Trevor Bouvier

Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 12 Wins!

Brutal - 5 Fatalities


Alignment: Villain

Team: Freelance Villain


Strength: Standard

Agility: Standard

Mind: Supreme

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 12

Personal Losses: 2

A. Nonymus

There's a point in every person's life where they make a decision which has to be followed from that point onward. I've just reached that time in my life. You see, my central ambition is to make a change in the world, one that will be remembered for generations to come. I don't want to be forgotten as an obscure one dimensional warlord type who eventually settled down before he even began to enter history. I need to be recognized as a force instead of as a few words in a dusty old book. I can't be remembered for my good deeds, though. I've tried to do that before only to sit in a lab for ages, making things that the true heroes used. They never thought about who designed their weapons or their protective devices or anything else. No, that's not the road for Trevor Bouvier. Instead, I will swear to make a true mark on Khazan. My creations are the key to that. My Neotech devices have shown time and time again that they're as much living things as they are machines. People see Neotech only as tools, though, nothing else. My first action, then, will be to show the citizens of Khazan what I already know about Neotech. And if they still don't understand my message, I'll have to send it again, but more forcefully. If that's necessary, I will make my armies destroy every piece of biological life on Khazan and replace it all with Neotech. That or I'll die trying.

I'm focussed now. Earlier in my life, I didn't know what I should do. I went from being a simple scientist to a superhero to a leader of an army of robots and aliens and back to a scientist. But now that I have my goal ahead of me to give my creations the recognition they deserve, nothing can stop me. And I'll gladly kill anyone who happens to think otherwise.


     Inventor: Superior


My first love is still science. I learned everything I could in Futura University, the largest center of higher education in the nation of Futura, and learned even more from my own research. There are things in the Omniverse that few people can grasp except the most intelligent or those who have a twisted abnormal mind. I happen to have both. And I use everything I know on all of my creations.



     Commander: Superior


It's a well known rule that anything that's more efficient at gathering energy or reproducing or just surviving will eventually take over a niche from its less efficient counterpart. That's the whole basis of my war against life as most know it on Khazan. My machines mutate and evolve on time scales thousands of times shorter than anything biological life can manage. When a Neotech life form is placed into an ecosystem, it will multiply and mutate until everything there is replaced by its descendants. It could be that some biologicals might be able to survive the takeovers and coexist with Neotech, but everything else will be annihilated.


Neotech Army

     Commander: Superior

  • Multi-Attacks


The thing about Neotech is that since it can evolve, it can also be bred. I've domesticated a few Neotech species and turned them into warriors for myself. They follow either my orders or Neo's orders, as well as a few of my decoys, just in case. They answer to nobody and nothing else. They'll strike at anything in their way like a single creature and only my bidding will determine what they kill or leave alive. And everything else can be left for any Neotech life form to take advantage of.


Command Mech

     Commander: Ultimate


When I waged my war against the SLJ, I bred a machine that could eventually interface with Neo, my only companion and greatest creation. Before, there was only a crude interface involving nothing more than an overdeveloped remote control. But with my command mech, Neo and I can finally speak to each other like we should. It's now under Neo's direct control, usually nestled on his head, sending and receiving messages to and from myself, my decoys, and my army. Neo is my command center which my army can't function without.



     Commander: Ultimate


Neo is my ultimate creation and my only companion. He is a hundred foot tall Neotech ecosystem shaped into the form of an immense humanoid mecha. He can crush anything his size or smaller and evolve to destroy whatever is left that's larger than him. I'm sure you can understand why I stay close to him most of the time.



     Blending: Supreme


Another breeding project I supervised was to make some Neotechs evolve so that they become identical to me. Robot clones. They've been trained to copy all of my mannerisms and given some memories that only I would know to fool people into believing that they're me. It's saved my life more than a couple times and I'm glad of it. After all, when you're surrounded by a few dozen duplicates of yourself, who'll be able to figure out who to kill?


Mechanical infiltration

     Communicate with Cybernetics: Standard


Some of my Neotechs have evolved in an interesting direction. They've learned to change their forms into digital devices like computers and robots and essentially duplicate their functions. Few will know that there's a difference and, as far as outward appearance shows, there isn't any. But the Neotechs living inside the machine will relay information hidden inside with their special Neotech "language" to anything that might be listening. Few can detect that language, myself being included in the few of course, and fewer still can decode it. This means that in every environment that's been infected by Neotech, I have eyes with which to see what my enemies are doing.



     Mechanized Armor: Supreme


I continue to selectively breed Neotechs who have traits that I might find desirable. A breeding project I've been quite fond of for some time involves a kind of Neotech that has been able to attach itself to a living thing and keep it alive and healthy in the environment that their sisters have created. Natural cyborgs. I've taken a few specimens of one particular species and eventually modified them so that they can become part of my body and protect me from harm. In addition, they may eventually take away my one remaining weakness: That I'm still human.


Battle Plan

     Tactician: Standard


I have to admit that this situation started out a little bit emotionally. That cyborg had really riled me up. But as I sit down and think about things, I realize that I need some sort of long-term goal for my machines. Sure, I ultimately want them to take Khazan as their own, but what will they do in the meantime? How will they accomplish it? It's time for me to figure it out.