Alexander Shadowcast

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!


Alignment: Villain

Team: Freelance Villain


Strength: Weak

Agility: Weak

Mind: Standard

Body: Weak


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 3

Robotech Master

A man choking on his own blood...struggling with every last ounce of life within him to call for help, and then quickly dying among the corpses that inhabited a city painted red. That is what I first saw when I was...born. No, I did not have the comfort of seeing a Mother's face, or a Fathers or a brothers. Hell, I didn't even get to look upon a doctor as so many others say they do when they were born. I was born into a hellish scene, my body rising out of a pool of blood, a pool formed from the mixed blood of the slaughtered citizens of a long forgotten city. I emerged from that pool a man, with no memory of childhood or innocence. That is what I first saw when I came to be, an entire city where a massacre had occurred. The air smelled of famine and disease, but the horror around me told the tale of twisted genocide. These people here in this vast city had been slain, by who I do not know, but they were all dead, and I emerged from their blood a tortured soul. Can you imagine what I was like that day? Shocked, disgusted...confused! Why had I been born the way I was? What am I? Why did my first sight have to be this? Those questions tore at me for decades to come. That's right, decades. I never aged, never a wrinkle nor a gray hair ever appeared upon me. I walked from town to town, city to city in search of a place where I would fit in. Khazan was such a big world, I was certain that there had to be a place for me in it. But that was not to be. Wherever I went, death followed. If I entered a town, the people there would be dead within the hour, as if some curse followed me to the ends of the world, killing anything I came near. Anything I touched broke apart and decayed into a smoking heap. When I walked through parks and fields, my intention nothing more than to take in the scenery, the grass I walked on withered and died with each step...the flowers and trees nearby melted down until what had once been a valley had become a desolate graveyard. It didn't take long for people to realize what I was doing. They made me an outcast, called me a horrible curse, and put all of the blame for the senseless destruction on my shoulders. But I didn't want to do those things! No, I did them on accident, or rather, I did them because it just happened, as if it were part of my twisted subconscious nature. For years I spent the nights alone, wondering what the hell I was. Was I death itself, or some pawn of death in some wicked game? I didn't want to kill, so why was taking life the only thing I could do? I realized then that I would live my life alone. There would be no family, no friendship, no love. Then, he came. Quietus, a man well known to the people of Khazan. The Avatar of the Void, founder and leader of the group known as the Fallen. He told me of what great plans destiny had in store for my power could serve the Void and bring to this universe everlasting nothingness. Overtime he took me under his wing, and soon made me a member of his group, the Fallen. I looked up to Quietus in those days, when he was leading the Fallen to glory. We marched as if an entire army on the path of destruction. Within the Fallen I found many who shared the desire to carry out the will of the Void, and so I too took it upon myself to serve Quietus and his people. With the help of Quietus and some of the others, I learned much about what I was and what my true calling in life should be. I learned to control my power, to dominate it until at long last I was not a confused and depressed young fool, but a terror upon the land that struck fear even in the hearts of the most courageous heroes. At long last, I had a place to belong! My life was perfect in those days, but it was not to be. Quietus died, first assassinated by the LOTMU and then destroyed in a blaze of glory when he became the being Null-Quietus and challenged all of Khazan one last time. Since then the Fallen have come under the control of the new Fallen Council. Their efforts to sustain the Fallen have been admirable I should say, but I have come to the conclusion that they are not worthy of such. No one is. Quietus didn't just start the Fallen, he WAS the Fallen. Now that he has gone, the Fallen is nothing more than a pale shadow of what it once was. Disgusted with what our group has become, I refused to help them in any of their missions, choosing instead to remain in the tower where I wandered aimlessly in deep thought. Devyn Soyokaze and the others hated my lack of action, as well as the fact that I ignored everything from me fellow Fallen, be it plea, suggestion, bribe, or executive order. The council calls me wasted potential for doing this, but when I turn and look upon the council, wasted potential is exactly what I see in them! I waited deep within the Fallen Tower, waiting for a sign that would tell me what I should do next. I needed a new place to be, a place that could carry out the path of destruction across not only Khazan, but the entire universe. And then, it began. The War of Drekis raged across the land. The hordes of the Chaos Master tore through cities, causing senseless destruction along the way. How wonderful it was to see this massive group forcing all of Khazan to rally together in a desperate attempt to survive the storm. It brought back such fond memories. I left the Fallen soon after, hell bent on bringing myself before the Avatar of Chaos, Drekis. How ironic that I should choose to leave just as the Drekis spy Seryko Rheomyr set up the Fallen to be attacked on their own turf by the Drekis Empire. In one fell swoop I betrayed my former comrades and was taken away with the minions of Drekis to meet the Avater of Chaos himself. I was taken under the wing of a dark master for a second time...a second chance you could say. My power, ruthlessness, and vast knowledge of the Fallen proved to be great assets to the Drekis Empire. I became the 8th General of his Empire, and with this new position, a leader in the war to spread Chaos across all of Khazan. Now I fight against both the heroes of this planet as well as against those Fallen who I once called allies. Once again, my life has purpose! Once again I belong somewhere, and this time we will not fail. Khazan's final hour approaches, much to my desire...and oblivion is at hand!

Depending on my mood I am either soft spoken or never speak at all. Even when I do I can often come off as cold and adversive even with my own allies. In truth, I am not adversive or even very hateful, I am mearly the epitomy of indifference towards most people. The only two people in the universe that have ever commanded my respect are the late Quietus and now Drekis. I am merciless and ruthless in battle, using whatever knowledge I can get about my opponent to find weaknesses not in their body, but in their character...within their heart. The only thing that brings me pleasure is manipulating my foes like pawns and feeling their fear and anxiety increase until the very end.

Death's Aura 1

     Decay: Supreme


So what am I truly? What discovery did I make in those years I spent with the Fallen? In reality, I am a nebulous life form that is akin to clouds or mist. My body is nothing more than a form, a piece of flesh materialized and animated by my true form, which is nothing less that a pure aura of Death. Essentially I am like a large Deathcloud, a mist of pitch black that is a blight upon the world. On that day so long ago when I emerged upon that bloody scene, I must have been a low level life form, something that was barely even conscious or self aware. Then, something happened that day, and I emerged from that pool of blood a new man. Over the years that I had spent with the Fallen I learned that I was still, in the technical sense, this gaseous creature, and that this DeathCloud had created my body as an outer shell for it to reside in. So now I look like any ordinary Khazanian, but looks can be decieving. Within my body is not lungs or muscles, but the deathcloud that is my true self. Anything that this human body touches or comes in contact with is exposed to my true essence, and decays rapidly. Matter and flesh wither and burn away in seconds just by laying my finger upon them. A healthy man, or even a strong defender of Khazan could be reduced to a revolting pile of ashes and burning bones with my touch.


Death's Aura 2

     Matter Animation: Standard

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Area Affect


Eventually I learned that I was not required by any force or rule to stay in this human form. As the Deathcloud I created this body, and I could do it again and again just as easily. Finding this to be an interesting fact, I trained my power with the help of some of the most powerful Fallen until my control over my Deathcloud form gave me the ability to remain in human form and extend the Deathfog outwards to consume the whole area. With but a thought I can spread out an aura of death, an extension of the black mist that I really am. It consumes the land, darkening the land around me and decaying everything from people to the very land itself. Soon an entire village could be rendered a crater, and a forest could be rendered a desert. I can also completely control this deathcloud, making it take the form of hands and faces that extend out over an area to attack specific targets. I can pull together this cloud of decay and spin it violently around until I have a small cyclone of decay aura that can fly forward and destroy everything in its path. Anywhere I walk, death shall follow to consume everything in my path, and now that power shall destroy the enemies of my new leader, Drekis.


A Cloud of Death

     Energy Body: Supreme


As I said, I had discovered that there was no force compelling me to say in this human form. I learned to leave this body behind and assume my true form. I can suddenly fade away into a black cloud of death, my body turning into the Deathcloud itself. The heroes of Khazan could charge toward me with weapon in hand, only to go through me as my body bursts into a black cloud that would then break them apart. In my true form I can take virtually any form or shape, and manuever my body across the land at great speeds. Anything that touches me while I am the DeathCloud is of course still succeptibe to its decaying powers, and at any time I can choose to recreate my material body and once again occupy it. In this cloud form, it also became much harder me to take damage, and made melee battles rather costly for my enemies.



     Regeneration: Superior


Since my body is simply a creation, I can easily recreate it each time it is destroyed or damaged. Cut off my arm and you shall see the black liquid and mist pour out from the severed limb and be sculpted under my will into the form of a new arm. I can reform and solidify any part of my body, allowing me to heal from anything ranging from small cuts to having large holes blown through my torso. Even blasting away a good quarter of my body will not kill me, for you have only damaged a false body, but my Deathcloud form remains to rebuild a new body for me to occupy. The regeneration can take some time depending on my wounds, but I shall still heal from any wound that would kill an ordinary man.


Sword, Whip and Flame

     Spellcraft: Superior

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Multi-Attacks


I was born also with the knowledge of what I now realize is Death Magic. It is one of the magics of destruction, one that serves to destroy life or anything in its way as its name implies. Death magic, while capable of conjuring ranged fireballs, beams of energy, and bolts of lightning like other destructive magics, it also designed to create the "tools of destruction." That is to say, it's magical power can take the form of an ideal weapon for causing death or envoking chaos. Each has their own ideal weapons, and for me there are two special weapons to use in battle. Each are mearly an extention of my own power, so they are not true seperate weapons even if they appear to be so and cannot be lost nor permanently destroyed. One of them is the sword. A long blade, strong but elegantly designed to be used swiftly. It may appear to be a normal blade, but it is really pure magic that can cut through matter and flesh easily. The other is the whip, a whip made of pure red flame. The whip can extend out to lash at anyone close by or far away. Of course, I am also capable of simple blast spells, such as beams of energy that can be launched at a target from afar to destroy whole houses or ravage city streets.