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Professor Lovejoy
Played By: Aoulm

Professor Lovejoy by Aoulm

TEAM: Solo Hero


KIT CLASS: Arcane Lore

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 10 wins!

Brutal - 1 fatalaties!

Fight Record
League Wins: 10
League Losses: 3
Out Of League Wins: 0
Out of League Losses: 0
Total Wins: 10
Total Losses: 3
The Blue Door - Win 11-10
Misery - Win 12-6
Sam - Win 12-7
Sequiel - Win 9-7
Incinerator Zero - Loss 9-10
Kage Ibara - Win 14-6
Shade of the Arena - Win 17-12
The Nikolai Project - Loss 7-14
The Bloody Black Stone - Win 19-10
Gribbinwrech - Win 15-10
Orb - Win 14-7
Mephicer - Win 21-7
Quietus - Loss 16-18

There are four fundamental physical forces: electromagnetism, the strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force, and, of course, gravity. They are in unity, and I am in unity with them. I sense them, I am bound to them. And one of the four, gravity, is bound to me. I could walk at three months, and later excelled at school—top marks in the sciences, and it was nothing to win every athletic competition I entered (it isn't difficult to pin someone who weighs an ounce, or outrun the field when the opposition doesn't have the strength to lift their own feet. Winning meant nothing to me, of course, but it was useful training. Moreover, it assured my choice of full scholarships to the university of my choice. I chose Oxford. They were delighted. That was twelve years ago, and in the time since I've only grown stronger, faster, more precise. Of course, strength, speed, and precision are relative terms—in my case relative only to my own wishes. Through the careful manipulation of the gravitational force I am able to lift ships out of water, throw a small stone and have it land weighing tons, or conversely, reduce its weight just as it leaves my hand and propel it for miles. I am able to alter the effects of gravity on my own body with such fine precision that I may propel myself upwards of 500 miles per hour. The self-control I execute is, frankly, beyond measure. And all of this is just the beginning. I can already sense matter and energy around me, and my perception steadily grows. I am able to recognize friends before they enter the room, birds in the trees outside my villa, even changes in the humidity. Of course, I can also sense if someone is carrying something... heavy. And of course, if they try to draw it against me, they'll find it very heavy indeed.


Personality: I have no ill will towards anyone. I seek no quarrel, yet I will not yield if pressed. Why should I? I have never met my equal, and am not in the habit of appeasing brutes. I live in the Lake District, and hike every day. It is a civilized life of study and discipline. I enjoy the arts, music, literature, and the sciences. And from time to time, when called, will divert the stray asteroid or handle a 'special' problem for the Ministry of Defence.




Weak BELOW normal human strength -
can bench press 50 pounds (maybe).


Ultimate Godlike grace.
Effortless, perfect movement and timing.


Standard Normal human endurance. Mind:


Superior Highly educated and ingenious.
A smart cookie.


  • Power: Gravity
  • Level:Ultimate
  • Kit Power Link: Arcane Lore
All matter is affected by gravity, and contains the force. The earth is, of course, the most powerful gravitational force that we experience, and yet every person, every object, acts upon all others—we are all bound together. Immensely strong gravitational forces can even act on energy, bending light waves. I have achieved immense control over the gravitational forces around me. You've probably guessed that I can make a weapon too heavy to hold, but that's but a start. I can be light enough to walk on water, I can propel myself into the air at immense speeds, move and react with inhuman speed and agility, or indeed, with enough force so as to lift trains off their tracks. Yet that too, is just a start... Imagine that you're walking along a path in the woods—your feet hold reliably to the ground as they always do. But what if a nearby tree suddenly has more gravitational pull than the earth beneath you? You'll fall towards it, of course. And then what if that pull shifts suddenly to a different tree, and then another, and then another, all within milliseconds? What if your head suddenly has that much pull, and yet the rest of your body doesn't? Or even still, what if the center of your brain... well, I'm sure you get the point. Since I am first and foremost a scientist, I've tested my power again and again. I am limited by certain factors—I have no wish to destroy the planet (or solar system, for that matter), nor do I wish to harm anyone. Earthquake, tidal waves, etc., these forces of climate all have their origins in gravity. Pulling the moon into the earth would take a moment's thought, nothing more—of course we'd all be crushed before it ever reached us—well, if I'm honest, you'd all be crushed.


  • Power: Super Speed
  • Level:Supreme
  • Kit Power Link: Arcane Lore
My power is almost matched by the speed with which I am able to harness it—both are the direct result of my disciplined training. I am able to produce precise cosmic changes in upwards of 30 times a second, all with the grace, dare I say it? ...with the grace of a god. I put away my chess set in less than a second (even faster when I lose), and I suspend individual raindrops over my head as I walk. These changes are by no means restricted to objects around me—I exercise absolute control over my own body, I have removed the normal barriers to speed and precision, and my physical being proceeds effortlessly where I will it. Walking a tightrope is child's play, I am able to balance on a finger.


I have, indeed, so honed my self-control that movement is, for me, no longer primarily physical. A push from a leg that weighs a ton, on a body that then weighs an ounce, has the effect of propelling the body forwards at far beyond human speed. Moreover, I am able to alter the pull of objects around me so that I 'fall' towards the flag atop a building, or then the awning on the opposite corner. I can push myself at almost 600 miles per hour, and up into the air almost 100 feet. At smaller distances I appear but as a memory, weaving in and out of crowds, circling a would be assailant before they're scarcely aware of me.


...and I am concerned with others. If gravity is about anything, it's about relationship. The world around me, the plants and animals in my garden, my friends and housekeeper, we are all bound together. I feel them around me, as I feel the sun on my face. A hovering hummingbird, the tremors of afternoon tea, these are pleasant disturbances. Others, not so pleasant, have saved my life on more than one occasion. Before the Ministry of Defence approached me in a civil manner they thought it best to remove me. And they would have, had I not intuited the first bullet leaving the chamber. I was aware of it just long enough to have it drop at my feet, along with the other eleven from the assassin's pistol. After I crushed the bone in his trigger finger, they didn't try again. Politeness, civility, relationship—these are the ways forwards.