The Seven Demons of Shukai


Gender: None

Kit: Eldritch

Location: Wherever the Damned May Inhabit


Alignment: Villain

Team: Solo Villain


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Infamy Points: 0

Personal Wins: 68

Personal Losses: 42

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


They say history is written by the victor. Therefore, I have recorded my actions towards the Mashasaki. But now as I feel the cold hand of death creep towards me; I record so someone will know what happened to my clan. As those dark riders return; I record so others won't make the same mistakes I made. This is the journal of a dead man...

[Translated from Japanese]

April 24, 1126

For years the Mashasaki have been the sworn enemy of the Shukai. Even in times of supposed peace, our battle continued in the shadows. My father was killed in those peace times. Why? It doesn't really matter anymore. It never did. The Mashasaki are a plague. A blight on the social order. I wish them all death and I have vowed to expunge them from history through any means necessary. So for almost seven years, I have cursed the Mashasaki. I've never before prayed to any particular god. So, I've thrown my appeals to whatever deity would listen. If they do not hear me, so be it. I will destroy the Mashasaki myself.

For a long time I have planned, planting my grass spies in the Mashasaki clan. Like grass, they have been growing amongst them for decades now; learning their ways. Assimilating their culture and studying exactly how to kill them from the inside out. Today is no different. Today, they have brought me good news. That boy, the killer of my father has now become the head of the clan. Now, I will become his downfall. My grass will sow seeds of discourse throughout the clan. It is time for them to spread and choke away the weeds.

April 26, 1126

Success! My plans are moving without fail. My spies have networked throughout the clan. Spreading disharmony and lies about that worthless boy. His entire clan is starting to believe his ancestry to be the cause of the turmoil within them. This will be his gutless fathers reward. His entire lineages reward.


In the middle of the night....what disturbing dreams are these: My father. What was he trying to tell me? Why? I must rest. There is much to be done tomorrow.

April 30, 1126

It has been brought to my attention that the boy's female companion is with child. The child cannot be allowed to live. There will be no inheritance to the clan. My men recently watched her train. Her body moved gracefully. Her sword was true of a kunoichi, but with child she is useless. Both of them were mighty swordsmen, but tomorrow my grass will smother those tangled weeds.


In the night again, I've never had such nightmarish dreams before. I must reflect on these later.

April 31, 1126

Pathetic, weak Grass. They have been sitting idle too long. Their swords aren't as swift. Their skills aren't attuned to war anymore. Today once again, one of my men, Satoshi has tried to take the life of the boy. He lost his head for his troubles. I can't even sneak a killing during his morning deliberations. I must find stronger warriors for this battle. Curse the ground he walks on. Tonight, I will pray for his death again. Surely, someone must hear me. Can heaven itself not grant me justice? Then who? Who must I pray too?

Nevertheless, friction will be sown by my men with this last attack. The boy will think one of his own men have tried to kill him. He will trust no one. My plan still holds true: destruction from within.


My nights are haunted. Seven men shrouded in darkness riding on horses. They ride to Shukai. Surely, it is some form of omen.

May 3rd, 1126

Centuries ago, the Shukai were the strongest clan in Japan. Our numbers swelled and our notoriety grew as well. But there was disarray in the ranks. The Mashasaki family: What hell spawned them? Even in the beginnings, they were a nuisance. They sought to break away from the Shukai. Now look at them. A civil war has spread throughout their kinfolk. The grass has done well overall. Though they have not killed the boy; they have created conspiracy causing the clan to split. With the civil war in full effect, their job is finished. We have even recruited many Mashasaki to our side. They will be rewarded when they return home.

My next plan of action was the assassins. Entering the clan as Mashasaki shinobi, they killed unhindered. Acting like rebels for both sides of the war, one of them actually met with the young leader. My ninja lost his arm in that short confrontation. He returned home and died of blood loss shortly after. He told me of the look in the boy leader's eyes. Thinking he killed his own men broke him. Foolish child. He is just that...a child. He is bewildered. Not ready for war. Confused and soon broken. Now, we must take what he loves most. Her name is Hanako.


Curse the gods. Why do these demon riders haunt me? Another night and surely I will go insane. They come closer and closer during the hours of darkness. What do they want from me? I must know...

May 7th, 1126

Grand victory! Though my nights haunt me, my days are splendid. From the comfort of my home, I am made aware of the destruction of Mashasaki by my faithful emissaries. The Mashasaki has all but fallen and today I receive great news. The child leader is now leaving for Botataka. He has left his most prized possession alone. Surely he has hidden her away to avoid the war. My men know every corner of their territory. We will find her. The Mashasaki lineage will be vanquished once and for all.


I'd rather not go into detail about these visions in the night at this time. They will not disrupt my plans.

May 14th, 1126

My men have followed the child for a full week. He is far away from home now. It is time. Today, I send in assassins to find and kill the girl.


In the night I fear. Never before have I known such dread. I cannot take this much longer.

May 23rd, 1126

The child leader has made it to Botataka. My men have scoured his homeland and have found no signs of the girl. They tell me that he spent the day training. I must send another party out soon before he returns for the girl.

May 29th, 1126

My men have failed again. Where is the girl? What must I do to secure my victory? Blast my fate! Tonight, I will offer up the soul of every man and woman of Shukai for vengeance!


June 1st, 1126

It has been days since that night. I was sure the boy leader would die and then... It took me a few days to write this, but I must finally chronicle that night. This may be the last time I write.

For seven years, I recklessly threw my prayers to the wind. I should've known. A godless man would only receive godless answers to his appeals. That night, seven horsemen stood before our clan. Every able bodied man we had came to meet them in arms. Our clan was hidden, yet they found us. Our watchmen were faultless, yet here they stand undetected. I hoped the clan could not see it in my eyes...fear. These riders were not ordinary men. My dreams now seem to haunt me in the waking world. What have I done?



     Weapon Master: standard (rank 1)


Although my heart trembled, I dare not cower before my men. So I spoke, Explain your presence or face the swords of Shukai! I knew who these men were. They had plagued my nights. The rider in front unmasked. My clan gasped at the face of the rider. My dead father returned. He looked at me. His eyes burst into tears. When he cried, the rain began to fall. In grief he spoke, Tomorrow, the Mashasaki will fall. My men cheered as they thought my father, the greatest swordsman in our clan had returned to lead them. I knew better. I couldn t speak, so I nodded in approval and the horsemen rode into the downpour. Now, I should reveal the identities of the riders. My nightmares come to life



     Weather Control: standard (rank 1)


The dreams were always preceded by seven horsemen riding through a storm. Then a flash of blinding lightning and the nightmare would begin. Each night, I would meet a rider. By far, the first was the most horrible. There I stood in the blistering rain. His rain. The rain of sorrow. So intense was it that I could barely see five steps ahead of me. A lone ninja stood at least ten steps ahead. His head lowered so I could not see his face. I called out to him demanding an explanation. My heart skipped a beat when his head rose. My father face was filled with mourning. Even in the rain, you could see his pain. I screamed at him for answers. What do you want from me? What do you want me to do? He never answered. With a gesture something moved behind him. The rain kept my vision blurred. The lightning blinding me until finally it strode forward. A dark horse beckoned me to ride. Lightning struck and I awoke.



     Emotion Control: standard (rank 1)


The second invasion of my dreams came the night before Satoshi s death. An indecipherable whisper in my sleep. This wasn t the first time I d heard it. Ever since my father died I heard these sounds. However, it was the first time it had entered by force into my dreams. What could these whispers mean? What were they saying? I tossed and turned all night until the whispers became an indistinguishable roar. It was like a thousand voices taunting me; they goaded me to continue my war. I opened my eyes to see a demon wearing my father s flayed skin. My screams alerted the guards that night.



     Piercing Weapon: standard (rank 1)


On the third night, the horsemen came again. The lightning flashed and before me in a forest clearing stood Satoshi. He served me well; I had cursed him for failing to kill the boy leader. Now he returns to irk my rest. Standing there, he made a motion simulating a knife cutting across the neck. Then, his eyes began to glow red. His head then separated from his shoulders and flew towards me with tremendous speed screaming. His body simply fell into a meditation position as his head assailed me. With razor sharp teeth it struck my jugular. I awoke screaming again. Satoshi



     Slashing Weapon: standard (rank 1)


My own ninja assaulted me in the next dream. It was the young ninja who lost his arm and life in my employ. After the riders and the rain, came a flash of light. However it was not lightning, but the flash of steel meeting steel. The one armed shinobi that I trained was trying to kill me. I held him off well, but suddenly I was flanked by another swordsman. He looked exactly like the Shukai fighter, but with the clothing and markings of the Mashasaki. Both men had one arm each. Together they worked as one to overwhelm me. A graceful symphony of fighting. A waltz that would end in my death.



     Growth: standard (rank 1)


The war had created many casualties. In the next dream, I was the gravedigger of those martyrs burying the bones of the dead. I tried to hide the forgotten lies, my sins. With a final heave I completed the task and packed the dirt tight. Centuries of conflict beneath my feet. Then, the ground shook. The Earth cracked. From the mound of ancient history a giant arose. Twice the size of a normal man, a skeletal figure shook himself free of his prison. Inside its skeletal frame were the bodies of ancient warriors of the Mashasaki and the Shukai. They screamed out in pain as their bodies twisted inside the undead tomb. Such horror. I tried to run to escape, but with a mighty swipe he lifted me off the ground. With a toss down, he swallowed me whole. Another night another nightmare.



     Slashing Weapon: standard (rank 1)


The final dream. A painful night. I was being chased through our encampment. Pursued by a nimble assassin. She wore a mask like that of a weasel. Instead of hands she had blades like a mantis. I ran. It didn t matter. She swooped in and out of the woods. Taking chunks out of me as he attacked. For every swipe, I saw a life that had died in my employ. It was Hanako seeking vengeance for the dead. Eventually I awoke with not a scratch on my body. However the pain still resonates today.

There was no seventh dream. At least not while I slept. On May 29th 1126, they came to our camp. The living nightmares visited Shukai. Since then my spies have reported of Hanako s death. They also reported that the Mushasaki were being slaughtered. As much as I wanted it, I had no joy anymore. What of the boy? I asked them. He leaves from Botataka to encounter the slayers. He is stronger and filled with hate. He is aware of the death of Hanako. They told me. Soon, my prayers will be answered. But by who? I cursed the heavens for years, yet prayed blindly for vengeance. I see the irony.

Last night I dreamt of the riders again returning to Shukai. With them was an eighth horse. It had no rider. It was at this point I knew my destiny. Like a tidal wave it hit me. My penance was to be served riding with these spirits forever. It was me who would eternally lead the demon clan into battle. I was to be the harbinger of death; A cursed devil god in charge the dark parade. Together we would issue out the fate of the damned. Loathsome, I took my sword in hand and mounted my new steed. This Shukai sword has been in my family for centuries. Its blade was stained with countless warriors blood. Forever more, I am the reaper and this is my scythe. With a strike of lightning, I awoke from yet another dream. Upon awaking, I spent the rest of the night sharpening my steel blade. I would be ready for all outcomes when they arrive.

January 1st, 20XX

To this day, I reap the souls of the damned as the Last Demon of Skukai.