Camille Bordeaux

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 8 Wins!

Brutal - 3 Fatalities


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Fallen


Strength: Supreme

Agility: Superior

Mind: Superior

Body: Weak


Personal Wins: 8

Personal Losses: 3


More often than not, people die upon the realization of their own inner truths. They find the meaning to their existance, and with that notion their subconscious guards drop, allowing them to be open to death's door. Why go on living when that ultimate truth has ben discoverer? Why indeed. That is what we ask of you, Camille. Why do you insist on clinging to this mortal life filled with pain and misery when you have realized your own purpose in life? You met the man that completes yourself. You felt the warmth and the coldness of his grasp. For that one moment, in his arms, there was nothing left in the world. So why? Why do you insist on teetering on the edge of life and death like this? You should finally be at peace now. Wjhy do you want more when you have found that which most mortals will never find? "I'm a selfish woman." Selfish? Hardly. You want nothing more than what any human would want. You want to live. You want to be with the one you love. Hardly selfish. But why turn your back on salvation? You were already reborn into the mortal plane once before-- birthed from the nonetheral hell that lies just outside of the Void. You alone ascended from that well of souls destined to never feel the true release of death. So why? Why do you wish to return to the living world and risk never reaching eternal bliss as you have now? "I wish to return to that nothingness. I wish to return to that place that beget me. I wish to return to the Void at the side of my lover." But you are not like him. The darkness consumes him and the other Mystrans. Your soul is not like theirs. Unlike them, you are not a creature of darkness. So why? "Love does that to you."

The kiss that Camille lay upon Toc's lips upon her awakening from death was violent and harsh. Her passion for life replaced with the knowledge that she can never touch true life or death ever again, her kiss vanquished any ideas of the two of them being separated again from both of their minds. It was a kiss stronger than any marriage vow or oath of feality. In her waking death she was his forever and he was hers forever. Their reality was a brutal one, and their love would be even more brutal on those that would see them torn apart.

Cups And Pleasure

     Magnetism: Superior


With that kiss, a voice whispered deep within Camille's soul. "Kiss... kiss... kiss as if this would be your last time. Join with your lover. He is all that there is in your world, is he not? He is what you live for. Nothing else matters but this moment. Nothing... nothing... nothing... nothing..." Tamerlaine Dionysis, Void Daemon of Pleasure. She was the first to reside within Camille's soul. She latched onto the one thread of doubt that still resided in Camille's heart. That one last lingering notion that everything could be taken away from her as it was all those years ago at Inusaka. And indeed, that is what she wishes to see.


Pentacles And Vice

     Vibration: Superior


With that faint glow of doubt, Camille's eyes looked askanse from her lover's eyes. For just a moment, they drifted to Marcus, who stood in the doorway. "Oh dear... you don't wish to look in that direction. No my dear, he is not for you. Be happy with what you have. You are happy, aren't you my dear? Perhaps not perfectly happy, but I can sense you are content. Why tempt fate this way, my dear? Why?" Ute, Void Daemon of Vice. She was the second to take residence in Camille's soul. With the resurgence of Camille's doubt, she found that Camille's own feelings have never been unified. Her love for Toc is true, but perhaps, just perhaps, almost-forgotten memories of love long since abandoned could be returned from the depths of the past. After all, is she not Toc's only reason to live? And is not Toc her only reason to live? Such splendor to see them fall apart...


Staves And Doubt

     Radiation: Superior


Tears began to well up in Camille's eyes. She tried to look into Toc's eyes, but couldn't bare to . She closed her eyes, trying to will away the tears, but nothing. Toc released himself from her kiss and touched her cheeks, freezing the teardrop in place on her cheek before gently wiping it away. "cry away cry away cry away those tears of lonliness you are always lonely even among friends they don't understand they never will they don't even understand themselves that is why they wish to destroy everything not because the world is dying but because they cannot live with themselves and you cannot either you are no different you are just alone in a world that needs to die and nothing more there is no love there is no love there is no love only its absence" Delcius Fynn, Void Daemon of Doubt. She was the third to settle into Camille's soul. Hers was an easy victory. The others had to build upon small nicks in Camille's tenacity. All she had to do was amplify her own worries and make herself one with Camille's woe. No specific task. No aspect of Camille to break. She only needs to make sure her descent is all the more tragic.


Swords And Anguish

     Gravity: Supreme


Camille attempted to smile at Toc, but as the muscles in her cheeks began to arc her mouth into that familiar form, Camille fell to the ground, shacking and holding her head. "fall... fall... fall... Fall... Fall... Fall... FALL... FALL... FALL!" Vespertine's Gestalt, Void Daemon of Anguish. She made no illusion to her pressence. No secrecy, no attempts to meld gently with Camille's soul. Subtlty is of no consequence when the soul in question is so near the breaking point. A full fledged assault on her psyche. There's no hope left, Camille. FALL!


Arcana And Unity

     Matter Animation: Superior

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Area Affect
  • Double Damage to l3v:Arcane Lore
  • Target Seeker
  • Multi-Attacks
  • Ranged and Melee Attack


Camille ceased her convultions. She ceased to breath. She was dead once more. With her death, she arose from the ground. Her eyes opened, more full of life than at any moment during her living days. Her smile was filled with the satisfaction of a life's work finished. She looked at Toc from the corner of her eyes. "You four are mine for all of eternity, just as Toc is mine. Until the day we die, we are like one. We will act as one and live as one. My actions are your actions. My steps are your steps. We are one, forever."