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The Semi-Rational Penguin
Played By: Landon

The Semi-Rational Penguin by Landon

TEAM: The Fallen

SECTOR: Uptown


Avatar Arch Lord

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 63 wins!

Brutal - 4 fatalaties!

Fight Record
League Wins: 14
League Losses: 4
Out Of League Wins: 49
Out of League Losses: 5
Total Wins: 63
Total Losses: 9
Valkyrie X - Win 0-0
Prodigy - Win 0-0
Big Scary Monster - Win 0-0
Mr. Gideon - Win 0-0
Texas Durrigan - Loss 0-0
Terracotta Titan - Win 0-0
Freedom - Loss 0-0
Down Unda Thunda! - Win 0-0
Carnassial - Win 0-0
The Penguin Plushie Army - Win 0-0
Captain Coma - Win 0-0
Deus Ex Machina - Win 0-0
Great Teacher Landon! - Win 0-0
The Golem Greymalkin - Loss 0-0
Adelaide - Win 0-0
All-Father - Win 0-0
T's Fruit Stand - Win 0-0
Pajama Pockets - Loss 0-0
Saint of Pizza Delivery - Win 13-11
Saint of Pizza Delivery - Win 13-11
Xerathis: Halo for Hire - Win 14-10
Xerathis: Halo for Hire - Win 14-10
CB1K: Kitten in a Blender - Win 10-9
CB1K: Kitten in a Blender - Win 10-9
Forte - Win 14-12
Forte - Win 14-12
Christopher Marlowe - Win 14-9
Christopher Marlowe - Win 14-9
Fastest Pussycat - Win 16-9
Toc Darkone - Win 14-8
Wick & Ed - Win 13-7
Nurse Helia - Win 14-9
Inju: Romantic Tentacle - Win 11-9
The Fairview Fires - Win 15-7
Chakos - Win 13-10
Uberman - Win 14-7
Chrysponia - Win 10-4
Dodge Murphy - Win 11-10
Mr. Hero - Win 14-11
Nurse Helia - Win 9-6
Ignorance - Win 15-10
Mr. Hero - Win 12-10
Mr. Graves - Loss 7-10
Chrysponia - Win 12-4
Crossbow Cupid - Win 11-7
Wired // un-death - Win 16-7
Tommy and the War - Win 27-9
Dr. Timothy - Win 19-15
Bunny - Loss 19-24
JOE BIGG GUNNS - Win 35-10
Zoot Suit Riot - Loss 12-15
Arick Huebris - Win 21-11
Billy Hardcore - Win 15-14
The Challenger - Win 12-10
Grimly Fiendish - Win 15-12
The FPL Game - Win 36-13
Creathers - Win 18-12
Robot-Killer Aria - Win 29-8
Silent Samurai - Win 20-15
Lincoln Matthews - Win 19-16
Thor - Win 17-8
Glaucon - Win 17-10
Simon.5 - Win 13-4
Hell's Bookie - Win 15-11
Baron of Ether - Win 15-7
Wicked Riser - Win 10-8
Death-In-A-Box - Loss 8-13
Atom-A-Ton - Win 13-10
Clara Ands - Loss 9-10
The Victorian - Win 13-7
Thomas Bishop - Win 13-7
Celeste Ivory - Win 12-5
Crash and Burn - Win 12-1
Averse - Win 11-4
Lord Canelaser, Eater of Widows - Win 8-7
Jim the Vagrant - Win 10-6

Midnight at the Khazanian Regent Hotel, one of the fanciest, swankiest, and most lucrative hotel/casinos in existence. Many of the guests at the hotel lounge about one of the many bars that litter the casino floor, drinking away their sorrows, trying to forget that one bad gamble, that one bad one night stand, or that one bad child whose college fund was keeping them from having that one bad gamble of one bad one night stand. In saunters a small, stocky figure, adorning a top hat and tie. The small, stocky figure lifts itself on top of a stool at the bar, its eyes barely peering over the edge of the bar. "A martini," the figure says in a regal british accent, "shaken, stirred, I do not give a damn." The bartender, a youngish man barely out of bartending school, fixes the martini without a thought, and without even looking at the figure. The rest of the bargoers seemingly pay no heed to the rather dapperly-dressed penguin either. They continued to drink away their petty human problems. Save for one man. He wore a wrinkled buisness suit, unwashed in two days, begining to smell of sweat, alcohol, and depression. His view was fixed upon the penguin. He watched as the penguin drank down the martini, wiped his beak with a napkin, slapped a 10 dollar bill on the bar, and hopped down from the stool. As the penguin left the bar, it gave the man a look. Nothing more than a nonchalant glance. "That... almost made sense." the grizzled corporate exec commented. That night, the Khazanian Regent Hotel burned down. Remarkably, there was only one casualty. A since forgotten buisnessman/family man who had recently been laid off from his job...


Personality: A cold martini. A piece of 19th century literature. Leather apholstery. Silk neckties. The Dennis Miller Show on HBO. Smoked trout and caviar. Global annilhation. These are the things a proper penguin likes. Domestic beer. Tom Clancy. Movie theater seats. Baseball caps. Anything with Regis Philbin. Veggitarian food. World peace. These are the things all other penguins like. The Semi-Rational Penguin prefers to see himself in the former class.




Weak BELOW normal human strength -
can bench press 50 pounds (maybe).


Weak BELOW normal human agility.
Slow and uncoordinated.


Ultimate Godlike endurance.
Shrugs off damage which would destroy cities.


Standard Normal human mental resources.

Antarctic Chaos

  • Power: Weather Control
  • Level:Ultimate
  • Area Effect This attack causes damage in a large area.
  • Seeker This attack hunts and follows its target.
  • Ranged Attack Attack usable at a distance (only).
  • Multi Attack Attack can hit multiple times during one strike.
Where the Semi-Rational Penguin goes, chaos soon follows. It starts with the temperature dropping ever so slightly. Then your breath starts to fog up. Your spine chills with the ever dropping temperature. After that initial coldness, anything can happen. Will violent winds rise up, demolishing the surrounding area? Will a sudden heatwave spark a chain reation in the buildings electrical system, causing the building to burn down? Will floodwaters rise and wisk you away never to be seen again? Not even the penguin knows your fate. He only brings it with his pressence.


  • Power: Paralysis
  • Level:Ultimate
  • Auto-Hit This mental attack hits the target automatically, but may or may not effect them.
  • Area Effect This attack causes damage in a large area.
Those that train their attention upon the penguin for too long find themselves oddly fascinated by the swaggering, flightless avian. They find his fashion sense both antiquated and rather fresh at the same time. They find his walk quirky and amusing. They find his choice in drink curious and rather becoming of him. They just find him... baffling.

Antarctic Waves

With a whisp of breath, the penguin can avoid unnecessary taxi or limo bills and ride a wave of cool, arctic ice right on down to the next point of impending destruction. While such transportation is hardly fashionable, and lacks the wetbar that most limos possess, it does act as a quick getaway when someone actually realizes who he is and shudders to think of actually stopping him in his mission as a harbinger of despair.

Unchanging Chaos

With the penguin's appearance, and other attempts to alter the patterns of destruction wrought by his appearance are instantly thwarted, whether they be natural or artificial. Rainclouds, fog, summer heatwaves, thunderstorms, they all part way for the penguin and his own brand of elemental chaos.

The Quest For THE Martini

Centuries of seeking one thing. Well... two things if you count the utter obliviation of the universe, but that's just his job. No... the penguin seeks the perfect martini. The penguin also seems to always know where the nicest bars in the universe just happen to be, and knows the easiest/cheapest way to get there. Unfortunately, his quest is still unsettled, and thus the quest continues until he finds that one fabled bar...