Gender: Male

Kit: Super

Location: Unknown


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Fame Points: 0

Personal Wins: 2

Personal Losses: 4

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


What is evil anyways? Is it some form of intent? Insanity? Or is it just the negative aspect of chaos? Is it created by the same genetics that make people human or is it learned from human behavior? I simply don't know anymore, from everything I know about the word evil I fit the profile. I've lived a life of torment, I've lost friends and family and I've even did terrible things to people. Looking back it's not something I ever wanted to call myself, but it is what I became when it was necessary. I don't feel guilty about the things I've done, most of it was for survival. But the dark things I plan to do that'll be for justice.

My name is Vincent Knight and the first time I heard the word evil was from my father. He and my mother were anti-powers enthusiasts. They were the type of people who believed that super beings were a threat to public safety. Heroes, villains, lost space aliens you name it they hate it. So you can imagine the controversy when I was born. My father being the man that he was couldn't accept that I was his child so he blamed my mother for cheating on him and giving birth to a freak. Just by association with me my mother was ostracized by all her friends and family. She ended up raising me on her own in a small town in Nevada until the day she died. I was only eight when it happened.

The same people she once called friends killed her in a fire. I only managed to survive because at that time I usually went sneaking out of the house at night so that I could run wild with the coyotes. I often wonder if she would have survived if I was there to protect her. The whole experience helped me realize how evil the world truly was. I was soon going to be drowned in that evil. The police found me a few weeks later and sent me off to the Orphanage for the Specially Gifted. The people I talked to told me it was a place where they would train me to be a super hero. I believed the lies they told me, I really had no idea what I was walking into.

The place I walked into was actually a weapons facility where they turned impressionable young kids like me into soldiers. They started by breaking me, taking away my hope and then instilling more hatred, fear and pain into my skull to last me a lifetime. It wasn't easy, it took them about five whole years to do it. By then I had gone through several amounts of testing, experiments and trials. When they asked me to I participate in their exercises, such as memory tests, endurance training and even killing I did it. I didn't respond well at first when they brought in people for me to kill. I was used to fighting their failed lab experiments and abominations. In the end my life became so full of death that I eventually stopped caring and went through the motions. That seemed to satisfy them enough to graduate to the next stage..

I was fourteen when my training went to the next level. The company gave me the new name Wilder. They had me and several others who survived stage one to be trained by some of the most dangerous mercenaries and ex black ops members on earth. For the next five years I learned how to fight, kill and defeat almost any enemy I would ever come across. I was then taught military procedures, defense protocols and advanced warfare mechanics. I also participated in several missions. At some point during my training I regained some sense of self. Whatever control they had over me had diminished over time. I soon began to think about escaping. The Orphanage believing they still had control over me didn't count on the fact that I would recover. I took advantage of it, by using the skills I've learned I stole a helicopter and bomb the place as I escaped.

On my own I managed to take care of myself by taking mercenary jobs. I made connections and developed a reputation. My enemies were still on the lookout for me, but I usually handled that problem when it presented itself. It wasn't much of a life, but it was a life that I chose and was working on building. Though sometimes I wonder if it was really a choice, I'm still a product of their making. They made me killer and the person I am today. Though out of everything I've been through in my life I can at least take comfort that the people who made me will one day pay dearly for what they did.


I've been called stubborn, unconventional and a bit of a wild card. That I tend to do things my way and that I have no respect for authority. I'll be honest I have my flaws, but there's a lot more to me than meets the eye. I'm actually a big picture type of guy. To me the ends justifies the means. I don't always play by the rules and I don't always play it safe, but at the end of the day my determination and resolve keeps me going. That doesn't mean I'll do whatever it takes to win, I have a sense of honor that I won't compromise unless circumstances prove otherwise. But I will face whatever challenges head on with confidence, I won't let things get me down and when things are at their worse I'll smile and keep on fighting tooth and nail to win.


Know thy Enemy

     Tactician: standard (rank 1)


In my training I was taught that in order to take out an enemy you need to not only observe their weaknesses, but also their strengths. Basically this means you have to be very observant at what your enemy does. A person's body language can tell you their whole life's story. Especially when people tend to overcompensate for fear of weakness. For example a guy might try to act all tough because he's afraid to show emotion so becomes hateful or violent to people who get overly emotional or a rich billionaire who wants to have everything because he fears that one day he might have nothing. Or you can look at it from a physical perspective, such as a person's movements. I usually notice which particular limb a person favors, direction they'll go most often, their habitual cues and their pet peeves. It takes only moments to get all the tells. I tend to get more if the person is particularly talkative.


Fight or Flight

     Flight: standard (rank 1)


It's funny how often people don't look up. Whether I'm spying on them from a high vantage point or flying down coming in for the kill, the last place they always look is up. Then again a flying demon boy in the air isn't something people see everyday. Not to mention I usually fly faster than their eyes could follow. Though for the few times I've actually gotten into trouble, which now that I think about it is way more than a few, my wings have come in handy in providing me some space between me and my enemies. Though just long enough for me to soar back into action.


Living on the Edge

     Regeneration: standard (rank 1)


I know a thing about pain. For the most part it hurts, but as long as you're not dead then you can recover from it. With this healing factor of mine I can recover from most lacerations in minutes cuts in seconds. Though more serious injuries can still kill me I'm still more likely to survive them better than most other people. Also it allows me to test my limits, to take on more dangerous missions and to fight harder than anyone else. Overall it's a very useful ability that I don't plan on wasting by being reckless. If I ever need to test its limits then it's usually because I have no other choice.


Spring into Action

     Acrobat: standard (rank 1)


I'm may not be a ballerina, but I am very light on my feet. With my lightweight bone structure and wings to help me manipulate my balance I can move around faster, smoother and skillfully without much effort. On the battlefield it's especially needed since I'm usually maneuvering towards the enemy while dodging gunfire and debris. More often than not I find myself ducking and dodging more on the ground than in the air. This is either because the people I fight can't aim for shit or that in the air my speed combined with my agility makes me nearly impossible to hit. Either way I plan on making it tough for anyone to take me out.


A Pin Drop

     Hyper-Senses: standard (rank 1)


Out of all my skills and abilities my senses are probably what makes me so useful. Ever since the Orphanage discovered my ability I've been trained in this area. They discovered that my sight and smell worked twice as well than most people could handle. That while bright lights were painful for my eyes that I had near perfect night vision. Though none of that compared to my hearing, which was capable of picking up a person's heartbeat in a crowd several feet away or hearing several assassins approaching in an ambush. This skill was used a lot later when I became involved in several missions where my senses were heavily relied upon by my teammates.


Gun X Blade

     Slashing Weapon: standard (rank 1)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Multi-Attack


When it comes to weapons I have my own style. I carry a dual pair of pistols that are specially customized with blades underneath the barrels so that they can be used for both close-range and long-range combat. This helps when I want to attack from above or get in real close. The idea first came to me a few years back when I was still in training. During missions I would often carry both a knife a pistol. I figured I'd become twice as more efficient if I combine both weapons together. I had the pistol blades made for me and as I expected my style of fighting improved quite a bit. The weapons adapted quite well to my fast paced style of fighting and fit in perfectly when I used it as a tactic for controlling my battles.