Gender: Male

Kit: Transformation

Location: Ekhidna Labs, Moebius


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Creed


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: supreme (rank 3)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: standard (rank 1)

Charisma: standard (rank 1)


Infamy Points: 100

Personal Wins: 2

Personal Losses: 0

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


"Well senator I'm glad you reconsidered, in light of the current......'atmosphere' your presence at the conference will help to reassure our friends in the elite that they have nothing to worry about. Good luck in your re-election campaign." Felix Friendly exhaled as he slipped his phone into his pocket and fixed his tie within the large elevator "Now for the hard part." the elevator shuddered as he slowly came to a stop and snapped open it's doors. Felix's footsteps could be heard as he briskly walked down the stone grey halls of Ekhidna Labs, with each step a faint sound of indistinguishable music began to increase until the familiar sounds of jazz instruments could be made out.

By the time Felix had reached his destination the sound of a saxophone was blaring into his ears. He pushed opened the large doors that stood in front of him and stepped into an expansive laboratory filled with bubbling glass containers filled with strange liquids and dismembered body parts, chiming computers and walls decorated with liquid filled beakers. In the midst of the chaos sat Dr.Dagda intently dissecting what seemed to be a shaved monkey.

"You know Felix, if you're going to visit you should at least call first," the music within the lab dwindled as Dr.Dagda threw a white sheet over the creature and turned to Felix brandishing large immaculate smile "I'm a very busy man."

Felix took a seat on a nearby chair while he stared at Dr.Dagda's slightly unkempt afro, large tinted glasses and snowy white grin "How often do you get out Dagda? Mingle with the other intellectuals and scientist to share ideas?"

Dr.Dagda blurted out a loud laugh and adjusted his glasses "Share ideas? With who, the so called brilliant minds of twenty first century?" his smiled broadened and lines formed at the sides of his face as he continued speaking in is his Cajun accent "I prefer to keep company with beings who are at least half of my intelligence. As far as I know there very few meta-humans who fit the bill much less half-evolved morts."

"Trust me Dagda I understand you completely, that is why I'm inviting you to a conference that I'm hosting. Only the brightest and most accomplished minds will be there, both human and metahuman. Who knows, maybe you'll happen upon someone with a mind equal or maybe even greater than yours." Felix paused and tried to gauge Dr.Dagda's reaction to the request but could find nothing behind his dark glasses and persistent smile.

For a few seconds the only sounds that could be heard were the beeps and bubblings of the lab, then Dr.Dagda spoke "A mind greater than mine you say, I highly doubt it. In all my years as a scientist I have never met a being with a mind equal to mine. Save one."

Felix leaned forward as Dr.Dagda's words floated into his ears and grabbed his interest "Only one, and who may that be if you don't mind me asking?"

Dr.Dagda's smile shrunk as he responded in a slightly graver tone "Dogma."

"Dogma?" retorted Felix as his brow lowered "So you've actually met the leader of the Creed? I had presumed that only the chairman had that 'honor'."

Dr.Dagda sat back into his chair and adjusted his glasses "It was a long time ago before I joined the Creed, when I was just a boy in Louisiana."


Felix Friendly leaned back into the chair and folded his arms "You were recruited by Dogma himself, you must have been quite impressive when you were a boy. What did you do to catch his attention?"

"Who knows why Dogma does what he does? But if you want to know how I met him I'd be happy to tell you the tale."

(Thirty Years Ago In Louisiana)

"Marie! MARIE!" shouted the young spectacled boy as he stumbled into the living room of the old wooden house "MARIE, WHERE YOU AT!"

The old floor vibrated as the sound of running could be heard rushing towards the living room "Fait pas une esquandal!" whispered Marie as she entered the living room in a blue night gown and matching scarf wrapped around her long black hair "You'll wake up Ma and Pa. By the way, Amos, why you in your huntin' clothes at one o'clock in the mornin'?"

Amos clutched her arm and pulled her towards the front door "You'll find out soon enough, now come on." Amos opened the door and a brisk gust of pungent swamp air entered the house "Forget your boots Marie come on." Amos hauled Marie on to the cold damp dirt and closed the door to their home.

"I can't see nothin', where are we goin' Amos?" groaned Marie as she followed Amos through the murky darkness "I've got things to do in the mornin'."

Amos stopped in front of a large dilapidated coop and lit a lamp that hung next to the door "Now listen Marie, don't run and don't scream understand?" he picked up the lamp, opened the door and slowly walked inside with the lamp stretched out in front of him.

Marie entered the rickety coop and approached what sounded like a purring cat "Qui C'est q'ca, a cat?. You woke me up for a cat?" she was about to turn around when what she thought was a cat stepped into the dim light "What the hell is that" she exclaimed as a large feline covered in grey alligator scales came into view. She ran behind Amos and clutched his shoulders "Where did you find it?"

"Find it? I made it." replied Amos proudly.

Marie slowly stepped away from Amos and shook her head as tears filled her eyes "I thought you promised to leave that voodoo work alone Amos? Now you done conjured up some demon on our land!"

"It ain't voodoo Marie! Now calm down."

Marie let out a heavy sob and ran out of the coop screaming on the top of her lungs "PA! MA! Wake up, wake up!!"

Amos dropped the lamp and ran after his sister in desperation "Marie no, stop!" when he finally caught up with his sister she was standing in front of a man and woman both armed with shot guns "Ma, Pa."

"Whats this I hear about witchcraft boy?' growled Pa as his fingers ran up and down his gun.

"It ain't voodoo Pa, it's science like what I tried to show you in that book by Darwin. Voodoo and witchcraft ain't got nothin' to do with it, they don't even exist.


I'd Rather Die

      Character Weakness to Power Negation:


Marie stepped forward spat in Amos' direction "Liar! He has a demon locked up in the old chicken coop, I saw it myself."

Amos ran up to his father grasped his shirt "Don't listen to her Pa, ain't no such thing as demons." Amos tugged on his fathers shirt as hot tears streamed down his face "Come on Pa, lets go back inside."

"THERE IT IS!!!!!" shrieked Marie prompting everyone to direct their attention to the old coop. Out of the darkness the shape of Amos' creature came into view, first it's glowing green eyes then it's feline figure and then finally it's crocodilian scales.

"Zeerahb! Amos what have you done!?" cried Ma as she stepped behind her husband.

Pa pushed Amos into the wet dirt and cast a look dripping with rage and disappointment "You gone and thrown your lot in with the devil boy? Well after I deal with your demon Imma purge my family of your stain. You ain't my son no more." he turned his sights on the creature and raised his gun.

Amos shouted "NO!" and shoved his father into the ground. He stood trembling and sobbing beneath the silver light of the moon that peaked through the clouds and then he ran into the darkness followed by his creation.

The chaotic sounds of an enraged mob echoed throughout the bayou, shouts of "demon!", "Find the devil worshiper!" and " Filthy houngan!" tore through the peaceful darkness as Amos and the creature trembled within a fishing boat.

"I wish I never got these powers Remy. Then we wouldn't be in this mess, I would just be a normal gator hunter and you'd still be a house cat." whispered Amos as he stroked his pets head "At least I could turn you back, I'm stuck like this."

"What are you doing boy?" echoed a voice that seemed to come from the darkness its self.

Amos jumped in front of Remy trembling with fear as he struggled to speak "P-p-please sir I ain't no houngan, j-just let us go and we won't cause no harm."

A tall figure cloaked in a hooded robe melted out of the shadows and stepped into the boat causing it to lower into the murky water "You said you wish you never had your powers, so that you could be 'normal'?"

"Yes" replied Amos still trembling.

The figure stretched out his hand and Amos' body tensed as his mouth snapped open in agony "Do you feel that boy? That pain you feel is me taking your power away."

"Please, stop the pain!" cried Amos as he writhed within the boat.

"What you feel is death. I am not the one causing the pain, your psyche is. Your subconscious knows what is happening and is rejecting it, by the time I finish you will be dead, nothing but an empty husk.

"STOP!! Please." Amos' plea echoed throughout the swamp beckoning the attention of the mob which was now heading in his direction.


Endless Hunger

     Enhanced Intelligence: supreme


The stranger lowered his hand and Amos' cries subsided into soft whimpers "I know all about you Amos, you were born with a voracious appetite for knowledge, while your friends played in mud you swam in the knowledge of great minds like Darwin, Delbruck and Haldane. You probably even improved on some of their work. Then one day you realized there was nothing left to learn from books and no one with whom you could share your knowledge with." the sounds of the mob increased as they drew nearer to Amos' location causing Remy to shuffle into the corner of the boat.

"But then," continued the stranger "something miraculous happened, it was as if God himself had answered your secret prayers by gifting you with the power to transfer your knowledge from the theoretical to the physical. But in the end you were still cursed by inferior beings who would never understand you or your abilities. You know that as long as you stay here you will stagnate and eventually go mad."

Amos' trembling subsided as he listened to the strangers alluring words "So let me guess, you want me to leave with you and forsake my family. If that's the case, you can stop talking now and take me with you."


Dagda Cometh

     Transmogrification: supreme (rank 3)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Area Affect
  • Multi-Attack
  • Target Seeker


Amos and Remy timidly followed the stranger through the thick darkness as the savage commotion of the mob stayed steadily on their heels "Uhm s'cuse me sir," whispered Amos trying to break the tension "if you don't mind me asking whats yur name?"


"Dogma? Impressive name." replied Amos as he stared at the strangers back in admiration "Way more impressive than Amos."

Dogma stopped and turned, setting his ancient eyes hidden within the shadow of his hood upon the young boy "Then why don't you change it to something more suited to the real you?"

"I always liked my last name, my family was named after a god with power over life and death. If I could change my name I would simply call myself Dagda." mused Amos as orange light of torches formed behind Dogma.

The roar of the crowd washed over Dogma, Dagda and Remy like a chaotic tsunami of rage and hate as the denizens of the bayou marched towards the trio "Well Dagda, it looks like your first night will be spent purging the world of these vermin, don't have too much fun." Dogma turned to the crowd and melted back into shadows leaving nothing but air between Dagda and the irate mob.

Dagda placed his hand on Remy's head and as his smile grew so did Remy. With each he grew, Remy's eyes grew more savage and wild, as if Dagda was infusing him with all his pent up rage. As the crowd watched Remy grow larger and fiercer their pace slowed and their shouts became whispers "Don't stop now!" jeered Dagda as Remy towered over him dripping sizzling spit from his massive maw "I'm just getting started." suddenly a swarm of giant insects with large pincers, huge wings and blazing hot bulbs erupted from the nearby foliage "Despair for Dagda has no pity for worms."


Dagda's Boon

     Healing: superior (rank 2)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Multi-Attack
  • Target Seeker


Horrid screams infected the blood tinged air as the monstrous creatures tore through the terrified crowd sending charred flesh and mangled limbs flying into the moonlit night. Dagda's smile glistened as he sat on Remy's back snickering with crunch that came from Remy's corpse filled jaws "Survival of the fittest. In the end all creatures are bound by that one supreme law."

The Calamity of Dagda's wrath spread throughout bayou as his creations hunted down everything that moved. In the midst of the screams and bloody cries, the weak sound of a girl crept into Dagda's ears "Amos, help us please."

Dagda jumped of his pet's back and followed the cries to a tree where Marie and his parents huddled together trying to tend to their wounds "So this is where you're hidin'. I thought you'd be lunch meat by now." teased Dagda.

"Help us son!" cried Pa "Do your duty and protect your family."

A tear ran down Dagda's face and melted away his smile as he gazed upon his father and whispered to himself "Family." he stretched out his hand and the wounds that riddled his family's body slowly vanished "So much for survival of the fittest."


Dagda's Ire

     Disintegration: superior (rank 2)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Multi-Attack
  • Target Seeker


"What do you think you are doing Dagda?" boomed Dogma's voice from the shadows "Don't tell me you still harbor a connection to the pests." the air became still as Dogma gracefully descended from the night sky "You must choose where your ties lie. Do you want stay here and dwell with the chimps, or do you want to ascend to new heights with the family I can provide you?"

Dagda turned his gaze to his family, wiped his eyes and placed his hand on his fathers shoulder "This could have ended differently but you chose ignorance over knowledge. First I will destroy your family, then I will purge the world of your stain. I am not your son." Marie and her mother let out soul scarring screams as their flesh and bones began to burn away is if they were sprayed by acid "Survival of the fittest."

(Ekhidna Labs, Present Time)

"After that night he brought me here to be taught by the greatest minds he find, until I was the greatest mind he could find. Then he personally put me in charge of this facility's R&D department and added me to the Council." Dr.Dagda adjusted his glasses "So, has your curiosity been sated for now Mr.Friendly?"

Felix stood up with a smirk on his face as he began to leave "The conference is two weeks from today. I'll need your answer before then." Felix slowly approached the large doors of the lab and started to open them when he got his answer.

"Fine, I'll come to your little soiree but I'm not cutting my hair. Maybe if you're lucky I'll bring a friend."