Crixus IV


Gender: Male

Kit: Eldritch

Location: Originally France


Alignment: Hero

Team: Infinium: The Engine of Perpetual Motion


Strength: standard (rank 1)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: standard (rank 1)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Fame Points: 0

Personal Wins: 57

Personal Losses: 57

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


"You cannot do this to Gabriel, I will not allow it Andre! This is inhumane... he is our child! For the love of God..."

The shrill screams of a woman carried throughout the halls of the massive countryside manner, the servants remained hushed glaring at one another as if their slightest breath would interrupt the lord and lady of the home from their argument.

"I must, it is the only way to keep him alive." A man's voice, heavy and harsh was barked out.

"You'll turn him into a monster, he is an infant, barely a mind of his own... what you are condemning our child to is not life. You are monster Andre Levitre, a horrible insufferable monster. I will not allow this..."

"Suzanne, you will not stop me. You will not! I hold the secrets of life and death, it has to be done. There is no other choice! It is the true will, it can save him."

"Mary, go fetch Mr.Russel, tell him to hurry quick." The dark haired and elderly of the maids prods her companion who stared doe eyed down the hallway, eyes fixated on one spot at the end of the cedar polished floor. "MARY, go now!"

A bubbling nod and the younger serving woman was hiking up her skirts racing from the foyer across the stones beyond.

It was then the crash was heard, a sharp cry that cut off abruptly and a man's form was rushing from one doorway to another a small wailing bundle in his arms.

"Master Levitre! Sir where is Madam Suzanne... " A gasp as the maid turned to see her mistress face down a solid blow to the head had done her away, left her crushed at the skull and lifeless, sudden and violently. "Master Levitre... please... the boy! HE HAS THE BOY!!!"

Flushed and unsure what to do with herself Jacqueline picked up a knife and began to steal away after Andre Levitre, an infamous French inventor, scientist and doctor, known for his questionable practices but brilliant engineering and use of a mysterious element called Zro supposedly an elemental artifact gathered from the lost continent of Atlantis, truth to this is fully speculated but it was very much believed Levitre along with his closed companions were all part of a secret society of great thinkers and occultists who followed the isle closely, religiously even.

Like most the help Jacqueline Bourdin did not wish to believe in such horrible stories of her employer, the man who had been so generous and kind, always a warm smile and a friendly word but now she was witness to a darker person than she knew, a stranger who had bludgeoned his own wife to death and taken their child to the upper portions of the manor, places those vile rumors seem to stem, perhaps due to the most terrifying object of all that frightening thing called a 'Tesla Coil' it perched ominously upon the highest spire of the manor menacing the countryside with flickering and snarling bolts of Zeus' very own.

Jacqueline's heart sunk as she began her trek up the stairs an imaginary cross being made before crossing the threshold that began the ascent, she heard the babies cries, muffled, weak as they always were - it was terrified but then it always seemed to be. The poor babe was suffering and crippled from birth, no matter what Andre or Suzanne Levitre tried nothing worked, holistic medicines, blessings, even doctors and mystics from Asia there was no saving young master Gabriel Levitre, perhaps this is what drove the lord mad as he was now, the grief and failure.

Step by trembling step Jacqueline made her way to the top of the stairs only to gaze awestruck and terrified at what she was baring witness to, Andre Levitre stood with his son's dead and lifeless body upon a table his heart and brains held clutched to his chest and a stone uplifted like some offering to the gods, a stone unlike any Jacqueline had ever seen, it was a myriad of purple and blue mixed with a glowing brilliance that seem to shimmer along it, rippling in an almost electric like ambiance that seemed to exude from it in tendrils towards the cradled corpses of master Gabriel Levitre, to the stone and back, the master, he was chanting whispering words that made Jacqueline's skin crawl. The rumors, the hushed tales of nightmarish ongoings, it all had to be true, she truly worked for a devil. Her knees gave out from under her.

Perhaps it was the knock of knees or just knowing someone was there Andre Levitre turned to gaze upon his serving woman, the head of his household beneath his wife and with the warmest of voices almost seem to coo at her, "Jacqueline my dear, you get to bear witness to all of my labors, my theories, everything brought to life. This... " The stone was thrust out. " This is Zro, I call it zrorastrium, or zrocona, not important we never could settle on a name, it is made of the very essence of man, of the soul - made solid by means we are YET incapable of managing but it holds power, I stole it. Stole it and they have been hunting us but it holds power, power enough to save my child, do you understand what you are witnessing?"

He pauses, staring through her, his eyes were wild, crazed. She had never seen him like this before. "What was that? You're mumbling woman. Speak up... get yourself up and move over here, gather Crixus, bring him here...NOW DAMN YOU!"

She felt her body moving upon it's own accord, terror was it? Fascination, fear... the man cradled the innards so lovingly, held aloft in his arms did he truly believe his own words - he did, he was mad after all. "MOVE Or so help me I will throw you from a window."

A choked sob and Jacqueline was moving to the creature he called Crixus, a mechanical beast the size of a horse perhaps larger, the lords pride and joy. It moved, it roared, leaped and ran, at times Lord Levitre would even let children ride it around, prone to letting it waltz into town and show off just how impressive it was - when in the labs she had never seen it, but she knew how he moved it around a cart with wheels and a pulley system that moved it from the attic to the courtyard, it still seemed so menacing to her, terrified her... gripping the dolly she pushes it towards the master of the household, unable to look upon him and the bloody mess he kept so preciously curled against his body.

"Is that a knife Jacqueline? Did you intend on stabbing me? I am hurt, absolutely hurt. Put him there, closer to me. I cannot move, if I move it would break the connection and all would be lost. Closer... closer, there we go. Now touch just behind his scalp, you will find a lever, pinch your fingers around it and pull. Ah there we go."

She obeyed, everything he commanded she did. She had not even realized the knife clattered from her hands at some point - Crixus skull opened up and he was placing first the childs brain into it, then heart and then that eerie rock, the electric tongues still seem to seep off of it flickering in all directions. A hiss came from the creature, or was it Lord Levitre, she could not tell, he seemed to her the most terrifying and serpentine dragon she could imagine right now.

Crimson drenched fingers fumbled with the glossy head of Crixus as it sealed back and bolted down, "Now we shall see... we shall see if it all has been for nothing."

She heard it before the lord did, the thumping of feet, the yells. He was so enthralled with his task at hand he failed to notice a gun pointed at his back or the yells.

Perhaps he didn't even notice when they shot him, Jacqueline didn't, her eyes were gazing into the flickering lights that Crixus now bore, eyes that he did not possess before, eyes that made her weep, that still make her weep to this day. The eyes of Gabriel Levitre.


"Come on children! It is time to eat." The loud call of a mother was unmistakable as the kids released their groans and whines of protest. "Come on, enough with that, get inside and eat. Crixus will be here to play with tomorrow. He is always here." The woman almost hrmphed out that last bit as she turned and made her way up the cobblestones.

The shuffling of metal on metal was audible as the large lion to wolf like mechanical beast hung its head and a growl rumbled forth one that ended up a sad sigh.

Tobias, Crixus best friend and first to have discovered him a year ago wandering lost and alone patted hard platting with a palm. "Don't worry Crix, we'll be here tomorrow, you still have to give Adelaide a ride."

"How do you know that things name anyways? " Asked one boy to Tobias a laugh was heard, "It's written on him doofus."

"Oh. I didn't know you can read."

"Yep I can read and I'll teach you how to also Crixus."

Two large eyes rounded and the 'animal' sat bolt upright. A forced grating sound escaped that sounded like gravel being ran over a washing tin. Toby recognized that as a purr, their robot monster friend was happy.

A chorus of laughter and good nights were heard as children one by one made their ways home leaving the strange gleaming metallic beast on the ridge, pacing in a circle Crixus once the infant-child of Suzanne and Andre Levitre settled in on himself and rested, not that he needed it but he found that he forced himself into a sort of trance or calm state he could dream of parents he only imagined, his mother and father, surely they loved him like no other boy.

It wasn't so much that he could smell, as that he 'felt' something was going wrong. Something was not right, bolt upright Crixus gazed down the hill towards the homes of his friends, everything was burning, people were screaming. Panic came over him and he turned to run before pausing, with a rush and a lunge the huge iron to metal beast was thundering towards the ruined village only to see men in cloaks and robes dragging people from their houses tossing them down, enraged and fearful all at once Crixus landed upon them crushing bone and body under his weight before he was lunging at another pair... it was all to no avail, when the smoke cleared and the screams ended, Crixus was alone again, his new friends all laid waste by the mysterious men and women in robes who seemed to plague his life.


Heavy Metal

     Armor: superior (rank 2)


Crixus IV is a large mechanical monster, his armor plating is fashioned intentionally to be durable and lasting while still allowing him a good mobility. Standing around the size of a healthy draft horse Crixus is no little critter.


"You'd think it would be louder wouldn't you?" Langford Holly remarks to his traveling companion, "What sort of fuel do you suppose it takes?"

The ever present and quiet man beside Langford shrugged. "No clue, good pack animal."

"This is true, this is true, but don't you think that is just wasted potential? I mean, who made it, where does it come from, why is it just a pack animal? What about those eyes, I mean those are the eyes that look back into you with a soul. It's all just so fascinating

"Don't care Langford, don't care one but. Just glad it's around and them savages didn't break it, hell, now they worship it like it's some God. See them spear tips break right off? Was good for us."

"Suppose you're right Marshal, still such a waste to just be using it as a pack mule."

"Don't think it likes you calling it an it. He's leaving - Langford."

"Tut, cripes, you're right, do something Marhsal, it has my luggage!" The heavyset man squawked as he tried to stand in front of the iron monster, pushing on it. "Stop here I say!"

"Well, spears didn't work, I suppose if I shoot it."

"Marshal, no, no shooting, it..."


"MY EYE! OH my stars! YOU SHOT MY EYE!"

"I did no such thing, I shot it and it ricocheted! Not my fault, you stubborn jackass, you should have moved."

~~~ Needless to say, Crixus did not remain long around those two.


Lion's Roar

     Sonics: standard (rank 1)

  • Ranged Attack
  • Area Affect


"Rush it!" Screamed the line of men as they poured out with their pikes and rifles. The thundering of charging men was met with the spinning of the large shining beast as it craned it's head towards them and released a loud roar that drowned out their battle cries, not only did it do just that but it also clapped loudly and sent them to their knees, several of them blood streaming down their ears and noses as they clutched heads.

Nothing could be heard in that soundless radius, like a devoid bubble Crixus had just created, no men were harmed beyond that though, even if they had been his attackers, Crixus was not the sort of creature to harm other lifeforms save for those who truly deserved it and even then the boy within the metal shell held his reservations, he was not without a heart or a soul contrary to what was believed. Striding proudly through the mess of collapsed forms Crixus walked from the battlefield to continue his journey.



     Slashing Weapon: standard (rank 1)


"What do you suppose did this Inspector? Bear? Large Wolf? A Puma?" The journalist questioned on rapidly, she was excited, damned fine looking while at it too, red hair up in a bun falling around rosy cheeks with bright green eyes.

"Mmm. " Came a rumble from the heavy set inspector as he tapped on the foremost button that was sported on his belly. "Damn fine."

"Sir? Officer..." A blink of jade lovely orbs. "Sir... I was asking you a question."

"That's alright miss honey bottom, I don't mind."

"My name is Hornberry. Not honey bottom."

"Horny is a good word I'd say." The inspector chuckled again but it seemed noone found it humorous but him. Feeling slightly embarrassed he cleared his throat and pushed out his chest trying to look as imperious as possible.

"Well miss, do you see how wide apart these indents are? Clearly we are dealing with something around the size of a bear. I would say North American Grizzly bear perhaps - they are at least four to five inches engraved and quite cleanly into the planks, past them and scraping the stone, spacing I would say also suggests--"

"Sorry for interrupting Inspector Puff but have you ever seen a bear from the Americas up close Inspector Puff?"

"Well no, I have not. I heard about them though."

"So you are not certain what made these, correct?"

"Uhm... well, I would say it is about the... no I suppose I don't. Whatever it is, is big and is no wolf or any sort of cat I have seen before."

"I see, so... you were just going to say somehow a Grizzly bear from the Americas got loose over here. Well that is easy enough to solve isn't it, just check the imports listings for exotic animals and find one right?"

"Ma'am, I'd appreciate it if you took yourself out of official police business, we're done here."

"It would seem we are. Good day to you Sir."

"You as well miss hot booty"

"Chauvinistic pig, your boss will be hearing from me."



     Piercing Weapon: standard (rank 1)


"It bit my hand off. Right off." The stump waggled infront of the man as he stared at the attractive redhead. "Was up on Goldsman hill, mindin' my own business and looking for some firewood then this face, silver and gold as an an angels crown comes out of the bushes, menacing devil red eyes... SNAP, right off with my hand. Punishment I tell ya, for being such a swell feller and all. I work wif this 'and, what will I do now?" The grime covered man put his head down, motioning the blood and dirt stained nub.

"Surely crippled your love life." The woman replies.

"Wot was that?"

"I said surely you need to clean that."

"So... this creature, this hellhound you called it earlier, it bit your hand right off, one chomp and you were doing nothing but gathering firewood?"

"Thas right, mind'en my own, got kids and a wife to look out for."

"Hrmm, somehow I think you're lying to me about that one."

"Okay, wait, wot!? No it's true I do have a wife and a kid. Plus I was lookin' for firewood."

"You said kids the first time around, now it is just kid."

"Oh right, I meant kids. I got four of them tikes."

"Wonderful, mind giving me some names?"

"Samuel, eh, Sigmund, Seth and Samuel. Thats their names, dear boys all of them."

"Named them all with S's and two Samuels, thats got to be rough four children to support and no arm to work with."

"It is, truly truly it is."

"Well sir, it is best I turn in for the night, we will be around tomorrow and here is the coin promised, more when I get some more of your story about the nightmare that bit off your arm."

"Oh yes, I will be here, I'll tell you all about the dreaded and unjust hellbeast which preys on the innocent!"

Walking away the woman's companion would give a nudge. "Not telling the truth is he."

"Oh, he is about losing his hand to our Metal Monster, but nothing else is the truth, he is probably like the others - a cutthroat, murderer or brigand. The bite was clean through, looked the same the others and he was left alive, matches our beasties M.O."


That Sixth Sense

     Environmental Awareness: standard (rank 1)


Due to being tied to the Zro stone which by nature is mystical in origin Crixus has an extended sense of 'area' other supernatural like creatures and just things gone 'wrong' are generally felt before they even occur. Though, this also could be something to do with the fact that Crixus is only a child, he hasn't been long separated from his family - less than 10 years now he has been wandering aimlessly constantly being pursued by dark figures from the Levitre past, those who seek the secrets of Zro and his fathers work.

This extra 'awareness' has saved him numerous times, a last minute safety precaution or perhaps simple survival gut instinct for someone who exists in such a strange manner. It's terrifying for someone so young at first but as he has grown accustomed to who he is and not really known much else, it is all just very natural. Crixus knows nothing more than being what he is, a true to the core kind heart, good soul and virtuous being, naive at times and a bit innocent this final ability is the safeguard for that in many cases...