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Played By: Rhekarid

Gribbinwrech by Rhekarid

TEAM: Freelance Villain


KIT CLASS: Master Training

Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 12 wins!

Fight Record
League Wins: 12
League Losses: 3
Out Of League Wins: 0
Out of League Losses: 1
Total Wins: 12
Total Losses: 4
Supercomrade - Win 11-8
Shockwave - Win 12-6
Zodiac - Win 10-8
Richard Agnalus (Nal) - Win 12-10
Queen Sagittaria - Win 14-6
Lomoldor Calon - Win 15-10
The Grim Repair - Loss 14-17
Professor Lovejoy - Loss 10-15
Leslie Reed's Brother - Win 13-7
David Arinthali - Win 11-9
Shiren - Win 15-10
The Achaian - Win 18-10
Quietus - Win 19-13
Father's child - Win 19-16
Leslie Reed's Brother - Loss 13-14
Zalrafel - Loss 17-19

Gather children and sit ye down, while I tell you the story of a broken soul, a heartless man, called Gribbinwrech the Thief. Young brothers three were sailing away, drifting across the sea, siblings in blood and partners in crime. Nasty men they were, cold deceivers of men awash in their ill-gotten gains and schemes. But their evil lies ran afoul a mighty witch, and as the brothers sailed a storm took hold of their ship, smashing its sails and tossing it into the rocks of the witch's island. The brothers survived, but not unscathed, and the cunning witch gave them injuries befitting their past deeds. One lost a tongue and the power to speak, never again to use his pretty words and lies to twist the lives of others and run them into dead ends for his own gain. The second lost his ears and the power to hear, unable now to secretly hide and hear the affairs of others to blackmail and control. And last the third lost his eyes, and would no longer partake in his vanity and covet the possessions of those around him to steal and possess for himself. It was a clever test from the witch, one last chance to prove their soul's worth and redeem themselves to the world. If they could work together and share what they had left, they could be each other's senses and survive wilderness. Where one had no eyes to see the others would look, while another would hear and another tell what lay ahead. But rather than come to their sibling's aid they broke apart, hateful and competitive. Instead of a forbidding land to test their bonds, they saw an island too small for the three of them. The brothers went to separate corners of the island and plotting against each other, laying traps and battling to be in control. For years they fought, and the curse upon them grew deep and foul as the brothers squandered their chance to be saved both inside and out. Suspicious with infirmity and mad with lust, they adapted each in their own way, trying only to kill and take the land for themselves, becoming bent and crooked apparitions of their former visages. The witch observed them with increasing anger, and decided to end the test. She summoned a terrible beast, all bear and teeth and boar and muscle, and set it loose into the island. Alone, the brothers would surely be torn to shreds, but if they worked together they might slay the monster and learn cooperation and goodness. Months passed and the creature stalked them, wearing down the evil three and storming furiously through their useless traps, until finally they joined to aid themselves and each other, providing what their siblings possessed no longer. Together they slew the beast, and finally they saw what despicable things they had become. The brothers cried for many days, mourning the things they had lost, but saved men they were not. Sadness turned to hatred for the witch that cursed them, and together they tracked her down and beat her to death with stones in the silence of her own cave. But the witch's last breath was of laughter, as she told her murderers that only her will would end the curse and return to them their humanity lost. With her death they would be incomplete forever, victims of their own cruelty. Mad with loss the brothers fought one another yet again, and their wars took on a new shape. Each was missing something the others had, and they became desperate to steal those parts from their siblings for themselves. The brother without a voice thought himself best prepared, least crippled of the three, but in his overconfidence he did not see the traps his intact eyes alighted upon, did not hear the rustlings of those who hunted him with his working ears, and unable to scream in terror he fell down a pit into the darkness below. Left behind the last two brothers schemed and fought for yet more years still, their minds and remaining senses sharpened by the loss of one. Finally the deaf fiend vanished next, every way the equal of his blind brother, falling to a rockslide from behind caused by nature alone which he could not hear. King of his lonely, bloody stone, the last brother no longer cared for controlling, thinking of only regaining his lost eyes. Soon the dismal place was left behind, and Gribbinwrech the Thief walked off into the mist with sack slung over his shoulder.


Personality: Jealous always, never losing his covetous ways even with the loss of his greedy eyes. Gribbinwrech learned to be cunning and careful, a blind man alone in the jungle, using his ears to see for him. Trapped with the belief his sight could be restored even after the death of the witch, he decided his eyes had to have been taken somewhere. Thieving and silent, he took the eyes of others and stowed them away in his bag, sure that someday he would find his own. Crazed and cursed with vengeful greed, the once proud man took to the night, stealing away with shadows and fear. Surely child you hear many a story, but this one is true, and take heed to lock your doors and windows and go to bed when your mother says, lest Gribbinwrech come and pluck the eyes right from your skull!




Standard Normal human strength.Agility:


Superior This fighter can dodge, weave and move
with the grace of an Olympic gymnast.


Standard Normal human endurance. Mind:


Standard Normal human mental resources.

Gathering sack

  • Power: Beast Master
  • Level:Ultimate
  • Kit Power Link: Master Training
Gribbinwrech scrambled up the side of the wall and to the second story window, claws hooking between the bricks and lifting his frail, scaly form. A filthy, faded sack encumbered him, bulging and round, but he seemed not to notice the weight despite it being as large as he was. He dug one finger into the lock and picked it open, quietly sliding the window aside and loping into the apartment. The sounds of wind brushed against the walls, pebbles clattered from top to bottom and dust shifted, all telling him without sight where one thing ended and another began. Who needed sight? He did, desperately. Gribbinwrech moved smoothly from shadow to shadow, feeling the changes in temperature. Only one person lived here, a man not unlike himself long ago. Perhaps he had his eyes? The thief moved into a corner and removed his sack, opening it wide and dumping the contents out all at once.

The Eebniks

  • Power: Beast Master
  • Level:Ultimate
  • Kit Power Link: Master Training
What fell out landed with a hollow thump like a basketball, huge and spherical. It bounced twice and rolled about, and then came tumbling back over toward Gribbinwrech, only to roll the other way just as fast. The orb was made of eyes, countless eyes all stuck together in a perfect ball, four feet high and peering out at the world with lidless perpetuity. They were bloodless and smooth, almost like marbles, rolling about randomly and bouncing off walls and cabinets. The sphere wandered about aimlessly until a light came on down the hall; the apartment's resident had been awakened. Somehow defying gravity, the great sphere of Eebniks began bouncing up and down with the same rhythmic doomp-doomp sound, and then hopped away around the corner.


  • Power: Sonics
  • Level:Standard
  • Ranged and Melee Attack! Attack is equally effective at range and up close.
The man came sleepily into the room, sluggishly but carefully surveying the various pieces of furniture that had been bumped out of place. A sudden squeak grabbed his attention, and he caught sight of a tiny thing skittering out across the floor. He knelt down for a closer look, instantly shaking out of his grogginess in amazement. It was a single eyeball, running over the wood with four spindly, needle-like legs. The creature squeaked again as it was spotted, shifting back and forth and keeping its unblinking stare on the shocked man. Its legs scraped over the surface of the floor like tiny fingernails on a chalkboard, faint scrapes and squeals echoing with each stilted movement. Wrapped up in curiosity, the man reached forward. The Eebnik reacted instantly and leapt at him, eliciting a howl of pain and fear, but it was too late to react. Pointed legs burrowed under the man's skin and the creature tunneled into the man's arm, a small bump swimming upward under the surface. He cried out and wrapped his other hand around the elbow, trying to block its passage further, when a cacophony burst into the apartment. Hundreds of the little things came running out of hiding, along the walls and ceiling, out from behind cabinets and under the rug. Each one of them made the same, constant squeaking as it moved, and all at once it was deafening, a perpetual scream of harsh scratching. The scuttling eyes came relentlessly, and surrounded him all at once.

Cursed Sight

  • Power: Regeneration
  • Level:Ultimate
  • Kit Power Link: Master Training
Desperate and terrified, the apartment dweller stamped frantically on the Eebniks as they got close enough, smashing them to pulp with one high-pitched yelp. The danger did nothing to slow the others, which dropped from above and hopped over each other to get at his legs, one by one tearing their way into his flesh. As he screamed and thrashed at the countless attackers, the smeared bits of them staining the floor quivered, and with a quick pop were suddenly whole again, skittering along with their kin toward the prey. He could not hear the voice a few feet away they hissed mockingly at him. "My sight has already been taken...you cannot destroy it again!" The unfortunate man was quickly overwhelmed, and soon nothing could be seen but a writhing mass of eyes, squealing and scratching in a bloody mess of shouts and digging. A moment later they scattered, leaving only a pile of bone broken and polished by the scraping of thousands of razor sharp legs. The eyes regrouped in the center of the floor, now two more of them than there were before, clinging to each other and rapidly condensing back into one large ball.

Blind Learning

Gribbinwrech detached from the shadows, moving with practiced ease. Without eyes he had been forced to be the most cautious of the three brothers on the island, and becoming part of the environment to hide safely was second nature. He leaned down and held his sack open, and the Eebnik sphere came bouncing over, landing neatly in the open sack. Still holding it open, the crooked creature buried his face into the bag, feeling the presence inside. "No...not my eyes." He closed it and swung the case back over his shoulder. No more need for secrecy, people would be coming after all that screaming. Lurching away, Gribbinwrech leapt and smashed through the window, dropped into the alley below, and scampered off with stolen treasure in hand.