--- This page a waste of space on the web since 1996! ---

Short version: This page was created as a strange tribute to the character Callisto from the T.V. Show Xena: Warrior Princess as played by actress Hudson Leick.

Long Version: Deprived of female companionship for too long, I see this hot chick in a leather bikini on T.V waving a sword around and I decide I will make a website tribute to her instead of doing homework.

Got'a get the Disclaimer in here: "Callisto" is the property of Renaissance Pictures, MCA TV and Hades exclusively. Callisto was produced in conjunction with Xena Enterprises, which made sure it burned Callisto's village to the ground, hence making her what she is today. The relation of Callisto to any other demonic, re-animated, screaming, villianous, sword-weilding psycho wenches from hell who have risen to become goddesses either living, dead or undead, is probably co-incidental. I'm not sure really.

The Stuff on this Callisto Site

A Brief History of the Callistoverse - A brief history of Hudson Leick / Callisto pages on the Internet.

Callisto's Comics - Basically, altered screenshots depicting Callisto interacting with other T.V. characters produced on a pretty crappy image editor.

Hercules Comics - Gallery of altered screenshots depicting Hercules interacting with other T.V. characters produced on a pretty crappy image editor.

Callisto's Battle Circle - (AKA The Comic Book Universe Battles). Vote driven duke out between various Fantasty and Sci-Fi characters as viewed by callisto.

Callisto as a contender

Other Xena Related Crossover Battles

Callisto as an Arena Sports Caster

Warp Xena's Face Thingy - A little visual image distorter to play with.

The Xena-Civ Civilization II Game Conversion - For Civilization II. These files completely transform your CIV II game into the adventures of Herk and Xena in Ancient Greece.

The Xenaverse - Just one cool pic, one sound and one link for each major Xena related character.

Callisto Links - Relatively up to date (I Hope) links to other Callisto pages. Also, Webrings and Awards this page has won.

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