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The Rewriters
Played By: Devin

The Rewriters by Devin

TEAM: The Syndicate

SECTOR: Uptown

KIT CLASS: Empathy

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 11 wins!

Brutal - 1 fatalaties!

Fight Record
League Wins: 8
League Losses: 3
Out Of League Wins: 3
Out of League Losses: 3
Total Wins: 11
Total Losses: 6
Kamekamikaseki - Win 11-6
Ego - Win 14-4
Gyoldriel - Win 11-8
Katsuya Shinomori - Win 13-12
Dicey Morton - Win 15-10
The Racing Sumos - Loss 13-14
Superego - Win 11-9
Try Honesty - Loss 10-13
Whiplash Smile - Win 16-13
Fujiko Nanohana - Win 11-10
Fujiko Nanohana - Win 12-8
Missy No-Frills - Loss 9-16
The Dark Time Wizard - Win 15-7
The Marriage-Ruining Robot - Loss 5-16
Hell's Bookie - Loss 9-14
Scarlett "Scar" Swarr - Loss 7-8

Sometimes, someone you're fighting just sucks. I mean sucks. You can't even finish their back story without thinking "How many ways can people create a black mage until we all join hands and protest the unoriginality?" Or sometimes, you're staring down a great character, a classic, monument to the ages...but they're ridiculously overpowered. If they don't fry your mind, they'll destroy the planet type. And that can get old, sometimes, too. That's where these guys come in. Meyakuzushi and Jerry, the Rewriters. They call themselves Marauders because only the Marauders approve what they do. They take anyone, from the best of the best to the worst of the worst, and change them. Got someone in need of a little spice in their fighting style? Meyakuzushi is all about a few stylish moves for your killer ensemble of technique! How about you forget your old history? Jerry's a creative guy, he'll fix you up to be fascinating! And your body needs more work than a gym can offer? Believe me, they'll whip you into shape-a whole NEW shape, in just minutes! Make an appointment today and begin a NEW YOU!


Personality: You wanna know more about Meyakuzushi and Jerry? Well, what is there to know? They're two guys working a desk job every day, but it's a fun one. All they ever do is sit and stew over new ways to insert powers and past history on some old favorites and new...not-so-favorites. Then they go out and recruit people to come in, sign a waiver, and be rewritten! Sometimes, the people want to, sometimes it takes convincing. But each one gets a new life and abilities. Do they have to be original? Yes. Do they have to be cool? Usually. Do they have to be effective? No. But then again, who needs to be a good fighter if you're an original restyling by...the Rewriters!




Weak BELOW normal human strength -
can bench press 50 pounds (maybe).


Weak BELOW normal human agility.
Slow and uncoordinated.


Weak BELOW normal human endurance.
Goes down easy and stays there.


Superior Highly educated and ingenious.
A smart cookie.

5 Minute Session

  • Power: Mind Control
  • Level:Ultimate
  • Kit Power Link: Empathy
  • Auto-Hit This mental attack hits the target automatically, but may or may not effect them.
"So, who is it today, Jerry?" "Um...let's see here...ah, Laertes the Demon-bane. He's got a holy blade, the ability to heal himself and others, demon-smiting powers..."What a bland, bland power set! EVERY paladin has those!" "Oh, it gets better. He is called by the Holy Lord to smite those who dare to stand against His edicts, bringing fear to the hearts of the sinful. Boooooooring!" "Shall we call him in?" "Well, he doesn't think he needs an appointment...but we know better, don't-" A loud crash is heard as Laertes smashes down the door. "Prepare for the afterlife, hellspawn!" "Whoa whoa whoa, hellspawn? Prepare for the afterlife? Your lines are tired and weak!" "Not to mention that blade...come on, man, EVERY Judeo-Christianish hero is using the broadsword nowadays, it's cliche!" "...no it isn't, I mean...I SHALL DESTROY YOU!" "*sigh* Meyakuzushi, he doesn't get it, man. That's the third 'I SHALL DESTROY YOU' I heard today." "...really?" "You bet, Laertes. Jerry's not making that up. And, seriously, body armor? Lemme guess...the Holy Lord's Valor?" "No, the Protector of the Saints..." "WHAT saints, man? All of you paladins are citing these 'saints' left and right, and who are they? The last good saint was the Saint of Pizza Delivery, and I doubt you're protected by a pie-wielding person." "Well...no. I guess I'm not as cool as I had hoped." "Jack Michaelson has you beat in originality, and he's horrible." "Not to mention his atrocious powers, Jerry." "Can you help me?" "Sure, but remember: Our services will leave you with a fake memory of your past, a morphed body, and new powers. In order to do this legally, we need you to sign this waiver to prevent lawsuit should you be unhappy." "A waiver over my life?! That's WAY against my principles!" "Fine, be lame." "*Sigh* You're right. Hand me that pen."

The Rewriting Process Part One

  • Power: Polymorph
  • Level:Ultimate
  • Kit Power Link: Empathy
"So, then, Laertes, I like the name, but too...oh, Middle Ages. Khazan needs a new twist on your profession! Some new blood! I'm thinking...Zryx ver. 9! The Cyborg Paladin!" "A cyborg paladin? That is lame." Ok Zryx, you're gonna be a female paladin as well!" "WHAT?!" "Jerry's right, Zryx-" "Laertes." "Sorry, it's Zryx now. Anyways, Laertes reminds me of a strapping male type paladin-that's what people expect. A cyborg female...who's a paladin? THAT's new." "I guess so..." "Good. We'll do the shapeshifting and all when the details are set. Now then, Zyrx, I LIKE the paladin idea...we keep it. But-hear me out-what about a paladin with dual Dollarcorp laser-guided semi-automatic plasma pistols...blessed by Myarg." "Myarg?" "The god you'll believe to serve. We can't REALLY create a Myarg, but we can make you believe in one, and think He blessed your weapons. Oh, and we can't rewrite the past, but we'll let you remember a new one. You parents were slave traders-not slaves, that's a tired theme-who were killed in, hmm, I'm thinking a tidal wave on vacation at the ocean-it's new. You, however, were in the gift shop by Myarg's will, who you now swear allegiance to. So you want to smite those who oppose Myarg." "I guess I can try it." "Meyakuzushi, the powers, please?" "Certainly, Jerry. I like the pistols idea-I LOVE the pistols idea-but you need some regeneration-maybe a bio enhancement? You are a cyborg." "Why am I?" "To better serve Myarg." "Good idea, Jer. Now, you also have an interstellar spaceship to find those who wish to depose Myarg anywhere." "Umm, it seems farfetched." "What? A holy cyborg? This, THIS is who the kids wanna root for! This would be GOLD to an SLJ recruiter! The Fallen would FEAR this kinda guy...or, in your case Zyrx, girl!" "I guess so..."

The Rewriting Process Part Two

  • Power: Matter Animation
  • Level:Supreme
  • Ranged and Melee Attack! Attack is equally effective at range and up close.
"So, then, let's review. You were Laertes the Demon-bane, a mediocre paladin with a broadsword, generic armor, and *yawn* healing. NOW you're gonna be Zyrx, cyborg paladin and servant of Myarg who travels THROUGH SPACE...and you know what, through TIME as well, to battle the evil clans of Jeorba, the god who opposes Myarg. You'll be the best female paladin ever, with your regen and your spaceship and your really cool blessed plasma pistols! Why, this is a classic." "You know, it is kind of catchy. Zyrx...man, that IS cool! But do I have to be a woman?" "Yes, Jerry's making you female is an extra cool twist. Plus, you must be well-endowed. You'll lose the 18-to-24 crowd without a nice body, you know." "I can understand, yeah, I guess I see." "Hey, don't sound all down. These things will work, Zyrx! You'll have the best powers in all of...what's your district?" "Uptown." "...well, it'll be Science Sector now...in all of the Science Sector! No one will support Jeorba once they know Zyrx is here to smite in Myarg's name! It'll be classic! You'll save millions." "And how do we seal this deal then, fellas?" "A handshake, Zyrx, a handshake." Laertes stood from his seat, reaching out first to Jerry's, then Meyakuzushi's hand. As he shook with them, his sword melded into plasma pistols, his body armor to cybernetic enhancements. He could tell that his healing had changed its methods, perhaps to the aforementioned regeneration. And his overall anatomy...well, he was now a she. But, more importantly, she remembered her parent's passing and the blessing of Myarg. Jeorba HAD to have been behind it, and she'd have her revenge yet. Zyrx looked Jerry in the eye. "Where's my ship?" "Well, someone commandeered it and gave it to Marty's Spaceship Sales in Lowtown. You better get it back, I think he may be working for Jeorba." Zyrx cocked both the Pistols of Myarg. "I will." As she stormed out the door, Meyakuzushi had to laugh. "Marty's?" "Hey, he owes me 50 credits. I say he can deal with this."