Pharaoh Anu


Gender: Male

Kit: Divine

Location: Kingspire, Khazan


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: superior (rank 2)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Fame Points: 0

Personal Wins: 5

Personal Losses: 2

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


He sat at his throne and his wife sat beside him. The entertainment enthralled the two with their dance and music, as there was cause for celebration. His temple, the greatest of all the land and past dynasties was finally completed. His strong face, chiseled above the entrance along with the very Gods of Egypt, both acting as sentries to that entrance. The grain was gathered in abundance causing his people to rejoice with full stomachs and praised their ruler. He applauded himself along with the rest of Egypt. He, Pharaoh Anu the star of the morning and night sky, would be remembered as the greatest Pharaoh to rule over the land of Egypt.

“My dear Pharaoh, this is a glorious day. Surely, the gods have blessed you along with the people of Egypt.”

“Yes, my desert flower, the gods have blessed me with much wisdom and power. These blessings allowed me to extend our empire borders, and usher in a reign of abundance and wealth.” Anu said looking into his wife’s eyes. He took her soft hand and brought them to his lips.

“Your majesty.” Heptah, a respected wise man approached the King and bowed in respect. Heptah’s family had a lasting impact on the past dynasties and always was somehow connected to the Royal family. Heptah’s father even served under Anu’s Father, but died a mysterious death on the returning march from battle.

“Heptah! The wisest of my wise men, how are you my friend?” Pharaoh Anu said with a smile.

“I have bad fortune to tell, Pharaoh Anu.”

“Must it be told now, Heptah? On such a great day? Surely, it can wait until tomorrow.”

“I apologize, but it is quite urgent my Lord. The window of clarity is closing as we speak.” Heptah stressed the importance to the young pharaoh the best he could. Anu obviously contemplated his decision before he said it aloud.

“Very well Heptah. Show me the future of Egypt.” Anu stood from his throne and grabbed his Golden scepter that leaned upon his seat, and after correcting his large crown on his head he walked before Heptah to one of the temples.

They now walked through the empty halls of the palace. All of the inhabitants of the palace, exempting a few guards and servants, were in the throne room enjoying the festivities. The two walked in silence together with the distance sound of the festivities in the background. Anu decided to break the silence.

“Which temple are we going to Heptah?”

“The Far East temple of the forth dynasty, my lord.”

“Ah, a very nice temple, but it is now shadowed in comparison to my temple!” He said with a hearty laugh.

“Of course my lord.”

They trekked across the rest of the palace in utter silence until they arrived. The large temple doors were adorned with gold and silver décor. The faces of the Gods and predeceasing pharaohs also were sculpted upon the large doors. Heptah struggled to pushed the heavy doors open and lit the torches with his own to light the temple. Statues of the Gods filled the room with the largest statue of Ra, the sun god, prominent above them all. The marble statue stood to the ceiling with the body of a man but the head of a hawk. A sun-disk sat on his head and in it burned with a never-extinguishing flame.

Heptah fell to the floor and bowed in front of the statue of Ra and Anu fell to a knee with a bow of his head. Heptah rose several moments later and laid a bowl of water in front of the statue. He stood in front of the bowl and spoke out loud as Anu watched on.

“I call on you gods of Egypt to show the future of the land. Ra, Sia, Hu, Heka…” He called on the names of these gods as he threw a potion onto the bowl of water. The water bubbled and foamed producing a yellowish smoke to fume from it. Heptah picked up the bowl and carried it to Anu.

“Inhale deeply, my lord.”

Anu was unfamiliar with this form of fortune telling, but trusted in his closest wise man. He took the bowl out of Heptah’s hand and brought it to his face and inhaled deeply. The thick smoke entered his nose and filled his lungs. His vision suddenly blurred and it became harder for him to breathe or stand. He began to sway back before his legs failed him all together. He fell to the ground and bowl hit the ground with a large crash.

“Heptah, what have you done to me!? What do you think you are doing?!” Anu yelled.

“I am avenging the death of my father. I am killing the son of my father’s killer!” He said as he looked over the pharaoh.

“What? Your father died valiantly in battle.”

“That is the story they told isn’t it?” He chuckled sadistically. “Your father, the Pharaoh before you killed my father… After shamefully lying with my mother. Your father was lying with my mother and feared that my father would soon find out of his adulterous ways. He killed him off in the night on the return from battle, and no one questioned it. No one questioned, but a young fatherless boy.

Once I learned the truth. I planned to exact my revenge, but your father died before I could take it, the coward. But this was not going to stop me from attaining my revenge. Someone will pay for the murder of my father… And that person will be you. Right now, in front of the very gods you claim to embody.” He had turned away from the Pharaoh as he pulled a potion from his sash and began to mix it. Anu struggled on the floor to reach his fallen Scepter that laid only inches from his reaching hand. Heptah turned with the potion and walked towards Anu, watching him struggle to preserve his life.


“There is no point, my lord. That potion has near paralyzed your entire body.” He said mockingly. He closed in on the pharaoh with the new potion cupped in his hands. Heptah stood above him now watching Anu squirm. “Good bye… My lord.” He cupped his hands to his mouth and in the same moment he began to blow the potion Anu grasped his scepter in his hand. The golden scepter was weighted down by an emerald gem that sat on top of it. He leveled it with Heptah just as he delivered the potion.

An energy blast shot and flared between the two. They both yelled in agony as the green energy and Heptah’s magic mixed in the air. Heptah slowly staggered back as he looked at his hands. They began to glow with a golden aura before he vanished in a flash leaving behind a black tear in time. The black hole began to swirl as it pulled with a strong force on all that surrounded it. Anu was helpless with half of his body paralyzed to fight the pull. He stamped his scepter to the floor with the arm he could move and hung on with all the might he could muster.

The pull got stronger and his hold weakened. Then the scepter broke from the ground. Anu held on to the scepter with a death’s grip but it was to avail. The vortex sucked him in along with most of the room before it thundered close.


Walking isn't For a King

     Teleportation: superior (rank 2)


Anu awoke in the grass under a tree, to a boisterous world. He covered his ears as he sat up; placing his back to the tree he awoke under. He took a deep breath and the poisoned air rushed against his lungs. He coughed violently. Pulling off his crown and resting it under the tree he regained composure. He stood and observed his surroundings. There were metal chariots with no horses to pull them. There stood large rectangle pyramids that attempted to pierce the heavens. The people also dressed in strange garb.

“Strange, this is not Egypt, or any land of Africa. What is this magic Heptah has learned?” He reached down and picked up his scepter and placed his crown upon his head. He took his scepter and stamped it to the ground. “To Egypt.” The emerald glowed but nothing happened. He stamped it to the ground harder. “To Egypt!” Nothing again. “By the gods?” He stepped from under the tree and looked off into the distance. Outside of the park where he stood, the morning rush had just begun and the streets of Kingspire were getting busy. He walked towards the traffic with his head to the sky, admiring large buildings that stood shoulder to shoulder. “What magnificent structures!” He said as he reached out and stopped a civilian as he walked. “You there, peasant, what land is this?”

The man turned and retorted in an alien language to Anu, and though he didn’t understand him, he felt he was disrespected.

“How dare you disrespect Pharaoh?” Anu bellowed. He aimed his scepter at the man, as it glowed a menacing green. The crowd scattered along with the man. Anu didn’t chase however, he continued to walk the streets of the large city until he came to a Museum of Natural History. He stood at the spinning doors, and looked through the glass, unsure of what to do. He pushed the unyielding doors, but they would not give way. Giving up, he began to walk away from the doors when he heard a distant whisper. Something… Someone called for him. It sent a chill down his spine. Now he had to enter. Stamping his scepter, he vanished and reappeared on the other side of the door.


Divine Intervention

     Force Field: standard (rank 1)


He wandered the unopened museum and eventually made his way to the Egyptian exhibit. “This is Egypt.” He said as he stared the signs. He looked at the writing, but didn’t understand the hieroglyphics. He moved on. The whispers continued. Following them, he walked down the hallway until he got to a large dark room. He walked through the open passage way and reveled in the sight of the large statue that stood before him. Before him stood a large statue of Ra. The mighty Sun God. He fell to the ground in front of the statue and bowed.

“Oh great Ra, lord of day and night I plead for insight on this strange land I have been brought to. I plead for wisdom on how I am to get back my kingdom in Egypt.” There was a lingering pause until the still air was disrupted by a rush of air that filled the room and breathed life into the Statue of Ra. The statue cracked as the stone hawk head turned and the human body shifted toward the bowing Pharaoh Anu. The statue then spoke with a booming voice.

“Pharaoh Anu, I have heard your plea. You have been brought to a strange new world by your wise man Heptah. His magic combined with the mystic energies of your scepter has hurled you and him through time itself to this future. Your scepter would have the power needed to take you back, but the powers of the Gods in this world are hindered by an unknown force.”

“Then what shall I do my lord?”

“You must find Heptah. You must use his magic to augment the power of your scepter.”

“And where is he?”

“My sight of Heptah clouded, Pharaoh Anu. You must set out to find him yourself. But heed this warning; Heptah arrived to the world before you and has grown accustomed to its ways. He will not give you his magic willingly. You must take it. But before I leave you Anu, allow me to ease your burden in this world. I grant to you the tongue of these people.”

He reached out his stone hand and touched Anu’s lips. As he leaned back into position the air rushed out of the statue and back out of the room. Anu rose from his bowed position and turned to the door just as a security guard passed by. The officer had to take a second look, as it looked as if one of the museum artifacts had gotten loose. He pulled his gun. “Whoa buddy! The museum isn’t open yet, and it ain’t Halloween. Get your hands up!”

Anu laughed at the guard. “Who is a guard to command his King?” He said as he walked towards the guard. “I’m not kidding freak! I’ll shoot.” Anu continued to walk and the guard fired. The scepter’s gem defensively glowed a bright green. The bullets bounced off the shield it formed around Anu.

The assault from the museum guard offended Anu. “Feeble guard! You dare attack loyalty?” He turned and struck the guard with the scepter. The guard fell to the floor unconscious from the blow to the head.

Anu stood over the unconscious guard. “My scepter has been carved from the Gods, you, a paltry guard could not hope to stand against it.”


Divine Energy

     Eldritch Energy: superior (rank 2)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Target Seeker


However, little did Pharaoh Anu know, another guard stood frozen in fear around the corner. The older guard did not want to end up like his co-worker. He fled for the alarm.

Anu walked through the last exhibit and made his way back to the spinning doors. On the other side of the doors however two squad cars sat with officers positioned behind opened doors.

Anu paid no attention to the metal horseless chariots or the additional guards that stood against them. He stamped his scepter and teleported to the other side of the door. Some of the cops were surprised while most were unmoved.

“Stay where you are!” A KPD officer shouted. “We will open fire. Drop your… staff and put your hands in the air.”

“More sentries attempting to command me? I haven’t have time for this. Make way for Pharaoh!” He yelled as he walked forward. They opened fire. The barrage of bullets pelted Anu’s force field, so much that a bullet passed by the shield and grazed his arm.

Anu felt the sting of the bullet and grabbed his arm. “Pharaoh bleeds?” He questioned himself. “Treason!” He then yelled and he outstretched his hand holding his scepter. The emerald within it glowed and it fired a green energy. It hit the squad car. The car exploded. The KPD officers scrambled under the attack. Anu then turned his attention to the other car and fired the energy on that one also. The explosion cleared the area as the officers retreated to the other side of the street.

Pharaoh Anu witnessed the destruction and grimaced. Stamping his scepter he disappeared off into a chase to find Heptah the wise man.