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Played By: PeteD

Solarwind by PeteD

TEAM: Sentinels


KIT CLASS: Master Training

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 12 wins!

Brutal - 2 fatalaties!

Fight Record
League Wins: 10
League Losses: 3
Out Of League Wins: 2
Out of League Losses: 8
Total Wins: 12
Total Losses: 11
Carrack - Win 11-3
Grasslings of Joka Forest - Win 9-6
Heru Hinote - Win 11-5
Ghosts of our Past - Loss 8-10
Luck of the Roll - Win 9-6
Kung fu Mummy - Win 13-3
The Athiest - Loss 9-10
Rosario Rodriguez - Win 10-6
Silus Saitorie: Bounty Hunter - Win 13-11
Bar Owner of Khazan - Win 10-9
Lord Canelaser, Eater of Widows - Win 11-10
Preston Blair - Win 10-9
The Victorian - Loss 8-15
Sugar Sweet and the Color Bunch - Win 11-9
The Athiest - Loss 9-15
Lincoln Matthews - Loss 8-9
Young Adel - Win 7-6
Arick Huebris - Loss 5-9
Wick & Ed - Loss 5-10
Forte - Loss 5-11
Atom-A-Ton - Loss 5-11
Dangerman: Jack of All Rescues - Loss 6-8
Arick Huebris: Aftermath - Loss 6-8

My name is James Gerard, aka Solarwind, aka Red Eyes. In the time before this story takes place I was Solar Boy, a sidekick to the gallant crusader Solarman. Recently I have broken off and tried the hero business solo, working off the name Solarwind. I joined the Sentinels in order to make a name for myself. This is the story of what is my first and possibly last assignment for them.


"You wanted to see me Sir?"

The aging warrior of the Sentinels gave me a look of confusion.

"You don't have to refer to me as Sir, I am Steel Guardian, you are Solarwind, we are both equals here."

"Sorry, force of habit"

Steel Guardian stared into me and seemed repulsed, not by me, but my background. I guess that stigma would never go away.

"That old fool forced you to call him Sir, just another reason I should hate him. What he did was a disgrace."

There was a pause. The Sentinels would have a hard time avoiding the fallout after Solarman's supposed betrayal. I say supposed not because I think he didn't betray them, but because he got probably got knocked off before he could go through with it. Steel Guardian turned his attention back to me.

"You on the other hand I feel I can trust; you and his other sidekick, your girlfriend."

"Dawn Bringer"

"Yeah, cute names both of you. How long you two been together?"

"A year last January"

Steel Guardian let out a deepened sigh. He appeared tired of making small talk. He pressed a button on the wall. The entire wall mechanically drew open leaving only a glass window. The window revealed a small room with a single table, a single chair, a single man in the chair. He was middle aged, maybe 40, and donned a shaved head, orange sunglasses, and a black leather jacket. His hands were handcuffed behind the chair he sat on.

"Do you know who that is?" asked Iron Guardian. I stared at him but couldn't place the face.

"Sorry, I don't"

"I didn't expect you to. His name is Marcus Tan, aka Red Eyes. He's a criminal mercenary, no alliances, no ties; he works for who pays him the most."

"Congratulations for catching him"

"Yes," the old warrior muttered. Apparently I had missed the point.

"Red eyes, was supposed to contact the Sinless Circle, a group of professional thieves working in the industrial sector. The Circle has ties with lots of the new leadership in the Syndicate, even though they're not members. Unfortunately he refuses to co-operate, so this opportunity could be lost. However there is some good news,"

"What's that?" I asked. Steel Guardian's expression changed.

"The Circle has never met Red Eyes, and don't know what he looks like. If we could send someone to pose as him we could get into the circle" he paused. "Of course it couldn't be anyone famous or they'd recognize him, so we need someone new,"

"You need the unknown sidekick of a disgraced ex-sentinel" I said. He nodded his head.

"For how long?"

"Long" he replied. "We have no idea what they're planning or even if we can catch them when they do. In that time you must be totally incognito, no contact to anyone here, no trying to stop crimes you may see along the way, in fact you may have to commit some yourself. Just play along till the end, let us worry about stopping them, you just take track of their activities. Got it?"

I paused, thinking about the ramifications of my choice. If I said no I could be blowing my big chance to clear my name. If I said yes I would become the essence of what I hate.

"Does Dawn know?"

"She's altering your gear as we speak. The basic weapons will be the same, just different shapes and colors. She also decided to add a little somthin' special to your body armor. Just incase things go south"

It seemed to late the decision had already been made for me. I had to do it, to clear both our names.


Personality: "You be safe all right, don't try to be hero this time. Just go with the flow"

"I will." I replied. Dawn smiled back at me. We all stood on the rooftop preparing ourselves. I was slowly putting on my gear, Steel Guardian was giving me a lecture on undercover work, and Dawn was merely staring at us. She tried to appear happy as always, but I could tell from her eyes. She was scared; she didn't want me to do this. Steel Guardian was about to throw up due to the sweetness of our affair.

"Listen up kid, your name is Red Eyes. You grew up in Old Town; you did jobs for Ice Nine and Enigma before this, along with lots of small jobs on your own. If they ask you anything else tell them it's none of their damn business. One more very important thing. Never ever ask about the Syndicate, if you do they will smell what's up. All right?"

I nodded my head in agreement

"All right kid, I'll buy ya a beer when it's over." With that Guardian blasted off into the night. Dawn stayed a few seconds longer. We embraced, our lips merged as the tears from her eyes rolled down her cheek. Then, she too left, leaving me alone.

The Industrial sector is a labyrinth of buildings, corridors, and smoke stacks. I made my way to the address where the meet and greet was to take place. I opened the warehouse door and entered into the dark box and began to search for anyone, anyone at all.

A man dressed in all black was waiting inside. He was reading a novel and barely noticed my presence.

As I got within a few feet of him he looked up.

"Are you Red Eyes?" He asked

"Maybe" I replied. I didn't want to seem too eager, just play it cool.

"Huh" he replied. He shoved the book into his pants pocket.

"So then what's the password?" I didn't even have to hesitate.

"The password is... KISS MY ASS. I didn't come here to play games, so don't waste my time. Let's just do this and we can all get on with our lives"

He seemed non-chalantly impressed by the answer. To be honest I don't think there was a password at all.

"So" I asked, "Where are the rest of you? Or do I have to go through some initiation process first".

If he was annoyed by my sarcasm he didn't show it. He put his fingers in his lips and let out as whistle. Three dark clad villains encircled us. Before then I had no idea they were watching us.

As my sight in the darkness increased I could begin to make them out. Two females one male. The one who had spoken to me before lethargically strolled up to the other man, who was a mountain by comparison. I couldn't make out who the leader was, but I was too afraid to ask for fear of breaking cover.

After a brief conversation they looked back at me. The big one seemed annoyed, the other remained indifferent.

"Let's begin introductions," he said, "I'm Sureshot, he's Panzer, and they're Foxtrot, and Arsenic". All the names seemed to fit, but there wasn't a lot of time to ask questions. The one I learned as Panzer had something to say.

"This is him; I've taken dumps bigger than him! He makes me sick just lookin' at him"

"Feeling's mutual" I responded. My arrogance just served to anger him further.

"Bring it on punk!"

"Panzer we don't have time for this, you just have to live with it." Sureshot said in a monotone. He had in the small time we started yelling pulled out his book and continued to read.

"Yeah Panzer, lay off him" said a female voice. The one I believed to be Foxtrot strutted forward and circled around me

"He's kinda cute"

Foxtrot was younger than the others; she appeared more like a teenage runaway than a professional criminal. Pierced ears, tattoos, all black clothes, dyed black hair; somebody was trying to piss off daddy. The other female, Arsenic, was older, blond, and held her nose so high that it seemed if she let it drop her face might fall off.

"You'll have to forgive Panzer" Foxtrot continued, "But we were expecting someone a little older

"As was I" I replied. Foxtrot seemed somewhat insulted by this. Arsenic let out a smug smile

"Come on lets go," said Sureshot. "Foxtrot bring him up to speed on the way. We'll be testing his skills tonight with any luck" They all began to walk out. It appeared that I was in.




Standard Normal human strength.Agility:


Superior This fighter can dodge, weave and move
with the grace of an Olympic gymnast.


Standard Normal human endurance. Mind:


Standard Normal human mental resources.

My Armor/ Saving the Girl

  • Power: Body Armor
  • Level:Superior
  • Kit Power Link: Master Training
We were in the loading docks on the south side of the city. Panzer had taken out the guards protecting the barge. Turns out the name fits; he's as strong as a tank and maybe half as subtle.

He and Sureshot were inside the hull looking for some equipment they needed for a much larger plan in the future. Arsenic was serving as lookout on the bridge. Meanwhile Foxtrot and I waited on the docks doing nothing.

I could have stopped them then, but for what? breaking onto a barge? Besides I was instructed to sit back and watch and that's what I was gonna' do. I was scribbling notes in my journal being careful not to let anyone see what they said.

"Do you really have Red Eyes?" the question startled me. I turned to Foxtrot who was staring into my visor. I lifted it to reveal two blue eyes. She seemed let down, like she had just found out that Santa Claus wasn't real

"Then why take the name?"

"Because my visor is red"

"That doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Besides its more pink than red"

"Pink eyes doesn't sound as good. Besides, "Foxtrot", isn't exactly an average name either."

She looked away, off across the bay. Her toes dipped into the water making ripples across the glassy calm.

"Marie...My name is Marie"

I paused a moment


I broke one of Guardian's rules. But what hurt could it do, it will let her trust me. Besides it wasn't even my real name.

"Marcus and Marie, sounds good together don't they? Almost like we were people just like everyone else" I never got the chance to reply, Arsenic did it for me.

"Four guards coming this way armed and pissed. You two can deal with that can't you?"

We ran down the pier as the four men rushed at us on foot. Foxtrot was amazing; she moved with the grace of a cat and took out all of the guards on her own. As young as she was, she could move, and the brass knuckles didn't hinder her either.

"Still expecting someone older?" she asked with a chirp. I smiled, then heard an unmistakable click. It was the sound of a gun lever being pulled back. One of the guards hadn't gone down; he aimed at Foxtrot and let out a dark grin. I never moved so fast in my life.

All I heard was the semi-auto gun blasts, riddling away at me. I could feel nothing but taps at my torso and arms. After a few seconds the clip ran out and he and I both seemed surprised. My suit took all the rounds, my arms covered my face, and Foxtrot stood sheltered behind me. I ran with a burst and smashed his head into the wooden floor. He went out cold.

"Wow thanks," Foxtrot replied in a cheeky grin. She stepped forward and put her arms around me. She was too close and I began to blush uncontrollably.

"I guess I'll have to pay you back some time" She said. I tried to be cold.

"I was just saving a teammate, that's all" It didn't work. It came out stuttered and rushed. She leaned forward and could tell I was lying.

"Whatever you say hot stuff"

My Disks/ Saving my Ass

  • Power: Concussive Attack
  • Level:Supreme
  • Ranged Attack Attack usable at a distance (only).
  • Multi Attack Attack can hit multiple times during one strike.
We had found what we wanted. It looked like a cross between a mustang engine and a garbage disposal. I was told that it was an EMP device. When I asked why the hell we needed an EMP device the only answer I got was, "Because we do". The damn thing was so heavy it barely fit in the back of our boat. Once it was loaded we sped off; I began to nap, as it was nearly one in the morning. The rocking waves and bumps only made it more difficult, not impossible.

"We have a problem"

I lifted my visor and saw Sureshot staring off into the night sky. The way he said it you would think we could be running out of gas, or that he accidentally ran over a few ducks; however the truth was worse.

We were being followed by two flying vigilantes. I could recognize them as Nightdove and Miss Marvelous even from this distance. The mere fact that they were here meant that they didn't know I was undercover. If the Circle learned I was a rat, it would most likely end with Sureshot firing a slug into the back of my head. They were gaining and I looked around for a plan until one finally presented itself.

"There. Down the sewage tunnel, it will hem them in"

The boat swerved violently, nearly making us all lose our footing. The only exception was Sureshot who seemed to always be balanced. We entered the dank and shadowy tunnel; I thought the smell alone might be enough to repel our pursuers. I was wrong. They both followed, flying feet above the green water. Sureshot stepped forward and aimed his pistol towards them

"That's not gonna work," I said, getting no response.

He fired down the dark sewage tunnel and true to his name hit his targets each time. The bullets bounced off the two; it would take more than lead to stop them.

"You got a better idea?" he asked after seeing that his bullets were failing.

I reached down to my belt and pulled out a small disk. It was the size of a Frisbee and was tapered to a sharp edge. I spun the disk out of my hands and it whirling towards Miss Marvelous. It hit her shoulder with a clank, then exploded. The boom sent her into a wall and engulfed the heroine in flame. Nightdove came after us even faster after that. Every bomb I threw spun over or under her, as we raced down the tube. I decided to finish it. I pulled out two more bombs and threw them straight upward. They latched to the ceiling. As Nightdove approached they detonated stopping her in her tracks. The ceiling of the tunnel collapsed blocking any would be followers from entering.

"Not bad, hot stuff" yelled Foxtrot over the humming motor and waves, "Too bad it will take days to get this smell out of my nostrils"

"Where to next?" I asked. Sureshot turned to me.

"Back to the Home Office, we got to burn some time until everything else is ready"

My skills/ My Love

I had spent four and a half days with the Circle at the Home Office. It was half hide out, half training base, and half upscale mansion. Some of the paintings Arsenic had collected were worth more than my Apartment. I was in Sureshot's target practice room, preparing my throwing arm. I was a little rusty and I would never have the chance to use a target range like this one again.

I clutched a disk and set up my throw. Two cardboard cut outs popped up one behind the other. I aimed for the second one. I tossed the disk and it made a prolonged arch. It swung around the shoulder of the first target and struck the second between the eyes.

"Nice shot, but where's the boom?" The voice startled me into nearly throwing another disk. When Foxtrot saw this she laughed at me. I relaxed and placed the disk down.

"I turned off the detonators, no point wasting disks in a practice session"

"Ohhh, do you really need practice, you seem to have it under control". She walked forward and stood by me. She picked up the fallen disk in her hands.

"It's harder than it looks" I replied. She nodded

"Mind if I try?" She asked. I gestured my arm towards the cut-outs. She picked up the disk and threw it over hand like she would a baseball. The disk flew downwards and bounced across the floor and eventually rolled towards the target, hitting its foot. I couldn't help but chuckle.

"Don't laugh" she whined. I couldn't help it. Foxtrot began to pout. I saw this was bothering her so I stepped forward to help.

"I'm sorry, here, your using to much of your wrist. You have to step into it with your whole body."

"Show me"

I stepped behind her and cradled the outside of her throwing arm. Her back spooned into my chest, with my head just above her shoulder. I could feel her soft skin against my arm, the smell of her dark hair in my nose. My heart began to pound so heavily I was afraid she might hear it. We both clutched the disk, her fingers under mine. We leaned back as one, and then threw the disk in a cannon-like shot into the first target. It slammed into its neck taking off the cardboard head.

"Not bad, soon you'll be up to ricochet shots"

"Are they the hardest?"

"Yeah" I responded softly.

Her fingers intertwined with mine making a seemingly unbreakable net. She turned to face me and was merely inches from my face. We leaned forward, neither of us aware we were doing it. I began to stare deeply into her dark eyes. I didn't think about my cover, or about Dawn, or about anything else that would have told me this was a mistake. We kissed. When it ended I was shocked, and saddened. It was too short; happiness always is.


My Grappler/ Saving the Girl pt2

It was finally here. The plan was about to be uncovered. We had moved to Uptown and brought the EMP. I still had no idea what it was for.

Foxtrot and I were quiet during the whole trip; neither of us wanted the others to know. Arsenic stopped the van in front of an affluent neighborhood. Banks, businesses, and ritzy apartments lined the streets; any one of them could be the target. One such building was the massive Uptown Tower which dominated the skyline.

"What's the plan?" I asked. I didn't fear being suspected at this point. Had I waited any longer they would suspect me for being too calm.

"First we haul the EMP to the roof, then set it onto a timer. Then run like hell down to the wharfs."

"If we're going to the wharfs, then why did we need this thing?" I said, kicking the hunk of metal. "In fact why didn't we get it last time we were there?"

Sursehot sighed as if he was slightly annoyed.

"The EMP takes out all electronics within a certain radius, including that of planes. At 9:52 a personal jet will fly low, directly over this spot. The EMP will take out all of its functions rendering it nothing more than a falling piece of iron. My calculations say it should crash near the wharfs."

I wanted to stop him, but what choice did I have. All the way up the elevator I just prayed that something might go wrong and we could turn back. Once on the roof, Panzer pushed the titanic machine outside. As Sureshot was putting on the timer, I heard a familiar voice.

"You've gone far enough you four" Dawn said. Her costume shone in the city light. Next to her hovered Nightdove and a somewhat wounded Miss. Marvelous. Part of me was relieved by their presence, another distressed. Foxtrot stepped forward.

"Apparently someone never taught you to count, cuz there are actually five of us believe it or not."

"I know what I said" replied Dawn. She then looked directly at me, putting me on the spot, as if to give me some cue. Everyone turned towards me. I had to do it.

I removed three disk bombs and threw them forward. Dawn soon realized that things had changed. The explosions hit Nightdove and her, but Marvelous avoided the boom. She slammed forward and aimed a punch right at my head. Foxtrot pushed me aside and took the blow instead. It threw her off the roof into a plummeting fall.

"MARIE!!" I yelled as terror filled my voice. No less than a second after she had fallen did I jump after her.

The wind whipped around us both. I could see her unconscious face in a dull pallor. I grabbed her arm in one hand and a small gun on my waist in the other. I fired and a grappling hook attached to a thin, but strong, metal line propelled out. The hook got stuck onto the terrace of another building. My momentum stopped in a painful jerk, soon followed by an even more painful slam into the wall of the savior building. I lifted Foxtrot safely over my shoulder and used the excess wire to attach her to my belt. I climbed the wire up the outside of the building. After three stories I reached the top and lifted her over the edge. I pulled myself over with a grunt, then looked into her face.

"Come on wake up, wake up......Please Marie". Her slowly opening eyes were the last thing I saw. A sharp pain stung the back of my neck. Then a warm sensation, followed by pure black unconsciousness.

My Will/ His Sister's Heart

I was back at the Home Office. Everyone had escaped but the plan was in the gutter. They had found out that I was rat only after Dawn had told them. The pain from where Arsenic's needle had stricken me still hurt like a bitch. I was tied to a chair; much like the original Red Eyes was when I saw him. Arsenic circled around me. We were completely alone. The room was dank, small, and soundproof. Who knew the Circle had their own Interrogation room.

"TALK" she yelled, as she shoved her foot into my chin. The room whizzed by me as the chair jumped off the ground, landing with a smack. She was getting annoyed by my silence. Even as the pain coursed through every pat of my frame I still wouldn't break. I was bleeding all over. Her stilettos began to crush my windpipe.

"That's enough Arsenic" said a calm male voice. Only one person that could be. My chair was lifted upright and I was brought face to face with Sureshot.

"I gave him everything I have, poison, truth serum, a severe beating; he just won't break" said the demonical Arsenic. Sureshot nodded and she left the room. We sat in silence for a second or two.

"You're not going to tell me anything are you?"

I nodded my head no. I would speak but it was becoming more and more physically difficult. He seemed to accept that.

"Well that's okay; I admire your strength of mind. Very few people have that now a days.... The fact is we don't really need you to say anything; we found your journal. It told us....everything"

I choked out a few words

"Then why keep beating me?"

He looked deeply at me and showed me the only emotion I've ever seen from him. He grabbed the back of my head and looked deeply into my swollen eyes

"Because......You broke my little sister's heart"

He bit down on his lip. I could feel his anger. He was a step away from shooting me dead. But he didn't. He stood up and walked out the door. As he left she came in,


My Mind Play/ Never See Her Again

  • Power: Detective
  • Level:Superior
  • Kit Power Link: Master Training
"Marie... I"

"Save it!" Foxtrot yelled. She was calm, but I could tell by her face that she had been crying. Her lip quivered as she spoke to me.

"How could you treat me like this? After all we had?" her eyes pleaded with me to give some kind of answer.

"You don't understand"

"Oh don't I!" as she said this she ripped out my journal and began to read the first page

": Just joined the outfit and have earned everyone's faith. Have no idea what they are planning but will be sure to stay patient. I have learned lots and can begin to pick up on their strengths and weaknesses just by watching them. One of them in particular may be useful. She is lonely and outgoing; if I can gain her trust"...... "I can figure out what's going on"

"Marie you don't understand" I managed to stutter "I wasn't doing this to hurt you... I wasn't even thinking about you". She threw the journal at my head

"Thanks Marcus, that makes me feel so much better. You weren't thinking about me, just about the stupid mission. You broke my heart. Why? So you could get inside my head? So you could act like the hero and take us out" I had nothing to say.

"Probably not even your real name is it. Huh...you're a real piece of work; whoever you are"

I spat out a single sentence as she turned to leave,

"Marie... I'm sorry"

She didn't even look back at me, but I could hear the sound of her tears, the sound of what I've done. She opened the door but looked through her pocket before leaving. She found a shining key on a ring. She tossed it onto the floor next to me.

"Goodbye Marcus...I never want to see you ever again" with that she left.

My Armor pt2/ Saving the Girl pt3

I limped out into the hall to escape my confinement. The keys had unlocked my bonds, but it was only a matter of time before the others found out what Foxtrot had done. I leaned against a wall to regain my composure.

The wall shuddered with a thud. An explosion had gone off outside. I checked my suits stats. It had protected me from most of the beating but I was still in dire straights. My lip and right eye were swollen, I struggled to breathe, and I think my arm was dislocated when I slammed into the building earlier. Even with all the punishment the suit had been pumped only to 55% storage rating. Another explosion shook the building as I stood gaining my breath. I instinctively knew what was happening. They had followed us back. I would have to hurry if I was going to make it. I ran towards the explosion and prayed I wouldn't be too late.

I went through the target range, and found that all of my disks were missing. Sureshot must have taken them once we got back. That meant I only had one more weapon left at my disposal; Guardian's secret gift. As I clasped the door out of the arsenal another boom rocked the building. Hold on Marie.

I ran and ran until my legs burned. I jumped out a window and found what I expected. The Sinless Circle had been defeated. Steel Guardian stood in a grassy field amassed in the unconscious bodies of his enemies, Sureshot, Arsenic, and Panzer. Foxtrot stood alone retreating slowly. Her knuckles were bleeding. Punching the metal titan wouldn't do anything. I heard three shots rang out in the night

"Leave her alone! You ugly fucker!" Sureshot fired with a single hand.

He could barely stand, and could aim even less. The shots clanked against the super-steel armor in a wild fashion. The titan of Justice brought his two gigantic iron arms together in a clap. A shockwave issued forth which threw Sureshot back like a rag doll. His body skipped along the ground until it was motionless.

"NOOOO" screamed the bloody and tear drenched Foxtrot. I saw Guardian raise his hands to prepare a final knockout. He sent another shockwave rippling across the ground throwing dirt and debris in its wake. The wave came to Foxtrot and she shuddered. The boom passed by her nearly blowing her off the ground, but she was unharmed. I stood in front of her guarding her with my body. The armor absorbed the blow, protecting us both from certain doom. She looked up to find me standing over her in a futile attempt to reprove myself.

"Marcus what are you doing?" Foxtrot asked.

I couldn't think off a good answer so I did something I had never done with her before, I told the truth.

"I'm risking everything I have, to protect something I set out to destroy. I'm following in the footsteps of someone I once loved but then learned to despise.... I finally realize why he did it"

"I don't understand Marcus"

"My name's not Marcus, its James... Listen I've never been honest with you before so if I don't make it I want you to read the last page of my journal. That will tell you the truth."

She looked at me with tears in her eyes. She didn't know whether to hate me or to love me

"Kid! Get out of the way!!" screamed Steel Guardian. He clapped again sending a second larger wave my direction. I was blown back but I had to protect her.

"Go! GET OUT! Save your brother, go!" I yelled.

She turned away and began to run up towards Steel Guardian. He swung a punch but she quickly dodged, and ran to her brother's side.

"YO! Metal freak! Don't worry about her, you got to deal with me" I yelled.

Sure, I still found it hard to breathe, I still couldn't see straight, and I only had one weapon left, but I felt better than I ever had in my entire life. I got back on my feet and stared into my opponents black empty eyes

"You can't win kid. I helped design that suit, I know everything about it. In fact I'd bet without it you wouldn't even be standing right now. Just give up and we can forget this whole thing"

"Not gonna happen."

"Fine" he said, "you want to go out like a traitor just like your old man, not my problem"

I checked my visor to see the power storage. The last two blasts had been totally absorbed. 99 fucking percent.

"Time to see what your little toy does at full power" I shot back. He cringed at the thought.

"You're bluffing. You could never get full power. Even if you did, it would kill you in your state." I smiled

"We'll see... ARMOR, NOVA MODE, 99% RELAESE" the suit did its job and I was surrounded by my ultimate weapon, a pure energy armor.

My Final Weapon/ Fading to Black

(Please note: description refers to when full charged by kinetic absorption)

I charged at Guardian like a tank. Bolts and sparks of energy flew off me. I glowed in the night air. I had become a supernova incarnate. He raised his arms and blasted an enormous shock wave. A Tsunami strength blast flew against me. It destroyed the walls behind me. I was like a mountain in the face of the shockwave; I was a thunderbolt when I stuck guardian. My glowing fist embedded itself into his armor like it was tin foil. The knock from my strike sent the two ton giant feet into the air. He landed onto his knees and slid back. I charged again propelling my fist forward. I wasn't thinking, only screaming.

He parried my thrust with a punch of his own. Our fists clashed straight on. His armor vs. my energy field. It was no contest; the steel around his fist buckled and bent sending cracks all the way down his arm. In his other hand he swatted me into a far wall. He quickly stood and let out another tidal wave of force that crumbled the Home Office. He stared into the debris.

"Is that the best you can do, ya little punk.... I knew you wasn't at full power... Just like your old man, a liar and a traitor"

He walked closer to the pile of smoking rubble. Steel Guardian began to think highly of himself. But a light shone through the debris.

"AAAAAGHHH!!!" the mountain of debris flew off as I sent my own shockwave out. My energy field sent off the waves of debris as I leaped out into the air. I fell like a shining comet onto Guardian. With both my hands raised high above my head I knocked him to the ground. The mammoth warrior crashed down in less than a second, causing a crater to be smashed into existence where he fell. I kneeled over him and began to pummel him deeper and deeper into the ground. With each strike the crater grew bigger.


On that final curse I let out the remainder of my energy point blank into his chest. The armor broke like glass. My arms drooped to my side. The glow surrounding me faded dimmer and dimmer. I removed guardian's face mask. He was alive but unconscious. His glory of being one of the toughest Sentinels ever was over; his legendary armor was shattered. Everything was dark now. The light that once enveloped me was gone, replaced by darkness and silence.

I stood up, and then quickly fell back down. Nova mode had pushed my body to the brim when I was already broken. I stared at the night sky like I used to with my dad on warm nights. My eyes became heavier and heavier. The world faded to black....

Or Epilogue 2: New Training

Left, Right, Left, Right; I jabbed and lunged at my opponent. She ducked and weaved away from every punch. Her fist came slicing at my face. I raised my guard and blocked my head. She stepped back. I threw an elbow that scraped her ear. I almost had her that time. I lunged...and missed. I was soon flying through the air. I hit the floor with a thud, once again on my back. This was getting ridiculous.

"O.K that's it, I give up." I said sitting up slowly. My body ached all over

"Come on, you did a lot better that time" My opponent responded.

"How was that any different from the last twenty attempts?"

"It was good, just try to avoid the part where I toss you around like a little schoolgirl" She stated leering over me with a wide grin.

"Thanks for the criticism Foxtrot, but I'm done. We've been practicing every day for two weeks and it always ends with me on my back. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result."

She sighed.

"You told me you wanted to learn hand to hand so that when the Sentinels come looking for you, you will always be ready. You'll never be ready if you quit just because you're getting beaten by a girl; granted a girl half your size who isn't tying that hard."

I slowly stood up and faced her. I was somewhat dizzy but I managed to find balance.

"Layoff all right, you've been doing this a lot longer than I have. Besides...there is no way you are half my size"

"I heard that!" she yelled. I could feel my legs go out from under me as her sweep kick sent me crashing back to the ground. Foxtrot stood over me gleaming with arrogance.

"Never make fun of a girl's weight; especially when she can kick your butt" she said. I would have responded but I couldn't put a sentence together. I was trying to sit up knowing she would inevitably throw me down again.