Hyruko Kenshin


Gender: Male

Kit: Divine

Location: Feudal Tokyo


Alignment: Hero

Team: Solo Hero


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: superior (rank 2)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Fame Points: 0

Personal Wins: 1

Personal Losses: 4

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


You never appreciate what you have until it's gone. Until its TAKEN FROM YOU!

I grew up son of the most skilled martial artist that has ever lived. So skilled that his name was revered as almost holy.

My Father Kentaro study martial arts his whole life. He was away for long periods of time studying not kung fu or jujitsu but the form of martial arts. Some say it came to him or that the Lord God instilled it in him but he came up with the most lethal form of martial arts named gods palm. It was perfect perfectly crafted to be the weakness to every form of martial arts. My father was famous for it. It was only fitting that I become the next prodigy. My father wrote down all of its secrets before he died and entrusted it with me. I studied it as if it we holy texts from buddah. I mastered it perfected it but never wished to teach it. I used it as a leverage to keep peace for no one dared test their art against Kentaros gods palm.

To let you know this is my testament to vengeance not truth or justice for there is a difference between justice and vengeance. Vengeance is undying. It is a passion. AN OBSESSION to meet your goal. Justice is to make the make an example to society that the action will be met with a consequence fitting the crime. I do NOT wish such things on my enemies I wish DEATH! I wish unrelenting pain unquenchable thirst.

I know you wonder what such things could transpire to someone who sets out for good? Well allow me to continue with my story. I grew into a man, into the the police if you will to my country side. I policed it with "Justice" or what I thought was justice. In the world I live in you have the known world and the grey areas named "cursed land". in this "cursed land" there are many tales of demons, creatures, and beings of immense evil doing unspeakable things to villagers who live by. Now me being the man that I am I extent my hand. What a fool was I.

One thing I have to add was I met this beautiful angel of a woman named lelikyo Hanzo. I known her in the village for years we grew up together and she loved me for not my craft but as a person, and I loved her as well. We were wed in the spring and the following year birthed a child Hikaru. We loved her dearly. I didn't think a man such as I should be as blessed as I was. I thanked the Lord God everyday. Then two years later we birthed another girl her name was Ki. My sweet Ki was born mute, but never did it make me love her any less I loved them Equally and praised God again for her as well.

My blessed life took a turn for the worst when going to the northern village of shinto to offer my services against the creatures they said could rip a ox in half. I kissed my wife and daughters and left to help when I got there I saw no creatures. I stayed for 2 days time until "it" struck. It was fast had fangs and claws as sharp as blades. It lunged for a woman walking in her home but I grabbed it by its leg snapped it and struck it with mighty blow. The creature was knocked unconscious. I rode away with it tied on back of my wagon until it spoke. "You have made a grave mistake human". I responded back "No you have made the mistake by torturing these poor people" I took him off of the road and beheaded it and burned the body. How stupid of me!

The creature blood leaked the whole way and the other creatures were able to follow me. I came home kissed my wife and children and went to bed not knowing what waited for me in two weeks time. I left to offered my services to another village. I was gone no less than half a day. When I arrived at nights time the village was on fire! Villagers lay slain, dismembered all over. I rushed home to see my wife., My precious wife nailed to the side of our home with a note nailed into her chest saying "You shouldn't have mettled human". I instantly became frozen for I know what had transpired against me. I run into the house to see my two children hung. I cried louder than anyone has ever have cried before. I sit with my knees in the dirt wondering why would this happen to me. Why my family? WHY???????????

I took down my children and my wife and buried them then said a prayer for them. I was about to commit suicide because I could not bare the pain knowing my foolishness lead to the death of my family and I wasn't there to protect them. I saw a blinding white light come down on me. I heard a voice saying "Do not weep noble Hyruko, for it is I the Lord God. You live in a day and age of despair and troubles. If you wish to see your family then I will make it so." YES i cried I wish it. but the lord god says "why do you wish the same fate on others" I told him I don't I never would wish what happened to me on anyone. he said "You wish to leave knowing you have the skills to protect it from happening again. You are the greatest martial artist on earth. You can be the hero for which people can look up to, the hero for which the world needs" I told him I am too broken. he lifted my chin and said "If you wish for the strength I will give it to you, I will also give you a blade forged by your elders to vanquish such creatures, It is the sharpest blade known to man and it is true, for only you can wield it" I told him I just wanted to be with my family. He said "Fine I will make you a deal If you get your revenge and you aren't pacified then I will take you but if you do feel it then I will make sure you have everything you need to help heal the world." Honestly at that point feeling the blade in my hand I felt anger come over me. I felt VENGEANCE come over me. At that instant I knew what was right and I made and oath to God that I would send every demon or creature I came across to hell. Then lord god surprised me he said "I knew you would do what's right and I will make you a deal if you can kill 300,000 demons I will return your family back to the land of the living and bestow peace upon your life again." I wept and thanked god. When I left I felt a feeling that I knew I had done what was right.

I caught up with the demons that ransacked the village and I felt no fear what so ever nothing but vengeance. I picked up my blade as slaughtered them unmercifully. It felt great! I knew from that point on I would not rest until I was reunited with my family and until ultimate VENGEANCE was mine.


His only goal is to kill 300,000 demons or evil creatures, protect the innocent, and punish the wicked. He never smiles and always stays focused on the task at hand. He just wants to have his family again


Blade of the ancestors

     Slashing Weapon: superior (rank 2)


Catching up with the demons I snuck up on them. I lay in hiding until the last one in the line walked by. His foul stench filling my nose but surprisingly my heart remained still. It was almost was if it was second nature. I noticed the big creature wore armor at least an inch thick. I thought to myself 30 different scenarios on how to kill him. I crept from behind and swiftly delivered a brutal kick to the creatures head and swiftly retreated back to the bushes. The creature called for his clan to search for what attacked him..........THAT was what I wanted. They were almost huddled together. PERFECT for delivering once swipe to kill them all. How foolish were they! I jumped from behind into the middle of the mass of demons and with once slash I noticed the blade slide through the inch thick armor and bodies of these.....creatures with no resistance as if they weren't really there! The slash was so quick and precise the torso slide away from the legs like two ice pieces. The cut was so perfect you could also put them back together. Blood sprayed everywhere and I was drenched in it. I enjoyed every second as I slowly craved my name into the disemboweled creatures. Vengeance is mine oh lord!


Gods Palm

     Martial Arts: superior (rank 2)


Walking through the cursed lands at night I wished to be attacked. Vengeance coursed through my veins. The more I killed the more I enjoyed it. I lit torches and called out to the demons. 'I AM HERE. HYRUKO THE SPIRIT OF VENGANCE IS HERE NOW MEET YOUR DOOM!" Hmp. Demons so easy to provoke. I love it. They lunge at me as I easyily side step and deliver a fatal blow to the the back of the head of the first demon. Childs play. The second and third were angered. I ducked the first slash at me and knee uppercut his instantly breaking his nose and fracturing his skull. Another fatal blow. At this point I don't go for blows to hurt I only go for kill shots and I do know many. The third demon I lure him in with false hope picking the time to strike. He swings wildly untrained and undisciplined, another easy kill. I wait until he swings again and I strike him in the throat crushing his windpipe. He dies in seconds unable to breath and being out of breath death comes quick. A fourth demon hops out lucky me. He stands trying to study me. I stand perfectly still and call out "You came just to see your friends die". He doesn't take the bait but that's fine a death is a death. I run at him so swiftly he doesn't have time to prepare his guard. Foolish demon. He swings I duck step behind him and snap his neck. The fifth demon was smarter he at least waited he lunged why my back was turned like the coward i know they are. He runs full speed I immediately elbow him breaking his nose then I spin kick him breaking his skull as if it were an egg. I'm able to do this because Gods palm studies weaknesses and everyone has one. demons alike. Too bad they don't know that the temple is the softest spot on the head. Easy kill.


Hyper senses

     Hyper-Senses: standard (rank 1)


Running after this demon through the forest he escaped from me. I hate when they get away I wish they would stay and fight. I have long trained in pitch black so the forest does not work to his advantage, stupid creature. I hear the rustling of about two other demons picking their positions to strike me like dogs. I turn almost inviting them to attack. The first one is above me, he will be the first to strike I hear the branch creek as he puts weight on it for the lunge. "arrrrrrgggghhh". HA of course. My hand is on my blade the whole time. I turn and slash him in half. The second is in the bushes behind me he leaps out and I strike him with the handle of the blade bursting his eye then slashing him across the neck as his head flies off. The third starts running but I can't see him but I hear the direction of which the steps are going. I leap into the tree and follow him by hopping branch to branch so he would not be able to see me chase him luring him into false security. How they are easily deceived. I am right above him. He looks around looking for me. At this vantage point I have over 300 different ways to kill him. Thought my blade is meant for a strike like this i love using my hands. I throw a rock to make him direct his attention away for a second and thats all I need. I have killed in less time. I jump down kicking him in the base of his neck severing his spine. Instant death.



     Iron Will: standard (rank 1)


I have been bribed, pleaded with and begged to protect emperors. Little do they know money means nothing to me. I was once offered my own land and slaves to tend it. Will these things bring my family back no! I have even been threatened that if I don't lay with the whores they provided or take the money they would have me killed. ha many have tried. but because they are not demons I just maim them. broken jaw here a broken leg there. They should heal just fine.