Harvey Delano Knoxville (Hard Knox)


Gender: Male

Kit: Divine

Location: None of your damned business Maggot!


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Fallen


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Infamy Points: 150

Personal Wins: 5

Personal Losses: 0

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


A slightly wizened ex-soldier, ex-hero, ex-legend drank alone in his living room. Johnny Cash’s Hurt played in the background as he put brush to canvas in a dim light. He hummed offhandedly to the tune. A phone rang. His calloused, agitated groans intermingled with the sound. “Damned solicitors.” He grumbled. Rising to his feet, the matured man appeared to be in his late forties, maybe early fifties. As he pushed away from his favorite rocking chair, his muscles bristled and tightened like an Olympic athlete. He wore jeans and a tank top and his body belied his aging face. All told, he was a well-developed physical specimen whose current appearance gave the impression that he was going to use every bit of muscle to throttle a helpless phone as he made his way to his kitchen to answer it. After the third ring, “What?” were the only words to spew forth with his typical fervor and impetuous venom.

“Harvey Delano Knoxville.” A slightly higher pitched, but equally raspy voice bellowed from the receiver.

“Wallace.” Knoxville returned slowly, “You no-good flea bitten pile of dung.”

“You know I hate when you call me that.” Wally retorted.

“…and you know I hate when you call me by my full name. What the hell do you want, you feeble, old mange-ridden dog, you. If you called to get your shits and giggles, you came to the wrong place…I” Before he could finish, Wally began to chuckle casually from the other side. “Look Knoxville, lets not get off to a bad start. There will be plenty of time for that.”

Knoxville picked up the receiver and carried his vintage rotary phone back to his seat. With the receiver propped against his shoulder to his ear, Knox continued painting – a secretive pastime of his. Upon hearing the clatter of the ancient phone, Wally chuckled again, “Geez Knox. I bet that old ranch hasn’t changed a day since my last visit.”

“It hasn’t.”

Knoxville was being short, Wally instantly noticed. This wasn’t good. Wally’s visits to Knox’s ranch were significant. Not many had earned the right to come down there to visit. He had hoped that the reminiscent aside would assuage the gravity of what he had to do. Wally’s lips pursed as he began to analyze how to come about this conversation they had to have. “What the hell do you want Wally? I’m busy.” Wally grimaced and realized that getting to the point would be a good idea. He did. “Look Knox…” He sighed. “I thought you said you’d retire when you die.”

“I did.”

“Well, you sure took that severance package like an obedient dead man.” There was a sigh followed by a deep inhale. “The Knox I know wouldn’t have gone out like this. He would’ve gone down with some villain scum in a headlock, another in a leg lock and a grenade in his mouth with the pin spit out.” From the other end, Wally heard a barely audible, but amused snort. That was good. At least he wasn’t all out of sorts. “This whole thing stinks of bad news, Knox. I mean…”

“Spit it out boy.” Knox snarled.

“You know I hate when you call me that too.” said Wally.

“I do, but I’m twice your age and I’ve earned the right to say whatever the hell I please, so spit it out.” Knox’s harsh manner infuriated Wally. He was used to the hard ass routine, but he and Knox had seen some good times. Their head-butting was more of that of old brothers rather than rival enemies: even if that old brother was old enough to be his father. This was different. Actually, it was familiar. It was how Knox treated Wally when they had first met: back when the Storm Riders disbanded. Despite Wally’s experience with the Sentinels back then, to Knox he was nothing but a child. Nevertheless, some of the best battles he ever had were alongside that old warhorse. Not many knew Knox’s real age. He looked to be around a very healthy, early fifty. Truth was he was closer to ninety.

Some people used to say he was blessed. They said that when he went to fight in the Great War and got that piece of shrapnel cathedral glass lodged in his throat, it was a mixed blessing. They said the angels themselves deemed him worthy of God’s own powers to fight the good fight here on Earth. The man had the voice of an angel: A voice that could crumble walls. Wally thought to himself, “People say a lot of things. People are wrong a lot too.” Embarrassed, Wally realized, he haphazardly spoke that last thought aloud.

“What?” Knox grumbled. Ignoring him, Wally continued his original tirade.


“Look Knox, you’re a steel trap. Once you’re focused, the kind of mistakes that happened in Sentinel Academy does not happen. It just doesn’t make any sense.” Wally shouted. Knox remained quiet. Wally knew by this, that he was on to something. He pursued this instigation. “What are you getting at, Wallace?” Knox suddenly demanded: his tone harsh and flat. Without pause, Wally attacked the question. “I’m saying that assassins don’t get into Sentinel facilities that easily Knox…especially not on your watch.”

“An assassin? It was a goddamned cat!” Knox snarled.

“It was a demon cat… and it doesn’t matter what it was, it… Look, I’m saying that people don’t get killed in Sentinel facilities. I’m saying…”

“She was a freak ghoul, Wallace.” Knox barked.

“That makes her less than you? Hell Knox, it could’ve been any of them.” Wally returned; his voice growing threateningly louder as he grew slowly more agitated. “She was a little girl. I’m sure she was a girl with dreams, hopes… Hell Knox, the girl wanted to be a Sentinel.” Wally’s verbal affront was met with more silence. Then…

“The Sentinels have become a joke Wally. Is that what you want to hear?” Wally fell silent as Knox deliberated. “What used to be a top-notch team of balls to the wall fire pissers has turned into a bunch of suit and tie wearing, pencil pushing geeks.” This time it was Wally who fell silent. “You know I’m right Wally. Look at the kids they pull into this outfit now. A fuckin’ magician who gets beat up on his first mission…”

“Shijin” Wally answered, despite there not being a question.

“Some numbnut who dresses like a hippy John Travolta?”

“Be’at Down”

“A goddamn kid who spits pills out his ass.”

“Winston Little… and that’s not fair Knox. He’s not on the front lines. That kid saves lives daily.” Wally rasps. “They are good kids, Knox. They have names. They…” Wally searches for the words, “They are a hit with the family audience.” Wally pulls the phone away from his ears as he can clearly hears Knox seething on the other end. “Knox…?” He questions, fearing one of Knox’s infamous and deafening outbursts. “They are the goddamn problem, Wally. Surely, you don’t have your head so far up the pencil-pushers assholes that you can’t see that. They just pull these kids off the street, throw them in front of the media and then…and then.” Knox pauses only briefly, “What happens when the Fallen really return? What happens when another Bio-Lord surfaces? While the Alpha guys are out fighting the big fights and the Bravo guys are fighting everything in between, who’s covering the grisly doings that are taking place right under their noses.”

“Those same heroes you named earlier, that’s who. Hell Knox, what do you think Sentinel Academy was? Plus the new kids, they go by Dayshift now, they…”

“Oh come off it, Wally. Listen to yourself. You don’t even believe you.”

“I damn well believe it. I’m going to help those kids become something great if it kills me. They were traumatized behind those walls. Hell, I hear at least two of them have already turned to crime.”

“Casualties of war…”

“You don’t really believe that, do you? We’re not in any war. I mean, a girl died…”

“Life is war, Wallace! Listen to yourself, you’ve really fell into the bleeding heart crowd. You think the next Hitler or Mao Zedong is going to give these kids a break? Perhaps you’re right Wallace, maybe some communist bastard's going to send flowers after he pops a new asshole in their foreheads. What happened to Howlin’ Wally the Wildman? What happened to the guy who fought first and negotiated later?”

“He grew up. What about you, Knox? Are you anything more than an old bully? What happened to the fightin’ the good fight, Knox? The Legend? The People’s Hero?”

“He’s been a grown up a lot longer than any of you.”

“Perhaps that’s the problem.” There was a brief silence, then…

“What are they going to do with the facility?” Knox questioned, queerly breaking the uneasy tension. “They spent a lot of money on that place. It’s going to stay a training facility for new and seasoned members. They are bringing in a new instructor out of Japan. Big guy goes by the name of Heaven.”

“Heaven? Good lord, they are bringing in a priest to bless the place? Of all the entire pansy…”

“He’s no priest. Anyway, that’s not why I called Knox and you know it.”

“I swear if your going to jerk me off all night, at least buy me dinner first.”

Wally ignored the comment. He waited for Knox to stop clowning around. When he chose to speak, his tone became dreadfully serious. “Look Knox, I’ve gotten my old clearance back. I’ve been talking to some people. I’ve watched some videos from the Academy. I’ve learned a lot.” The other end of the phone was silent as death. “Knox…” There was a pause. “Knox there was no way that assassin could’ve gotten into that place without assistance.” Wally stopped and waited. No response followed. “Knox, you barely even paid attention while those kids were fighting for their lives. You didn’t even stop the combat training long enough to assist them.”

“Go ahead Wallace...” Knox said with a cold tenor. “Get to it.”

“Knox, were you involved in the death of Rebecca Bloom AKA: Zombie Girl?”

“Define: involved.” Knox growled.

“Don’t play games with me Knox! Did you allow the killer to get in? Did you allow the girl to get trapped alone with the killer? Did you allow a Sentinel of Liberty and Justice to die in Sentinel Academy?”

“There we go. There’s the sack you were born with. I thought the namby pamby bureaucrats had it.”

“Answer the question Knox! I want the truth!”

“Would it be cliché to say, you can’t handle the truth?”

“Dammit Knox! You did it. You’ve gone and fucking did it!”

There was a short pause, and then in a quiet evocative tone, “I’ve seen so many friends die. I’ve walked the line for years. I don’t know…” Knox then took an inflective pause. “When they hired me for the position, I thought there was hope in the Sentinels yet. Perhaps they really wanted a crack team of warriors forged from steel. It was my job to prepare them for a hard world, better than they would’ve received in some futuristic hologram room. They needed reality. They needed a real war…”

“Damn you Knox!”


Stay on your feet like a man Maggot!

     Iron Will: superior (rank 2)


“What happened to your values, your morals, your beliefs? You used to believe in something and damn any man that stood in your way. What do you believe in now, Knox? What belief of yours allows for the death of a little girl?” Wally’s voice trembled over the phone as he spoke. Knox could hear his fierce respirations as he waited for a reply. “Tell me Knox! What do you believe in?”

Without hesitation, Knox replied, “I believe you are a maggot, Wally.” Once again, there was a silence that seemed to last a lifetime. Then, on Wally’s side of the phone…

“Sentinel 1 come in, this is Sentinel 2. Sentinel 1 do you read, over?”

“Sentinel 2, this is Sentinel 1. We read you loud and clear, over?”

“Sentinel 1, the bastard did it. Take him down, over.

“No problem, we’re coming down now. Over and out.”

“You set me up Wally?” Knox said, amused. From Wally’s end, he could perceptibly hear Knox shuffling throughout his room. Wally’s face was a stern countenance of disdain. “Harvey Delano Knoxville, you are under arrest for the murder of Sentinel member, Rebecca Bloom AKA: Zombie Girl. Please be patient as a liaison will escort you to holding.”

“…Over my dead body.” Knox’s voice growled over the receiver. His eye twitched with anger. “You better hope you got the Alpha’s out there boy!” Knox screamed as the loud thumping of a helicopter’s rotors could clearly be heard from above.

Wally took no satisfaction in his job today as he lowered his head and answered, “We’ve got at least one, Knox. She wanted to speak to you in person. Goodbye Knox.” The phone hung up with a loud click. Knox threw down the phone and ran to the kitchen window. The helicopter had come to a full landing. The wind blew forcefully as the liaison stepped from the vehicle. Knox smiled and snarled as he saw his “escort” exit the copter. His eyes glazed over in anticipation, he spoke to himself in a hushed tone while cracking his knuckles loudly, “…Took the copter. That’s good lady, you better conserve your damned energy,

…because even the illustrious Miss March can learn a thing or two at the School of Hard Knox.”


Sentinels Live Forever!

     Energy Absorption: supreme (rank 3)


Immediately Knox rushed to his homes surround sound audio system. It was one of the most technological pieces of equipment in the antiquated house. He cranked it up to its maximum sound level. Miss March exited the helicopter slowly, yet deliberately. Her cold metal plating glistened in the sunlight. From an unknown position, her Daughter, BrainChild, screamed over the puzzlingly loud music into her mother’s earpiece. “Johnny Cash?” BrainChild said, bewildered. “What is this, psychological warfare?” March casually stepped onto the grass, never taking her eyes off the house. “No dear. He’s using the music.” Realization hit BrainChild instantaneously. March continued, “He’s absorbing the sound of the music, probably the copter too.” March turned to the pilot signaling him to power down the vehicle. There was silence but for the blaring sound of Johnny Cash’s God’s Gonna Cut You Down. “I see some movement in there. We also have some thermal readings. He’s increasing his size.”

“Of course he’s increasing his size dear. Settle down. Remember what we went over.” March returned. “I’m settled, but here he comes.

“Take him before its too late, mom!” BrainChild yelled to her mother.

At that moment, a hidden component within Miss March’s shoulder armor exploded open with clicks and hisses. She raised her arms and twin shooters appeared from her wrists. BrainChild gives her the coordinates and with no hesitation, March sends small missiles hissing from her shoulders and a salvo of automatic rounds from her wrists. The blasts rip through the home with impudence. “He’s moving towards the entrance, mom. He’s coming straight at your artillery fire. Good lord, is he mad?”

“Yes.” March said matter-of-factly, not letting up on the fire that devastated the front of the home. “GET DOWN!” BrainChild screams as the gargantuan mass of Knox erupted through the front of the house. Debris flew everywhere and March immediately took to the sky.


I take dumps bigger than you!

     Growth: standard (rank 1)


Standing at fourteen feet high, Knox easily ripped a support column from the house. The patio cover collapsed behind him. At once, March unleashed a torrent of destruction upon Knox. Covering his face, his body was plastered with mortar fire. He swung in a blind, wild fury as she easily evaded the pillar. “Ha ha! Child’s play.” BrainChild hooted within the earpiece. “Don’t get cocky girl. This old buzzard has more tricks than you can imagine. Just look.” March pointed at Knox who had already begun to grow even larger. “He’s still absorbing the sound.” BrainChild shouted. With a harsh glance of grim determination, Knox lowered the pillar and took aim at March. She marveled briefly at the now looming Knox. His girth was brimmed with enraged muscle. With a whip of his wrist, he scooped and then flung a handful of nearby bricks from the debris at March. The effort seemed desperate. She flew downward, smoothly avoiding the attack. Using the distraction, he tossed the pillar and sent it spiraling towards March’s descent. “Careful.” BrainChild warns. “I got it.” Her mother returned calmly.

Narrowly ducking the post, she took aim again only to be met with a leaping superman punch from Knox. His fists cover her entire torso. “Gotcha.” They both said in unison, March grunting from the impact. The hit sent March flying backwards, but at the same time, she dropped several small explosives from her armor at the chest of Knox. The explosion rocked the giant man backwards and into his own house. Taking the brunt of the double impact, Knox caved in most of his own house as he tumbled through it.


Get up! Get on your feet and FIGHT!

     Regeneration: supreme (rank 3)


“That’s it! Finish him off mom.” BrainChild screamed enthusiastically. Barely fazed by Knox’s rabid punch, March regained momentum and thrusts in for a second round of fire. Coming in close for a better view, March looked down at her handiwork. Bloody wounds and burns saturated the old man’s body. His eyes were closed in a look of pain. March looked on in shock as she realized that Knox’s face was horribly disfigured from the blast. “Geez mom, I think you killed him.” March laughed quietly, “This old goat is too stubborn to die.” BrainChild giggled in return, “Well, maybe that was a bit of overkill, mom. He looks bad.” BrainChild said with a bit of concern. March touched ground and began to walk towards the colossal man. “Maybe…” She said wearily. As she came within arm length, his impairments began to diminish slightly. As his body shrunk, his wounds began to seal and flesh reformed where once there were major holes. “Maybe not…”

Miss March’s flight systems initiate again as she tried to take flight for another volley. “Mom! His vital signs! Mom, get out of there now!” Before she could react, Knox’s eyes popped open. His face was that of a mad man. Barely a foot off the ground, March was tackled hard by the man-giant who had shrunken to a diminished, yet powerful ten feet. “You’re going to pay for that maggot.” Knox barked, now towering over the woman like a bear. March screamed as his powerful arms trapped hers. Her armor protected her body, but he was too strong for her to break the hold. “You’re a chauvinistic, relic Knox. I can’t believe they let you stay around this long.” She said through clinched teeth. The pair plunged backwards, while Knox positioned himself to slam her against the ground, when suddenly another of March’s wrist weapons popped open. “Let’s get this straight Miss March” He said contemptuously, “I am a goddamn hero. God has a hard-on for heroes. He likes me because I fill his golden gates with plenty of soldiers.” The ground hit March hard as Knox slammed her down and raised his arm to pound her faceplate. “I’m a wrecking ball with napalm fists and howitzer kicks.” He yelled as he beat at her protected face. His fists plummeted to collide with her skull. Quickly, she maneuvered her arm out as his rose away. “I’ve been blessed by Saint David himself to end wars and even scores…” Knox stopped briefly and looked down at his fallen opponent. He clenched both fists into a tight ball overhead,

“This is for destroying my house.” Clang.

“This is for destroying my dreams.” Clang.

“This is for destroying my art.” Clang.

“This is for…”

With a loud resonant whoosh, a concentrated blast of flames ignited from March’s palms. The fire emblazoned the old soldier who immediately dismounted from his prey. March quickly got to her feet and continued to pour on the heat. “Mom!” BrainChild yelled. Disregarding her, March continued to spray Knox with the flamethrower. “Mom! You’re going to kill him!” Hearing her daughter’s plea, March stopped the fire. Knox laid burning and becoming more like a corpse than a man.

A barely audible curse left the lips of Knox as he rose slowly to one knee. His body burned and crackled in flame as he gritted his teeth, treating the flames like a minor annoyance. He turned and walked at a brisk pace towards the side of the house. Confused and amazed at the old man’s resiliency, March gave pursuit. “Come back here Knox. Dammit you old goat, don’t you know when to quit.”

“F#k yo# Irene .” Knox mumbled inaudibly. March barely heard it, but furrowed her brows as she didn't need to hear it to understood the gist of his words.



     Sonics: superior (rank 2)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Area Affect


Following the seared grass, March stopped abruptly as she turned a corner to see Knox standing behind a huge propane tank on the side of the house. “Mom, it’s a trap.” BrainChild yelled too late. Knox smirked beneath burning flames as he stood at a decently safe distance from the tank. Behind him was an equally large water trough for his farm animals. March’s eyes widened in fear as she stood right in front of the tank, “Oh sh…” She began to whisper, but was cut off as with a deep inhale, Knox released a scream with all his might, “DAMN YOU MAGGOTS ALL TO HEEELLL!!!” The sonic waves battered the tank relentlessly until the thin metal casing gave way causing the gas tank to erupt in an almighty explosion. Like a streak of light, Knox was sent hurtling into the massive water trough. It collapsed upon impact and waves of water quenched his burning body. Knox lay slightly dazed; the bad part for him being the impact of the detonation. It hit him like a ton of bricks. In his weakened state, it hurt like the dickens, but he had felt worse. The good part however, was the blaring shockwave of the explosion – glorious sound. Knox smiled as he could already feel his body stitching itself back together. As his body revitalized new flesh and sewed wounds, he then made a plan to escape. Peering towards his feet, he saw Miss March lying in the grass some distance away. She was no idiot; he knew that in her current battered condition she had already called for back up. She was an organizer and her help was never far behind.

This time, March took the brunt of the eruption. Her body hurtled backwards like a ragdoll. Alarms blared within her armor as her body skidded across the grass. “Mom!” BrainChild yelled again, her eyes carefully eyeing the life-signs of her mother’s suit. Seconds later, March was hit with a barrage of sonic attacks all mingled with Knox’s words of hate, “I am a minister of death, an angel of war, I am god’s supreme fist of justice, Miss March. I will turn those pukes you call Dayshift into Dogs of War if it kills me. You can be sure of that.” He limped forward. March blinked dazedly noticing that Knox was missing fingers and large chunks of skin. They were already growing back. Her body though wrapped within the armor was already punished by the explosion and took heavy internal damage from his current sonic onslaught. It rattled her teeth. Her ears rang in pain from the noise. Her insides became nauseated. Her mind was dizzy as her daughter yelled instructions until all at once, the attack halted. Through piercing pain, March opened an eye to see the helicopter taking off and its pilot lying unconscious on the ground beside her. “You’ll see Irene. I’ll forge those kids into soldiers, you mark my words.” Knox said as he made his escape.

“He won’t get far mom. The copter has tracking and I can manually shut it down from…” BrainChild stopped abruptly. “What is it dear?” March whispered stiffly. No sooner than said, several mechanical pieces and parts clattered next to her head, dropped from the helicopter. “Is that what I think it is dear?” March groaned. “Yes mom. That was the tracking system and the manual override.” BrainChild answered, “He’s practically a ghost now. He’s getting away and I can’t track him from here. Can you…?” She begins.

“No. My propulsion systems are smashed all to hell. I can barely hear you. My ears are ringing.” March finished. “I think I’m going to puke.

“I’ve already called in back-up. Hopefully, they can get a bead on him before he gets too far. I’ve got a med-team on the way too, mom.”

“Thanks. You did well, girl.”

There is silence on the other end. Then, “Mom.” BrainChild says.

“Yes dear.” March replied lying on her back in the grass.

“I’m sorry.” Her daughter said softly. “I know you really wanted to stick it to him.”

There is no answer from the other end, only the light, rhythmic thumping of a helicopter exiting into the upper atmosphere and Jimmy Hendricks’s Purple Haze blasting loudly from the helicopter’s cockpit. March watches the plane exit as Knox’s hand emerges from the cockpit window. He folds his fingers, leaving the middle extended.