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Emerald Nyght
Played By: Dragoon T

Emerald Nyght by Dragoon T

TEAM: Sentinels

SECTOR: Uptown

KIT CLASS: Everyman

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 10 wins!

Brutal - 2 fatalaties!

Fight Record
League Wins: 10
League Losses: 3
Out Of League Wins: 0
Out of League Losses: 0
Total Wins: 10
Total Losses: 3
Frost - Win 0-0
Red - Win 0-0
Jonas Rennur - Win 0-0
Dev Sabbath - Win 0-0
Marc Dollar - Loss 0-0
Taemonist - Win 0-0
The Skene - Win 0-0
The Victorian - Win 0-0
Tanrei Hikitsu - Win 0-0
GrayMalkin - Loss 0-0
Shintou Fairy - Win 0-0
Mr. Hero - Win 0-0
Aoi Kitsune - Loss 0-0

Nyght reclined on the sofa in Landons apartment, gloating over how her latest plan had worked. Pretend to enter the FPL along with the rest of the guys and then pull out, thus having the apartment all to herself and getting the bonus of watching all of them get their ass kicked by Vastly more powerful opponents. A Two for One deal as it were. And thus Nyght did what she did Best(and what, it can be argued, the COMING as a whole did best): Slack. Slack Slack Slack. That and mooch Landon's food, but that's normal anyway. And after a few days of it, it got boring. Really boring. Sounds scary I know..slacking becoming boring. But well..there was no one around to beat up. And thus Nyght was rather caught off guard by the note at the door. "Come and face me like a Girl if you can drag yourself out of your Corner Nyght" it said. Word to the wise: A Guarenteed way to tick off Nyght is to call her a girl. Ticking off Nyght Bad. VERY Bad. Well, okay..Nyght WAS a girl if you just looked at her. It wasn't HER fault the Powers that Be stuck her in a Female Body instead of a male one. How were they supposed to know a Male was capable of creating Female characters. Glitch in the system indeed. *Humph*...Err..I mean...Well..Nyght's harbored a grudge ever since then. Umm..where was I before I degernerated into semi-pointless backstory? Oh yeah, the Challenge Note. Well, It got Nyght really ticked off(Not that it takes much to do that to begin with) and, coupled with her boredom of slacking, she decided she might as well answer the Challenge. The Fact that she had to enter the FPL and thus, possibly, get PAID for beating up people, helped cement her Decision. No Fancy Gimmicks, no Beefy Upgrades. Nothing special, nothing diffrent. Just 100% Pure Mallet Weilding Nyght in a bad mood! The Challenge awaits, and after that the FPL as a whole. Khazan beware!!


Personality: Nyght grumbled as she looked at the Registration form. Why'd she have to describe her personality. SOMETHINGs are personal you. Scribbling in 'Secretive and Mysterious, No one knows' because she knew it'd tick someone off, Nyght slapped the paper on the Secretarys desk and stalked off. On the way some poor guy tripped and ripped part of her Favorite Evangelion Shirt. "BAKA BAKA BAKA!" She cried as she tossed him out the window. Continuing on Nyght growled under he breath. This was turning into a fine day alright...a fine day for Someone Else!




Standard Normal human strength.Agility:


Superior This fighter can dodge, weave and move
with the grace of an Olympic gymnast.


Superior Hardy.
Takes punishment like a heavyweight fighter or wrester.


Standard Normal human mental resources.


  • Power: Earth Quake
  • Level:Ultimate
  • Area Effect This attack causes damage in a large area.
  • Seeker This attack hunts and follows its target.
  • Ranged and Melee Attack! Attack is equally effective at range and up close.
Nyght looked in her closet as she got back the apartment. Well, her Closet being that Dimensonal Vortex known as 'Hammerspace'. "This stint will require alittle something special...abit more then your standard Baka Mallet.." Nyght mumbled to herself as she rummaged around. A Pair of socks, Some ABC Gum, An unopened package of Twinkies, 3 rubber balls, a half eaten sandwich, her Manga collection...Err..what? It's called Hammerspace for a Reason? Baka! Who said you coulden't use it for something else. *Gets hit by some random object as Nyght digs deeper down* "AHA! Found it!" Nyght squealed with Delight as she yanked out the handle of Something BIG. REAL Big. VERY VERY Big! Big enough that as she pulled it out all the way it knocked the roof off the building. She frowned and closed her eyes, reducing it a more manageable size. As the On-Call Repairmen that the landlord hired after 3 months of the COMING boarding there started to work, Nyght grinned evily over her prize. Now it was nothing more innocuous as a Small, petit Size Golden Mallet, but she could easily enlargen it to it's normal size. And since she was the Choosen Weilder, she had no problem hefting it around either. Whoever sent her that Challenge was in for a shock, because Nyght is betting they've never been on the Business end of MALLET-SAMA before!!!


After fishing out Mallet-Sama and giving it a few practice swings(To the woe of the Next Door neighbors) Nyght thunked down at the table and pulled out a pack of Flashcards. "Okay..time to go over Countermeasures" She flipped the first card out. 'Overly Large Chi Blast' it read. Almost as soon as Nyght slapped it on the table she had said outloud 'Get out of the way and throw a Rock'. Next Card: Magical Girl. "Hit them while their transforming". Next Card: Mecha. "Cut the Power source off". And So on and On.

Chicks dig that Type of Guy..

  • Power: Pheremones
  • Level:Standard
  • Auto-Hit This mental attack hits the target automatically, but may or may not effect them.
We've all heard that Girls dig guys in tune with their Feminine Side..Right? Well..Nyght's about as in tune with the Feminine side of things as you can get and well..I think you get the picture. Girls that know Nyght is a guy(and It's pretty common now. That Baka Gray Malkin is about the only who who dosen't know)and are just..well..naturally attracted to him. *Knocking on the door* Huh? No..I'm not named Poe. Implied Lesbian Yuri Scenes? Err..Umm..I really think you have the wrong address...

Body Shield!

Remember that Gray guy I was talking about? The ONLY one on Khazan who dosen't know Nyght is a Guy trapped in a Girls body? Well, the Baka is head over heels in love with her. I told you he was insane. And, even though the rules prohibit it, he always gets involved in a match. Not that Nyght ever gives him the chance to DO anything! She usually just tosses him in the line of whatever is being fired at her at the time being. He makes a surprisingly good body shield, so he isn't COMPLETLY useless.

Goodie Goodie Gray

Oh..did I mention that Gray is GRAY MALKIN? Yeah..that Goodie Goodie Vampire that joined the SLJ recently. Lucky for Nyght he's Immortal. Really. He reforms from whatever Nyght does to him. Back when they had the Giant COMING-Bot they dropped a Burger Barn on him..He was back in 5 minutes trying to get Nyght to feed him French Fries. Nyght punted him into orbit: He Ricocheted off a Deathmoon and landed 5 feet in front of her. The Durn Vamp's about as resilant as they come. All the better for Nyght I suppose. Immortal Love Sick Vampires make GREAT Decoys...

Rememberances of Past Glorys

This IS, sorta, the creator of Elwin we're talking about here. One of the Most Agile and Graceful competitors the FPL/AoC has ever known. While Nyght isn't nearly on par with her, Since she was(In a way) Responsible for her moves in the first place she can't HELP but practice a few herself. She won't win any awards, but in the thick of things it can really make a diffrence! ph33r Her Not Really Unbelievable Powers of Avoidance!

Crouching Nyght Hidden Mallet

Nyght grinned evily to herself. THIS was an interesting bit of info. She had managed to track down the place where the Challenge was going to happen! "I'll show that Baka who their messing with!" She cackled to herself as she set up a good hiding spot. Of course..the means that used this time COULD be applied to all her matches...

The Speed of Bop

Nyght ended the Kata with a sigh of releif. You woulden't THINK bopping took alot of effort, but the truly GREAT boppers of the world all practiced their skills from time to time. And It's starting to pay off to boot. She was quickly approching the pinnacle of excellence, what Anime Females refer to in Hush Whispers as 'The Speed of Bop', that fabled Strike where the Female pulls out the Mallet, whacks the offender, and has it back in it's resting posistion before one could blink. But more Practice was nesscary. Luckily the Morisato Boy was nearby....

Anime Sense!

  • Power: Radar
  • Level:Standard
Nyght's eyes shot to the side suddenly, as if she had been struck with an idea. Over..the right..beyond the wall. She sensed something. The cleric at the desk wiped the bullets of sweat from forehead. 'I ask again Baka...Do you or do you not have the new Gundam series in?' Nyght's gaze could slice a man in half. The cleric nervously looked to a notice the manager had posted, warning about selling to this green haired one. 'No Ma'am...we do not' And then the Clerk reliazed his mistake. NEVER call Nyght 'Ma'am'. Nyght's mallet was out in a flash, posed over his head. 'Don't lie to me little man! I KNOW the Gundam Shipment arrived today...It's in the back room...You can't hide it from me! Now COUGH IT UP!' The Clerk scrambled around for a moment, and then came out with the heavy box. Nyght hefted it up and stowed it into hammerspace, walking out with a smile. Of course, said Sense isn't just applied to Reluctent Anime stores...If something reeks enough of or is related to Anime, you can be sure that Nyght already knows about it!

The Baka-Mobile!

  • Power: Vehicle
  • Level:Standard
  • Weakness: Not usable in terrain Steel Cage
Naanananananaananaan...BAKA GIRL! Errr...well maybe not. A Momento of one of the COMING's Misadventures, where they ended up fleeing a Giant Wave of Mutated Coffie casued by the explosion of a Java Hut which happened during the Massive 4 way between the Giant Bucket of Popcorn, Giant-Ringnifti, Super Mushroom powered Gray and a Nyght-piloted SDRBRF..er..where was I? Oh yeah...well, they ended up fleeing the ensuing wave of coffie on a bunch of Lee-conjured Go-Karts(Lets not even go into what happened after..), and well, Nyght kept hers. Affectionatly nicknaming it the Baka-Mobile, and using it when she dosen't feel like hoofing it in Khazan. Of course, it's really just a Go-Kart, although it does some armor plating on it, and it IS Kinda Fast...for a Go-Kart. Not that there'd be much point in driving it in the Steel Cage =p