Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 13 Wins!

Brutal - 2 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: Weak

Agility: Supreme

Mind: Standard

Body: Weak


Personal Wins: 13

Personal Losses: 1

Dragoon T

'It's hard sometimes, knowing that your not supposed to exist in the world. It's a crushing weight that assaults you everday, that makes you wonder if perhaps you just shoulden't be here. Do you know what it's like, to wake up every morning and wonder existance still tolerates you? Sometimes, I feel like ending it. Just walking out and letting Oblivion take me into it's embrace..to no longer worry about anything. And yet, I stiil feel obligated to stay. The fact that I SHOULDEN'T exist and yet I still do is heavy on my mind. There's a purpose out there, something I have to proform. I don't know what it is, I just know it's out there somewhere..'*Except from the Diary of El-Ko D'Larthi* Almost everyone knows who Elwin D'Larthi is. Former FPL Fighter, Celeberty, and Current Vice-president of Khazan City. And everyone knows she had 2 kids, El-Ko and Rywin. And Some people know that those 2 kids have a Future version of themselves that are stuck in this time period due to a paradox created by them coming back in the first place. And even fewer know that the younger of the 2, Rywin, was taken by Mr.Graves to be groomed into his eventual heir. But..what happened to the Elder child, El-Ko? After Rywin was taken, The Avatar of Light, Dragoon T, Aka Tanin, spirited El-Ko away, in fear that Graves might attempt something with her. And it was there that Tanin saw the spark within her. The same spark that was in a Young Lad, who saved his world and then was given a sword, the same spark that a Young English teacher had as he was dragged into a war, the same spark that countless others had before they rose to something..more. Tanin had found the one who would one day inheiret his blade, and his title, when he passed on. Adbandoned by time itself, El-Ko had the potential to become even more accomplished then himself, but she needed training. And so she trained. Combat training, Spell training, the works. Being Elwin and Ryoko's child, her potential was Enormus, and she caught on quickly. Time passed and the child became a girl, and the Girl became a Young Lady. And the time has come to see if it's paid off.

Deeply introspective, prone to waxing moments of philosophy, yet still capable of smiling at the sunshine or giggling at a joke. El-Ko's had a rough time in Khazan but she has managed to remain upbeat and energetic, and when she gets angry she's almost the spitting image of her mother. Sometimes, when the Enormity of her situation and the fact that she dosen't truly belong to any existance anymore, she can get extremly introspective and philosophical, surprising those around her. She regards her parents Cooly, as she barely got to know them before being transported, and she dosen't want to ruin the 'True' El-Ko's childhood with her prescence.

Simple Steel, handed down

     Slicing Attack: Superior

  • Ranged and Melee Attack


*Excerpt from the Diary of El-Ko D'Larthi* Tanin's summons came as a surprise. Recently he had been growing less and less strict in my traning, letting Seryph handle many of the more intricate Ceremonys involved with learning the blade, but he had never given me cause to doubt him before. I guess that's why I was so caught off guard when both He and Seryph came out of the room dressed in full regalia. I honestly think this was the first time I've ever seen him out of those outdated beat up armor he is proud off. Despite my surprise, I reconized the solemnity of the ceremony immedietly. Slowly the 2 walked to me and bid me rise. Standing on either side of me Tanin nodded his head slowly, fading us out of the beat up apartment Tanin lives in to a small shrine on the Outskirts of the city. I wasn't sure, but I think this Shrine is in Seryph's hometown. Didn't have time to wonder though, because almost as soon as I arrived I saw a sight I didn't think I'd EVER see: Tymora dressed the same way as Tanin and Seryph. She escorted me away from the 2 men to a small cave nearby the shrine, and instructed me in how to purify myself in the waters. The water was so cold, it cut into me like knives as I stepped into it and let my own clothes fall off..slightly ashamed that I had been caught in my street clothes and not Ceremonial dress like the others wore. The Icy water lanced through my skin as I revently took the bucket Tymora offered, filling it and pouring it over my head..letting the coldness of it seep into every pore, washing away all the mundanitys of life. After the first shock, I relished it...living in the sheer ectasty of the moment. I was almost saddned when the cleansing Ritual was over, and Tymora silently helped me into a Kimono. She led me back out,Barefoot, to the shrine..the blades of grass on the ground crunching under my feet. When we reached the shrine, Tanin and Seryph were still there, both on one side of it. At Tymora's insctruction I kneeled down before it, bowing my head in deferance to the 2 blade masters before me. Seryph and Tanin turned as one, lifting a simple wrapped package off the top of the shrine, and as one still walked their way towards me. Tanin took the bundle in the palm of his hands, laying it out so Seryph could unwrap it. As he gently unfolded the ancient cloth it was wrapped in my breath almost caught in my throat as he drew the Katana from it's antique case. He stood above me, holding the Sheathed Katana in both his hands..asked me to recite my Mantra, to explain to him my Kata. He asked me why I wished to wield a sword, why I wished to dedicate myself to it's secrets. And then, he bid me Rise. He held the sword out to me the Same way Tanin held it out to him, and I took it. I will never forget that day.


Haru Hana

     Weather Control: Ultimate

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Area Affect
  • Target Seeker
  • Multi-Attacks
  • Ranged and Melee Attack


*Excerpt from the Diary of El-Ko D'Larthi* The day Tanin told me of the powers blooming inside of me came around the same time that Puberty starts to bloom in most people. Tanin told me how it was natural, that despite what I might think I wasn't a freak or an adbomination. Looking back, I can see how silly I was back then..beliving something like that. Now I know that these powers are as natural as the hair on my head or the flowers that bloom after a spring rain. I didn't understand it then, what Tanin meant when he said the sheer mystical power of my parents clashed within me..creating my own personal form of magic. The first time it manifested itself..it was sickening. Sickening and Euphoric at the same time...Bitter Sweet...I almost ended it then and there. Tanin's words flew out of my head like the wind whipping around me. I coulden't think..coulden't breath. There was only the energy welling inside of me, rushing out of every pore of body uncontrolled. I would've killed myself, if Tanin hadn't been there helping me. He talked me through it...told me how to end the torrent. Even though his apartment was soaked, windtossed and lightning blasted, he still smiled at me. That goofy, teethy smile he always gave me when I cried in the night, when I woke up screaming from a bad dream, when I clung to him, despritly seeking warmth. That same smile brought me back to Sanity. It was a long and hard process, but Tanin helped me learn the control I despritly needed, showed me how I could use it to sprinkle water on the flowers in my Garden, use the winds to lighten my step. As I grew, so did the training. He showed me how to harness the power of nature itself, to use Lightning to blast those who would attack me, to Wrap the winds around myself, blowing away that which would hurt me. The powers are as much a part of me as my hands and fingers now. And I owe it all to Tanin.


Twin Masters, One Pupil

     Sword Master: Supreme


*Excerpt from the Diary of El-Ko D'Larthi* I could tell Tanin was disapointed by my decision. He had been training me in his own style for years now, the same style he used with his own mammoth sword. It just didn't fit me though. He was understanding though. He even spoke to Seryph on my behalf, convinced him to teach me. I don't think he would have otherwise. Under Seryph-Sensei, I learned the sword like I never thought I could. He told me that I should not forget what Tanin told me. I never did figure out he insisted on it. I think he even modified his own style, so I could still keep what I learned from Tanin fresh in my mind. The union of the 2 styles was pure bliss. Tanin still trains me every now and then, but it's more to see how my teaching is progressing. Seryph-Sensei is Fair but harsh, but I know that he only does it to bring my own potential out. I've chosen my own weapon now. From now on I shall practice with the Katana. Oddly, Tanin's moves, which I thought were designed to be used with a much biggger sword, translate well to it. Perhaps Seryph and Tanin planned this all along.


Tanin's Gift

     Teleportation: Standard


*Excerpt from the Diary of El-Ko D'Larthi* The day has finaly come. I'm ready to get my own place, to strike out on my own in life. I'm so grateful to Tanin and Seryph. In a way, they've become the Parents I never had. I guess it's fitting then that Tanin came to me with Tears in his eyes. I think I've bcome as much a Daughter to him as he has become a Father to me. He gently took my shoulder, telling me to close my eyes. When I opened them, I gasped in astonishment. I don't know where he took me, but it was the most beautiful place I'd ever seen. Flowers bloomed at my very feet, their colorful petals forming a carpet over the lush landscape. Trees swayed in the gentle wind as the clouds passed overhead. The tears in Tanin's eyes were more evident now. I never realized how much he meant to me before. He turned to me, looking me over. The Katana I had been given was on my back..it was almost always never removed. Even without thinking the winds wafted around me, ruffling my hair. I stood firm and easy, the result of years of discipline and practice. Tanin smiled..the same smile he always used, and nodded to himself, as if he was pleased by what he saw. He closed his eyes, put his palm on my forehead. Without realizing it, I saw how vast the world was...how Vast the multiverse was...How vast creation was. It laid before me..all I had to do was step to where I wanted...I screamed then. I scremed as I fell to the temptation and tried to step. Creation wooshed around me, spinning..turning. I felt myself ripping apart...felt myself everywhere at once..and then Tanin caught me. With a YANK he pulled me back into the valley. Sweat was beaded on his forehead..his face looked white..but he still seemed pleased. It took me alot of practice, I still have alot to learn..but now all of the Multiverse lies only a few steps away.


The Essence of Living

     Damage Shield: Standard

  • Area Affect


*Except from the Diary of El-Ko D'Larthi* The days seems to fly by now, fly by in a blur since I left on my own. It's akin to submersing oneself in a river...the sensation of being engulfed and carried away..it's exhilirating and frightning...I want to break the surface and gulp air, but the depths call for me. Tanin told me that, as I refined my own self, I would begin to 'Feel' my own place in the world. Is this...experience..I've been feeling what he foretold? It's confusing sometimes, and downright scary as well. I've been exploring this aspect of myself more and more, and I think I'm beginning to understand. The River is life, as I thought, and the..sensations..that I was feeling..it was my own inner self struggling to express itself physicaly. The first time it did, it caught me off guard. I nearly ended up blowing some poor bystanders into a wall at the mall. Took me alot of effort, but I've been able to reign it under control. I've been told that, if I'm angry enough, it actualy visably manifests as a sort of Flaming aura around myself. I've actually seen similar..one time when Tanin got REALLY Mad. I suppose that if anyone came close enough these fires would actualy hurt them, not to mention, as that poor citizen found out the first day, the very act of calling it forth summons up a buffet of wind strong enough to knock someone out. It's actually kinda fun, watching a person you who thought they had you cornered suddenly flying across the room.


Sense of Self, Sense of Place

     Hyper-Senses: Standard

  • Weakness: Power in Item - Hard to Lose


*Exceprt from the Diary of El-Ko D'Larthi* With the awareness of my own sense, I've found I'm able to extend it to sensing other people as well. Tanin showed me how exactly, he seemed pleased that I'm able to do it so early..he told me it took him years before he was able to sense a person like this. I wonder how Old Tanin is...he never really says. I know Seryph dosen't age..I figure Tanin is similar..but, well, I digress. You don't know how..comforting..it is whenever you feel alone. I just close my eyes and visualize the 'Waves' that everyone has within themselves, and you realize that your never truly alone. Bugs and Germs..Humans and Animals...EVERYONE has these waves to them. Tanin says it's an awful habbit closing my eyes first, but I just can't seem to get the hang of doing it with them open yet.


Clouds below, Blue Sky above..

     Flight: Standard


*Exceprt from the Diary of El-Ko D'Larthi* I did it! I finaly did it! Tanin said that it would come in time, but I never actualy believe him until now! You don't know how...liberating..it is. It feels like..Like I was chained to the ground for so long. But now I've cast off those chains, and the world streaks below me as I fly through the clouds. Flying is such a wonderful feeling, the air brushing by your face, whipping your hair back like a pennet in the wind. I can't believe I was ever satifised with just walking. Seryph said I've even picked up Tanin's bad habit of hovering whenever I go..even while I'm just standing still. I can see why Tanin does it though..the very act of rising into the air seems to liberate your body from a great weight. I feel reborn again, ready to face whatever life can throw at me!


Nimble of Mind and Body

     Super Speed: Standard

  • Weakness: Not usable in terrain - Urban


*Excerpt from the Diary of El-Ko D'Larthi* The movement of my Kata has become second nature to me. I no longer THINK about what movement is next or means, I simply do. Am I approching the oneness of the blade that Seryph has spoken of; or is it simply my own skills maturing into their own? Whatever the reason, I've stopped Reacting and simply DOING; if I need to attack, I do so..I don't think about it first. I need to duck..it's done. It's like an insticntive response.