Horen Ail'Gandel


Gender: Male

Kit: Eldritch

Location: Yellow Stone Park


Alignment: Villain

Team: Hell's Gate


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Infamy Points: 0

Personal Wins: 4

Personal Losses: 13

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


"This is the spot, yeah, this will be fine." Horen said as he found himself looking into the mouth of the geyser. "Hey guys come check this out!" He yelled to them as the geyser was just about to erupt.

His friends came just in time to see the steaming hot water rise from the mouth of the hole in the ground.

"It's just plain huge." Niles said as it began to recede back into the ground.

Niles walked up to Horen and asked him again, about the documents that were inside his father's briefcase.

"Hey Horen, can I have a word with you?"

"Look Niles, if it's about my father's papers, forget it alright? Those papers have been entrusted to me by my father for safe keeping. I can't let just anyone have them."

Niles looked away and scowled as he went back to the camp first.

"Hey Rodger would you be a sport and hand me one of those pastries?" Horen asked as he looked at the size of the geyser's mouth with interest, writing down everything he could learn about it in his notebook.

Rodger went over to hand him a pastry as Niles went back inside the tent.

"He's always telling me that I can't do this or that I can't do that. Well tonight is going to be a little different. If I can't have those papers, then I will just take them from him by force." He broke the pencil in his hand out of anger.

Later that night when Horen was just getting to bed Niles ran up to him from the direction of the geyser. He was panting and swearing as if he was panicked.

"Horen! Horen Rodger slipped and fell over near the cliff by the geyser, he was trying to help me finish some readings on the geyser's water output and he lost his balance."

Horen, worried about his friend, ran to help him.

"HELPPP MEEE!" Rodger screamed as he was hanging for dear life from the cliff's edge.

"Rodger are you alright!" Horen yelled. "Don't worry I'll toss you a rope, just hold on!"

Rodger didn't think he could, as he felt himself slipping more and more. As Horen went to throw down the rope, Niles went up to the cliff and tossed a bucket of steaming hot water down on Rodger's face. As the water splashed against Rodger, he yelled in pain, instinctively letting go of the ledge to rub his face causing him to fall to his death on the ground below.

"NOOO RODGER!" Horen yelled as he watched his best friend die right before his eyes. He lout a loud yell as his heart ached.

"Fitting, that he die before you Horen." Niles said as he bent down to him. "You refused, time and time again, to let me have your father's papers. And now I'm angry."

Horen looked up at him and grabbed his collar.


"He was your friend and my nuisance. I got tired of him always kissing up to you like he was your pet or something. It disgusted me."

Horen let go of him and swung a punch at him, missing as Niles pushed him forward and watched as the poor man that was once Horen died before his eyes, as the geyser erupted while his head just barely passed over the mouth of it, decapitating him on contact. Niles stared at the body of his dead boss for a while longer before he went to take Horen's briefcase.

"Finally, I get my hands on these wonderful papers."

Horen's body lay lifeless, headless for that matter, until a passing Ail'Gandel, the manifestation of pain and suffering, spotted it.

"This body.......It's perfect, it's horrid, it's..........headless. Wonderful! This body would make an excellent vessel to do the bidding of chaos. HAAAHAHAHAHAAAHA!"

The demon laughed as it entered the headless corpse of Horen,altering the feelings and thought patterns of a once peaceful man and turning him into a monster of revenge and fear. Horen's spirit made a pact with the four thousand year old demon allowing him to live in exchange for doing the deeds of evil in Ail'Gandel's stead.

As Niles picked up the briefcase he heard a loud moan coming from the geyser's cliff side.

"What on earth---?" He said as he looked off in the distance.

As the moon focused in on the background of the cliff, a brightly visible and fearful headless Horen stood and started walking towards the camp. He watched in horror as a pair of eyes and a row of teethe formed, floating over the top of the jagged meat that was once Horen's neck. Horen's body began to react violently as his entire body became covered in leather straps as if he was being tied down to an operation table. He screamed and yelled as he managed to break his arms and legs free and continued walking towards the camp.

"Wh-what is that?" Niles said as his eyes widened at the headless figure walking ever closer towards him. "WHAT IS THAT!!?" He screamed as he ran through the back of the tent with the briefcase in hand, heading for Rodger's van.

He jiggled the key inside, still shaking from the fear of seeing a once dead Horen get up and chase him. As he managed to get the door open Horen closed it back as he stood in front of Niles and snarled through his teeth.

"So Niles, you thought you could just kill Rodger and me, then just drive away with my father's belongings? I don't think so." He said as he lifted Niles from the ground and hissed.

"These documents are important, your father was a fool for letting you take care of them." Niles said bravely before wishing that he hadn't said anything at all.

Horen just laughed at that statement.

"What was that? I don't think you understand everything quite yet. Those "special documents" you were so greedy to get your hands on that you had to kill Rodger and me over, aren't really all that important. They are my father's wills addressed to me and my sister."

Niles, still shaking, opened the case and with a terrified look on his face, saw that he spoke the truth.

"Wait, please, I'm sorry.....I'm sorry!"

"No you're not. Not yet anyway. But I will make sure you are apologetic when I am done with you." Horen said as he unleashed the leather straps onto Niles, binding his feet, hands, and body before knocking him unconscious.

When Niles came to, he noticed that what happened earlier wasn't a dream at all, but a living nightmare.

"Please let me go ple---" He was interrupted as Horen covered his mouth with another leather strap.

"You were so greedy, that you actually thought that my father had any real valuables?" He laughed at his rhetorical question.

"You've known him for as long as you've known me, since high school. My father was a poor man, living off of government supplied money for years. And yet you still thought that just because they were in a fancy briefcase that they were important, really? Come on, it's like all I have ever heard you talk about since we started this trip is "Oh Horen can I see your father's special documents?" And I told you NO about what, five times now?"

As Horen spoke he was actually purposely tightening the straps around Niles' body, suffocating him as well as crushing him.

"You bore me, you know that Niles? Not even one scream of fear from you, even though every time I speak now I'm going to have blood spouting out of my neck. Thanks for that Niles, that really makes me feel happy."

With that final sentence Horen balled his fist and as Niles' screamed, the straps binding him came together all at once, crushing him into an unrecognizable mess of meat and bone.

"Maybe you will find forgiveness in your next life, you piece of shit." Horen said as he walked off, being driven by the power of pain in his soul.


As he kept walking he noticed a small restaurant near the highway. He decided that considering he was still some what human he would attempt to eat, if he could at all. He pulled the tattered hood from his jacket over his...err neck, to cover his non existent head as to not spook the folks there, unless he had to. As he walked inside almost everyone in there stared at him in disgust at how dirty he looked. He walked up to the register.

"Excuse me, but do you happen to serve breakfast this early?"

The woman, who was apparently on her break because she had headphones on, didn't hear him and kept on bobbing her head to the music and occasionally lip singing. Horen resolved himself to speak with a little more......"aggression." He pulled her close with his leather straps to the point that she could see inside his hood and asked again.

"Excuse me, but do you serve breakfast this early, or not?"

The woman screamed as she saw he had no head and backed away as fast as she could. The rest of the restaurant turned to look at him again.

"Oh this is just lovely." He said as a couple of bikers got off their seats and cracked their knuckles as they walked towards him.

"You want to fight? Fine, lets see how many heads I can role today." Horen said as he let out a roar of pain.


The Fear Factor

     Emotion Control: superior (rank 2)

  • Area Affect


Horen reached out with his hands and moved his fingers around to indicate hand signs causing the things he spelled with them to enter the minds of the people around him, making them experience the true essence of fear. The more they began to feel fear, the more their minds turned into shattered pieces of what they used to be.

"One of the things I love about this power, I get to take off this hood in public." His teeth formed a smile.

He moaned in pain from the agony and torment of his victims that entered his mind as feedback.

"And that would be the disadvantage of this skill..........was totally worth it though HAAAAAHAHAAHAHAHA!"


The Energy Retardant Cloak

     Energy Absorption: standard (rank 1)


Horen couldn't take the heat and thus he decided to get out of the kitchen, metaphorically of course. He surrounded himself in his cloak as the ki-blasts began to get absorbed by it.

"You know, this would be great if I was a fireman. But then I would have to go around saying I help people. Which just isn't the case at all. Heeeeheheheeehe." He said as he ran at the girl shooting ki-energy at him with his cloak in front of him and slugged her in the face.

He finished the job with a quick fear attack, causing her to drop to the ground shaking with fear and screaming.

"Hmm, the fear of closed spaces. Claustrophobia is a pretty scary thing." He said as he lifted her up and dumped her into a trash compactor near the junk yard they were fighting at.

"At least that closed space is going to take care of my job for me." He said as it smashed her to pieces.


Straps, Straps, Oh Leather Straps

     Binding: superior (rank 2)

  • Target Seeker


Horen gritted his teeth together as he managed a smile and whipped out his leather straps from his hands, lassoing one of the men in the alleyway that were causing trouble for a young lady.

"It's not right to treat a lady like that you know." He laughed as he tied the guy up and threw him in front of an oncoming bus, watching as the bus ran over him causing ugly and nasty crunching sounds.

"That does seem painful. Seems like I had best find a better way to kill these last few guys. I don't think I want to have the feeling of being run over by a bus as knowledgeable information." He said as he lassoed the other 4 idiots who came out of the alleyway to find their dead friend run over on the street.

"You like to fly?" He asked the men. "Flying is a wonderful way to travel these days. It's probably the safest way to travel in my opinion." He said as he tossed them into the air and watched them land on the sidewalk head first.

"KABBOOOMMMM! And that was a perfect crash landing if I do say so myself. And I do. HEEEHEHEEEEH." He laughed as the woman ran screaming from him, she too becoming a victim of his straps in the alleyway.


And The Will That Keeps On Turning

     Force of Will: standard (rank 1)


Horen's powers of fear control just weren't working on this newest person. He just couldn't break through their mental barrier and was upset about it.

"Damn, this guy must have some absurd brain to want to block me out this badly." He said as he stopped making the hand signs.

"But that hasn't stopped me before." He smiled as his eyes glowed a sickly white and he let out a creepy howl as his powers of fear became amplified through the power of his demonic pulse.

"Fear me." He said as he began to work his hand signs again, this time smashing through his victim's mental barrier and corrupting his mind with fear unbarred.

"I can't believe he thought he could keep me out." He said with a sinister cackle.