Theme Contest Winners

Frank Fisticuffs

Created By: Soberguy

Jim The Former Bat Boy

Created By: TheGuru

Winner of the Tabloid Legends of the 90's Theme Contest.

The Boys from T.H.A.W.

Created By: TheGuru

Winner of the Winnie the Pooh: 2050 Theme contest.

Wrath of the Ridiculous Ninja

Created By: Rhekarid

The Swanson Family

Created By: CinderyRabbit

Usagi Kinikita

Created By: Sir Exal


Created By: Dark Ranger X

Master Graves

Created By: ThreeDark

Aqua Fowl, Chicken of the Sea

Created By: Soberguy

The Permian Excursion

Created By: Landon


Created By: Flingo


Created By: ThreeDark


Created By: Mr. Graves

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