The Child of The Spire

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 9 Wins!


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Fallen


Strength: Weak

Agility: Standard

Mind: Superior

Body: Weak


Personal Wins: 9

Personal Losses: 3


How long has the girl dwelled within the walls of the Fallen Tower? A day, a week, a month, a year, a lifetime? How does she know the halls with such preciseness? Is she a spy, an ally, something even The Fallen cannot comprehend? Why does she kill the denziens of the Tower that happen across her with as much ease as she kills the enemies of The Fallen that intrude within the structure? Ritualistic bloodlust, secret purpose, apathy and angst? Why does the Tower seem to love her so? Why do the walls and fixtures bow to her whim? Why does the building seem to come to life in her pressense? What is her connection to this malevolent structure? Such questions have thus far eluded the members of The Fallen, and thusly they have come to accept the pressense of the young maiden that stalks their halls and brutally murders almost everyone that has the misfortune of catching her eye. She has become yet another natural phenomenon to The Fallen. As inevitable as the snow of winter and the heat of summer, such is the dire blowing wind of she who is named The Child of the Spire.

So many unanswered questions. The Fallen have almost made pondering her origins a game. Marc Dollar thinks she is a KOMBG spy meant to sabotage the Fallen Tower who has since gone mad from the twisting halls and mazelike structure. Zalrafel believes her to be a malevolent spirit of some vengeful maiden slaughtered within the tower unjustly seeking to find her killer. Ravenna Cervantes contemplates that she is the spirit of the Tower itself telling of coming chaos and death among the ranks of The Fallen. No one among the Council seems to agree upon her origins, perhaps because such speculation is far more interesting than discovering the truth.

Maison Diabolique

     Matter Animation: Ultimate

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Area Affect
  • Target Seeker
  • Multi-Attacks
  • Ranged and Melee Attack


It has been said that no other building in existence so troubles the mind like the Fallen Tower can. The shifting corridors and creatures of mindless malice that lurk within have claimed the lives, sanity, and souls of countless beings. The Tower itself obeys no master, not even the infamous Fallen Council that sits atop the dread structure. Yet this girl, with but a wave of her hand she calls the Tower to life. With a shy smile she causes the walls to merge and crush those that cross her path. With a quaint blink the ground gives way to a pitfall of spires and razors. The very structure seems to quake with excitement with her arrival, as if the Tower anticipates and desires to taste the blood of her foes. And yet she does all this with an air of innocence. Is there something behind that Mona Lisa-like smile?


Come Hither

     Emotion Control: Superior

  • Auto-Hit Attack


Yes, what of that smile? What of that look? She beguiles her prey, does she not? Lures them through curiosity and glamour. She looks at you, casting her gaze like it were a spell, dooming you with a wink or a blink. So many emotions contained in that gesture. A sense of longing perhaps? Dread with the knowledge her gaze means death? Hatred for being cursed to such a fate? Such desire, such curiosity, it must be potent to lead so many to their deaths. One theory among the Council says she holds information of the Fallen Tower and its nature, and she wishes to give it to someone, but the Tower fights back, refusing to have its will stripped away. Perhaps she is the true creator of the Tower, attempting to repent for past sins. This theory is vehemently denied by both Marc Dollar and Zalrafel, and both men refuse to further discuss the idea.


Well Blooded Path

     Teleportation: Ultimate


Yet if she and the Tower are waring against one another, why does she seem to move among the labyrynthine paths with such ease? Why would she find it easeful to dissapear at will down a corridor, only to appear elsewhere moments later? Some believe her to be the malevolent spirit of a deceased Dollarcorp agent, simply thrashing out at her former allies and enemies for being forever confined to the Tower. This has lead to the thought that somehow anyone that perishes within the walls is also forever traped. Perhaps this is a relic of Quietus, who wishes to collect souls for his inevitable return. Zalrafel went so far as to accuse Marc Dollar of tampering with the magic running the Tower to perform this soul entrapment, claiming the souls were being horded for use by Dr. Nomar or some other insane Dollarcorp employee, and that this woman was simply one soul that has escaped and enacting her revenge. Marc Dollar merely jotted the idea down to a notebook for future use,thanking Zalrafel for the inspiration.


Immunity: Environmental Awareness

     Immunity: Standard


Attempts to monitor the girl for study have all failed. Camera equipment, psionic seers, divination, they all fail. Some outside force intrudes and forbids any attempt to perceive the girl beyond normal sight and sound. The interference radiates within the Tower itself, giving way to accusations that the girl is the tool of someone within the Fallen Council who is using their very supporters as guinea pigs. Such allegations are denied, for no one has been shown to be given leeway by the girl. All are killed with equality.


Immunity: Danger Sense

     Immunity: Standard


Just as she is unperceivable to all attempts to monitor her approach, she also has no true pressense until seen by the naked eye. No aura, no chi, no manner in which one can feel her essence before she appears. Is she even real? Is she just the shared halucination among a group of distrusting individuals seeking an excuse to fight amongst themselves? Is she the personification of some lost ideal in the shared subconscious of The Fallen? Is she anything?


Terrain Familiarity: Hall of Mirrors

     Terrain Familiarity: Standard


There is only one constant. The girl is one with the Tower. Be it through choice or fate, be it benevolent or malevolent allegiance, be it truth or fiction, the girl and the tower work in unison. No matter what speculation occurs, no matter what the truth may be, they are one in the eyes of their prey.


Rasa Sayang

     Environmental Awareness: Ultimate


Ravenna Cervantes smiled as she handed over the small document to Zalrafel. Eloquently written in a tongue that few beyond the two of them knew, it spoke of the truth behind The Child. Even fewer people would know the meaning behind the name given in the letter. Rasa Sayang. She That Watches. A simple entity obscured by time, history, and assumed unimportance. Ravenna told Zalrafel of Rasa Sayang's true importance, and quietly kissed the fallen angel on the cheek before handing him a small crystal. This crystal contained the ability to control the creature known as Rasa Sayang that stalked the halls of the Fallen Tower, turning this entity into an assassin and spy without a true will of her own, save for that of her master. Ravenna did this to Marc Dollar, and to Barrabus, telling each of them the "truth" behind Rasa Sayang, and giving each of them an item of domination over the creature known as Rasa Sayang. She told each of them that he and he alone knew the truth, and she quietly kissed each of them on the cheek. Then Ravnna smiled to herself, concealing the truth behind a faint smile.