Yeon Merveille


Gender: Female

Kit: Physical

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: superior (rank 2)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: superior (rank 2)

Spirit: standard (rank 1)

Charisma: standard (rank 1)


Fame Points: 0

Personal Wins: 0

Personal Losses: 0

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active

Buzz Line

On February 17, 1977, the Department of National Defence detected two unidentified flying objects over Povungnituk Quebec. One crashed into the Hudson Bay and the other faded from our monitors. Officially the DND only confirmed the civilian accounts which gained mainstream press coverage within the first sixty days of the event, investigating only those we felt we could not brush aside without losing face and dismissed any raised radioactivity levels reported as nonhazardous, produced by naturally occurring isotopes, just as the Falcon Lake Incident was handled ten years before.

On February 20th, the same year, authorities in Winnipeg retrieved the bodies of illegal Brazilian migrants who had fallen through the thawing ice of the Assiniboine River, which were handed over to The Canada Border Service Agency for identification and possible deportation. Between the Keith Richards and René Lévesque scandals, the Berger Inquiry, the Juno Awards and, of coarse, UFOs, few cared that it took a week to identify who they were the press failed to notice their transfer to the research and development department of the DND in Valcartier.

Truth be told, no one expected our remarkable encounter to be any more than the latest failure produced by the inflated military budget of the bumbling Americans, aside from the conspiracy theorists convinced Soviets were much further ahead of us in Breslau craft reconstruction than could reasonably expected. In hindsight the lack of equivocal Yank language on the case should have made their lack of involvement obvious but one of the three survivors from the crash being a mother in labor did the same.

Admittedly, the "illegal aliens" story was flimsier than any Uncle Sam ever told, the only greater miracle than it not helping people see a connection between the two events was the survival of a healthy baby out of them. Delivering her would have been less than ideal even if her parents were receptive to a then known language.

Eventually it was determined that the Yeons, Haneul and Jae, were performers from the Chuk colony of the Ak Gi Empire who were attacked by rebels. The possibility of mistranslation or deception on the part of the Yeons was ruled out on March first of the next year when Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau was officially contacted by forces claiming authority in the name of Ak Gi, who demanded the swift release of their property and detained citizens.

The so called Ak Gi went on to warn us of open war Canada could not possibly win if it continued to shelter their fugitives. The DND advised a strong stance but Minister Trudeau gave into pressure from the USA and USSR, even after it was suggested to him that they cared more about Canada overtaking them than any possibilities of interstellar war, so all alien material claimed by the so called Ak Gi was given to them.

Ever the liberal, Trudeau made it clear little Merveille was first and foremost a Canadian citizen who could return whenever she wished. 13 years after the Prime Minister's death, Agent Merveille had. Over the decade Ak Gi attitudes towards us softened enough for cooperation to be seen as a viable means of capturing fugitives who continue to hideout here.

Yeon Merveille's duties go beyond those of an imperial retrieval agent however. The Ak Gi demanded that as a citizen she be given permanent residence in Winnipeg so that she may better study this "Grounded Barbary State". She has even missed a few missions with her coworkers in order to meet with our scientists, military officers, politicians and occasionally even journalists over what must have seemed beneath her. Details of the empire completely irrelevant to their presence here such as the nature of its technology, the structure of its languages, its laws or life in the Chuk colony vs in Canada she usually seems to answer readily, beyond things she was ordered to be silent on.

Merveille has not disclosed everything the DND wishes to know about her tools or nor have the Ak Gi even allowed her access to her entire arsenal when "working for Barbary", so the desired amount of examination of them may not come to us in the foreseeable future. What data that has managed to be attained from what little that has been allowed to be done has still been astounding however. What is foreseeable is that tolerating the Ak Gi presence as it is now can work to our benefit and that we should continue to make use Yeon Merveille's willing assistance.


Somewhat soft spoken and introverted off of the field, Agent Yeon Merveille seems to treats citizenship like a job. At times it seems inquiry is ever a trivial one and activity uneventful in her eyes as they all end up in her updates or studies periodically sent to her Ak Gi superiors. While we cannot be entirely sure in her sincerity, she does insist that none of these reports are transmitted without DND approval and despite much in them being revised or censured, her logs about our logistical and physiological weaknesses being most worrying, we have no evidence Merveille has resisted the demanded alterations.

She shows very little dissatisfaction with this job, of the few complaints that escape her lips the overwhelming majority of are soon apologized for. It could just be an effect of her laconic nature but the few times Merveille seems to truly open up are to express her fascination with us and our habitat. While easy to consider this patronizing, the contrast with the unmasked insults regularly given by the majority of Ak Gi personnel should be noted.

It should be further noted agent Merveille offered more her services to the DND than what has actually been requested of her from day one. As the empire's fugitive case has begun to wind down law enforcement and relief agencies in Manitoba have already gotten into the habit of requesting these services. It may still be too soon to completely take her word at face value but as none of the reports given so far fail to stress Merveille's work ethic professionalism we can at least considered that their is some truth in her stated desire to be the best civil servant possible, in hope it may help further connect the two civilizations. She may very well prove a vital asset to the DND.


Weakness: Thermal

      Character Weakness to Thermal:


Merveille's shielding is designed to absorb, redirect and disperse kinetic energy and the material itself seems to be highly nonreactive, beyond being a good conductor of heat. The shielding will not hold up long under extreme temperatures and without shields they can quickly prove fatal to the agent.


Enhanced Strength

     Enhanced Strength: superior


Although genetically identical to us, the environment Ak Gi children tend to grow up in and the medical treatments they receive throughout their lives make them much stronger than most humans of comparable build. In addition, when fully armored Merveille's strength will be further augmented.


Enhanced Endurance

     Enhanced Endurance: superior


Properly Ak Gi who have retrieved the proper treatment do not need to produce as much lactic acid and can thus exert themselves for a long time without tiring. In addition, Merveille suit reduces most environmental stresses that would otherwise slow or tire her.



     Gadgetry: superior (rank 2)


Yeon Merveille wears an armored body suit composed of materials still not identified by the DND. It largely pieces together and disassembles on its own, the helmet being the only part that must taken on and off manually. It is somewhat modular, in that it can be made to work with several communication systems.



     Gadgetry: standard (rank 1)

  • Ranged Attack


One of the few weapons Yeon Merveille is allowed to use outside of official Ak Gi duty is a handgun that fires kinetic bolts and seems to be able to fire indefinitely so long as there is a light source. The shots can break bones and have fatal consequences at fairly close ranges making it decent for urban combat but is not anymore reliable than any handgun we have at longer ranges.


Enhanced Reflexes

     Enhanced Reflexes: standard (rank 1)


The armor suit slightly increases Merveille's awareness and reaction speed in addition to increasing her strength.



     Kinetic: standard (rank 1)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Area Affect


Merveille's shielding primarily works through absorbing kinetic energy, which is stored in the rounded parts of the armor and gradually vented out the back. It can be released more force ably however, either transferred through the gun, significantly increasing the shot's power or in all directions around her.


Enhanced Tracking

     Enhanced Tracking: standard (rank 1)


Yeon Merveille's is an experienced tracker thanks to her time hunting fugitives. Even with her equipment restricted she can still adapt at finding trails and hunting down targets.


Combat Planning

     Combat Planning: standard (rank 1)


Merveille has fought in a wide variety of terrains and climates on many different worlds and crafts. She can easily deduce the optimal positions to take as well as how to attack or defend them.



     Detective: standard (rank 1)


Yeon Merveille observant and always thinking of how things are related and mentally mapping out locations. She also enough experience with criminal activity to anticipate their actions.