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Played By: Old Man River

Baby by Old Man River

TEAM: Freelance Villain


KIT CLASS: Energy Conduit

Energy Conduit Arch Lord

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 15 wins!

Fight Record
League Wins: 8
League Losses: 3
Out Of League Wins: 7
Out of League Losses: 3
Total Wins: 15
Total Losses: 6
Fritz Ryder - Win 11-6
Bar Owner of Khazan - Win 12-9
Smooth Criminal - Win 12-6
Flight of the Dreamer - Loss 7-10
The Ripper - Win 12-6
Rodriguez' The Blade - Win 13-9
The Reckoning - Win 12-9
Insomnia's Prisoner - Win 11-8
Dangerman: Jack of All Rescues - Loss 7-11
Dr. Gheist - Win 11-9
Captain Coma - Win 12-8
Jenny "Jinx" Li - Win 14-8
CB1K: Kitten in a Blender - Win 14-7
Simon.5 - Win 11-7
Jamison, of the ERS - Loss 6-10
Armageddon Arms Dealer - Loss 7-8
Wick & Ed - Win 8-7
Nathaniel Jarvis - Loss 5-9
Forte - Loss 4-8
The Memoirs of Daniel Van Sant - Win 8-6

The little boy opened his hands and showed his parents the baby turtle.

"Where did you get that?" his father asked him.

"The pond," he said, "I didn't pick him up. I promise. He climbed right into my hand. Can I keep him? Please? Please?"

"Absolutely not," his mother said, "Go put that thing back where you found it."

"Please, Mommy," begged the boy, "Its just a baby turtle. It won't hurt nothing."

"You already have a dog, son," his father told him, "You don't need another pet."

"Its just a baby turtle," the boy said, "It won't hurt nothing."

His mother fanned herself quietly and his father sipped his drink.

"Well," said his father, "What are you going to call him?"

"Baby," the boy said quickly with a giant smile on his face.


Personality: Baby's first home was a little box in the boy's room. Only at night did Baby have to sleep in his box. During the day he was allowed to roam the boy's room and was played with like any of the boy's other toys. The boy feed Baby worms and insects and lizards he caught in yard. Every year Baby got bigger and bigger.

When the little boy was no longer a little boy but a regular boy, Baby was big enough to have his own bed next to the little boy's bed. It was very nice and made up of blankets and a yellow pillow. He was also too big to be fed worms and insects and lizards anymore. So, the boy had his father get Baby fish to eat. Baby liked fish a lot and every year he got bigger and bigger.

The boy's mother was worried that Baby would hurt the boy because Baby's had great big jaws and a very strong bite. When his mother told him to be careful, the boy laughed.

"Baby loves me," the boy said, "He would never hurt me."

The boy then dangled a piece of fish in front of Baby. Baby gingerly took it out of the boy's hand.

"See?" the boy said matter-of-factly.

The boy patted Baby on the head and smiled. If a turtle could smile, Baby would have smiled, too.




Supreme Superhuman strength.
Can bench press a skyscraper.


Standard Normal human agility.


Supreme Extremely tough.
This fighter is built to last.


Weak BELOW normal human mental power.
Not the sharpest tack in the drawer.

Once there was a way

When the boy was no longer a boy but a young teen, Baby was too big to live in the house. Years before, the young teen's parents had made him move Baby back out to the lake. They said he needed to move Baby while Baby was still small enough to fit through the front door. Everyday since the move the young teen would go outside with two buckets of fish.

"Come here, Baby," he would call out.

Baby would then slowly emerge from the water. He would crawl on land right up to the young man and open his mouth. Then, the young man would toss the fish into Baby's mouth.

"All done, Baby," he would say, "That's all for today."

He would then pat Baby lovingly on the head and Baby would close his eyes happily. The young man did this every day. Every year Baby grew bigger and bigger.

to get back homeward

One day, when the young teen was no longer a teen but a young man, he didn't come. Baby didn't understand. But, Baby waited. The next day the young man didn't come either but still Baby waited by the water's edge. The young man didn't come on the third day either. By the fifth day, Baby had crawled onto land, still waiting for the young man. By the end of the week, Baby's stomach was growling but still he waited.

By the second week, Baby's hunger got the best of him and he went back into the water. He began feeding himself. He ate mostly fish and but sometimes he would find these really big lizards and he would eat them, too.

Every day, Baby would come back to the water's edge and wait for the young man but the young man never came. There had been an accident and there was no young man anymore. But Baby didn't know that. Every day, Baby would come back to the water's edge and wait.

And every year, Baby grew bigger and bigger.

Once there was a way

  • Power: Armor Skin
  • Level:Supreme
  • Kit Power Link: Energy Conduit
  • Reinforced Defenses Defense blocks Armor Piercing attacks.
Baby was very big now. He had to eat lots of fish. But, there were less and less fish for him to eat every day. They were so tiny now, too. He had eaten all of the lizards a long time ago.

One day, Baby looked up and saw a nice big something floating on top of the water. It looked like a nice big fish maybe and Baby was very hungry. He snapped at it but it didn't taste good at all. It tasted like rock and wood. Baby didn't like that taste. Then he saw two pink things swimming around. They were the size of bugs the boy used to feed him. Baby thought of the boy and if a turtle could smile, he would have smiled. Baby was very hungry, though, so he looked at the pink swimmers closer to make sure they wouldn't taste like rock and wood.

The pink swimmers kind of looked like the boy! Baby was happy! But they weren't the boy.

Baby was very hungry.

to get back home

  • Power: Natural Weaponry
  • Level:Supreme
  • Kit Power Link: Energy Conduit
  • Armor Piercing This attack ignores normal defenses which are not Reinforced.
Baby didn't like his new home. He missed the lake. He missed the boy. There were too many of those pink things here and they were always out of reach. Sometimes he hurt. Sometimes he went to sleep real suddenly. He was in water but it wasn't his lake. Everything smelled like metal. It was all very confusing.

But, Baby would be leaving soon. He was going to find his lake. He was going to find the boy. He pressed his great big claws into metal and felt it begin to sheer away.

If a turtle could smile, Baby would have smiled.