Gender: Male

Kit: Mental

Location: London, England


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: weak (rank 0)

Agility: weak (rank 0)

Mind: ultimate (rank 4)

Body: ultimate (rank 4)

Spirit: standard (rank 1)

Charisma: weak (rank 0)


Fame Points: 0

Personal Wins: 0

Personal Losses: 3

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


From Algorithm’s Journal, age 6 years, 3 months, 2 weeks, 1 day, 5 hours, 22 minutes and 30 seconds.

“There’s a school yard full of kids going about their usual lunchtime chaos; shouting and running around as kids will tend to do. Except in the corner, there’s one kid who’s carrying a huge book on mathematics. It is much too large for small 6 year old hands so he balances it on his school bag as he reads through, his eyes never stopping for a moment.

A bully makes his way over to the kid, having picked him as an easy target, unlikely to fight back. No doubt the bully is abused at home and feels the need for attention and affection from his peers to balance the hate and violence he is subject to.

Just as the bully reaches out to either pull off his glasses or possibly grab the big book, a teacher pounces and takes him away to scold in the teacher’s room. This was the bully’s first attempt to torment the kid, but he had been caught! How unlucky was that!

It wasn’t actually down to luck. That was me understanding that there was a high probability of the bully seeing me and picking me his next target. His usual target is on holiday in France for the week and given the ratio of students larger, stronger or faster than the bully, or students with more friends to fall back on, it was an 84.4% offhand possibility that the bully would see me and decide that I was the easiest victim. So I told the teacher”


At the age of 26, with 3 PHD’s in advanced mathematics and theorem and a string of highly respected papers to his name, Dr Geoffrey Ashdown was approached by a highly secretive government institute to work on a classified project. He turned them down.

They asked him again, for “Queen and Country” and offered him a lot of money. He turned them down.

They sent Dr. Lesley Jones, a known mathematical prodigy and one of the undeniably most beautiful woman in England. He still turned them down.

However, Lesley had not become head research scientist for England’s most secretive and progressive branch with ties to both MI5 and MI6 by accepting no for an answer. She turned her full charm and wit on to Geoffrey and worked on him for months. She was surprised to find that despite the genius intellect, he was actually quite shy and despite herself, came to care for him greatly.

No one was more surprised than him to find that he cared for her too. It was a meeting of great minds, both with a passion for maths and it soon became clear that the sum of the parts was greater than the individuals. Together their work blossomed into amazing new areas.

Their research became the stuff of legends, even within the government branches and the implications of what they could achieve held no bounds. They soon bypassed their original scope of research and began investigations into Hilbert Space and multiple dimensions. Through the use of pure mathematics they had found a way of delving into these other dimensions, through defying and controlling the very laws of physics and imposing the will of mathematics onto the material plane.

It was an amazing journey and soon they began expanding their research to try and bring something across the gateway. With a garrison of soldiers at the ready, they opened their first portal of pure mathematics in space and time…

And something reached out to them instead… It was a being of pure energy, from a world of constant power and forces. Lightning and light filled the room and tentacles of shimmering, crackling energy reached through the portal and snatched Lesley away, drawing her back through the portal. The soldiers started shouting and opened fire on the creature.

It howled as bullets splashed against it, and it fired back. A ray of pure light shot through the portal and incinerated everyone in the room in an instant, leaving nothing behind but a fine powder.

Geoffrey’s final moment was seeing Lesley still in the grips of the pure energy tentacles, being drawn back through the portal… he screamed and reached out to the machine controlling the portal, that machine that imposed the will of pure mathematics onto the world and touched its glimmering heart just before his body was destroyed.

Even as his body was destroyed by the blinding energy, Geoffrey’s mind and thoughts transferred into the machine. By merging his will with the machine’s power, he quickly reformed a body of theoretical numbers and tried to save Lesley. But it was too late, by saving his own life and using the machine’s energy he had closed off the portal, leaving Lesley to the fate of the energy being and that world of pure power.

Now, Geoffrey Ashdown exists as a construct of his own mind merged with pure theoretical mathematics. He can impose his own laws of physics to create a body of numbers and interact with the world.

It has been nearly ten years since the event that took his Lesley away but he has never stopped searching for her. He has managed to create a lesser version of the inter-dimensional machine, but without coordinates he has no possibility of finding the world she was dragged into. It appears the machine can only work at random and there are infinite possible worlds to get through.

Having discovered the new powers his body offers him, he has begun to do some good in the city under the name Algorithm because he knows it is what Lesley would have wanted but his true passion still remains dimensional exploration - trying in vain to find the woman he feels he abandoned.


“Is there anything as beautiful as understanding how x = 3√(2 + √–121) + 3√(2 – √–121)?”

There was only ever one person that Algorithm’s life that ever truly meant anything to him and she is in another dimension. He is one of the most gifted mathematicians of his time and has little time for other people or things. His constructed body and mind of pure maths offers him advanced insight into probabilities and risks and he will often dismiss people as inconsequential to his overall goal.

When talking to Algorithm, the speaker will need to show an interest and understanding in maths to even capture his interest or he will simply perform whatever action he is undertaking, whether that be saving a life or experimenting with a theorem, and move on. He dislikes strong emotions, especially anger or fear and will go out of his way to prevent harm coming to anyone, especially women who he can associate with his lost Lesley.


Weakness: Magnetism

      Character Weakness to Magnetism:


Algorithm exists by imposing the will of pure mathematics onto the physical world but this will can be disrupted by powerful electromagnetic currents. The electrons which he uses to form his body will be unsettled and cause his body to temporarily dissipate. How long it takes his body to reform will depend on the power of the magnetic field that caused the disruption. Over the years Algorithm has grown more and more adept at controlling his body so it now takes a truly powerful magnetic field to trouble his body of numbers


A Gifted Mind 2 - Tactician

     Tactician: supreme (rank 3)


Algorithm’s mind is constantly working and he will always have the easiest solution to a problem. Going hand in hand with his probability analysis, this makes him a deadly foe. If there is a chance that something random will occur to help defeat an enemy, such as a cupboard falling over or a door opening at the right time, Algorithm will see it and make it happen. Watching him in action is like watching the luckiest man alive in a fight, except it is not luck, it is Algorithm weighing up the best options and the most likely options and making them happen to best suit his need.


Body of Pure Mathematics 2

     Cartoon Physics: standard (rank 1)


His body is his will and can therefore be anything he wants it to be. To some degree, Algorithm can change his shape to any level. He can have a punch fly right through him or come up against pure metal. If jumping off a building he can reconstruct the mathematics to make him light as a feather or heavy as a boulder. He can rewrite his own body to match the environment and even increase or decrease mass for a while.


Body of Pure Mathematics 3

     Self Body Manipulation: standard (rank 1)


Just as he can change the physics of his entire body, so can he change individual parts. If he needs a key then his mathematical finger can change into a key to suit any lock. Algorithm cannot yet affect the bodies of others with his powers but he could shape or change certain parts of himself to resonate at the same physical level as another, temporarily taking on their shape or body. He has been known to construct his hands into blades in a fight, more to scare than to fight but his possibilities are endless


A Gifted Mind - Probability Analysis

     Precognition: supreme (rank 3)


Hand in hand with his power as a tactician is Algorithm’s ability to, in an instant, determine probabilities and possibilities of situations, people and environments. The maths streaming through his mind constantly shape are constantly analysing everything he sees and this makes him a deadly fighter in any fight. Even against skilled opponents, he can determine the likelihood of the next punch or action and will have already determined the best action to take against his opponent.


Scientist Body

     Weak Enhanced Strength: weak


Whilst the body Algorithm can create is extremely durable (see powers), he does not yet have the power to create the body as well as force its strength onto the world. As such he has the strength he had in life, which is that of a small man more used to the laboratory than the gym.


Scientist Body - 2

     Weak Enhanced Agility: weak


Like with strength, Algorithm does not possess any level of superior agility having spent most of his life buried in studies. His main focus is his body construct which possesses the same agility he possessed when he was a human.


A Gifted Mind

     Enhanced Intelligence: ultimate


Algorithm.s mind has always been his most powerful weapon. A brilliant scientist in life and now a brilliant tactician. His body is held together by the sheer power of his mind which is constantly evolving and working on finding the best possible solution to any problem. He is a natural thinker and will always find the quickest resolution to a situation and best way to save anyone under his protection.


Body of Pure Mathematics

     Enhanced Endurance: ultimate


Being a construct of pure mathematics, there is very little that can actually harm Algorithm. Blunt trauma will either just rebound off him or cause his body to reshape. His skin is as hard as he wants it to be or as malleable as he needs it to be. He is pure physics and so does not conform to the normal laws of action/reaction or even movement.


Scientist Mind

     Weak Enhanced Charisma: weak


There was only one person that Algorithm truly loved or even liked and that is his lost Lesley. He is obsessed with finding her but will go out of his way regularly to save people he sees are in trouble, especially if they remind him of her. However, he never had social skills in life and has not gained them now.