated. Everything in this beautiful world is a creation of one man-- one man who wished to never allow another soul the same pleasure of true freedom-- of true creation. We are denied truth. Should we not reclaim that which has been denied us for time immemorial?

"Claim we shall. All of us-- Zeroan, human, Abomination-- we all shall reclaim our birthright. We shall reshape this world into something of our own making-- something made of true beauty-- something made of truth."


Personality: "Listen not to my comforting words. Like so much propaganda, my words are little more than a ruse to make you my own puppet.

"I do speak the truth. Pharaoh, the one-time ruler of all that we know, did create society as we know it in his own image. Everything that you hold dear is the creation of one Zeroan who claimed to be god. Unlike Pharaoh, I do not hide the truth from your eyes. Yet I am more like our former lord than you would prefer to believe.

"I no longer see the beauty that I proclaim exists in our world, nor do I believe that anything we can do as a united people can ever bring beauty back into this world. Beauty cannot be attained through the actions of one domineering mind. There is nothing beautiful about a world where one's actions are nothing more than code written by a being far superior to yourself. There is no beauty in a world that can allow someone like me to exist."




Weak BELOW normal human strength -
can bench press 50 pounds (maybe).


Weak BELOW normal human agility.
Slow and uncoordinated.


Superior Hardy.
Takes punishment like a heavyweight fighter or wrester.


Superior Highly educated and ingenious.
A smart cookie.


  • Power: Mechanized Armor
  • Level:Supreme
  • Reinforced Defenses Defense blocks Armor Piercing attacks.
"I am a living ending.

"The volatile genetic make-up of the Zeroan race courses through my cells. I exhibit the unnatural abilities that come from someone of my race. I am also an evolutionary dead end. Through generations of in-breeding and evolutionary hurdles, my very DNA is tearing apart at the seams. With every day of my continued existence, another piece of the biological programming that composes my very existence tears away forever, leaving me more and more a tattered doll worn from years of neglectful play.

"To stitch together my decrepit form, I must be sealed away in a automated suit. My limbs and organs are held together with metal and plastic, allowing me to perpetuate my wretched existence.

"My very existence is little more than an affront to the laws of the universe. What little enjoyment I receive comes from relishing this fact."


  • Power: Radar
  • Level:Standard
"I am a bitter woman, but my own embittered emotions do little to halt my heart from reaching out to others. I am all too aware of the presence of others. I can see the sorrow and pain of everyone within my vicinity. My Zeroan blood, not content with merely eroding away, begs to be aware.

"I cannot turn my eye in disinterest, for my eye reaches all around me. Close this eye and it merely reopens itself to the world, hungering for the knowledge that so tears at my soul. Suffering surrounds me and lies are an inescapable prison. I see while craving to be blind, and it only furthers my concern and pity for those around me ignorant to their falsified existences."


"And as I look upon the world that refuses to shield itself away from my ravenous eye, I see through the lies.

"Body language speaks in tongues one's ears cannot comprehend. A wink at the right moment, a nervous twitch, a sigh under one's breath-- these are words in a language few are fluent. A soft touch to one's shoulder can reveal an entirely different vocabulary, as one's pulse and temperature pulls away any illusions of bravery one attempts to cast upon lesser senses. Even one's aroma can betray secrets, as the body's chemistry secretes adrenaline at a rate only one with my ability to translate can comprehend.

"I see through your lies. You claim to be interested in our ideals. You claim to understand what we stand for, but body tells me otherwise. You have seen more of the truth than you so desired before our meeting. You believed us to be revolutionaries, and you have found us to be nothing more than genocidal maniacs wanting to destroy everything you feel is beautiful in the world.

"You are correct.

"We are bitter. We are enraged. We are committed to the destruction of the lies that Pharaoh created. We shall wipe the canvas clean, ridding the world of everything that is a lie so that those who remain shall be free of Pharaoh's lie.

"We are the end, and your body tells me you fear the finale."


  • Power: Berserker
  • Level:Ultimate
  • Seeker This attack hunts and follows its target.
"Before I remove you from our presence, allow me to reveal one last truth.

"This body of mine is truly the apex of Zeroan genetics. While little more than scraps and sinew, it is also a vessel of immense power. As I shed myself from my armor, exposing my doll-like form to the world, my body surges with unbridled fury. While I may be an unfettered whisp, I am also freed of my mechanical isolation.

"My limbs tremble with Golem-like strength and shake with unnerving speed. Outside of my self-imposed bodily exile, I am a lord of death. I move with etheral accuracy and crush my foes with untold might. Naturally, my broken body is naked to the world and all of its wiles, but allow me some arrogance by saying that few can rival my physical prowess when I shed my shell and reveal my true nature.

"And you shall witness that truth."


Noxious fumes erupted from Ravenna's armor as it broke apart to expose her waif-like body. Her pale, naked form glistened as her cells absorbed the energy from the very air, drawing it in to enhance her power.

Flakes of skin broke from her body and drifted to the ground like so many snowflakes.

With the last piece of her armor floating to the ground, Ravenna dashed forward to the would-be recruit. The man attempted to raise his hands in defense, but Ravenna flipped in mid-stride, avoiding the defensive posture by landing her left heel on the initiate's skull. Still airborne, Ravenna thrust forward with her right knee, breaking the man's block and sending him reeling.

Ravenna landed on the ground softly, her feet touching base amiss a flurry of shredded skin from her withering body. With that blow, Ravenna gazed at the initiate with her unsettling eyes. The initiate's eyes spoke of defiance and hatred for his new foe. Ravenna smiled a smile of welcoming. A new soul had been converted to the cause of Peccavi.