Blood King


Gender: Male

Kit: Eldritch

Location: Rising Sun, Japan


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Fallen


Strength: superior (rank 2)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: superior (rank 2)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Infamy Points: 0

Personal Wins: 1

Personal Losses: 4

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


Before Death in the Fallen Academy -

Battered and bruised human bodies were on the ground dead. Men, Woman, and Children of all ages scattered all over the field in fear. When this evil walked the Earth all feared him as they made way for him. His own brutally strength crushed human skulls beneath them as with others he simply crushed their neck as he felt their larynx destroyed beneath his hands. One last warrior remained of the rebellion he had just destroyed. The fool looked to him in fear and in horror. He looked into those cold heartless eyes knowing behind them was nothing but pure evil. Right there he knew his fate.

The weak shall die while the strong shall rule as the true rulers of the planet.

Back to when he first began his rule he was man that spoke few words and one who let his actions speak for him. His men scattered throughout the battlefield looking for any last remaining enemies that may be still left. He spared no one, delivered no mercy, and heartlessly killed any who he felt wasn’t worthy of being alive.

To win a battle such as this is glorious. Only a true warrior shall ever know what it means to have such a feeling.

Everyone thinks they know evil or better yet still are unable to accept that it exists in the world. The type of evil here is something that unlike others has a figure and eyes that have stroked fear into the hearts of civilizations for centuries. The type of evil here is one that has marched through the armies of kingdoms and slayed all who have stood in his way. Many have wondered for years where this evil has come from and where it was born. Is there anything that can stop this evil? Questions have been asked and the more people who looked for answers the more dead bodies that rise. The only thing that is known is that where ever this evil has gone. Death, chaos, anarchy, and darkness will always follow. The man looked through another kingdom that he had conquered as all of his civilians, soldiers, and people bowed down at their new Ruler.

One of his men ran to him with a paper in his hand. Blood King took the paper and an evil smile crept across his face. The Fallen had chosen him to compete in a Fallen Academy for entry in there Fallen army. Blood King handed the note back to his lieutenant as he spoke his answer he wanted him to reply back to the Fallen with.

Tell them I accept. All those who stand in my way of being in the Fallen shall fall before me. It seems a new chapter in my great reign shall begin.

On this day one warrior’s fate would forever be changed. His former name called Shinoko Kang was a thing of the past. His true name hence forth shall forever be...

“The Blood King”


Evil tends to have no heart and no remorse for its victims. This can be said about this form of evil as well. Death comes natural to him and morals are something for the weak. A hunger for blood, war, chaos, and power is what drives this evil. Nothing more needs to be said except for one thing.

Pray to your God you never cross paths with the Blood King.

After Death in the Fallen Academy and being transformed by Lich-

Whatever Blood King still knew about his past live didn’t matter. Blood King’s new purpose was to serve the Fallen. Transformed mentally and physically by Lich he was almost reborn in evil in every sense of the word.

Blood King: You have been targeted by the Fallen and sentenced to death.

Blood King spoke to the superhero he was assigned to kill as he planted his foot on the superhero’s skull and stepped on it as he crushed it with the force of his strength.


The hero’s screams fell on deaf ears as he was soon dead.


Blood King pressed his earpiece as he knew who it was contacting about the mission.

Voice: Is it done?

Blood King: Of course. What did you expect?

Voice: Success. Excellent. Leave the body as our men will get rid of it and any evidence. We have arranged for transportation to pick you up.

The communication link ended.

Blood King teleported away to his destination.

A new chapter had begun.


Evil travels fast

     Teleportation: superior (rank 2)


A large blast of energy soared past Blood King as he teleported out the way. A young hero flew toward Blood King in a attempt to attack him. Another mission to prove himself from the Fallen thought the Blood King as he battled one of the Sentinel's heroes. Khazan Proper where he was at was home to the superhero team Sentinels. For any villain to enter such a place and manage to leave was something very few could do.

His mission was simple. Enter Khazan Proper and kill one of it's heroes. Then leave. Simple and to the point. The hero grabbed a car as he flew toward Blood King who was now on top of a building and threw it toward him.

Blood King: Another fool who actually thinks they can escape death from my hands.

Blood King teleported out the way again as this time he teleported right above the hero who had landed on the rooftop. Blood King with a force of fury and power slammed his fist through the hero's back. Blood King grabbed a hold of his heart and ripped it apart as the hero dropped dead to the floor with blood everywhere. The action happened so fast that the hero had no last words or thought. Blood King dropped the man's heart as he wiped the floor across his chest as a sign of victory. He pressed his comlink in his ear as it contacted the Fallen home base.

Voice: Aah... Blood King you are proving to be quite the successful Fallen recruit aren't you? My...My...I see why Lich had interest in you. Is it done?

Blood King: Yes and pretty soon word shall spread around Khazan of the death of a hero in the Sentinel's sector. A death by the hands of the fearful Blood King.

Voice: Of course. Pickup is in 5.

Link ended.

Blood King teleported away to his destination to receive transport back to the Fallen base. He thought back once more to lessons he had learned over the years...

Evil travels fast on and off the battlefield. Always keep your guard up as it can strike from anywhere. Objects may come from nowhere to strike you. Men can come from the abyss to attack you.

Evil never stands still.


Evil can’t be destroyed

     Force Field: standard (rank 1)


Blood king looked to himself as he checked for wounds that he knew weren't there as he was being transported back to the Fallen base. He has never been harmed in battle and there is a reason for that. On top of his powerful body is a dark energy added to it that help protects him from harm in battle. What dark magic or energy fuels it was unknown to many. Blood King closed his eyes as he finished checking and closed his mind. He had a couple of minutes until he reached base and he wanted to relax his mind.


Armies beyond the living

     Necromancer: superior (rank 2)


Blood King sat in the Fallen Lab in one of the experiment chairs as one of there scientists once again ran tested on him at his request. Lich had done some experiments on him and enhanced him. Blood King wanted to know what he exactly did and what transformation or upgrade in one of his abilities had occured.

Blood King: Read Lich's report to me.

The scientist open a file on the computer from one of Lich's reports:

Before Lich's transformation:

Beware the Blood King also has a band made up of zombies and skeletons from the grave. These evil skeletons and zombies may be slow but know if you are foolish enough to let them come near you then you will be a dead person. His power to raise the dead is where mine was at when I first started. With some experiments, testing, and more I shall make Blood King more powerful so he can better serve the Fallen.

Hours After Lich's transformation:

The experiment is done. I have brought Blood King's power to raise the dead to new levels. He should be capable of raising more then skeletons and zombies. Undead warriors, monsters, creatures and more of his choosing shall rise at his command as he pleases. A loyal 15-20 undead army will be under his command. The Fallen has a new powerful recruit.