Zander Jacobin

Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 9 Wins!

Brutal - 1 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: Standard

Agility: Standard

Mind: Standard

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 9

Personal Losses: 3


"Come on over, neighbor. Sit down. You look nervous. Don't be. I'm just an old soldier, who likes intelligent companionship every once in a while. You look smart, and you're not drunk. Yet." He laughs. "Yes, how kind of you to notice. I AM on my third bottle of Scotch. Blue label, good stuff, especially if you've got something to drink to. And I definitely have something to drink to." Pause. "The fact that I'm alive, of course! Now, don't look so startled, neighbor. I wasn't dying. That was the problem. Humanity is a strange thing -you don't realize how much your actions depend on the constant awareness of death, every minute of every day. Some people, it makes them afraid, and they buckle. Others, their fear makes them strong. A few even rejoice in death, in the knowledge of a coming end. But nobody, and I do mean nobody, is ever without that awareness. Except for me. Not because my mind is screwed up or anything, you see, but because I can't die. The pencilnecks, the wizards, they said they had screwed with my pattern, tied my destiny all in knots, lookin' for the perfect war machine, ye ken. They said I'd never die, and they were right. Damn, but they were." Laugher. Pause. "Ahhh, that's the good stuff. I remember the first time I got 'tried out' -a desert campaign, bomb strikes, half my platoon wiped out, except for me. Not an ever-lovin' hair singed, you ken? And all my mates dead." Pause. "Something like that takes it out of a man, it does. So I left. Went rogue, they called it. I moved around a lot, won a few wars in a few dimensions." Pause. "But after a while, you start to wonder. If you can't die, are you still human? I mean, I sleep, I breathe, I see a beautiful woman and, well..." Laughter. "I get drunk, too. But if I can't die... If I can't be hurt... I'm not really human, am I? And don't get me wrong, I don't go in for that "predator" shit, that's for loosers and bloodsuckers. But if I'm not human...Than what am I, you know?" Pause. "So, I was pretty low, and there was this girl." Laughter. "I ken what ye're thinking, but it wasn't like that. She was a pretty, young thing, no more than ten or so, , and when she spoke to me..." Pause. "You know when ye feel you're missing something, and you have been for a long time, and then somebody comes up and tells you ye've had it all along? It felt like that. She told me I was goin' ta die. To die protecting her." Pause. "This little girl...she told me I was going to die."

"And you know what, neighbor? That was the best news anybody ever gave me. I was going to die, which meant I was human, which meant I was alive as much as any other meat puppet out there. GOD, it was wonderful!" Laughs. "These others... Jembres, he's all right. Finally, I find someone who likes drinking, smoking, and general partying as much as I do. The bloodsucker and I...there's an uneasy truce if I ever saw one. The kid with the sword...she's pretty good. She'll grow in time, of course, but there's as much potential there as I've ever seen. Anywhere. A pity that, as far as I can tell, she'll never grow old enough to realize it..." Pause. "And of course, there's the girl. I'm supposed to die to protect her, and that's just what I'll do. There aren't two ways about it. 'Cause I'm the best."

Energy Conduit

     Energy Conduit: Standard


"Well, damn, I never listened to the explanations about what was done to me. The brass wanted a perfect soldier, so they got some mages, did a little delving, and started big-league screwing with my pattern. Body and soul. And maybe a bit more. That's what the whole problem was, as far as the girl was concerned - killing me is impossible, but Destiny said I had to die... Confusing, ain't it? No wonder they didn't find me for a while longer than everybody else..."


The Perfect Soldier - Pt. I

     Energy Sheath: Ultimate


"That's what happens when your parents can't feed another kid, so they send you off to the brass. The brass're always looking for new kids - the younger the better. The earlier you get them, the more you can screw with the pattern, make them stronger, faster, or, in my case, damn near invincible. I was taken when I was 3 - hardly even remember the Mom & Pop any more. I don't know if I had any brothers or sisters. I had my mates, though... Before they all died in the desert." Bitter laughter. Pause. "Ahh, Scotch's good."


The Perfect Soldier, Pt. II

     Iron Will: Ultimate


"Well, I already told you that, neighbor - I'm supposed to protect the girl. She might die in the end, but I definitely know that I die. And, hell, that's a comfort and God's own blessing. It's damn unnerving, walking unscathed through an atomic blast, and it takes long as hell for you to cool down enough to be around other people safely." Laughter. "Don't get all excited or anything neighbor. I don't glow in the dark. Any more, at least. And let me tell you, it's hell trying to sleep when the insides of your eyelids glow."


The Perfect Soldier - Pt. III

     Damage Shield: Ultimate

  • Area Affect
  • Armor Piercing


"So, by protecting the girl, I'm doing the right thing, AND I get to live the same way as your normal human. Blessing in disguise, really. But, I'm not slacking on the job. The girl's in my charge, and anyone who wants to mess with her, messes with me first. Which, of course, brings us to the point." Pause. "Don't look so shocked, neighbor. I've seen you lurking around the hotel. And I know that you're here tonight waiting for a contact to show up, someone to bring weapons, bombs, rifles, I don't particularly care. Oh, come now, why do you look surprised? I told you I was the best, after all. And there's no need to..." Blur. "Be reaching for that .45 in your shoulder holster, which of course would be quite impossible seeing as I've just broken both your arms. And, please, give me more respect than trying to use those..." Blur. "Dart launchers in your left boot, which would be quite difficult considering the fact that your leg now ends below the knee. Particularly bloody, that. I hate paying bartenders for cleanup, but it's only right, after one makes a mess... Or makes a mess of someone else. But, of course, I forgot to leave a tip..." Scraping of chairs against the floor. Blur. Thud. "There we go. I think your head should do quite nicely, seeing as it'll take my entire purse to pay for all this blood...." Pause. "No need to look so surprised, neighbor. This is the kind of thing you should expect when you mess with the best." Pause. "And I am the best."