Euffy Fellani


Gender: Female

Kit: Eldritch

Location: Himaliyain Mountains


Alignment: Villain

Team: Hell's Gate


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Infamy Points: 0

Personal Wins: 3

Personal Losses: 19

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


"Have you heard about the demon that is inside this sarcophagus?" Said the security officer on guard duty. "No, what are you talking about now?" His partner said with a bored expression. "I heard that if you touch the sarcophagus you can see what happened to the demon prior to it being locked inside in." His partner laughed at his ridiculous idea. "That is impossible my friend, besides demons aren't real." He said as he walked past the sarcophagus, brushing up against it accidentally. His mind going blank before he passes out hearing a voice speaking to him. "This is my tale, and if you touched this "prison" of mine you are a fool with no gumption. Listen and behold my tale of misery and hollow love."

Euffy found herself yet again inside the wagon, caged by bars of thick bamboo. She knew where they were taking her. The altar that she goes to every year for sacrificial offerings. Her body still ached from last year's ceremony, she wasn't ready for another. "Please let me go....please I beg you...." She said with a tired voice. "No, you won't fool me with your lies or treacherous ideas." The wagon driver said with a rude and angry tone. "But I am only a child. What threat do I pose to you?" She said with a sad frown on her face. "You may look to be 8 years old, but you are just using that as a ploy to trick me you foul heathen!" She gave up and sat back down in the wagon to wait for her sentence of death. After 5000 years of being treated like a demon and being forced to have the sin of the villagers placed inside her so many times, she was to be executed for her evil existence. Or at least that's how they viewed her. Two hours passed as they arrived at the ceremonial temple, and Euffy struggled to get free from her eventual murderers. "Why....why are you doing this to me?" She said with tears coming from her eyes. The village elder just laughed at her and piled more wood on the platform where they were to roast her alive. "Please just let me go, I've suffered enough already.....please!" She screamed as one of the priests gagged her with a clothe to keep her quiet. She screamed in terror through the clothe as they picked her up and placed her on a wooden table which was sitting above the fire. They tied her down and as more tears streamed from her eyes, they began to turn the roasting table around in a circle until she was facing the fire. She screamed louder and louder until the clothe came out of her mouth, landing in the fire making a small flame singe her cheek. Her eyes widened as she felt the burning sensation on her face and more tears came out as she began to scream and beg for mercy. "NOOOOO PLEASE NOOOOOO HELP ME ANYONE HELPP MEEEEE! Please I don't want to die please!" As the fire grew bigger her screams grew louder, until finally her entire body caught on fire, and the smell of charred flesh filled the air. 3 hours later, her body was completely burned to ashes and the village elder thanked the priests for their hard work. However.....Euffy wasn't gone. The evil that they had forced into her so many times grew into an astral form and took the form of Euffy. Her memories and personality were intact, but not her sanity. She emerged from the fire as the Elder had his back turned. She passed right through him and stood to where he could see her. "I think you owe me an apology." She said with a cute little voice. "You seemed to be under the impression that I was a demon. Well, as of now you might be right." She said as she looked up at him as his body was ripped in half from head to toe by one of the priests that burned her. The priest then began to attack the other priests with the cleaver as well. "That's right kill them all, so that they can become part of my love forever." As the priest finished killing everyone there, she grabbed the cleaver from his hands and proceeded to gouge his eyes out with his fingers before stabbing the inside of his skull with his tool knife. She left the place with nothing but the feeling of hatred festering in her wake. And as she walked away into the horizon a trail of blood and gore followed.

It had been 1000 years since she had become a demon, and was in the company of three other beings from hell, though not for long as they their chasers managed to catch up to them. "You murdering bastards won't get away from us this time!" The man in the red priest robe shouted. "Your lives end here. You won't be causing anymore suffering for the people of this world for much longer!" Euffy, now formally known as Euffy Fellani Embodiment of Hatred, volunteered to keep them busy while her new found friends escaped. The fight that ensued would be called the Dark Veil of Romania, for when she was defeated by the 4 priests she was imprisoned inside of a darkness sealing sarcophagus to keep her from escaping every again. Another 2000 years would go by before she would find herself revealing her history to the security guard in the warehouse at the harbor of Los Angelos.


The security guard awoke from his sleep, only to find his partner calling for help on his cell phone. "Are you alright?!" He asked. The security guard sat up and looked at his partner. "Yeah I'm okay....but the person in that sarcophagus isn't. She's been stuck in that thing for 2000 years. Not to mention she's a nasty persona with little mercy for those that get in her way." His partner looked at him with confusion. "What do you mean, maybe you hit your head a little to hard when u collapsed." He said as he went to look at the sarcophagus more thoroughly. "Don't touch it, I had to sit through an entire eight thousand years of history that she had seen or caused. It wasn't fun at all I'll tell you that right now. If I had to use two words to describe her, they would be "pure hatred." He said as he got up and went to smoke a cigarette. His partner decided he would touch it and as he was smoking his cigarette he heard his partner screaming for a full 10 minutes. "Told the poor bastard not to touch the damn thing." Not realizing that his partner was actually releasing her from her prison.


The Other Red Sea

     Eldritch Energy: superior (rank 2)


Euffy realized that only killing her opponents just wasn't satisfying enough. She decided to make their whole existence a part of her being by using her powers of evil to manifest a large scale trail of blood in her wake. This trail of blood, gore, and violence has been confirmed to actually be the visible manifestation of hellish inhumane torture described in the Archon of Demonia as The Bloody Bathe of Tabitha Reingu. Many people in history have called Euffy "Tabitha's Daughter" for this reason.


I Didn't Feel A Thing

     Energy Body: superior (rank 2)


Euffy's true form is not really known to anyone. All they know is that because she is in the form of an 8 year old girl, they perceive her to be one. Her astral body makes it impossible for any physical attributes to affect her. Her astral body also allows her to pass through solid objects but prevents her from every actually being able to feel or touch. This effectively makes her angry since she used to know what it felt like and wishes to know again.


Euffy The Butcher

     Slashing Weapon: standard (rank 1)


Her one true friend is her gigantic meat cleaver. The object itself is the only true physical object that she can wield. The powers of this cleaver are only known to a few and those few tend to exaggerate the truth as most of them have never truly seen it and lived to tell the tale. Many question as to whether or not her powers of hatred keep the cleaver in her hand, or if she chooses to never let go of it by choice. Those who do get close enough to examine this fine piece of craftsmanship will most likely find it slicing through the fat in their neck as she kills them.


Hatred Amplifier

     Emotion Control: superior (rank 2)


Euffy entered the mind of her opponent, altering his thought patterns, creating an unusually high stress level inside his brain. This caused him to fly into a blind rage, attacking and killing anything and anyone in his way. Euffy just stood back and watched as he fought amongst his allies, killing them because they didn't wish to fight him seriously. "Friendship is such a burden sometimes isn't it?" She said in the end when all her enemies lay dead on the ground.