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Dominus Mortis
Played By: Namic

Dominus Mortis by Namic

TEAM: The Fallen


KIT CLASS: Arcane Lore

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 10 wins!

Brutal - 2 fatalaties!

Fight Record
League Wins: 10
League Losses: 3
Out Of League Wins: 0
Out of League Losses: 1
Total Wins: 10
Total Losses: 4
Michael Powers - Win 19-3
Ron Danger - Win 14-8
The Incredibly Violent Stickman - Loss 10-17
Rayth, Elemental Avatar of the Four - Win 12-11
Feral - Win 18-10
Support Your Local Crimefighter - Win 18-7
A most inept Highwayman - Win 19-5
James Gunn - Win 18-11
Orange Juice - Loss 13-15
Justicar - Win 18-14
Baron of Ether - Loss 13-14
ToK: Paix nel-Mondo - Win 18-13
The Black Anarchist - Win 23-9
Hell's Bookie - Loss 32-43

Khazan, Easter Sunday 2004: I went to church with Whitey and Mary today, the usual Easter tradition I've upheld since my parents passed away. I like to come every year to be reminded about my motives and my goals. Everything quickly comes back to me as the corrupt Priest begins to give his sermon to the mindlessly faithful. I sit back and close my eyes, thinking back to a time when everything was so much simpler, a time when I might have blindly followed the paths of my Father the devout catholic, and my Mother the servant of darkness. Even to this day the combination seems unlikely but my Mother was just as skilled with the dark arts as she was with the art of deceit, while my Father was willing to believe what ever pleased him the most.

After I was born my Father had me baptized and started me on the path of the righteous and poor where the last will become the first. For years I cheerfully went though the church services, bible lessons, and punishments from the nuns. It wasn't until my fifth birthday that my Mother showed me an alternative way of life. Thus began my path of darkness and power where the strong ruled the weak. Every night my Mother would secretly teach me the arts of a necromancer, which I quickly mastered. In only a matter of weeks I created my first skeleton which I affectionately named Whitey. But my Mother's would never finish her tutelage when my Father discovered her spell book when I was ten. He quickly cast aside his love for her and sent her to the church to be prosecuted for her crimes against the Lord Almighty.

For weeks the church told everyone they were testing her faith, but I knew the truth when I would sneak into her cell to visit her. I watched as they tortured her, denied her food and water as they tried to force her to tell them where they could find others like her. One night I told my Mother I was going to use my powers to free her, but she begged me to restrain myself, that if they knew how powerful we truly were they would hunt us down until we revealed all of our secrets to them. She was willing to sacrifice herself so that they would ignore others, and myself thinking that she was just a rogue witch acting on her own. Believing she was right I stopped my nightly visits.

When the church was finally done with her they burned her at the stake, making her an example to others that may try to go against the word of the Lord. The day after her death things changed in my life. My Father was much stricter with my Bible lessons and forced me to study the good book night after night. Even the nuns started to whack my knuckles harder. But all that time I continued my studies aided by Whitey who kept most of my Mother's books hidden. Years past as I went through one book after another, my mind focused on one thing, revenge against the faithful pigs who slaughtered my Mother.

My opportunity finally came when I was 13, on the day of my confirmation. I heard my Father talking with the priest that all of the bishops and the men who tortured my Mother would be there to see that her evil hadn't tainted my soul. Despite Whitey's objections I brought my Mother's ashes to the ceremony, and right as I was about to cast off all others and follow the path of the Lord I used my powers to recreate the being that created me into this world. I laughed as my Mother's new body began to tear through the faithful, like lambs to the slaughter. Their bloodcurdling screams were the sweetest thing I ever head in my life.

My father was the last person my mother killed that day. As her hand pierced his chest he looked over at me with a mixture of regret and shame in his eye as the life faded from them. I rushed to my Mother's side when she dropped to body only to discover that she wasn't as thankful as I had imagined her to be when she attacked me. I fell to the ground, blood pouring from the wound she inflicted upon me as I looked up at her. She towered over me looking at me with contempt as she began telling me I played my part in this prophecy perfectly. I didn't understand what she was saying at the time, but years later I would learn about this prophecy about breaking the cycle of creation, but I only had one thing on my mind at that moment, survival. Holding my wound I stood back on my feet casting away any allegiance I had with her and the dark lords. She rolled her eyes and rushed in to kill me. Using the last bit of energy I still had I cast the most powerful spell I had learned from my book. She fell back from the blast stunned that I had mastered such a powerful spell.

As I stood over her she changed from the arrogant fiend to the loving mother I had once knew, and she begged for mercy, pleading that together we would usher in a new age. I looked down at her seeing neither the monster I made, nor the mother who created me. All there was at my feet was just a common whore who didn't deserve to exist in this realm. I closed my eyes as I destroyed her, returning her to the ashes that she once was. Whitey and I gathered our things and left our home in flames.

As we walked away Whiety asked me what we were to do now. I knew that for my crimes against my Father I could no longer follow the light, and for my crimes against my Mother I could no longer follow the dark. I told him I would carve a new path for myself, one that doesn't follow one of these so-called gods and devils that had forsaken their faithful followers. I will never rest until these forces of creation and destruction kneel before me as I send them into a new oblivion that they could never return from.


Personality: Passage from the Book of Dominus: No Deity is my shepherd, I shall not want; I refuse to lie down where he has placed me. I shall find my own still waters; and sustain my own soul. I shall not follow in the paths of his righteousness for his own sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, for they shall fear me; my will and my resolve, they comfort me. I need not a table made for me in the presence of my enemies; nor my head anointed with oil, my power overflows. Surely death and misery shall follow me all they days of my life; and I shall dwell in a house of my own forever.




Weak BELOW normal human strength -
can bench press 50 pounds (maybe).


Superior This fighter can dodge, weave and move
with the grace of an Olympic gymnast.


Standard Normal human endurance. Mind:


Standard Normal human mental resources.

A Mother's Only Gift

Germany, 1942: It has been several months since I infiltrated the Third Reich, posing as a mystical expert. Their fool of a Fuhrer decided to seek power to take over the world through the use of forces he would never understand. I didn't care much for his ambitions or the master race they he wasn't a part of, but more for the resources and manpower they could offer me only at the cost of having to act subservient to these sheep in wolves clothing. Thankfully I had inherited my mother's prowess for deceit, a skill I used throughout my life to master the dark arts. Every few years I would find a temple or dark sanctuary where I posed as the faithful to obtain their knowledge. After years of paying lip service and false praises I would kill every one of them, to show them the foolishness of their ways. No doubt once I had obtained what I wanted from these Nazis I would surly kill their leader just to show them how weak they truly were.

The Moment of Opportunity

Today I was sent to one of the sub concentration camps at Buchenwald. We had received reports of a crystal that had been discovered while digging one of the mass graves. The storm troopers believed it to be their lucky day and tried to snatch the crystal, only to die upon touching the crystal. I was sent to investigate the artifact for my mastery of the soul gems, a skill I learned from the dearly departed Isaac a wondering traveler who would collect dangerous souls. As always I traveled with Whitey who had far learned how to disguise his skeletal form to appear human, this time by wearing a gas mask, and Mary, an aide that had been assigned to me. When we reached the camp Albert Preuss, the base commander greeted us as we arrived. He was a blond hair blue eyed arrogant lamb who ate up everything the Nazis said. Believing he was a member of the master race he tried to make his superiority clear, his attempts did nothing but impede my work and tested my patience. I ignored him and walked right to the site of the discovery, a tent had already been placed around it. I looked at the crystal, in awe of what these fools had mistakenly found in their pursuit to cleanse the world. "Isaac you son of a bitch, so the Soul Crystal really does exist." I could feel the crystal tugging on my own soul gems, trying to pull in the souls I had gathered and used to augment my own powers. "Everyone get away from here." I yelled as I walked out of the tent. "Pruess, you must stop all activity on this base until I have finished." Angered at my commands Albert to up to me. "Now listen to me Mortis." I ignored him and went to Whitey and Mary, not caring for his bruised ego. "I need both of you to make sure no one is killed while I try to take control of the Soul Crystal. If it absorbs one soul before I am finished the results will be very dangerous."

The Soul Crystal Bonded

  • Power: Necromancer
  • Level:Ultimate
  • Kit Power Link: Arcane Lore
  • Area Effect This attack causes damage in a large area.
  • Multi Attack Attack can hit multiple times during one strike.
I stormed into Commander Pruess' office, "What the hell did you do?" I yelled out, my hand clenching hard to the wand that now held the soul crystal. "Oh, Herr Mortis. I'm sorry did I interrupt your work." He smiled smugly as he leaned back in his chair. "You know damn well I told you no one was to die until I was finished." His superiority complex had nearly cost me my soul. Just as I placed the wand against the crystal I sensed a soul being absorbed Mary's. The reaction from the bonding process and Mary's soul caused an unexpected reaction. A lessor, unskilled man would have been killed, but through my sheer will to not give any Gods or Devils the luxury of placing me in heaven and hell I managed to finish the bonding process forcing the crystals power to bend to my own will. "Ah yes, you mean the late Ms Alexander. You know I heard rumor that you and her were much closer than her simply being your aide, am I not correct." I remained silent, too angered to even dignify his petty defiance. "Well anyway. I did some investigating, and it turns out that she had a grandfather who was half Jewish. We tried to arrest her but she put up quite a struggle and we had to kill her. Now Herr Mortis, I need to know if...." Having heard enough of his prattle I raised my newly crafted wand between us, with only a thought the spell was done. Pruess raised his gun and would have ordered me to stand back until one of his guards ran in, "Sir! The prisoners are revolting." Pruess kept his gun aimed at me and yelled back to his underling. "Well then kill them!" The guard looked confused and panic, "But sir, that's the thing. The ones that are revolting are the ones we killed."

Pruess ran to the window, forgetting about me as he looked out to confirm what he feared. "Beautiful, isn't it?" I asked as I sat on his desk. "It's the ultimate form of necromancy, the ability to force the soul back into the mortal plane, much more effective than making some mindless zombies." Pruess looked back at me with the sudden realization that all that he believed to be nothing more than tales to frighten children at night was real. "You see, the dead, that is to say the ones who have not moved on, have one true wish, to be among the living again. Now when they are trapped within an artifact such as my wand that desire intensifies tenfold. So when I unleash their very souls from the confines of the crystal they become my willing servants, doing whatever I wish so they can feel air pass through their throats for one moment more." Pruess backed against the wall, barely able to control himself. "Wh...wh..what did you wish them to do?" I lightly chuckled, "Oh, I willed them to kill everyone. You Nazis need to learn that you're nothing more than sheep in wolves clothing, preying on your own unaware of when the true wolf arrives. But don't feel bad, your prisoners are going to die also simply for believing that their God would have saved them." That night the only people who walked away were Whitey, the newly revived Mary, and myself. Everyone else came with us, confined within the grasp of my soul crystal.

You Have Been Forsaken

Easter Sunday, 2007: The service had ended and the sheep slowly gathered to greet the pastor as they left. When Mary, Whitey, and myself approached the man I shook his hand and asked him how he was so sure that God was with us today in these days of uncertainty. He smiled warmly telling me of his own experiences, and how much the bible gave him faith. "So where was the God of the Jews when Hitler and his men killed them off, or when crazed terrorist attacked the two towers, or more importantly where was your precious and loving god when you were touching all those little alter boys." He quickly pulled his hand away from mine, looking around nervously hoping no one else heard what I told him. "The truth is Father, your God, and all those who are worshipped have forsaken their loyal followers. For if he did care then he wouldn't let me do this in his own house." I pulled my wand from my coat and drove the tip deep into his chest. The sheep tried to run away, scared of what was happening, but their fates were sealed as I unleashed the willing souls of the captured. "You see Father," I spoke as the crystal began to tear his soul away from his body, "your God has left you. But don't worry, you'll find a new purpose under my servitude."