Rough Justice



Captain: Greasy_Rat_Basterd


Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0


Alignment: hero

Location: Memphis, operates any time, anywhere


Johnny Lee Powers, aka Rockabilly

When sh*t hits the fan, even the heroes gotta get mean.


Raw justice. That's the plain and simple line for this team. No bureaucracy, no bull. Just get ready to administer some heavy justice when it comes down to it. Just follow the four rules and you'll fit into the gang quite nicely.

1) Be respectful. Just 'cause you have to kill somebody doesn't mean you have to be rude about it.

2) Hold your liquor. Nobody likes an incompetent drunk. Drinking before a fight helps. Loosens the nerves.

3) Pack some heat and be ready to hold your own in a fight. We are NOT responsible for saving your sorry ass from a fight you can't handle!

4) Have fun, beat the bad guys and share the wealth.


Johnny Lee staggered into the Rat's Hole Inn, a biker bar that he favored. Walking up to the bar, he slipped a twenty to the barkeep for a shot of whiskey.

"Son, you look like hell! What happened?" The barkeep asked.

"Not much, Jerry. Another lousy day at the office." Johnny replied as he downed the shot. "Thinkin' about gettin' some people t'gether fer this thing." he said.

"You mean like a band?" the Barkeeper asked. "I used t' play bass with some guys I met in the Air Force. Kinda was like a Who cover band."

"Maybe, Jerry. I was thinkin' fer bounty huntin' too. Still remember how t' fly?" Johnny asked.

"Not since 'Nam. Reckon it's like ridin' a bike though." Jerry replied as Johnny put down for another shot, but was denied the money. "Nah kid. This one's on me. You got me intrigued."

That was about a year ago today. Since then, Jerry stopped hunting bounty to return to the bar, but Johnny's still willing to get the gang together. Apply if you dare.