Solo Hero Team Captain

Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 14 Wins!

Brutal - 5 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: Standard

Agility: Standard

Mind: Standard

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 14

Personal Losses: 5


An innate connection to the spiritual world, that is both the blessing and the curse of the man known simply as Chakos. He knows not where it came from, but from as far back as he can remember, supernatural happenings seemed to hound him, but he wasn't beaten by them. Chakos wasn't like any normal mortal. Moments before a nearby event occurred it would appear in Chakos' mind's eye. People who meant him harm couldn't hide their feelings from Chakos, he always "felt" it when someone was up to no good. He spent many years traveling the world, reading ancient tomes and asking wise men, "How do I use this power I have?" But mastery of the supernatural was beyond him; no matter how hard he trained, he couldn't control his powers. They just worked. Instead of becoming a mage, he became a private investigator, but when most of his clients and enemies showed up after their funerals, he became a paranormal investigator. He cleaned up the messes and monsters of the spiritual world that spilled over into the mortal coil. His powers protected him from harm, but not those around him; therefore Chakos has led a very lonely life. He won't allow anyone to help him for fear of them getting hurt. But that all changed when he came upon a strange portal while trailing a horrible blood-mage. A voice spoke inside his head: "I am Crow Road, of the Shallow Guild of Bleak Sunrise, and we have need of you. In a place called Khazan, seven lords must be found, and one such as yourself has powers which we would could make use of. All we ask is that you gather information for us, from the entities in a place called the Arena." "No thanks," thought Chakos, "I'm an independent contractor. This union stuff isn't for me." Suddenly, an image appeared in his head. A beautiful woman. "We can tell you about your powers, how to use them and where they come from. Help us learn certain things and we shall help you know others." The strange sense that always told Chakos what to do, when it felt as if he already knew, *told* him that this was where he had to be. And for the chance to meet Crow Road, to meet those who were like him... Holding his breath and reaching for a crossbow, Chakos stepped into the portal...

Goose bumps

     Danger Sense: Supreme


"...Chakos peeked around the corner again. Nothing. He could feel that werewolf around here somewhere, but it was playing games with him. "Click Clack!" Chakos spun around. The creature was gnashing his teeth and claws in anticipation of first Will's pancreas, and then the pancreases of even more innocents. (Before Chakos had started investigating the supernatural, he had never known that werewolves have a thing for pancreases.) It had to be stopped. Suddenly, Chakos felt goose bumps all along his left side. He leapt to the right just as the were-beast dropped down on the spot where he had been standing..."


Preternatural Luck

     Lucky: Ultimate


"... Chakos walked slowly through the antique store, stake in hand. Who'd have thought the kindly former owner would become a vampire after death? A shadow leapt from the darkness... and completely missed him. Chakos turned around to see the vampire sprawled on the broken remains of an antique chair, a piece of it sticking through its black heart..."



     Environmental Awareness: Supreme


"...Chakos pulled a dagger from a fold in his coat, and gripped it tightly. The killer had already proved himself quite adept at avoiding Will's traps and had instead devised a trap of his own, but Chakos knew that the killer was in the adjacent room, he could feel it, he *knew* it. Ha. Fiberboard. So that's why the building was condemned. Chakos backed up a step, then smashed through the wall..."


Arcane Lore

     Arcane Lore: Superior


Chakos has spent many years as a paranormal investigator, and has become quite familiar with both supernatural beings and occourences, as well as his own preternatural powers. After all this times they've saved him, Chakos has learned to trust and use his strange "instincts" to the best of their ability against the unnatural.


Resistance: Arcane Lore

     Resistances: Supreme


"... The wizard let loose a mammoth eldrich blast. It screeched through the air, incinerating the poor captive girl. Damn. It kept coming, disintegrating the wizard's minions. It blew through the refrigerator... (Shut-up. It was the biggest thing to hide behind, O.K.?)... and it fizzled a foot in front of Chakos. "Wow, that didn't work at all, now did it?" taunted a startled Chakos. "Now, if I can't bring back a little girl in peace, I'll just have to bring back little pieces of you..."


Strange Tailisman

     Closed Mind: Supreme

  • Weakness: Power in Item - Hard to Lose


"...Chakos found a strange, golden necklace in the foyer. His intuition *told* him to put it on. He continued into the next room, and found his prey. Chakos stared, puzzled, at the fiend. "Ummm, what are you doing?" he asked, with a slight ringing in his ears. The killer's eyes were squeezed shut, and a vein was popping out of his forehead. "Tr..ying to y...ou..r hea..d ex..plod..e," he gasped. "Interesting. I guess you shouldn't leave powerful trinkets like this just lying around. Would you like to beg for mercy now, or later?..."


Quick Thinking

     Tactician: Ultimate


"...Chakos sized up the beast before him. He had never seen anything quite like it. About 12 feet tall, a couple dozen teeth, plenty of arms, all wrapped up in a whole lot of slime. It leapt for him, and Chakos saw his chance. He moved to the side, letting go of the rope he had been holding. Six tons of the warehouse's finest produce fell on the monster. What a way to go. Chakos would never feel the same about bananas..."


Stakes, Knives, Crossbows, etc

     Weapons Creation: Ultimate

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Multi-Attacks
  • Ranged and Melee Attack
  • Weakness: Power in Item - Hard to Lose


"... Chakos was fighting his first vampire. It punched him in the face. And again. And again. "I thought you guys just went for the throat!!" howled Chakos. "O.K., fine. I like to tenderize my dinner but hey, have it your way." The beast lunged, and Chakos stabbed with his stake. It stuck in the beast's solar plexus. He needed to get the hang of this. And quick. He pulled out a dagger and managed to separate the vamp's left hand from its arm. He got punched with a bloody stump. He pulled out another stake. This time it got lodged in the beast's shoulder. It sure is a good thing that he remembered to hide lots of weapons in his coat; he still needed some practice. He reached for another stake..."