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Ye Olde CBUB Archive

Scorpion (Mortal Kombat) vs. Jago
by WeAreVenom88

Scar Predator vs. The Thing (John Carpenter)
by Tyrannoraptor

Alan Grant vs. Hadley's Hope (LV-426)
by Venom 2009

Captain Jack Harkness vs. Cara Dune
by broadwaybeyonder

The Plutonian and Grand Regent Thragg and The Homelander vs. Cell and Frieza / Freeza and Broly
by Culwych1

Johnny Cage vs. Terry Bogard
by WeAreVenom88

Peggy Carter vs. Daredevil (Golden Age)
by broadwaybeyonder

Crash Bandicoot vs. Mario vs. Sonic the Hedgehog
by Mercenaryblade

Sonya Blade vs. Lady Jaye
by broadwaybeyonder

The Most Interesting Man in the World vs. The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
by broadwaybeyonder

Zeo Megazord vs. Shogun Megazord
by leroypowell3

Maxima vs. Faora Hu-Ul
by leroypowell3

Ripley 8 vs. T-X (The Terminatrix)
by Tyrannoraptor

Jungle Hunter (Predator) and Runner Alien vs. Ryu and Jin Kazama
by WeAreVenom88

Falconer Predator vs. The Acklay
by Tyrannoraptor

Baiken vs. Sophitia Alexandra
by JohnnyChany