Muchiko and PENGUIN!!!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: Weak

Agility: Standard

Mind: Standard

Body: Weak


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 3


A long time ago, there was a wealthy aristocrat who lived the high life and lived well there. He had a daughter, a girl named Muchiko, whom he loved very much. Muchiko, however, had this little... problem. You see, from the time she could start speaking, she always talked about a penguin (In fact, the first word out of her mouth was 'Penguin,' much to the dismay of her father). At first, it was expected to be just a phase, but as Muchiko grew older, she insisted more and more that she could see a penguin and that it was lounging around the house, eating the family's supply of filet mignon and so on. Far from the stages of having an imaginary friend, the aristocrat had his only daughter put into a Mental Hospital so that she could undergo treatment for her supposed illness. The aristocrat, however, lost his earnings and then made a date with the surface of a sidewalk from 300 feet up. Considering that he was the only known relative of Muchiko, the girl became a ward of the state and slowly forgotten within the Mental Institution of Khazan. This story doesn't end here, though... oh no, for it is only beginning. It turns out that while taking an interest in mental patients, the highly regarded Nurse Helia took a shine to the tucked away Muchiko. She decided to try and cure this girl of her illness so that she could contribute to society. Slowly, Helia found out that years in the Mental Facility had shed off bits and pieces of Muchiko's sanity day by day. The girl was quiet one moment, and the next, a giggling uncontrollable lunatic. Medication wasn't helping (As if it ever did. In a recent study, it was found that some Khazan Mental Facilities fed patients medication that actually ENHANCED their madness, instead of curing it. An investigation is imminent), and Helia's sessions with the girl weren't of much help. As Helia was on her wits' end, she brought up the issue of the penguin. Muchiko stopped her recent episode and sat down. She then said to Helia, "I made a deal with penguin recently. He said that he'll let me out of here if I show him where to get all the filet mignon his heart desires." Helia didn't quite know what that meant, but she had the orderlies on full alert just in case Muchiko tried to escape in a violent escapade. And she did... just not quite in the way they expected. When the staff entered her room in the morning, they found no trace of her... aside from the rather impressively large hole leading outside her room. Helia came over immediately and had the perimeter scanned. Not much turned up... the walls weren't detonated, as somebody would've heard it. And there wasn't any indication of any arcane, demonic, godlike, etc. powers at work as the forensics crew saw. It was as if something rather large pushed the wall down and helped Muchiko escape... the thing is, the wall was pushed from the inside out, and Muchiko displayed no signs of extraordinary strength. The Mental Facility and Helia were bewildered and out of answers until Helia asked for brain wave scannings of Muchiko (It was a recommended procedure in Mental Hospitals nowadays). It was then that she found certain brain wave frequencies matching another patient of hers... one who could conjure up figments of his imagination into the physical realm (If you must know what happened to him, he died of a popped brain artery. He was trying to conjure an elephant... don't ask). It then hit Helia what Muchiko meant by Penguin helping her escape. She then started a womanhunt of Muchiko with a citywide alert to be on the look out for a girl and a... large... penguin. Recent reports around Uptown Restaurants have clarified that there is a shortage of Filet Mignon Entrees on their menus, as they continue to disappear without reason.

Muchiko spent years of her life having her sanity chipped away in a Mental Institute that was supposed to make her "better." Now, loose and free to do what she wants, Muchiko will react fairly impulsively. Her mind is still that of a young girl's and can be considered quite childish at times. When not engaging contact with people, she will remain fairly quiet and be courteous. May the All Father have mercy on you if you make her get into a tantrum, as her penguin will be said to have manifested at that point.

Bond Between a Girl and Her...

     Beast Master: Ultimate


The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Just look at Muchiko. Her mind rotted away in the Mental Institute and/or was stunted to the point that she was a five year old in a 19 some year old's body. But don't take it to mean she's dumb. Far from it, she has a very active imagination. She was smart for her age... and while she may seem a little dim for a teenage girl, she was actually pretty smart for her age group before getting locked away... and having her brain slowly turn to something of the mush state. If she wasn't so devolved, she might have been a great aid to society... but now...



     Beast Master: Ultimate

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Ranged and Melee Attack


Don't ask me why she chose a penguin as her special friend. The fact that it was created straight from her mind is astounding. The fact that she's able to have it TALK to her... in Correct French, German, English, etc. is far beyond impressive... and well, considering it has a fully set personality and quirks of its own, well, it's just plain mind boggling. The penguin doesn't speak his own name, and Muchiko never bothers calling it anything other than PENGUIN!!! (Yes, she screams it). When Muchiko is in danger (All too often), Penguin defends her cause by engaging the foe in combat. the penguin is very skilled in the forms of Judo, Sumo, Wrestling, and other forms of grappling. Even flying (Yes, it flies too, how ludicrous is that?), the penguin is an impressive air foe, striking with its feet and slamming opponents into the ground. The penguin has also been known to throw cars and the like in its search for Filet Mignon. What kind of penguin eats Filet Mignon? The penguin also comes in two sizes, small and incredibly cute, or large and simply adorable. It's also known to have won a few bobsled races in its accomplishments. And to think, the penguin is all Muchiko's doing. How about that?


Muchiko's Wall

     Iron Will: Supreme


For starters, why would you attack a little girl when you have a rampaging penguin downtown looking for Filet Mignon? Oh, right, she CONTROLS the penguin. Secondly, you do remember she's somewhat a Telekinetic... right? While she doesn't fling knives at you with her or turn your brain to mush, she's actually very good at defending herself. How, you ask? Well, it seems that whatever comes toward her, she can form a sub-telekinetic shield to protect her from harm. Now, I must say this, it DOESN'T ALWAYS work, but most of the time, she can get it up to prevent people from whacking her with beams and such. Oh, and when she asks if you want to play with her penguin, just say NO!!! Bah, you're probably going to fight her anyhow... Bah I say! Bah!


Muchiko's Influence

     Lucky: Supreme


Muchiko's lucky... damn lucky. You have to be to be able to walk downtown on the shoulder of a penguin while it went off in search of Filet Mignon and still NOT be caught by Khazan PD's Men in Uniform. Muchiko seems to see Khazan City as one big playground... Maybe she has some pull in effecting the strings of probability in Khazan, I'm not sure. What I do know is that one time, some punk tried to shoot her with a gun. His shot was dead on... and yet, the shot seemed to richochet off thin air and bounce harmlessly into a horde of cattle... okay, maybe not THAT harmlessly. All in all, Muchiko isn't really that bad of a girl, she's just misguided tis' all. Maybe if someone helps and gives her guidance... then maybe... nah.


Muchiko Go Sleepy Now

     Induced Sleep: Supreme


Well, there are times when Muchiko feels tired and lets her penguin guardian watch over her as she naps. The problem is, people try to kill her in her sleep, which is just plain rude. So, PENGUIN!!!, being the protective and caring imaginary friend that he is, takes it upon himself to run up to these people and make sure that they go to sleep too before they hurt Miss Muchiko. Every punch, peck, kick, or throw he may land has a chance of knocking the stupid out of you and placing you in a coma of sorts. Muchiko, being blissfully unaware that the person who wanted to "play" is now lying, bleeding on the sidewalk unconscious, skips on her way down the street with her guardian as they continue to search for the ever elusive Filet Mignons. Oops... there goes another district.