The League of the Mentally Unstable



Captain: Tristan 2010


Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0


Alignment: villain

Location: A ruined headquarters, long since abandoned


Nomar Nived and the League

Following ancient texts, this League seeks to build on mystical powers from long gone supers.


Nomar Nevid, adopted son of the worldwide televangelist Paul Kantor, founded the new League shortly after discovering its abandoned headquarters, its old journal, and the R-tags. It's unclear at this point whether Nomar truly believes what he's saying, or whether he's using the League's history to create his own cult. Some of the members, and most of the rank-and-file, are true believers in Nomar and his readings of the League's old journal. However, a few are just there for their own cut of the action and their own ambition for power.

However, if Nomar actually gets hold of the R-Force or the other secrets of the League, they could become far more powerful and dangerous very, very quickly.


This is a darker re-imagining of an unofficial team from ancient FPL history (circa 2000). The original League of the Mentally Unstable were wildcards, with irrational hatred towards lawn gnomes, an appetite for creme eggs, and an obsession with bleach. Comical on a good day, chaotic on the rest, with a propensity towards insane weapons, the LotMU would never rule the world but would occasionally tip the balance.

Ramon, Devin, and Tristan were three of the primary characters from their golden age. Ramon was believed immortal after binding with something called the "R-Force", and often demonstrated this in ludicrous ways. Devin was able to self-duplicate himself dozens if not hundreds of times, with each of his duplicates taking on something of his own personality, but something of almost any other image he could choose to create, from a "Dev Chavez" special forces to "The Dev", electrifying trash-talking pro-wrestler incarnate. Tristan once found a link to the cosmic force of madness, a creature known as Ixopilutansmbblesrveg, and became the High Priest of Madness, with powers, among others, of telekinesis, transformation, and matter animation.

Several other members of the league, whose names are still in the Journal, created massive weapons powered by ungodly combinations of bleach, creme eggs, plasma fields, and insanity, from chainsaws to plasma rifles to semi-sentient orbs of mass disintegration.