Dr Voodoo


Gender: Male

Kit: Normal

Location: Unknown


Alignment: Villain

Team: The Children of Sayang


Strength: superior (rank 2)

Agility: standard (rank 1)

Mind: standard (rank 1)

Body: superior (rank 2)

Spirit: (rank )

Charisma: (rank )


Infamy Points: 1076

Personal Wins: 87

Personal Losses: 18

Team Wins: 0

Team Losses: 0

Tourney Wins: 0

Tourney Losses: 0


Status: Active


"Watch out for this one, he's full of tricks." The light from the screen beamed on Wilbur's face in the breifing room as he puffed his cigar and threw the photo at me. "We've been keeping a tab on him for a long time now, with little to no success. Typical intellectual-gone-mad story, only this one has a body count of someone too meticulous to be a total psycho. The bosses upstairs want him either working for us or dead; they figure a man with his 'talents' could be a huge asset or a threat based on which side he roots for."

I looked at the picture that had been tossed in my direction. The face looked neither menacing nor unique, it was a normal man with a moustache. His smile seemed warm and genuine. "Are you sure you want me on this Wilbur? I need a vacation and I'm not going on a hunt unless it's an absolute emergency, we had that clear." Wilbur exhaled a thick jet of smoke and smiled. "Oh, you can call this an emergency E.B; you can definitely call this Dr. Voodoo situation one migraine of an emergency." I smiled back and looked at the photo. The face looked neither warm nor genuine this time. It was just a tad creepy.

"We know nothing about who he was before his Dr.Voodoo gimmick other than that he was a professor of some sort in an island near the Indian coast. There are rumours that he was once the leader of some circle which monitored and instructed paramilitary groups on dealing with insurgencies."

I shifted in my chair and lit a cigarette. "So was he just a just a strategist or was he in on the 'action' as well?" Wilbur shrugged. "He was a highly regarded combat instructor. The boys are still working the files, we're hoping some fresh facts come up, but I doubt it. This guy covered his tracks and covered them well. Judging from what I've seen, he doesn't seem a stranger to violent encounters. But his forte is definitely his mind."

Wilbur tapped his head as I finished the cigarette in silence. I got up and slipped the photo into my pocket. "Alright Wilbur, I'll do it. Let's head to the park for a walk, I feel like plucking some apples. I need all the dirt we have on this fellow."

"That's my boy. I knew you'd pull through for me E.B." As we put on our coats and headed out of the smoky briefing room, I felt a shiver run through my spine.


"You mentioned something about a body count." The park was buzzing with employees enjoying a quick snack in the sun or just catching a few minutes away from the seriousness of the headquarters building. Wilbur handed me a file that had a list of identities on it. I went through them and they were all familiar names. For good reason too, they were all 'crime fighters'. I let out a low whistle. This was certainly not what I was expecting when told about a 'body count'. "Wilbur, are you sure this isn't some garbage one of our rookies came up with? All these deaths have already been investigated by folks just as smart as us and none of them found a single lead. What makes you think our guy was behind this?"

We walked past my favourite apple tree. Plucking the best looking one was easy after my third jump. "I know it sounds a little dodgy, but I promise you E.B, they were all killed by Dr. Voodoo. The bosses wouldn't have made me fly you in if we weren't a hundred percent."

The apple was juicy and tender, just like how an apple should be. "I'm not questioning the research, I'm really not. I'm just asking you to share that research with me. What is your theory based on? Why are you convinced that it was this guy who killed over a dozen of your best hunters?" Wilbur sighed. "Because they were all on the hunt for him when they died. They had all tracked him down and been given the green signal to go ahead with their 'capture' when they were found dead the next day. None of the other big cats are aware of the pattern because only we know all the dead guys were on the same mission."

I almost choked on a piece of delicious apple.


Brain Over Brawn

     Detective: superior (rank 2)


"The first guy on the list, Larry Lynch. Did you know him E.B?" Wilbur had made me pluck an apple for him too and now had bits of it flying out of his mouth as he spoke. "Yeah, Lynch and I worked on that Serpent case when we were both rookies. Tough mofo, even tougher when he had his shotgun and his pitbull with him. You couldn't beat him unless you outsmarted him."

Wilbur bit a tiny bit of the apple and swallowed it without chewing. "Well, he was outsmarted big time. He was ready to spring one of his famous ambushes on Dr Voodoo and bring him in alive. The poor sod was even bragging about it to me on the phone, minutes before he went out of contact. The follow-up hunter who investigated the case was convinced that not only did Voodoo know Lynch was following him, he knew exactly what he had to do to take him out. He had been attacked while walking through an alley where his shotgun was useless and his dog's death was due to 'reasons unknown'."

I let Wilbur finish and looked at the list again.

"I see Octagon was the follow-up hunter after Lynch died. But he wasn't murdered, he commited suicide in a public square, in plain sight." Wilbur took another file from inside his coat and passed it to me. "Octagon was blackmailed into commiting suicide, the details are in here. It's the same with all the guys we sent after this guy E.B. He seldom takes anybody on in a head-on collision. Every expert we've brought in to analyse these murders draw the same conclusion - he knew exactly where and how to strike. It hasn't mattered who we sent after him, he always finds a way to negate every one of their 'gifts'. Brain over brawn, every single time."


"Dangerously Smart"

     Tactician: superior (rank 2)


"Why do they call him Dr. Voodoo? It sounds a little cartoonish." Wilbur shrugged again. "You'll have to ask him that when you track him down. Our theory is that he is called Voodoo because of how he takes people out by manipulating them to do what he wants. The "Dr" must have been added on by someone who was in awe of how dangerously smart he was. He first appeared under that alias as a theorist for The Syndicate, which was when he came under our radar.

After a disagreement with them over financial matters, he engineered a coup in an East African country, took the bounty and dissapeared. From our reports, he seems to have been the architect of atleast seven successful military campaigns in three continents. Why a person with such a formidable reputation would live in the shadows like a petty thug is beyond me, but we won't have any answers until you bring him in."

I took the photo of the man out of my pocket and stared at it again. "These military campaigns this fellow has been part of all over the world, were they all under the Dr. Voodoo identity?"

Wilbur nodded.

"Yeah. Like I said, we know very little about who he was or what he did before he became Voodoo. Larry Lynch was sent to capture him and bring him in for us to get some answers. Then Lynch was dead and when we sent Octagon, so was he. It's been like a domino since then. Every follow-up officer we send to the previous murder meets the same fate."


Not a Slouch

     Martial Arts: standard (rank 1)


"He was a combat instructor like you and a pretty formidable one at that. We interviewed some mercenaries who had worked with him on a mission in Peru and they all testify that he is no slouch. They even said his childhood dream was to win a gold medal in the Olympics as a wrestler, but I dont think someone so secretive would have shared something like that with routine fighters. The only thing we know for certain is that he was, and probably still is, a pretty tough customer even without his freaky brain." We came to a turning at the park that only top-level employees usually took walks in. It was deserted.

"So that is why we've summoned you E.B. The bosses want you on this guy's tail. Of course, your reward would be very generous when this mess is done with." Wilbur continued to work down the empty pathway in the park. I took out a poisoned dart from my coat.

"How is Shelly?" Wilbur asked when he turned around and saw that I was a couple of paces behind him. His face went pale when he realised I had taken a dart out. "Shelly has been missing since last night, Wilbur. I got a note before I flew in here telling me to do the right thing if I wanted to see her alive again." Wilbur was shaking his head, muttering "No, no, no, no...", I didn't let him finish whatever it was he was trying to finish.

"I didn't know what the note meant then but I do now. This Dr. Voodoo guy is obviously a step ahead of you. I'm sorry I have to do this, but I want Shelly back." Wilbur turned around and tried to run screaming. He was put out of his misery before a single note escaped his throat. It only took a flick of my fingers to send the dart that drilled into his skull. "Whoever you are Dr. Voodoo, you're pretty good."