The Golem Greymalkin

Main Event Winner!

Hall Of Fame!

Survival - 14 Wins!

Brutal - 7 Fatalities


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: Superior

Agility: Standard

Mind: Standard

Body: Superior


Personal Wins: 14

Personal Losses: 3

Don King

It was the Middle Ages and the Black Death was ravaging the citizenry of Europe. No one seemed safe from its killing touch. Safely ensconced within his hidden library of ancient and forbidden tomes, the influential alchemist Gregor Greymalkin searched for a cure. Gregor had seen many of his closest friends and family waste away in the grip of this dread malady and he was determined to end its spread if possible. Unfortunately, as it always had in the past, the art of alchemy proved a dead end. In the past, searching for means to eternal life or endless wealth, he had always put his trust in the experience of his predecessors, poring over the journals of alchemists past in search of some arcane, hidden meaning that would finally unlock the secrets of the universe. However, when Gregor realized that he himself had contracted the Black Death, he knew that time was running out and that if his work was to continue, drastic measures must be taken. Though it was one of the hardest things he ever did, Gregor decided to abandon the disciplines of alchemy he had followed for so long to seek a temporary solution elsewhere. He turned to the dark art of necromancy, whose practitioners have power over the souls of the living and the dead, for his answers. Through ancient books of dark and forbidden magic he learned of transmigration, the ability to transfer one's own soul into another body, or into an artificial vessel -a Golem -created for the purpose. In his heart, Gregor is a moral man with no wish to harm another. So, rather than trade souls with an unfortunate victim he chose to place himself into a vessel of his own creation, formed from chiseled stone, until he could find a suitably evil individual with whom he could trade bodies without feeling too guilty. Unfortunately, Gregor did not think things though. Golems were never meant to be long-term vessels for souls, merely temporary shells to be used as weapons or for performing deeds too dangerous for a normal man. Now, with his true body dead of disease, poor Gregor found himself trapped in a stony shell, unable to speak, and as such unable to perform the ritual of transmigration even if he did find a suitable host body. Time passed and Gregor could only watch helplessly as the Black Death continued to cut a swath through Europe. Eventually the horrible disease passed, but Gregor did not. He endured within his shell of stone, unable to do anything watch the centuries crawl by, raging silently within a prison of his own making. However, now that he has found his way to Khazan perhaps he will finally find a way to free himself from his self-inflicted curse, if only to finally die a proper death.

A lost, dusty, forgotten relic, Gregor roams the side streets and back alleys of Khazan City's Lowtown district, all but invisible amongst the teeming throng of life, in all the myriad forms it takes in the nexus of all realities. Occasionally he will find some situation where his incredible strength and durability, the only real advantages to his inorganic form, prove of use in helping some weaker member of Lowtown's ever shifting population, someone less capable of protecting themselves from the predators human and otherwise that roam the streets in search of easy prey. Though he finds himself in the occasional role of protector, he hardly considers himself a hero. When not lost in his own thoughts, thoughts strange, alien and somehow inhuman after so many centuries of forced introspection, he seeks out a way to escape his present form. Lowtown has no shortage of evil individuals with whom Gregor might trade souls, but how to carry out the ritual with no voice of his own to speak the necessary chants and incantations and no allies to assist him? Gregor is like a beggar child pressing his grubby nose against a toy store window. So many new bodies to choose from, and no way to acquire any of them. It is enough to drive a man mad. But, if Gregor is not already mad, it is unlikely that anything he experiences in Khazan City will make him so.

Arcane Lore

     Arcane Lore: Standard


Gregor's stony form is a gift - or, if you prefer, a curse - of the dark and ancient art of necromany. Blackest sorcery binds his soul to an artificial shell, and until he finds a new host and a way to transfer his soul, within this shell he will remain.


Form of Stone

     Armor Skin: Ultimate

  • Reinforced Defenses


A rough hewn statue of hardest stone, this is the form in which the tortured soul of Gregor Greymalkin resides. Though little else can be said of it, this artificial body provides far more protection from physical harm than can be said of the average fleshly form. It is Gregor's mobile house, his solitary temple, chipped and worn by passing ceturies, by wind and rain and occasional violence both self-inflicted and of outside origin, but still mostly whole and solid, as much as it was when first inhabited by Gregor's soul as possible. Stone lasts. Stone is not forever, but it is close enough as to make almost no difference.


Fists of Stone

     Concussive: Ultimate

  • Area Affect
  • Armor Piercing


Gregor will strike when the need arises, though when that is is a tricky question. He has little use for self preservation, his stone form having survived through so much that self-defense seems a bit redundant, but occasionally the pleas of a threatened innocent will pierce his stony hide to the still human heart beating within and he will act. His attacks are not subtle. They are swift and direct and destructive. The ground cracks and buildings shudder, quake and collapse beneath the pounding of his stony fists. You will know when an enraged Gregor Greymalkin has crossed your path, just follow the line of wreckage and ruin.


Mind of Man

     Mental Defense: Ultimate

  • Reinforced Defenses


Though it wanders at times, Gregor's mind remains strong and, on those occasions when violence becomes necessary, powerfully focused. Anyone trying to gain control of Gregor's mind and thought through means natural or unnatural will find they will not have an easy time of it.