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Munch Monster
Played By: Gigs

Munch Monster by Gigs

TEAM: Freelance Villain

SECTOR: Lowtown

KIT CLASS: Master Training

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 9 wins!

Brutal - 1 fatalaties!

Fight Record
League Wins: 9
League Losses: 4
Out Of League Wins: 0
Out of League Losses: 0
Total Wins: 9
Total Losses: 4
Lt. Invisible Spaceman - Win 0-0
Abstract Concept - Win 0-0
Sigmund - Loss 0-0
Bazooki - Loss 0-0
Mr. Samson - Win 0-0
The Adrenaline Wire - Win 0-0
Elemental - Win 0-0
Page - Win 0-0
Roland Amontillado - Win 0-0
Lamar Pace - Win 0-0
Chet Werthers - Loss 0-0
Robot-Killer Aria - Win 0-0
Dodecahedron of DEATH - Loss 0-0

Me munch monster eat naughty boys and girls. Me munch Monster old. Me as old as hause little boy and girls live in. When parents buy new hous me Munch Monster not there but when house is live in many years, naughty from little boys and girls make Me live. Me Munch monster then wait for littll boys and girls to be naughty and eat naughty boys and girls. hahaha


Personality: Me Munch Monster is very paycient. Me wait for girls to be naughty then me eat little girls when they are alone and sleeping.




Superior The pinnacle of human strength.
Can bench press 1000 pounds.


Superior This fighter can dodge, weave and move
with the grace of an Olympic gymnast.


Superior Hardy.
Takes punishment like a heavyweight fighter or wrester.


Weak BELOW normal human mental power.
Not the sharpest tack in the drawer.


  • Power: Bio Vampire
  • Level:Superior
  • Ranged Attack Attack usable at a distance (only).
Me munch monster like to eat little boys and girls. When boys and girls are naughty, me nok them down and eat them. Me like to hear them scream. Boys dont usually scream, so me like to eat girls more because they s cream more when Me eat them. :D

No move

  • Power: Paralysis
  • Level:Superior
  • Auto-Hit This mental attack hits the target automatically, but may or may not effect them.
Me Munch Monster Scary when little boy and girls see me. they too scare to move. Me then nock them down and eat them slowly. Me Munch monster bad! :D


  • Power: Elongation
  • Level:Ultimate
  • Seeker This attack hunts and follows its target.
  • Ranged Attack Attack usable at a distance (only).
  • Multi Attack Attack can hit multiple times during one strike.
me Munch Monster have long tongue. Me use tongu to nok naughty boys and girls down. Me use tongue to smack parents away, then me use tongue to knock boys down on floor to eat them or nok girl up against wall and eat them and hear everyody SCREAm! HAHAHa! :d

Monstey Sense tingling!

Comunication with ainmals, 20 power points. Matter animatio, 25 power points. Dangre Snsse, 25 power points. Me Munch Monstre get away, priceles. Some things u cannot buy, but for everythin else, there Monster Cad. :D

Klik on bannr

Silly kids. Leaping are for Munch Monster. Me mucnMonster leap when me Munch Monster's Monsty sense tingirl. u need read more so u no what is for kids and what is for Munch monster. Go to wwww. munchmonster.comm to learn mor about me munch monster. Clik on banner and visit me munchmonster's shop and buy Me munch Monsters shirt 4 good good prices. :D


BUY OR DIE!!!!!!

  • Power: Vibration
  • Level:Standard
  • Melee Attack Attack usable only hand to hand.
BUY PENGUIN PLUSHES! VIBRAIDSION BEST POWER SO VOTE 4 ME! BUY MUNCHY BURGERS! YES! U WANY mucnhie FREIS WITH THAT! KILL TEDDIS! PENGIUNS RULE! BUYBUYBNUY! VOTE 4 ME! ME BEST! ME NO SPEEK LEET! ME NO LAME! ONLY LAMAR SP33K L337! ME NO SPEEL LEET! SO VOTE 4 ME! BUY chibi yaoi! me get 10persen! so buyubybuybuy! Me not sellout. Me not exploiting bigtime poopularty. Me not betrayin what me munch Monster really is. Me just doing what natural with beiing populr. No look at me like that! Me gonna EAT YOU! :D


Munch Monster... a character by Rika822... *You are so beautiful, to me... * Munch Monster: Landon "kill the Morisato-boy!", ThreeDark, Forte. Rika822: Rika822, Forte. Masked Creator: Forte. Naughty boy: Naughty boy, Forte. Naughty girl: Naughty girl, Forte(yes). Director: Stanley Kubrick, Forte. Costume: Forte. Special effects: Forte. Stunts: Forte. *Yesterday, all my troubles seem so far away... * No naughty children were not eaten in the making of this character.