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Nathaniel Jarvis
Played By: ThePoet

Nathaniel Jarvis by ThePoet

TEAM: The Syndicate


KIT CLASS: Empathy

Empathy Arch Lord

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 26 wins!

Brutal - 2 fatalaties!

Fight Record
League Wins: 9
League Losses: 3
Out Of League Wins: 17
Out of League Losses: 6
Total Wins: 26
Total Losses: 9
Lycaon - Win 18-4
Khazan Institute of Art - Win 10-9
Mister Clatue - Win 7-6
Thrice - Win 9-3
Ki Zaiandra - Loss 6-9
The Khazanian - Win 9-7
The Khazan Institute of Illicit Art - Loss 7-9
The Apple Salesman - Win 8-4
Romlet O. MacLear - Win 8-6
Josef Friedrich Clements - Win 8-7
Inju: Romantic Tentacle - Win 11-7
Vegas - Win 8-6
Young Adel - Win 11-5
Bianca Ordmin - Win 6-5
Crow is of Death, Crow is of Doom - Loss 7-8
Baby - Win 9-5
Simon.5 - Win 8-3
Nurse Helia - Win 11-2
Crash and Burn - Win 11-4
Robot-Killer Aria - Win 10-3
Averse - Win 11-3
Whisper - Win 6-5
Dr. Timothy - Win 7-2
Wired // un-death - Win 7-4
Jenny "Jinx" Li - Loss 5-8
Billy Hardcore - Win 7-3
CB1K: Kitten in a Blender - Win 6-2

Near death experiences instill certain traits in people. These traits are numerous in quantity and scope, but society boils it down to two responses, fight or flight. Did you stand there and do everything you could to save your own life or the life of a loved one? Or did you run like a coward dog, saving your own skin and fleeing to safety. Fight or flight. Or maybe both. Psychologists will analyze a person and determine whether that person will fight or flee. Sometimes they're right, but more often than not they're wrong. Every person has a breaking point at which fight becomes flight and vice versa. The problem is that no one knows where that point is, not even the person who has it.

Nathaniel Jarvis used to be a decent man. He graduated top of his class from Khazan University with a degree in business. Immediately upon graduation, he was offered a job with Haycroft and Associates, a financial management firm with more than one trillion dollars in clients and assets. His rise was meteoric. He was the model employee. He always arrived early, stayed late, attended company functions with his gorgeous wife, and did extra work on the weekends. After five years he was a successful manager with many workers under him. His wife, Anna Maria, was six months pregnant with their first child, a daughter. The idyllic and perfect life it would seem.

Nathaniel's descent into callous monstrosity started with the birth of his daughter. He heard many medical terms on that day, but the bottom line was that his wife died during delivery. Heartbroken, he tried to pull himself together. He looked at his newborn daughter lying in her hospital crib and decided that life was still good. His wife was gone, but she had left him something so pure that all the grief seemed to leave him. He made a silent vow, to give his daughter the best of everything that he could, a promise to his departed wife. He named his daughter Marianne, in honor and remembrance of her mother. After much thought and contemplation, he was truly peaceful. A small part of him had been lost, but he could live with that. The events that took place in years to come however, would slowly tear away his soul and lead to his ultimate undoing.


Personality: Emotional scarring is a terrifying aspect of life. Most people as adults act in certain ways because of something that happened during their childhood. I myself do not smoke cigarettes because my mother smoked for years and died an all too early death for it. Sure she could have tried harder to stop when the doctors warned her and maybe she could have resisted the urge to start in the first place. But the bottom line is she was my mother and I miss her. I miss her being nice to me even after I had done the stupidest things a child can do. I miss her packing my lunch for school every day and cooking dinner for me every night. Now I have to live with her gone because of a filthy, addictive habit. That's emotional scarring.

A common misconception about emotional scarring is the age at which it happens. Most experts and textbooks will say that emotional scarring dissipates with age. That is to say, the older you get, the better you deal with past emotional scars and the better you deal with present events that do the same. Nathaniel Jarvis was an exception to this rule. He had a picture perfect, white bread childhood. His father was a white collar worker, his mom a homemaker. They didn't own a mansion or anything fancy, but they had a nice house, good food and clothing, pretty much anything they needed. There was nothing there to hurt Nathan. He had loving parents and a good life. But losing his wife, there's where it started. He had never dealt with mental pain of that magnitude before. To tell the truth, he handled it about as gracefully as anyone could, but it wouldn't be enough. He couldn't be whole again. He tried, he really did, but Anna's death had put a crack in his peaceful, snowglobe of a world and it would only get worse from there.




Standard Normal human strength.Agility:


Standard Normal human agility.


Standard Normal human endurance. Mind:


Superior Highly educated and ingenious.
A smart cookie.

Taking Care of Business

  • Power: Tactician
  • Level:Superior
  • Kit Power Link: Empathy
Like I said, Nathan's world had been cracked. However, he was still whole for the most part. In his mind and the eyes of his co-workers, this was a temporary setback. Nothing more, just a little shake-up. He would come back to work and in a few weeks it would be business as usual. Sadly, that wasn't the case.

Before any of this happened, when Nathan was a rookie fresh out of college, he still had a great business head. Savvy and shrewd, he could dream up proposals and plans that most people would never have even thought of. But here's the difference. Before his wife's death, he cared about the other guy. If Haycroft was taking over or acquiring a company, he would do all the financial and logistical planning. But he would make sure that the majority of employees in the target company would be taken care of, or simply stay at their jobs and work for Haycroft. Now he didn't care. His savvy and shrewd were joined by conniving and cunning with a tinge of resentment for the world.

Now his mergers and acquisitions were cold and strictly business. He would do the calculations, but the employees or the new company were not his concern. He knew that some would stay to ensure a smooth transition, but his personal care that used to exist had disappeared. It wasn't shady business, not yet anyway. It was just hard line, no frills or perks, business. He was still a model employee, but he had definitely changed. If the change had stopped there, the world would have been a better place. Alas, who knows what would have happened. I can't say for sure, but my speculation says he would have lived happily ever after.

No Man's Land

  • Power: Lucky
  • Level:Superior
  • Kit Power Link: Empathy
Nathan's brilliance was seldom surpassed. When Haycroft ran employee evaluations each year, he was at the very top of the list. Every year, the highest score, the best rating. People wondered what his secret was. Had he paid the bosses off for the highest score? Did he forge the results before anyone had seen them? Some people even said he was lucky. I can tell you right now that luck had very little to do with it. Sure he had clients and targets that would cooperate more easily than others, but that's not what did it. To quote a stupid cliché saying, he went the extra mile. All the other employees worked hard, did their work and went home. Not Nathan, he did them one better. Not only did he come in early and stay late, he did the little things that no one else even thought of. He brought in donuts or cake once in awhile for the office to share. He got discount rates for tickets to concerts and sporting events which he passed on to his coworkers. And most importantly, he took business to the clients. Normally during a merger, acquisition, takeover, or consultation, the customer would come to the Haycroft highrise. Not so with Nathan, he would meet on their turf. It earned him a fine reputation to be sure, but it also got him in trouble.

The particular instance in question happened when his daughter was about eight years old. It was winter and Nathan had taken a bus to Lowtown. He had an afternoon meeting with a struggling company. They had seemed desperate on the phone. Everything was primed for a smooth takeover. It was a small financial consulting firm, one that catered to people with very little money to invest. But Nathan didn't care, a good deal was a good deal, plain and simple. The meeting took longer than expected. He'd gotten everything he wanted, it just took longer than expected. When he left their office, it was dark out and a storm was brewing. He bundled his coat and walked as fast as he could to the bus stop. He simply had no idea those two thugs would jump him. Why should he, he'd never tasted this part of town, the underbelly of society. At any rate, they jumped him and dragged him back into an alley. He wasn't much of a match for them and quickly succumbed to the beating.

As he lay bleeding and sore, he heard the first one say, "Stupid rich man. You don't belong in this neighborhood."

Then the second one said, "See if he has any cash on him, I'm hungry."

They never got that far. Out of nowhere a shadowy figure slammed the first thug's head into the side of a brick building, dropping him to the ground unconscious, blood trickling from his ear. The second goon, caught by surprise, was hit with two rapid hurricane kicks to his jaw. Nathan was vaguely aware of this but could barely see between the bruises and faded light. He awoke the next morning in a clinic with several bandages around his head and ribs. He remembered traces of what happened but not much more. When he went to pay his bill, he discovered his wallet was missing. It pissed him off something awful. He should have been grateful to be alive, but he wasn't.

Never Again

  • Power: Projectile Attack
  • Level:Standard
  • Multi Attack Attack can hit multiple times during one strike.
Multiple events of the same nature seem to have a cascading domino effect. That is to say, the more good things that happen, the greater their effect on your persona they will have. The same is true for traumatic events. Nathan Jarvis never really got over his wife's death. He could seem idyllic and peaceful on the surface, but he never fully recovered. Now he had been mugged and by all rights should have died. He should have been happy to be alive. Not even close. If anything, he was more enraged than when his wife died. Two men had mugged him for no reason. And his savior, even with good intentions, had still robbed him. He had to do something, something to regain the control he'd always had.

The solution was relatively simple, a gun. Just a simple handgun. He went through all the hoops and did all the research that a man of his education and standing would do. He compared prices, quality, consumer feedback, durability, capacity, power, and any other aspect of guns he could find. After choosing a gun, he took classes. Basic target shooting with proper technique. His instructors were amazed at how quickly and passionately he learned. If they knew the truth about the coldness and bitterness in his spirit, they may have thought differently, but for now they were content with seeing a man enjoy his new hobby. And he was gaining control and confidence with each shot. But this was a different composure than he was used to. He used to be composed and collected because of love and good things. Now his composure was cold and ruthless with sinister undertones. Chills me just to think about it. Chills me even further to think of what he'd do next.

Head Over Heels

  • Power: Illusion Creation
  • Level:Superior
  • Auto-Hit This mental attack hits the target automatically, but may or may not effect them.
  • Area Effect This attack causes damage in a large area.
Now I've said that Nathan was the model employee, the model father, the model husband, and anything else a good man was. Then things started happening. His wife died. He was mugged. He bought a gun. Those events were tiny microcosms of his life. No single event turned him into a bone chilling ruthless villain. But the stacked grief and mercurial state of his thoughts had changed him. I wish I could say for the better, but sadly this was not the case. But this is where it would get tricky for him.

In addition to once being a good man, he was recognized as a good man. His bosses, his friends, his co-workers and subordinates all knew Nathan as an honest, industrious, company man. None of them resented him for it. They simply thought that he was a dependable human being. Some of them began to suspect something wrong when he started to get more cutthroat with his mergers and acquisitions. Luckily for him, he had an ace in the hole. He could prove that his new method was better. Not caring about the employees of the new company actually created profits and even raises for people at Haycroft. In a nutshell, his people were benefitting from these actions, so they were content to let it happen. If they only knew, it was freeze their blood and turn their nose to even hear his name. Not only were his mergers and acquisitions brutal and bonecrunching, they were deliberately so. He literally couldn't stomach a so-called "smooth" transition anymore. He had this new urge, compulsion to inflict pain and heartache. Taking away someone's pension after they'd worked for a company 30 years, firing an employee already seriously in debt, these were the things Nathan started to relish. I wish I could say it stopped there. I really wish. Sadly, some wishes and dreams never come true.


Life went in this manor for a number of years for Nathan. The ruthlessness of his mergers, dealings, and acquisitions kind of leveled off. Not for lack of effort on Nathan's part. He tried as best he could to inflict pain. There were just some situations that didn't allow for it. He acquired a new company specializing in high-end electronic security software. He would have fired everyone if he could have, but the workers there were so highly skilled and specialized, he needed them. Firing all of them would have meant a disastrous financial loss on his part. So he contented himself with inflicting as much pain when and where he could. His savvy business sense still outweighed his new twisted and sadistic nature.

In truth, the only reason he was still a partially good human being was his daughter. He had made a vow to his deceased wife. Despite all the changes in him,he was still a man to honor his commitments. Plus, however angry and aggressive his job made him, one look from Marianne when he got home would chase those feelings away. A feeling of..., not contentment, maybe relaxation would come over him as he forgot about work for a few hours and spent time with his daughter. He would go to her school plays, soccer games, friends' birthday parties, and anything else. When she was a teenager, he even sent her to a series of etiquette classes on being a proper lady. Now, Nathan had no intentions of Marianne becoming a debutante or plastic surgery altered housewife, but Marianne needed to learn certain things and he couldn't teach them to her. So life went on moderately well between the two of them for a good many years. Then one day when Marianne was 17, all of it changed forever.

Marianne was a pretty young lady. She still had not fully grown up into what some people would call mature beauty, but she was pretty none the less. She was the quintessential "Daddy's Girl" too. She worshipped her father. And why not? He gave her whatever she asked for and seemed to worship her too. Because of this, she had taken to surprising him at work for lunch. She would get all dressed up in one of her best business suits and have lunch with her dad.

The event I mentioned started out innocently enough. Marianne wanted to surprise Nathan for lunch. Nathan was becoming quite used to these surprises. Marianne would come into the office and call Nathan's secretary to have Nathan come down so they could go to lunch. That was the way it always worked. That's why Nathan had no qualms about shooting the president of a rival firm in the Haycroft board room. Nathan had become CEO by this time and a rival firm was rising way too fast for Nathan's taste. In addition, this firm, Warren Enterprises, was targeting several Haycroft companies in a hostile takeover. Nathan didn't even think twice. He shot the man three times and watched him drop. He then turned to his own board members.

"You all knew about hostile takeovers. I did that to protect the company and our own livelihoods."

The board members still looked stunned, but gradually, murmurs rose indicating their approval of Nathan's bold decision. Growing more confident by the second, Nathan turned to exit the board room to make arrangements for the body and carpet cleaning. That's when he saw her. Marianne was standing there. She had come up to see her awesome father in action. Now tears were streaming down her cheeks and she looked terrified beyond belief. As soon as she saw his eyes with no remorse in them, she fled. He opened his mouth to tell her to stop, but nothing came out. By the time he reached the front door of the highrise she was gone.

That's Just the Way It Is

Fuming, Nathan took the stairs to his 43rd story office. He needed time to think. Plus there was his image to consider. People now knew him as conniving, sinister, shrewd, and a great many other adjectives of that sort, but never weak or emotional. He was always collected and even serene when he was around other people. He simply couldn't afford to be seen in this mental state. His daughter was gone. Something told him she wouldn't be back. He knew her well enough to know what she thought of him now even without words. He was scum. He was her idol, and he had betrayed her. This wasn't a simple fix like the time he missed a soccer game because of a business trip. He took her on a parachuting trip in the middle of the week to make up for that. And she understood that he was sorry. This time it was different. No amount of money would bring that man back from the dead. She did not care that Jason Warren was as nasty a businessman as there ever was. Marianne cared that she saw her father commit cold-blooded murder with no remorse whatsoever. She was definitely not coming back.

Nathan had gathered his thoughts by the time he reached his office. He did not meet anyone on the stairs. That's the beauty of tall buildings. If they're tall enough, no one uses the stairs. But what to do now? He thought about it for as long as he could, which was about half an hour. After that, people would start to wonder. Was he feeling emotional and remorseful? Was he still fit to work? He wasn't about to let the empire he had created be destroyed because of weakness and vulnerability. He simply wouldn't allow that to happen. There was no other choice. He had no other acceptable recourse in his mind except to go on business as usual. As soon as that decision registered in his mind, the last traces of his once noble and idealistic spirit were gone. There was nothing left of the good man that was Marianne's father and Anna Maria's husband. He was gone. He had become the embodiment of things he once despised. If even an ounce of his former self had remained, he would have walked away from everything to try and win Marianne back. Sadly, that was not the case.

Do You Remember?

  • Power: Emotion Control
  • Level:Superior
  • Seeker This attack hunts and follows its target.
Life went on for Nathaniel. Things went as well as could be expected. He was filthy rich. The kind of rich that makes professional athletes look like beggars. Ten years had passed since Marianne had left, and he did not miss her one bit now. He thought about her occasionally, but it was more of an afterthought. Anything he thought of now was about money and business. So if he reminisced on his daughter, it was because he thought there was something he did with her that could be applied to his company to help it grow. He had long since changed the firm's name to "Jarvis and Associates". He had streaks of gray in his hair at the temples, but other than that, he was pretty much the same.

One evening he was in the restroom, musing over some recent acquistions. The Torean brothers' shipping company amused him. Vast potential, low risk, and no need for employee holdover. His only regret was that one of brothers had managed to escape when he started shooting. A minor nuisance at best. He washed his hands and went back to the office for his last appointment. Some lawyer that worked for a company he was targeting. Silently, he hoped she would offer a good enough reason to kill her as he patted his shoulder-harnessed pistol.

"What can I do for you Miss Pendleton?" he asked, striding into the office where she was waiting.

"I'd like to talk about the Torean brothers." She said icily.

He was drawing his gun before she finished, but somehow she was quicker. Her shot hit his shooting hand and knocked the gun across the room. The pain and shock dropped him to his knees while she calmly went and picked up his gun.

"Knew I should have killed that last one," he managed to still sound defiant.

She regarding him with extreme distaste and even sadism. "You should have, but that isn't the only reason I'm here...Daddy."

He was dumbstruck. His wound seemed distant now. "Marianne?"

"It's Jessica now you heartless coward," contempt oozing from her every syllable.

Nathaniel's face regained much of its ruthlessness. "You're alive, I'm so glad you're alive. I thought you'd run away forever. All I wanted was a chance to explain myself."

"You don't have to, it was 'business' right?"

"Yes it was," he said, becoming more defiant, "that's the way business works in this town."

"No matter," she said in cool serenity "You still have to die for all the pain and suffering you've cause to me and others."

"What?" he grinned wolfishly with a fevered light in his eyes. He started to stand. "You're not going to shoot your own father. I raised you and I know you're not capable of this."

At that she emptied her clip into him. Two thoughts passed through his mind before he was completely done. The first was shock. For all his planning and ability to foresee and manipulate people and events, he had misjudged her. His one misstep had cost him his life. The second, more important thought, was his daughter. She had been innocent as a lamb. And now was had become a heartless killer like him. He felt immense pride in her and in himself for that. She had done what it takes. She followed through. Many people would have felt at least a tinge of repentance for corrupting something so pure as Nathaniel had done to his daughter, but all he felt was pride.