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Orange Juice
Played By: reD2rumble

Orange Juice by reD2rumble

TEAM: The Fallen


KIT CLASS: Empathy

Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 12 wins!

Brutal - 1 fatalaties!

Fight Record
League Wins: 11
League Losses: 1
Out Of League Wins: 1
Out of League Losses: 4
Total Wins: 12
Total Losses: 5
The Following - Win 6-5
the Silence - Loss 6-7
Crinos: the return tour - Win 7-4
Crazy Old Man - Win 10-2
James Gunn - Win 12-7
The Marionette - Win 14-13
The Incredibly Violent Stickman - Win 16-10
Ron Danger - Win 19-9
Dominus Mortis - Win 15-13
Devyn Soyokaze - Win 19-16
Darkness - Win 20-12
Hell's Bookie - Win 23-10
Darkness - Win 23-20
Hell's Bookie - Loss 17-31
Jenny "Jinx" Li - Loss 15-16
The Archivist - Loss 11-12
El-Ko - Loss 13-21

"What kind of psycho did this to him?"

"We don't know, sir. We can't get a word out of him. Not literally, he'll talk, but he won't divulge anything."

"One thing is certain...someone did this to him. Someone's been doing stuff like this to people for three weeks now. We have to find the psycho who's running amok on innocent people."

The Chief of Police Taylor sighed once more as he rubbed his temples. He was staring directly at the man who sat in the corner of the padded room in the white strait jacket. His eyes did not go different ways, nor was his hair unkept. In fact, he sat straight up the corner, expression showing every sign of alertness.

"His name is Charles Walters," the doctor said as he handed Taylor the file. "Age 36, married, no kids, works as a security guard at the Khazan National Museum. No history of mental illness. Period." Taylor read through the file: the doctor was right. Walters' only medical dilemma was a slight calcium deficit.

Taylor gave the file to his assistant and turned to Walters. "Mr. Walters, who did this to you?"

"Why, I can't tell you that." Walters said, voice not showing anything remotely sardonic, nor insincere.

"Why not, Mr. Walters?"

"Because I'm just a cup of orange juice. Orange juice can't talk, silly. You're a Chief, I'm sure you knew that."

Taylor turned to the doctor. "I'm not sure if you're aware of the situation, but this man is the third case like this we've seen. No drug record, no record of mental illness, having a total mental breakdown."

The doctor interrupted. "Sir, this is not a mental breakdown. Mr. Walters no longer possesses the ability to identify with himself. He believes himself a cup of orange juice, thus, he behaves like one. He sits up straight, because he believes he will fall over and he will spill everywhere should he lean."

Taylor gave the file back to the doctor. "Doctor, nonetheless, this is not normal. Our previous cases were like this. We believe that someone is running around screwing around with people's minds."

The doctor raised an eyebrow. "And how exactly is this person screwing around with people's minds?"

"Since we're opening up a major file (this being the third case), I'm going to refer to our mystery character as 'Orange Juice', just for the sake of confusion, if you don't mind. Anyway, three people have been found like this; a bank owner, who was found in the bank; a secratary, and Mr. Walters over here. The bank owner was found in at the bank, just laying on the floor. No one home inside. The secratary was found in the street, staring at a wall. She claimed that the wall was talking to her. Mr. Walters was found standing straight up in the museum shortly after a robbery, ignoring everything but looking alert. Kind of like an army grunt. Now we know why."

The doctor parried again. "Just who, then, do you believe is 'screwing around with people's minds', then?"

Taylor's reaction was that of embarassment. "We...have absolutley no idea."


Personality: "We have no links to these three people whatsoever," Taylor's assistant, Luitenant Casey announced. T'Keya Marshall, Female, African American, age 23. The Secretary. Roger Walters, Male, Cacausian, age 36. The Security Guard. Nyles Conner, Male, Cacausian, age 57. The Bank Owner."

"Three completly different mental illnesses: Delusion, Self Identification inability, and complete mental inability. However, none of the victims had had any history of mental illness, excepting Conner who had a brief bout of very slight depression back when he was about 30, but that's it."

Taylor sat silent. "So far, we don't have motive, means, or even any suspects. But there is one thing that keeps this together: two is coincidental. Three is not. This is being done by one person."

"And who would that be, Chief?" Casey asked.

"I don't know."




Weak BELOW normal human strength -
can bench press 50 pounds (maybe).


Standard Normal human agility.


Standard Normal human endurance. Mind:


Supreme Brilliant to the point of supra-genius.
Can easily think many many moves ahead.

Mind Control

  • Power: Mind Control
  • Level:Ultimate
  • Kit Power Link: Empathy
"We believe that Orange Juice has mental abilities that allow him/her/it to do pretty much whatever he/she/it wants. Our only other theory is that Orange Juice uses drugs and other toxins that are injected that permentanly affect the brain. But odds are this person/thing, whoever/whatever it is, has Superior Mental powers, and they use 'em. Hypnosis, whatever, we believe pretty much anything will be their Brain Puppet."

Taylor looked up. "Brain Puppet? Those three cases have to do with mental incompetency, not Mind Control."

Casey continued. "Not neccesarily. Mind control allows access to all parts of the brain. If Orange Juice is strong enough, which they probably are, they can control a mind to damage itself, drive itself insane, or whatever."

"Fair enough," Taylor said, "But how do you know these three cases have to do with Mind Control and not something else?"

Casey dumped about fifteen files in front of Taylor. "These are records of various crimes committed throuough the Uptown sector of Khazan. Robbery, Assault, etc. Six of the culprits sustained various mental injuries immediately after the crime, like Ms. Marshall and Mr. Walters. Four of the culprits were found near the crime scene, mentally gone. No one home. Just like Mr. Conner. Five got lucky, and claimed no recollection of the crime whatsoever. After each was given a lie detector test (which they all passed), we had no choice but to release them. We were never able to link all the crimes until now."

Smart Juice.

  • Power: Tactician
  • Level:Supreme
  • Kit Power Link: Empathy
"There's another thing," Taylor interrupted Casey's report. "Orange Juice, whoever they are, is a brilliant tactician. Assuming these cases are all related, each person involved has no relation to any other person. The only exception is that one of the persons used to rob a bank was a Solo Hero named Blazer. Minor fire powers. He was lucky enough not to remember his crime. One person who assaulted a police officer then fell into a mental coma, waking up believing himself to be Blazer."

Casey raised his eyebrows. "Orange Juice is smart. Each person has no relation, each is from a differnent place...that way, we can't pinpoint who Orange Juice is."

Taylor looked tired as he admitted, "Casey, I gotta level with you. Finding Orange Juice is going to be infinitly hard."

Strength in Weakness

"I only have one concern", Casey said as he poured the coffee. He and Chief Taylor were going into Hour Four of the discussion.

"Assuming these cases are all related, then why doesn't Orange Juice just kill people he/she uses? That would be easier, more effecient, and a whole lot of less trouble."

Taylor smiled. "Because Orange Juice is only human. Humans have weaknesses. Killing may be hard for Orange Juice. Also, because Orange Juice is smart. They've figured out how to make their biggest weakness their greatest strength. Orange Juice possibly emphathizes with thier victims, since they take over their minds and can feel their emotions, their memories. But they've figured out or realized that a) should they ever get caught, the charges will be much less for controlling 15 people then murdering 15 people, b)suspicion exists, but not nearly as much as would if random people commited crimes and then were murdered, and motivation to find the captor would not be as great, and c)because it would be much harder to discover Orange Juice's identity. Bodies leave evidence, even if just in the brain. Leaving their victim alive prohibits further investigation of a person."

A secretary handed Taylor a file. "You wanted any news of the 18 victims in the Asylum, right?"

Taylor opened up the files and smiled. "I was right. Conner woke up from his coma, no recolection whatsoever. One of the victims who broke into a store, who suddenly developed acute delusion is also completely well now. No recollection. And they both suddenly became cured within about 2 minutes of eachother. Orange Juice has access to pretty much anywhere, including the Asylum. OJ wipes the victim's memory clean, they can't be convicted, can't have tests done on them, and Orange Juice can live with themself."

Growing in Power

Casey suddenly twitched. "I just had a nasty thought. Suppose that Orange Juice can absorb mental power from his victims?"

Taylor went slightly pale. "That would explain a lot of things. That's a motive; gaining power by absorbing other people's mental power. Controling people to do things they wouldn't do, like crimes, is EXTREMELY difficult...it's like a workout. Ironically, every crime Orange Juice commits doesn't lead us closer to it, but farther as he gains power and ability to evade. It doesn't matter that he doesn't murder his victims, he's growing in power anyway. Orange Juice is just any Schmuck in a crowd, but that doesn't matter, because how infinitely hard they'll be to find, they'll be much harder to beat."

Casey looked at Taylor. "I know the situation is grave, but don't you think someone that powerful deserves a better name than 'Orange Juice'?"

Taylor chuckled. "It's catchier than 'Brain Sucker Thingy'."

The door opened and a person walked in. "Can I help you?" asked Chief Taylor. It didn't matter that he said that, because 2 seconds later Taylor and Casey were both on the floor. They would both wake up from their comas in five days when Orange Juice decided to release them, completely brain wiped of Orange Juice and the theories they had shared earlier.

The person chuckled as the two cops lay on the floor. "Orange Juice." Catchy. Weird, and needing explanation, but Shyamalan-esque enough to get a reputation. A reputation would be great, because Orange Juice knew that no one would find out OJ's identity. Orange Juice was a face in the crowd. The man watering his lawn three houses down, the woman at the checkout.

Orange Juice drained the last of the coffee in Casey's styrofoam cup and left.