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The Humble
Played By: ReInsane

The Humble by ReInsane

TEAM: Solo Hero

SECTOR: Uptown


Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 wins!

Brutal - 1 fatalaties!

Fight Record
League Wins: 8
League Losses: 3
Out Of League Wins: 0
Out of League Losses: 0
Total Wins: 8
Total Losses: 3
Mr. Samson - Win 0-0
Lincoln Matthews - Win 0-0
Temptation - Win 0-0
Styphon - Loss 0-0
General E. Presley - Win 0-0
General Knowledge - Win 0-0
Page - Loss 0-0
One Million Total - Win 0-0
Captain Oro - Loss 0-0
Rodimal Ensei - Win 12-6
Segur Agrippa - Win 9-8

How many days has it been? What is my name? Who are you? I cannot find it in myself to remember... How did I learn the tongue that I speak in? I know not of anything... Why do you stare at me such? Am I so amusing that you must mock my every motion with a following of your eye? I must appear horrible to you. For what else would tempt you to mock me so? You do not mock me, you say? Then what is it that you look at? Is what you see before you a man? Or is it simply an amusement? Why do you judge me by what I choose to show to you? I am a man. Do I not deserve respect? Does a man need a past to be appreciated? For if not, then you need not respect me. I may have a past but it has been sucked from me, like the nectar of a sweet flower. I beg of you, please stop your taunting, for I have no desire to harm you, it is not my intention. I seek only myself. But in doing so I have found you. I ask but one thing of you, what is my appearance? Am I a strong man? Am I a pitiful wretch? For whatever I am I must be a sight, for you mock me so with your eyes. I am not here to fight you, do you not see? I am simply here to show you. What am I to show you? Do you not know yourself? Do you not see the power that you hold? Is that power what I have come for? No, I am here to show you something of the power you hold. For I know one thing, you have grown too valiant. I am here to show you what it means to lose everything, and gain the world. If my speakings confuse you, they confuse me also. For I cannot see how I can show you something of your power while I know nothing of myself. But in doing so, I shall find what I am. I shall quench my thirst for knowledge of myself by revealing you. What, you shall defeat me? In defeating me, what is there to gain? There is nothing, there is only loss. For I am here to show you the way, the only way to use your power. I shall give you the blessing of The Humble.


Personality: My thoughts? What are they? I cannot tell you for sure, for they are foreign to me. I cannot fully reach my mind. It is as if I have lost contact with the world which I should be most familiar. Do you enjoy that? For I know nothing, but yet I can show you everything. It is not to my whim that I help you, I do not want to help you; I am forced to do so. I once held power like your own. You do not believe me? I know not of the power I had. But I know that it was once there, for a man's mind may not remember, but this wretch's body does. I remember power so great...I remember something else, the letters...D-F-P-L... But that is not of the matter. I have been cast down to show you your inner power as well as how to hone your outer power. I shall humble you.




Weak BELOW normal human strength -
can bench press 50 pounds (maybe).


Weak BELOW normal human agility.
Slow and uncoordinated.


Standard Normal human endurance. Mind:


Weak BELOW normal human mental power.
Not the sharpest tack in the drawer.

The Blessing Of The Humble I

  • Power: Force Field
  • Level:Ultimate
  • Reinforced Defenses Defense blocks Armor Piercing attacks.
"I shall humble you" Those are the words you hear from him. You cannot bear that this wretch is threatening you. You shall show him that you are not to be toiled with. You will strike him. You move towards him, the anger rushing out now, almost an energy in its pureness. As the blow is about to be delivered, you stop. You cannot harm this wretch...what is there to be gained from hurting him? Your power is too great to be used on such as him. It's as if there is a wall there, something your mind has created, surrounding you. You cannot bring yourself around the wall. It is not of you to realize what has happened. It is not of you to realize that you are being humbled.

The Blessing Of The Humble II

You suddenly realize..."Why do I not strike this wretch, He is not worth the space that he keeps" You decide to attack. It is not in you to disobey the feral rage that overtakes your body. You release a blow, you are about to strike the man. You cannot, for the love of yourself, you cannot. It is not in you to try to attack this man...Perhaps in your rage you decided to allow the man to live...but what was once only anger against the man is now gone. It is above you to harm this poor innocent wretch. For he must not know what has happened within you. He must not know that the wall has regained its hold over you, you cannot surpass it. He may keep a grim look upon his face, but it is only out of fear of your power, it must be, for how could he know that you cannot strike him? You are being humbled.

The Blessing Of The Humble III

The wall means nothing to you anymore. You scream in rage "I SHALL NOT BE HUMBLED!" He does not move. You rush to attack him. You strike out at him, you cannot hit him, the wall takes your blow. You feel a pang of pain strike you. It is not the wretch, he is not fast enough to strike you. You look for an attacker. But you cannot find one. You strike again, this time harder than the last time. Again you cannot hit the man for some reason. You again feel a pang of pain. It hurts so that you realize that it was with the same force you threw your last blow. You strike again, equally intense. The feeling of pain lashes out like a snake. You do not realize that the pain is not from the man. But from the now set-in power that you have been given. You are being humbled.

The Blessing Of The Humble IV

  • Power: Damage Shield
  • Level:Superior
  • Kit Power Link: Avatar
  • Area Effect This attack causes damage in a large area.
  • Armor Piercing This attack ignores normal defenses which are not Reinforced.
It is too much to bear. You have learned the hard way not to attack the wretch. But no matter how docile you remain, you cannot avoid the pangs of pain. It is no longer a retaliation for attacks you delivered, it is constant punishment. You can no longer take the immense pain that this...not a wretch...that this thing is causing to you... You pound against the wall, you look for a way around it, there is none. You scream. It is to no avail. You are simply no match for the wretch. You have failed. It is not of you choice to stop, but of the wretch's choice. You have been humbled.

The Curse Of The Humble

  • Power: Psychic Vampire
  • Level:Superior
  • Auto-Hit This mental attack hits the target automatically, but may or may not effect them.
  • Area Effect This attack causes damage in a large area.
  • Melee Attack Attack usable only hand to hand.
The wretch...he's done something to you...You can't comprehend what he's done. The feeling is overwhelming, you feel yourself losing the valiance you once had, it is almost happiness, but not quite. The wretch simply stands where he was; his expression is the same, grim and yet, somehow caring. You look about him, nothing is different. You are the one who has changed. But yet he seems different, in his eyes, yes, it's his eyes...the expression is no longer questioning, but simply knowing. You try to comprehend, but for some reason you cannot bring yourself to understand what has happened. As you scream in your ineptitude, the wretch glances towards you. The words could not be from him, but you hear them, "In finding you, I shall reveal my past." The understanding comes. To be humble is to lose all, but gain the world.