Stella Aurorae

The Baroness of Uptown

Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 20 Wins!

Brutal - 6 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Sentinels


Strength: Standard

Agility: Standard

Mind: Standard

Body: Standard


Personal Wins: 20

Personal Losses: 2


Stell has walked the earth for quite some time, by anyone's standards. She Fell under mysterious circumstances, the truth of which have long been debated by Angelic gossip-makers, but the essential fact is, she Fell, along with many others who, apparently, failed to live up to Heaven's high standards. When she recovered from her wounds (which, Angel or not, took an insanely long amount of time - Falling itself doesn't hurt you, but Landing does, as much as any pain derived by any torturer in the history of Creation), she found herself on Earth, and in possession of her power, but purely and simply incapable of returning to Heaven, no matter how she strove. For several aeons, during which intelligent races flourished upon Earth, only to be destroyed in a great Devastation, leaving only the small and ill-equipped savage children of humanity to inherit the globe, she wandered, never staying on one place for very long. She had been wounded, both physically and psychologically, by her Expulsion from Paradise, and wounds beneath the surface take far longer to heal. Finally, she regained enough trust to join, in human seeming, the community of that short-lived race, and moved amongst them, travelling the globe. For centuries, she lived as an Egyptian, a Babylonian, a Greek, even, eventually, falling in love with a young Roman senator, whom she married. He was assassinated at Pompeii, by an agent of Caesar who had discovered his Republicacn leanings. In her grief, she struck out, and did things which, perhaps, she should not have, and the city was consumed. Following a brief stint as a Lady loosely involved with the Court of Camelot, around which ample legends have grown, she found herself unable to sustain, for long, any human relation, and left. Centuries passed, civilizations rose and fell, and, finally, she found herself working, to pass the time, as an environmental defense lawyer for Greenpeace. It was a good job, satisfying, while at the same time not overly trying, and she finally felt that she was able to do something beneficial for the Human race. In short, she was happy. This did not last. One night, she recieved a dream through the Gates of Horn, through which pass only true things. In this case, it was a dream of Warning, such as may come to one of her kind, of things to come. Similar dreams carried to her the news of her lover's death back in ancient Rome, and she knew the sense of them. It said nothing specific, spoke no open words in the manner of true dreams bestowed upon mortals, but, nonetheless, she knew what must be done. Duly suspending her mortal life, she came to Khazan.

Skullcap of Mnemonic Clarity

     Mental Defense: Ultimate

  • Reinforced Defenses


This is a powerful Skullcap made of Lead with Arcane symbols etched in gold covering it. It is surprisingly light considering what it is made of, but offers little in the way of physical protection. It is designed to focus ones mind, offering inner-clarity that protects the wearers mind from attacks and intrusions that normally require a chaotic and jumbled mind to pierce. Only the strongest of mental attacks can breach this cap, and even then, they will be severly weakened and next to harmless. Wizards and mentalists across the Omniverse have sought out this prize for countless years and now it has been uncovered. Upon first donning this cap, Stell sensed the essence of its construction, the depth of forces both magical and psychic that had made its formation possible. Now, after some careful consideration and meditation, she has refined her already-potent mind to such an extent that it is virtually invulnerable to all forms of mental assault.



     Empathy: Standard


No matter her current disposition, Stell was (and remains, although Fallen) an Archangel, of the highest choir. For long aeons before she was cast out, she served the Highest, and in that service, grew to know many things about the Universe itself, and all of its myriad aspects. For her, the World is nothing more or less than another individual, perhaps infinitely complex, but still with basic principles that can be understood... and acted upon.


The Voice - Seeming

     Illusion Creation: Ultimate

  • Auto-Hit Attack


Stell has, pure and simply, power. When she speaks, things which she desires happen. This can be anything from a simple manifestation, such as the existance of a knife which did not exist before, to a wide, catastrophic change, a new reality overlaying, or perhaps even replacing, the old. With a word, she can create reality, or alter it in any way she sees fit.


The Voice - Truth

     Matter Animation: Ultimate

  • Ranged Attack Only
  • Area Affect
  • Armor Piercing
  • Target Seeker
  • Multi-Attacks
  • Ranged and Melee Attack


Stell's voice does not merely effect her target's perception of reality. It affects Reality itself, on the most basic level. If she says "Explosion", there is an Explosion. If she tells a gun to "Be not", it does not exist. If she commands the ground to open and swallow an individual, it does. However, these effects are at the low end of the spectrum. She can command people to do things that, normally, they would not be capable of doing, imbuing them with powers beyond mortal. Nothingness may be made into form, and even given intelligence and independant motion. For hers is the power of the Word, a delicate, but powerful, echo of the First Sound of all things.


Just a Word

     Super Speed: Standard


Perhaps one of the most shocking things about Stell posessing such power is that all she needs to do to release it is speak. There is no long, complicated process of "powering up", no need to pause and reload, no martial or mystical ritual necessary. This advantage, slight as it may be, can be nearly impossible to compensate for.


Practiced Grace

     Acrobat: Standard


Evading even the most powerful strikes generally requires no more than a minute shift in position, a quick dodge to the left or right, even a subtle change in stance. After long years of wandering the world, Stell has developed a measure of this quality, always changing, always moving, never ostentatiously, but always just enough to avoid getting harmed.