Elwin D'Larthi

Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 12 Wins!

Brutal - 7 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Sentinels


Strength: Weak

Agility: Supreme

Mind: Standard

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 12

Personal Losses: 2

Dragoon T

Elwin awoke with a cold sweat, feeling the comfortable prescense of her husband Ryoko near her. In the other room she could hear the snores of her children, Rywin and El-Ko, deep in dreamland. She brought the her blanket up to her forehead, wiping the cold sweat that had formed. 'It was that dream again..' she though to herself. The same dream she had been having for almost a month now. A Dream which plagued her both while asleep and while awake. Elwin was no fool when it came to portents, one didn't become as skilled in the magical arts as she had without realizing that dreams like this always meant something. Life had been realtivly quiet for her lately. After the future version of El-Ko had won the main event, she had largely retired from the public life, letting Ryoko handle most of the political business and leaving her the time to raise her children. For one such as her, who only a scant decade ago lived and died by Sword and Spell, it was quite the change. Oh, of course she still kept practicing. Threats such as Quietus and Mr Graves demanded such dedication. But outside of a few incidents, she had little use to put her skills to the test. She had even, several years back, passed on the mantle of Sailor Archer to some worthy young girl, who was off fighting evil in some far off corner of the multiverse. She still had the sword she had brought to Khazan, well oiled and hanging above her trophy shelf. Said trophy shelf was full of her accomplishments. 2 awards from the FPL for coming in 2nd place at a Main Event. Some foreign plant, rooted in a small pot, from a backwards planet where history was made. Pictures of all her friends..Tanin, Seryph, Tymora. All of them dusted daily with a sigh, remembering long days past. Elwin moved silently out of her bed, stepping gracefull over said shelf. She ran her hand over the sword, feeling the tingle of the enchantments she had worked into it. She could recall the first day she came to Khazan, of her first bloody battles in the arena to make enough money to survive. She could recall her joys and triumphs, her victories and her defeats. Her marriage to Ryoko, the day Angels and Devils sought to bring upon the end of the world. Her thoughts roamed back to her youth, fleeing her home to avoid a life of mundane existance. 'Exactly what I'm living now..'She whispered to herself. Her hand gripped the sword, lifting it from her place. 'Best not to wake everyone.." Elwin whispered to herself, She whispered a word of magic, her form fading from view. Perhaps the answers to her Dream..her portent..lie where everything began.

With a sigh, Elwin repeared in front of the FPL offices. She recalled her first day in Khazan. An veritable ball of fire, her temper quickly became her calling card. People used to run for the hills whenever they heard the words 'Fireball' or 'Elwin's pissed!'. She had mellowed out as she grew older, she realized, although she figured that the old fires would start burning up again as she got back into the swing of things. She remembered running around the arena, doing anything to win no matter the cost. Elwin gave a giggle as she walked into the office, recalling the time she and Tymora had gone and pantsed the entire male locker room when they got bored. She recalled fondly the various beatdowns that were handed to people when they started making little jokes when she and Ryoko started dating. And even more, she could remember shanhaing Seryph and Tanin into more scraps then any of them could count. Elwin's footsteps clacked on the marble tile of the registration room. She calmly walked over to the desk. When she had first come here, it had been Seryph sitting at that desk. She had promptly drawn her sword and pointed it at his throat, demanding her entry into the league. Elwin picked up the form from the desk. There was some young woman sitting behind it. Apparentrly, she reconized Elwin. Elwin gave a wink and quickly waved her hand, magicaly filling out the form. She placed it back on the desk. She remembered Seryph hastily agreeing to her inclusion in the league, suggested she head to a burdoging team called the Sentinels of Liberty and Justice. Elwin walked out of the registration office. She was home again.

CherryBlossoms, Ripened by age

     Sword Master: Supreme


As Elwin walked out of the office, her thoughts drifted to her sword. A Sword was more then a tool to certain fighters. It was their creed, their reason for life. Elwin had, upon her 16th birthday, been given this sword. She had spent almost everyday afterwards practicing with it. She didn't even really have a style. Slash, Duck, Dodge, Parry. Whatever you needed to do to survive the fight. It had served her well.



     Slicing Attack: Supreme

  • Ranged and Melee Attack


Thinking of the way she fought reminded Elwin of the sword on her side. She had brought it with her, yes, but it HAD failed her once before. She closed her eyes, hearing the roar of the crowd as if it was yesterday. She had clawed her way through the Eliminations, battered and worst for the wear, but had managed to get a shot at the big title. The champion at that time was a guy called the 'Macho Gun Ho Action Man'...a big bruiser in an even thicker set of armor. Managed to demolish his first couple of challengers. I was nervous, of course, but I still stepped into the arena with a Smirk on my face. The fight was brutal. He could barely tag me with his big gun, but I was having trouble cracking the thick shell he practicaly lived in. I managed to outlast him though, and was about to give the finishing blow when 'CRACK'..the sword shattered instead of plunging through his armor. He woke up then, and gave me a heck of a punch. I woke up a week later, still gripping the broken half of my sword. I had it reforged, stronger and more durable then before. A friend of mine, Tanin, suggested I name it. He said that, when you name a Sword, it becomes a part of you and thus won't break unless you do. I thought of it, figured that I didn't have anything to lose. I chose Sara for the name, realizing that Tanin hadn't meant a name LITERALY. The name stuck though, and Sara's been at my side since. Looks like we're gonna have one last hurrah.


The Knack

     Acrobat: Ultimate


The interviewer came in then, the receponist having tipped off the press. Elwin siged, figuring it this was inevitable. She agreeded to answer one, and only one question for the man. The reporter, this must've been his first job, lit up at the chance and asked hastily 'Do you still think you have the speed to keep up with todays challengers?'. I gave him a sly grin and a wink. 'I've always been light of my feet and quick on my heels. It just comes naturaly. Of course, I augment it alittle bit with magic nowadays...having kids can do that to you...but otherwise I'm just as spry as my heydays'



     Fire: Supreme

  • Ranged Attack Only


When Elwin got home, it was already over the news. She figured that Ryoko would be furious, but he wasn't. He just gave her that same calm smile and winked. 'I've already prepared the shield El. Go ahead and give it a try...we all know you want to' Ryoko motioned to El-Ko and Rywin, who were standing there in their PJs. They had heard of their Mom's infamous attack, but had never seen it in action. Elwin could percieve the invisable dummy Ryoko had conjured up, the shields that would prevent the otherwise horrendous colaterial damage. Many a fighter and foe had been on the wrong end of her special move, many the match it had won her. It had become a battlecry, a trademark. Elwin could feel the magic gathering in her arms. She embraced the old feeling, the tingle as the she wove the spell together. She threw the energy at the dummy. 'FIREBAAAAAAAAAAAAAALL!"