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Mean Cuisine
Played By: Don King

Mean Cuisine by Don King

TEAM: Freelance Villain

SECTOR: Uptown

KIT CLASS: Master Training

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 9 wins!

Fight Record
League Wins: 8
League Losses: 4
Out Of League Wins: 1
Out of League Losses: 14
Total Wins: 9
Total Losses: 18
Demon Spork - Win 0-0
Zenoth Silver - Win 0-0
WDS-5000 - Win 0-0
Criamon - Win 0-0
Darker Trip - Win 0-0
Beatnik the Duck - Loss 0-0
Kyu Saisha - Win 0-0
Holli & Sammy - Loss 0-0
Nightmare Storm - Win 0-0
Glaucon and the Void - Win 0-0
the maze - Loss 0-0
Bunny - Loss 0-0
Wick & Ed - Loss 10-13
Wick & Ed - Loss 10-13
The Vanzetti Sisters - Win 12-8
The Fairview Fires - Loss 9-15
The Fairview Fires - Loss 9-15
The Challenger - Loss 7-22
Toc Darkone - Loss 9-16
Wick & Ed - Loss 7-15
Forte - Loss 3-17
Wick & Ed - Loss 8-11
Forte - Loss 3-11
Play - Loss 6-11
Wick & Ed - Loss 7-11
Atom-A-Ton - Loss 3-10
Atom-A-Ton - Loss 7-24
The Challenger - Loss 7-20
Preston Blair - Loss 11-31

Chef Pierre Ducarte was one of the most skilled and successful French chefs in all of Khazan. A former student of the prestigious Khazan Institute of the Culinary Arts, he'd graduated second in his class. The school's top graduate that year was Pierre's eternal nemesis Master Chin. (Even then, as a young chef just out of cooking school, he was known as Master.) Master Chin went on to become the host of his own highly successful cooking show while Pierre opened EscarGO, a highly successful restaurant that combined the highly kinetic style and art of the Iron Chef with the finer points of French cuisine. All of Khazan's top food critics loved Pierre and his restaurant had a waiting list nearly five years long. However, despite all of his success, Pierre was forever mindful of the fact that he still wasn't as successful as Master Chin. Then Pierre made the mistake of commenting to one food critic that he believed himself an even greater chef than the legendary TV host Master Chin and the comment appeared in a well-respected cooking magazine. Master Chin heard about it. Never one to ignore an insult to his skills, he immediately challenged Pierre to a televised challenge in order to defend his honor. Pierre foolishly accepted. He lost the challenge by such a wide margin that he immediately became a laughing stock for all of Khazan. Crushed both professionally and emotionally, Pierre lost all interest in cooking. Within months his restaurant was out of business and he was living on the streets. Then an extraordinary thing happened. Master Chin was challenged to a cooking battle by Master Lao, an aging, reclusive Master Chef who had grown tired of Chin's boastful claims and flashy ways. Chin lost, badly, and was horribly injured in the bargain. For weeks Master Chin disappeared from the public eye and was presumed dead, his cooking series pulled from the airwaves. Then Chin resurfaced, a mutated and super-powerful Monster Chef with an appetite for destruction. Pierre watched with fascination Chin's destructive rampage, which ended a few months later with his apparent death. Pierre -who isn't exactly running on a full tank of gas if you know what I mean -decided that he'd finally found a way to prove himself superior to Master Chin! It would take some time for preparation and planning, but when ready he'd show "Master" Chin what a real rampage of destruction is all about! Chef Pierre Ducarte is no more. Beware Khazan, beware the coming of Mean Cuisine!


Personality: Pierre Ducarte is thoroughly insane and obsessed with leaving a swath of destruction across Khazan in a mad attempt to "one-up" the previous destructive efforts of his arch-nemesis Master Chin.




Standard Normal human strength.Agility:


Standard Normal human agility.


Standard Normal human endurance. Mind:


Weak BELOW normal human mental power.
Not the sharpest tack in the drawer.

Master Training

Four years at the Khazan Institute of the Culinary Arts followed by five more years running one of Khazan's most successful restaraunts has honed his as a chef to razor sharp perfection. He will use those skill to rain destruction down upon Khazan and it's citizenry.

The Kitchen of a Master Chef

  • Power: Weapons Creation
  • Level:Supreme
  • Area Effect This attack causes damage in a large area.
  • Seeker This attack hunts and follows its target.
  • Ranged and Melee Attack! Attack is equally effective at range and up close.
  • Armor Piercing This attack ignores normal defenses which are not Reinforced.
  • Multi Attack Attack can hit multiple times during one strike.
  • Weakness: Power in Item -Hard to Loseitem
Once, Pierre's limited resources required him to make use of a cast off "utensil teleporter," to provide him with the tools of his deadly trade. However, that was before he acquired The Devil's Cookbook from the private collection of the Khazan Museum of Natural History curator Leonard Lance. Pierre worked hard to acquire the ingredients necessary to create The Ultimate Recipe! Now, having made a pact with the hellbound soul of mad chef Akhmed Abdul Azazel, he has gained access to Akhmed's vast personal arsenal of cooking utensils, powered by the very fires of Hell! With the power of Hell's own kitchen behind him, the always formidable Pierre in now nigh-unstoppable!

Le Iron Chef

  • Power: Sword Master
  • Level:Supreme
  • Kit Power Link: Master Training
  • Melee Attack Attack usable only hand to hand.
Pierre Ducarte graduated second in his class at that Khazan Institute of Culinary Arts. You don't do that unless you posess fiersome skills in the kitchen. But Pierre did not stop there. Following his graduation, he combined his skills with the ancient and powerful cooking arts of the Iron Chef. With the tools of a chef in his hand he can complete a full eight course meal in under ten minutes, or decimate an opponent bringing a full complement of deadly cooking implements to bear.

Le Iron Chef II

  • Power: Martial Arts
  • Level:Superior
  • Kit Power Link: Master Training
  • Melee Attack Attack usable only hand to hand.
Pierre Ducarte possesses all the fearsome skills of a highly trained Iron Chef. He can move with amazing skill and grace and can translate this skill into armed or unarmed combat with equal ease. Don't assume that just because he doesn't have a meat cleaver or a rolling pin in his hands that Pierre is a pushover.

The Uniform Makes the Man

  • Power: Body Armor
  • Level:Supreme
  • Reinforced Defenses Defense blocks Armor Piercing attacks.
Chef Pierre may be crazy, but he is no fool. He knows that it is a dangerous world out there and that an unprotected combatant won't last very long. That is why he wears a specially reinforced kevlar chef's smock with matching hat. Stressing style as well as defense, Mean Cuisine can take a bullet at point-blank range and he looks damned good doing it!

Raw Animal Magnetism

At the height of his success, when it wasn't unusual for his restaraunt EscarGO to get over 200 customers a night - and nearly three times that in new reservations - Pierre could get any woman he desired. He was a master lover as well as a master chef and he had dozens of "Food Groupies" who would wait in the alleyway outside the kitchen, waiting for a glimpse of Khazan's second most famous chef. Of course now that his resteraunt and his celebrity are gone the groupies have all drifted away . . . well, most of them anyway. Two of his former groupies, their love for Pierre as strong as it ever was, have dedicated themselves to helping him in his cause, whatever it may be.

The Truffle Twins

  • Power: Commander
  • Level:Standard
  • Melee Attack Attack usable only hand to hand.
  • Armor Piercing This attack ignores normal defenses which are not Reinforced.
  • Multi Attack Attack can hit multiple times during one strike.
  • Weakness: Limited Uses -Multi-Use
Wherever Pierre goes Bon Bon and Eclair, the beautiful and talented Truffle Twins, are never far behind. They are Pierre's faithful assistants, giving him whatever help he needs even if it occasionally means fighting on their boss' behalf. However, they don't possess anywhere approaching the skill and power of Mean Cuisine, so they'll provide what help they can but before too long will step back to allow Pierre to finish the job in his own inimitable style.