Lord Fenris Black(Redux)


Gender: Male

Kit: Eldritch

Location: London, The Crooked House


Alignment: Villain

Team: Solo Villain


Strength: weak (rank 0)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: superior (rank 2)

Body: weak (rank 0)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Infamy Points: 0

Personal Wins: 49

Personal Losses: 50

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active

Hugo Fowl

It was a dark time for London’s Occult community. Four of their highest-ranking members had suddenly and inexplicably dropped dead, and for those who have been trained to see, it was obvious that a new player had come about. But who? And why? From the lowest street magician with even a hint of the gift to old and ancient keepers of spells long since forgotten by humanity at large, an aura of fear brought them together in a way that only panic could create. Much as a flock of sheep band together to evade the wolf prowling round about, perhaps hoping that it may pick off one near the edge and spare them in exchange. This continued for at least a week, until a meeting was called and from every corner of Great Britain, connected by the shimmering thread that was magic, they came. Masked as was their custom, with only the higher echelons knowing who was who.... And opulent though their surroundings were, the clink of the false laughter as well as the casual glances at the exits betrayed the anxiety of the people there. Curiously enough, only one of the beings wearing a cat mask there seemed utterly calm to the point that people, drawn to his demeanor came to him to ask what was happening, to which in response his voice would reassure people that everything will be revealed in due time.

An hour later, a voice would raise in passion as in the crowd, a man cried out. “This is unthinkable!” Ignoring his friends efforts to quiet him, he would continue to yell at the crowd.

“Look at us! The most powerful coalition of Magical Practitioners, acting like bleating sheep to the howl of the wolf! Are we not powerful? Despite this new player, he cannot face us all! If we band together, if we stand as one, we will be able to overcome this! And then.....Select new leaders from amongst us! Whose with me!”

Excited beyond belief that someone was taking charge, the masked crowd would cheer the man and excitedly, someone would cry out that this man would be their leader! Basking in the wave of approval, the man would grab his mask and rip it off in a theatrical gesture, revealing himself to be none other then one “James Cutler”, an executive for Quinton Imports and Exports co. A fact which had the crowd cheering him even more at his gesture and making his way to the throne in the middle of the room, he paused as he saw the cat-masked being sitting there calmly and bolstered by the people behind him, he spoke with an imperialistic manner, pointing a finger at the other.

“You there! This meeting is unanimous, and you are on my throne. Remove your person at once!”

The cat-masked being would merely look at the other calmly before he sat up from his casual slouch, examining the other with an air of amusement, which irked James as he spoke, acutely aware of how public this was.

“I say again! Remove yourself from my throne, or suffer the wrath of the Council!”

Silence would reign still before calmly, the being removed his mask himself, letting it drop to the floor as the visage of Lord Fenris Black smiled widely as he stroked a VERY familiar staff that was leaning against the throne. Upon recognizing it, the people around James removed themselves quietly as Black laughed softly.

“Why would I want to leave? I find it extremely comfortable here.....”


Recognizing it himself, James would stutter in shock.

“That's-How did you come by that staff?! By right, it belongs to-”

Black cut off his sentence with an air of obvious amusement, as he continued to regard the man with something of a look that perchance, a hungry lion would give to its next meal.

“-The new Overlord of the Coven? Oh indeed....Your point?”

Beginning to laugh, Black surveyed the crowd and stepped down, the audience parting from him like a shark amongst a shoal of fish as he continued to speak, his gaze fixed upon James.

“It was I who killed the Overlord....I who claimed the lives of his council, and I whom by ancient right have claimed the throne and the title of Overlord myself within this Coven....And indeed, who better? You'll find also that its an ancient law as well, should you care to check the libraries....Though you may have trouble, as the Librarian was amongst those I slew. Nevertheless, if one amongst the Coven can kill the Overlord and claim the staff of Carcaros, then that one becomes the new leader....As you can see, all the requirements have been fulfilled. Is there any who would question that?”

At first, James would be horrified...But to hear how casually Black actually admitted killing off the Overlord as well as the council with some kind of sick joy gave him nerve enough to say the following, a glint of steel in his eyes as he spoke.

“Your mad....Your completely mad! Your dabbling in the Old Magic, when men were nothing more then beasts and thus acted like beasts themselves....Well, I know what I am....I'm not an animal....I'm a man. And like a man, I'm going to put an animal down....Alone if need be.”

And removing his overcoat, he tossed it to the side as well as his hat for greater mobility and inspired, three others would emerge from the crowd to join his side, removing their masks in the process.

Madame J'ovirl, the Voodoo lady of New Orleans whose export companies brought her here more then once. A dusky beauty with a stare of steel.

Jeremy O'Brady, an Irish street magician by day, one of the more powerful druids of the Emerald Island the rest of the time. Normally a happy-go-lucky person, he would be wearing the glare of all those fated to fight the Irish would see.

And finally, Jasper Conner. A Medium who used his abilities to entertain the wealthy and privileged, a wild card perhaps, but if there was one thing he hated, it was necromancers....All four of them, against Lord Fenris Black who grinned widely as he tapped his staff on the floor.

“Well, well....A challenge.”


Staff of Carcaros: Wizards duel.

     Polymorph: standard (rank 1)


Stepping forward, the Irish Druid would snarl and tapping his own staff on the floor, began. Perhaps he wouldn't be able to match in power....But he had a chance of perhaps outsmarting him and he would go first.

"I am a cobra, striking and biting."

And his form would flicker once as a hissing snake lashed out at the figure of Black who countered coolly.

"I am a rock, steadfast and crushing."

"I am a storm, blasting and howling."

"I am the mountain, impassive, unmoving..."

Though both participants were still, the magical energies that fluctuated around their forms were enough for each audience member to stay away as the ground melted around them and electricity crackled. From falcons to dragons, to whales and bears each one would transform until finally Jeremy would speak.

"I am Hope, and what will you be?"

He smiled, tired but elated as he waited for Blacks counter....Only for his eyes to widen in shock as he looked down to see a sword thrust out of his chest as from behind him, a shadow that was one of Blacks familiars cackled as it zoomed back to him.

"I am Oblivion....Yours."

He then looked at the remaining three and gestured.



Staff of Carcaros: Mind Crush

     Mind Control: superior (rank 2)


Enraged, Jasper would come into the arena and speak.

"You monster....I liked Jeremy. Sure, the man and I disagreed a lot, but he was a good man....So you like to play with the dead? Then lets go!"

And without any of the usual cantrips he would show when doing business, he would raise his hands as from around him, he called upon every ghost he could think of, before directing them directly at Black as like a ghastly squadron, they swooped down in an attempt to grab him and rip him to shreds...In response, Black would tap his staff once before holding it aloft as the ghosts suddenly froze....And as one, began to turn to attack Jasper, who yelped as he dispelled them all suddenly.

Black would only snicker, enjoying how his little talent for control managed to extend into his staff as he spoke.

"I think they like me rather then you Jasper....Then again, I always did have a thing for the dead...."

Jasper would snarl, reaching into his jacket as he pointed a pistol at the other, to his probable surprise.

"Then join them!"


And with a semi-anti-climatic thud, Black would fall......


Staff of Carcaros: "Dead" is just a word

     Necromancer: standard (rank 1)


....And to the collected audiences horror, would rise again as Black frowned, looking at his jacket before he spoke.

"You've ruined my best clothing now....We are not amused." And tapping his staff, from the ground numerous zombies would emerge and begin to close in on Jasper, bereft of using his spirits as Black would simply control them, though he went down fighting. Ripped from limb to limb as some of the more smarter members decided to make a hasty exit.

Black would merely smirk at the way they were regarding him now though. The pistol was somewhat surprising, but not unexpected and while learning Necromancy was an excellent way to cheat death, special, custom-made, double-woven chainmail was just as good. His family had many enemies after all and with his resources, could very well afford to pay the price for security.

He then turned to regard the last two, who learning from the others had decided to screw tradition and take him on, two to one.

He smirked.

"Two-nothing. Now...Entertain me."


Staff of Carcaros: Inanimate-Life

     Eldritch Energy: standard (rank 1)


Grinning as the two attempted to take him down, Black cackled with glee as he slammed his staff into the throne and ducked as it leaped over him to charge at James. Meanwhile, as they were distracted, he would stab his staff onto his shadow and watch it come to life, free to take on James before a voice called out from behind him.


He turned, curious....And froze as he saw what the Voodoo lady was holding.


Staff of Carcaros: Anything you can do-

     Reflection: superior (rank 2)


It was a doll. With one of his missing buttons as she spoke, a needle next to it as she spoke.

"Your in my world now Black, skilled as you may be...."

And she stabbed it down into the arm of the doll, causing Black to wince as his corresponding arm twitched. She watched with satisfaction and spoke.

"You can still surrender to our justice Black....Otherwise....."

And she would stab the leg, causing Black to lean heavily on his staff as he limped toward one of the fire braziers. Unsure of what he was trying to do, she would call out.

"Black! I can stab the heart now! I can stab it anytime! Now will you surrender?"

Quietly, Black would look up and speak as he grinned slowly.

"No madame....I don't think I will."

He glanced to the side to look at James and between his shadow and zombies who shambled over to attack, the would-be-leader would be dead. Looking back at J'ovirl, he would speak.

"Now then....Watch closely now." And keeping eye contact, he stuck his hand into the fire....Prompting the doll to burst into flames as he laughed at her shocked reaction, withdrawing his hand unscathed as he walked forward and stepped onto the burning doll, grinding it underfoot as he spoke.


And without any ceremony, he slew Madame J'ovirl as well. The last man standing amongst some of the better names of magic in the room, the silence so acute it may very well have been tangible as he spoke, turning to the rest.

"Now then....I understand there was some question of leadership?"

Immediately, every knee bowed.