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Ye Olde CBUB Archive

Zeo Megazord vs. Shogun Megazord
by leroypowell3

Falconer Predator vs. The Acklay
by Tyrannoraptor

Peggy Carter vs. Daredevil (Golden Age)
by broadwaybeyonder

The Plutonian and Grand Regent Thragg and The Homelander vs. Cell and Frieza / Freeza and Broly
by Culwych1

Cybermen (Mondasian) vs. Raphael (TMNT)
by Movie-Brat

Shroud vs. Nekra
by broadwaybeyonder

Black Panther vs. Deathstroke
by Culwych1

Zasalamel vs. Dee Jay
by JohnnyChany

Daredevil and Black Panther vs. Nightwing and Batman (Terry McGinnis)
by WeAreVenom88

The Shredder (Mirage) and The Foot Clan vs. Daredevil and Nightwing
by WeAreVenom88

Jon Snow vs. Will Turner
by broadwaybeyonder

Zatanna vs. Dark Magician Girl
by broadwaybeyonder

The Black Zodiac vs. The Poltergeists
by broadwaybeyonder