NeoSleeper P Pockets Plus

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 13 Wins!


Alignment: Hero

Team: Sentinels


Strength: Standard

Agility: Supreme

Mind: Standard

Body: Weak


Personal Wins: 13

Personal Losses: 2


Magical girls just don't get any respect. Sure, they go about saving the day fighting evil and doing good and decent things, but they still get a bad wrap. People complain about their goody two-shoe dispositions and hyper-cute appearances. No one can take a heroine seriously these days unless she's a vamped-up sex kitten of a woman with an attitude the size of the semi-automatic rifle she carries at her side. Well, after her stint in the FPL, Pajama Pockets realized this terrible truth. She sat back for awhile and waited to see if this trend would go away. She watched her friend Elwin rise to the championship match not once, but twice, only to be shot down in her moment of glory. Even Elwin in all of her fireballing glory could not dispell that horrid reality. So, shortly after Elwin's second fall, Pockets grabbed her Fluffy Pillow of Righteousness and stormed into the FPL offices demanding to be allowed back into the FPL so that she could right this atrocity against decent women. She soon realized that the FPL was a different place compared to her glory days, and she realized that she had no chance of making it in the FPL with her current and out-dated powers. That night, she ventured into the Dreamtime and chatted with a few of her Dreamtime buddies. They reminded her that she did have all of these nifty dreaming powers at her disposal, and that she didn't have to limit herself to just a few rinky-dink, out of date powers that didn't comply with current FPL standards. Suddenly realizing the truth of her situation, Pockets willed herself to comply with current FPL standards. After showing off her new and improved skills, one of her buddies made a snide comment: "If you;re really this big-time dream person, why don't you have any sleep-related powers?" After whacking him up against the side of the head, she made the right revisions in her powers, making herself more compatible with her dreamtime motiff. The next day, she stormed back into the FPL's offices, went straight to HexxJo's office, and beat the living tar out of him until he agreed to let her back into the FPL. Of course, she didn't have to do that, seeing how she was now FPL-compliant, but what the heck, if Elwin did it and did as well as she did, there must be something to the HexxJo-bashing ritual. Anyway, Pajama Pockets is back, and she's ready to show that you don't have to be a pinup girl top make it in the FPL.

Cozy Dreamtime Fantasy

     Induced Sleep: Supreme


After the rude comment that her Dreamtime friend said, Pajama Pockets decided that it was about time that she actually had some sleep-related powers. Now she can put anyone (well, almost anyone) to sleep with her nifty new spell. With a quick twirl and the right magical words, everyone (well, almost everyone) about her will pass out and go sleepy-bye. ZZZZZZZzzzzzz.......


Doodle Doodle

     Emotion Control: Standard


Once her foe is sound asleep, be prepared for the most horrible attrocity to become of a person: the dreaded face scribble! Yes, while you slumber, Pockets will pull out her marker and scribble and doodle on their face. When they awaken, much to their horror, their face is covered in Hiragana and Katakana scribbles, leading to instant embarassment and shock. The poor soul.


Fluffy Pillow of Righteousness

     Cold: Superior

  • Ranged Attack Only


It's back! The Fluffy Pillow is still intact, but since Pajama's newfound obsession over sleeping powers has set in, the potency of the pillow has dropped a little. No worries, though, the pillow isn't jealous. In fact, it doesn't mind being relegated to being a second string attack. It's all for the team's sake...



     Avatar: Standard


Pajama Pockets is one of those rare people that are intune with the the fabrics of the Dreamtime. She can bend its powers to her will, to a certain extent, and make her own dreams come true.


Magical Girl-class Moves

     Acrobat: Supreme


Like all good Magical girls worth their yen, Pockets still has those acrobatic leaps and jumps down pat. And guess what. (What?) She doesn't have to rely on her slippers anymore for her acrobatics! (Yay!)


"Me, Miss? As If!"

     Marksman: Supreme


"Like, where do you get off saying that I could miss? I'm a magical girl! It's in our contracts to not miss! What would all of the teenaged girl out there that adore us think it we missed those nasty monsters that we always fight? It would break their hearts to see their heroines loose. What, do you want a bunch of rabid, depressed teens chasing after you because I lost? You'd better rethink that."