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Played By: ThreeDark

GrayMalkin by ThreeDark

TEAM: Sentinels

SECTOR: Industrial

KIT CLASS: Arcane Lore

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 9 wins!

Brutal - 1 fatalaties!

Fight Record
League Wins: 9
League Losses: 3
Out Of League Wins: 0
Out of League Losses: 0
Total Wins: 9
Total Losses: 3
Hunted - Win 0-0
The End is Near - Win 0-0
Moustache Joe - Win 0-0
Hellseeker - Win 0-0
Empty Dust - Win 0-0
Maddoc - Win 0-0
Nathan Moebius - Loss 0-0
Shintou Fairy - Loss 0-0
GrimSpire - Win 0-0
Emerald Nyght - Win 0-0
Honorable Shadow - Win 0-0
Aoi Kitsune - Loss 0-0

It had been close, if not more than, a year since GrayMalkin had first set foot inside SLJ HQ. He still held Lodging there, he had pets to worry about and all. His Stint in the FPL itself, however, had been just as long ago but much shorter. Unfortunately he had been ousted from the Arenas Roster because of some rather insane Glitch in the mainframe's system. Some also attribute this glitch to the later arrival of the Non-Character known as Nothing., but that's another story altogether. GrayMalkin, aka Earl Gray, had now been a part of the actual SLJ for a year...but since he had unfortunately not been a part of the 'official roster' had never been sent on any missions or the like. He had to change this. So he reentered. Only to be outrageously rejected because of unlikely background. "There's no such thing as a good Vampire" they said "Noone would believe that." Dejected Gray sat in his room on the fifth floor of the SLJ HQ, staring at his pet gold fish, Wanda. That's when the explosion rocked the building. It wasn't an Explosion in the HQ, that would be next to impossible. This was outside...Two...no...Three blocks down. Running as fast as he could Gray got to the scene of the Accident. Someone had literally blown up Khazan Second Intercontinental Trusts and Loans Bank with devastating results. He helped where he could, but there was little to be done. Only the superhuman's working in the building would survive this, if that. This wasn't a Marauder Job, whoever had done this had not been after the money. He doubted the LoTMU, even they weren't this cruel. No, this was most likely Fallen activity. They cared nothing for life. There were SLJ everywhere, doing what they could but...they seemed disjointed and detached from the situation. As if they were only there because it was there job...This wasn't just a Job...And by Golly, Gray decided that it was his place to show everyone that. Be they Hero, Villain, or Civilian! Human, Superhuman, Meta, and Supernatural alike! There was more to this than just Saving Lives! It was about Caring about the lives being saved!


Personality: GrayMalkin, the Goodie Goodie vampire. An Unlikely thing in and of itself Gray has not only achieved a greater understanding of life itself in his unlife but in fact has transcended the normal taboos and is himself an enlightened creature. Sunlight, Fire, Holy Symbols and Great Faith do him no more harm than they would any human because he is, technically, human again. Only...Not. Violence is not his thing, he likes Pranks but not the ones where people get hurt, just the ones where everyone laughs in the end. Those and the ones used to humble those on too high a horse. Brutality is not a good thing because brutality disregards life, tooth and claw are the old way.... Blood Bags are cool cause they're like Capri Suns...but with blood. Oooh! Pretty!




Weak BELOW normal human strength -
can bench press 50 pounds (maybe).


Superior This fighter can dodge, weave and move
with the grace of an Olympic gymnast.


Standard Normal human endurance. Mind:


Standard Normal human mental resources.

See With Your Mind

Being a Vampire has it's downsides, but then you have to remember the cool powers that come with the blood. Aura Reading, Enhanced Visual Acuity, Clairvoyance... that kinda thing is par for the course. The ability to "Expand ones mind beyond the modern boundaries of the mortal coil" as one of his old friends once described it. Simple thing realy, a little push here... little burn there... boom. The world opens up to you. You know where you are because the land whispers in your mind. You can feel... see... sense the emotions of those around you... Every single thing becomes clearer. Simple trick, very very useful. Especially for that little 'uh-oh' feeling it puts at the back of your neck when something bad is coming your way...

Not With Your Eyes

  • Power: Blending
  • Level:Superior
  • Kit Power Link: Arcane Lore
Another good trick to learn to use when you're a vampire is how to Hide. Shadows. Plain Sight. It doesn't matter, just as long as there's somewhere to hide. Don't move and you'll be fine. Move and you'll be seen. But Gray knows how to sit still and wait. Gray is good at waiting. Gray waited for two months for his first fight before he was told he wasn't on the roster anymore. When Gray wants to disappear Gray disappears. Shadows go out of their way to cover him up... or people just... don't notice him at all. Nifty.

Speak No Evil

When Gray decided to tell the world that a Hero's job is never done he meant it literally. The most nonviolent way he figured was to talk to people about it. It's no wonder he was a Libra. Villains he berates for their evil acts. Heroes he berates for their not acting like true Heroes. Also, when and if he feels that an opponent has not deserved a Berating he likes to pull pranks of varying sorts on them. Pies to the face... whoopie cushions... you name it Gray can have it by his side and at his use in seconds flat. Anything that can encite a smile from anyone and everyone. Gray feels that by making someone say they're sorry... or getting them to Smile just for the sake of Smiling he has won. And who's gonna tell the boy he's wrong?

Bean Stalk

Unfortunately for Gray his Curse came with another Curse. You see, Gray isn't completely Sane... not in the natural sense of the word that is. He's still functional, Highly functional in fact. It's just that... Plants talk to him. Some people call it a "Selective form of Schizophrenia" others say that the Plants actually do Talk. It really doesn't matter who's right and who's not, Gray has long since learned to live with it. He finds that the most Intelligent plants are the Ferns and the Cacti. Trees coming in a close second, vines and varying forms of flowering swamp plants third, and everything else usually a far off fourth. Domesticated Agricultural Flora tends to be much less talkative and is usually rather stupid from all the 'inbreeding' genetic manipulation and all. Or they could just be biding their time in order to eventually take over the world... At leas that's what Gray thinks... But you'd be hard pressed to get him to say it aloud... "The Corn has Ears!"


A Trick picked up on his final jaunt on his home earth Gray has the ability to turn into a puddle of Blood. Yes, Blood... and No this does not mean he can drink himself, that's just sick. Truth be told it's really become quite the reactionary response. If someone swings to hit him, more often than not... just before the hit connects Gray is a Puddle. Very handy indeed. Of course, some of the crueler of the new SLJ have 'learned' to carry around large sponges before attempting to get into fights with Gray... Not that it does them much good because as soon as they try something like that Gray just fusses at them in that sweet, innocent, Goodie Goodie Vamp voice and they feel like utter dirtbags. Respect yo elders!

Runnin Malk

When all Hell breaks loose Run Far, Run Fast. That's one of Gray's mottoes. Not that he's one to get goin when the goin gets tough, just that he knows there are those who are better equipped to handle things of said nature than he. And it be best if he get out of the way as fast as he can. He lets those who do their job well do them, that's the sign of a true team member. Team members don't play heroics, they play smart. Being a true hero is about caring and about being part of the team, not about being a one man show for your own glory...

Red Rubber Gray

Gray's ability to Get out of the way Fast is well complimented by his ability to move very gracefully. Gray has both a natural grace and a skill in the matter, it helps when one is not about beating up an opponent as much as not being beat up by one. Bouncing around like a red rubber ball... or some other toy that does the same thing. Slinky is a good analogy, not to mention a classic toy. Gray enjoys the simpler things in life, like Slinky's. Freedom is always just a Hop, Skip, and a 360 backwards Summersault away. Well... maybe not quite a 360, but still. It's all the same. Get away Fast, and get away with Style. It helps to be able to dodge large fireballs and not just outrun them... Especially when you pissed off the guy throwing them with an off comment about how he feels dejected by his parents because he chose to destroy worlds and not become a dentist. Yae, that's the life of a true SLJer. Never give up, never surrender, and always be in it for the Good Fight and not just the Glory.

Disciplinary Action

  • Power: Spellcraft
  • Level:Supreme
  • Seeker This attack hunts and follows its target.
  • Ranged and Melee Attack! Attack is equally effective at range and up close.
  • Weakness: Not usable in terrain Khazan Mall
There are times when yelling is not enough. There are times when the Villain's heart is too black for the light to find. Times when the supposed hero is too entrenched in his own fantasy of right and wrong to see the truth of his action. These times call for drastic measure. These times call on the power hidden deep within Gray's blood. Abilities far beyond those of any human for sure. Ever since he had attained his gracious state of purity something clicked in his undead blood, something unlocked. Power beyond power became his, but never has he ever used it. Until now. Here, among the topmost rungs of the elite. Here is where the darkest hearts and most corrupt minds settle, along with the greatest heroes. Only now will he allow himself to use the powers of his blood in actual combat. Vicious claws sprout from his fingers, Undead blood becomes poison, Spirit wolves appear and attack at whim... All of the above and then some. The ONLY time he will hold himself back is if he in the presence of many Innocents...